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Sad Face Emoji

Sad Face Emoji was born 17888 days ago in the clouds by Sad Emoji. His most prominent forefather was the Emoji with the sad face. This quality also left bequeath Sad Face Emoji. In his childhood studied Sad Face Emoji the testament of his ancestor. He already knew in his childhood what would bring the future to the kingdom Emoji. When Sad Face Emoji was 1466 days old, he emigrated together with his family by the bridge from the aluminium to the city Sad Emoji. The valuable testament of the town founder was hidden at a confidential place. At this time the Third Horror Clown found out about a child with a sad face.

Sad Face Emoji

He wanted to have Sad Face Emoji absolutely in his port folio of the grandchildren. That's why Sad Face Emoji had to go at the age of 1500 days to the kindergarten. Spies of the Circus Union came by command of the Third Horror Clowns to the kindergarten. There they looked with several devices for a child with sad face. Sad Face Emoji had great fear of foreign personalities. That's why he hid under a jump box. The spies kidnapped another child. Then they fled very proudly to the Third Horror Clown. The ruler of the Circus Union looked the photo of Sad Face Emoji and compared to the kidnapped child one to one. He had to find out that it concerned the wrong child.
So the spies had to carry the stamp "failure" on themselves for uncertain time. When the parents of Sad Face Emoji got to know about the kidnapping of a child in the kindergarten of their son, they decided to return for some time to the clouds of cotton. At this time the Third Horror Clown found out that the family with Sad Face Emoji from the present place of residence disappeared. He decided to begin an intensive search for Sad Face Emoji. That's why the ruler of the Circus Union sent nearly 9898 spies and researchers. Their searches for Sad Face Emoji ended where they began. That's why the Third Horror Clown decided to conclude the chapter "Sad Face Emoji" in his life.
In the meantime, Sad Face Emoji grew up in the clouds. Though there he visited no regular school, but he could learn a lot of specialist knowledge by the testament of Sad Emoji. Later visited Sad Face Emoji quite voluntarily his hometown on the ground. At this time he was 4380 days old. He went secretly to the school library. There he looked for certain books. He found many books about the biography of the First Horror Clowns. He had to study these books urgently. Finally, the specialist knowledge about the Horror Clown was a an important prerequisite for political career in the Circus Union.
Sad Face Emoji read a lot about the rulers of the Circus Union. One day Sad Face Emoji was caught by the headmaster. He asked him what he did here.
At the beginning the headmaster did not know whether Sad Face Emoji went to school here. He said the headmaster that he was interested in politics of the Circus Union. That's why he read this book. Then there disappeared Sad Face Emoji with the book. Besides, a small perfidious cotton from the pocket of Sad Face Emoji fell on the ground. The headmaster felt the whole story very strangely. So he questioned all teachers whether they knew a political-interested boy. He described exactly the face of Sad Face Emoji. Not a single one teacher knew him. So the headmaster decided to look in the whole Circus Union for this unknown boy. Finally, the headmaster feared a theft of the teaching aids. At this time the Third Horror Clown was a on the way for the preparation of a big sports event in the Circus Union.
At the same time the announcement reached him that a boy with political teaching means fled. After this event the Horror Clown sent several footprint inspectors to Sad Emoji. They had to look in the schoolhouse for special footprints. They found the cotton on the ground of the school library. In the meantime, studied Sad Face Emoji the biography of the First Horror Clowns in the clouds. The investigators of the Circus Union came very proudly to the ruler and showed the found cotton. Thereon they expected applause from the Horror Clown. The ruler wanted that the investigators find this Sad Face Emoji absolutely still at his lifetimes. So he ordered modern search devices. In a chapter of the testament Sad Face Emoji read that he should have no fear of the Horror Clown from the age of 4746 days.

