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Sad Face Emoji

Sad Face Emoji was born 17888 days ago in the clouds by Sad Emoji. His most prominent forefather was the Emoji with the sad face. This quality also left bequeath Sad Face Emoji. In his childhood studied Sad Face Emoji the testament of his ancestor. He already knew in his childhood what would bring the future to the kingdom Emoji. When Sad Face Emoji was 1466 days old, he emigrated together with his family by the bridge from the aluminium to the city Sad Emoji. The valuable testament of the town founder was hidden at a confidential place. At this time the Third Horror Clown found out about a child with a sad face.

Sad Face Emoji

He wanted to have Sad Face Emoji absolutely in his port folio of the grandchildren. That's why Sad Face Emoji had to go at the age of 1500 days to the kindergarten. Spies of the Circus Union came by command of the Third Horror Clowns to the kindergarten. There they looked with several devices for a child with sad face. Sad Face Emoji had great fear of foreign personalities. 🕴🥡🧒🥉🤡📐🤚🎪🎡🤚😞🙂. At the age of 6935 days Sad Face Emoji wanted to fly to the Saturn's Rings. His parents were skeptical about this flight to Saturn. Nevertheless, Sad Face Emoji flew to Saturn with an emergency flight. There he was welcomed together with other Emojis and aliens by the Saturn's soldiers. 🧒1️⃣ 🔍😛🇮🇹🧒📉🍖⌚👪🤚😟😀🤚🅰️🧒🤚↪️⌚🤚🌉⌚🥉🤡😛👪😞🎁🥇🤚🅰️. Finally, the ruler could not always fetch any citizen by his political trips. Sad Face Emoji received the stamp "kindergarten".
At the age of 7667 days Sad Face Emoji was admitted for the entrance examination of the politics study.
Then he began his study. After the death of the Last Horror Clown Sad Face Emoji was interested for the first time in his life for foreign languages. One day thus he decided to learn Japanese in Japanese Emoji. At the age of 9490 days Sad Face Emoji made a doctoral thesis on the subject "Style of leadership of the First Horror Clowns in the Circus Union". Finally, for his doctoral thesis he received his doctorate. With it he might teach the other students as professor for politics. Upwards after the preservation of his doctorate the pride of Sad Face Emoji grew. That's why he wanted to become the same politician. So he joined to a party. There he climbed up fast to the party leader.
Afterwards Sad Face Emoji run for election at the age of 10976 days as a town dictator of Sad Emoji. As a town dictator elective anew he instructed several engineers for the production of a plan for bicycle ways in Sad Emoji. For this purpose several Emojis from Japanese Emoji came to the town. Sad Face Emoji also invented the law about the protection of the privacy of the ruling town dictator. So all journalists always have great fear when they hear the name Sad Face Emoji. According to a law journalists may not approach too strongly the town dictator. On account of his political success Sad Face Emoji may already work for over 6940 days in the office of the town dictatorship. He wins traditionally every election as a town dictator since his office entry. That's why only shadow candidates always run for election against him.



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