At this time Sad Face Emoji decided to emigrate together with his family from the clouds to Sad Emoji. This time Sad Face Emoji brought back the book to the school library. At the same time the ruler of the Circus Union got to know about the return of his boy in request. That's why he wanted to give him a voucher for a politics study. The reason was the esteem of the interest of Sad Face Emoji about the First Horror Clown. When Sad Face Emoji received the voucher, he met a precious metal trader. This trader wanted to exchange the unique voucher for 12 gigabytes silver. Sad Face Emoji thought that he had much more valuable thing at home. With it he thought about the old testament. That's why he rejected the barter offer with thanks.
On account of good business relations between the precious metal trader and a stingy Jupiter alien the trader wanted to persuade his business partner for a cooperation to the preservation of the valuable voucher from the hands of Sad Face Emoji. After a conversation both business partners agreed on a confidential plan. At this time Sad Face Emoji came to his parents with big joy. He showed them the voucher for politics study. In particular the stingy Jupiter alien had after the conversation with the precious metal trader big plans with the sales of the voucher. In the meantime, visited Sad Face Emoji the regular school. Besides, he had to have no fear of the Third Horror Clown.
During the school hours, the precious metal trader with the stingy Jupiter alien went to the schoolhouse. There they searched the staff room. They wanted to ask teacher about the residential address of Sad Face Emoji. They said that they wanted to contact him because of his political study. The teachers denied themselves to deliver the address to unknown personalities. Instead, a teacher alarmed the urban police of Sad Emoji. Thereon several policemen came to the school. They questioned the precious metal trader and the stingy Jupiter alien. Because of the suspicion on possible child kidnapping both partners were arrested. The stingy Jupiter alien was deported from the Circus Union.
Moreover, he received an entry ban in the whole Circus Union. Jupiter tried to protest against it orally and in writing. But the Third Horror Clown remained stubborn.
After this event Jupiter had to give up small. At this time the family of Sad Face Emoji decided to spend two days of holidays in the clouds of cotton. There they also left the voucher for scholarship. Later they returned home without voucher. Some days later a delegation of Mercury aliens was on the way to the Circus Union. They had to fly by Sad Emoji. Suddenly the flying saucer from the Mercury was braked by the clouds of cotton. The uppermost pilot gave himself very big troubles that he would come unpunctual to the Third Horror Clown.
Outdoors the pilot found a big heavy voucher. He tried to shift this voucher. Suddenly there came several snowy people from unknown direction. They shifted the voucher in an unknown direction. Then they took the pilot from the Mercury and threw him in his saucer. Then they threw the whole flying saucer from the clouds so fast that the Third Horror Clown was not ready yet. He said that he should still prepare for Mercury aliens. For the pilot this experience got stuck very strangely in his memory. Later the family of Sad Face Emoji visited the clouds one day again. They noticed that the voucher was shifted. For them was clear that somebody was here. That's why they intensely looked in the testament for a suitable event.
There they found the story about the delegation Mercury aliens. At the age of 6935 days Sad Face Emoji wanted to fly to the Saturn's Rings. His parents were sceptical about this flight to Saturn. Nevertheless, Sad Face Emoji flew to Saturn with an emergency flight. There he was welcomed together with other Emojis and aliens by the Saturn's soldiers. They handed over a bill to the figure of the entry tax at the beginning. After the payment of 12 Bitcoins Sad Face Emoji might choose his way. Then he wanted to visit the religious town in the Saturn's Rings. Thereon Sad Face Emoji was welcomed quite friendly by several Saturn aliens. They wanted to accompany him to the religious town. They asked him for money.
Moreover, they wanted to know whether Sad Face Emoji had a Smartphone. For his luck he had no Smartphone. Thus the Saturn aliens required 22 Bitcoins for their own existence on the planet Saturn. This was everything very funnily for the guest from Emoji. Nevertheless, went Sad Face Emoji with the unknown Saturn aliens. In the religious town all visitors with their fingers pointed at the unknown guest from Emoji. The uppermost religious leader became very envious. Suddenly all visitors gave their attention to the stranger from Emoji. After this event the uppermost religious leader with his both eyes decided to touch the experience. Outdoors he found the Emoji with the sad face.
He asked him whether he was really sad. Thereon Sad Face Emoji replied that he was not at all sad. By this second he remembered the chapter "Saturn's religion in the future" in the testament. The guest from Emoji wanted to say goodbye friendly to the uppermost religious leader. This failed. Sad Face Emoji was suddenly idolised in Saturn. Suddenly more and more Saturn aliens wanted to get a blessing from Sad Face Emoji. The guest from Emoji regretted, in the meantime, his flight to the Saturn's Rings. Sad Face Emoji unexpectedly had a lot of followers on the foreign planet. By this second the Last Horror Clown found out that an Emoji was held in the Saturn for a saint. So he decided to switch on the censorship authority. Thus every news about the disappeared Emoji should be published under no circumstances in the Circus Union.
The adventure of Sad Face Emoji in Saturn lasted several months. In this time Saturn wanted to collect a new tax for the holy Emoji. Sad Face Emoji was photographed several times. His face was sold several times. As a thank-you Sad Face Emoji received 444 Bitcoins of the local currency. He tried to flee from the Saturn by excuses. But he noticed that his personality was abused by the uppermost religious leader for the moneymaking. So Sad Face Emoji tried to remember the chapter "Saturn". After some time he decided to burn the different tax authorities in the Saturn's Rings. He used petrol from the filling station for it. After some time the mightiest building started to burn. After this event the uppermost religious leader and other Saturn aliens forgot about the existence of Sad Face Emoji.
In the meantime, the guest from Emoji by a local airplane could fly to Saturn. From Saturn he tried to flee with a flying saucer. Emoji used a flying saucer for it. This time he sat down on the wrong saucer. Before he had to pay 333 Bitcoins. Then Sad Face Emoji flew to Mars. There he noticed disappointed that he was not in Emoji. He asked all flight attendants how he could come to Emoji. A flight attendant showed him the right direction at it. After some time Sad Face Emoji forgot the right direction. So he sat down again in the wrong saucer. This time he landed in Venus. There the Last Horror Clown was for an important visit.
Sad Face Emoji had already produced a sea of tears when he noticed that he was again at the wrong place. At this time an airport employee said the Emoji that just the ruler of the Circus Union was here on the planet. So Sad Face Emoji was brought with the handcuffs to the Last Horror Clown. Finally, later he could return with the uppermost ruler to his native country.
The travel adventure of Sad Face Emoji ended with it. He received a crossing the border ban on several days from the Last Horror Clown. Finally, the ruler could not always fetch any citizen by his political trips. Sad Face Emoji received the stamp "kindergarten".
At the age of 7667 days Sad Face Emoji was admitted for the entrance examination of the politics study.
Then he began his study. After the death of the Last Horror Clown Sad Face Emoji was interested for the first time in his life for foreign languages. One day thus he decided to learn Japanese in Japanese Emoji. At the age of 9490 days Sad Face Emoji made a doctoral thesis on the subject "Style of leadership of the First Horror Clowns in the Circus Union". Finally, for his doctoral thesis he received his doctorate. With it he might teach the other students as professor for politics. Upwards after the preservation of his doctorate the pride of Sad Face Emoji grew. That's why he wanted to become the same politician. So he joined to a party. There he climbed up fast to the party leader.
Afterwards Sad Face Emoji run for election at the age of 10976 days as a town dictator of Sad Emoji. As a town dictator elective anew he instructed several engineers for the production of a plan for bicycle ways in Sad Emoji. For this purpose several Emojis from Japanese Emoji came to the town. Sad Face Emoji also invented the law about the protection of the privacy of the ruling town dictator. So all journalists always have great fear when they hear the name Sad Face Emoji. According to a law journalists may not approach too strongly the town dictator. On account of his political success Sad Face Emoji may already work for over 6940 days in the office of the town dictatorship. He wins traditionally every election as a town dictator since his office entry. That's why only shadow candidates always run for election against him.



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