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History of Emoji Meanings

Here is the history of the city Emoji Meanings.

 Emoji Meanings


In the early Middle Ages different people lived in the area of the today's Emoji Meanings: Pears, wild boars, cups, waste eaters, dust producers and probably even more. But about the other people proofs are absent in the state court. According to archaeological findings there are proofs of the fact that vegetarians and butchers lived as ethnic groups in this area. The butchers survived longer. About the reason there are different theories. At least, no people survived from that time in the current Emojis time. The first footprints determined a date 405,515 days ago. The footprints belong to unknown ethnic groups. A lot of researchers try to find out for 28689 days who was an owner of the footprints. The job is as very much elaborately. The researchers tried to contact even the ghosts. This happened 6666 days ago on the sports field in Emoji Meanings. The group of the researchers sat down on this place. Besides, were about seven clairvoyants. Every clairvoyant tried to contact a contemporary ghost. With the first attempt said the clairvoyant: Come, come within 12 seconds, old ghost from the time of the butchers. After 24 seconds began a strong wind. Ten books of the shelve fell on the ground thereon. No ghost answered. With the second attempt of the same clairvoyant he said the same. After 22 seconds a glass broke. Thereon the first clairvoyant was expelled by force by the sports field. The second clairvoyant was the next. He said something that nobody understood. After 21 seconds a mouse of the lantern fell on the head of the responsible researcher. He shouted. A colleague contacted thereon the ambulance of Emoji Meanings. The uppermost researcher recovered after the touch by the mouse. He forced to contact the second clairvoyant once more a ghost. The clairvoyant did this for the second time. After 26 seconds was the ambulance on the sports field. At the same time the uppermost researcher fell on the ground. Thereon he had to be taken by the doctors in the hospital. The deputy of the uppermost researcher decided to hit the second clairvoyant with a cake. Then he forced to contact the third clairvoyant the ghost from old time.

She tried to contact ghosts from the Middle Ages on another way. She lighted two candles. Then she spoke into old language of the butchers something. After 166 seconds both candles were extinguished by the wind. Thereon there laughed all present researchers. After other 166 seconds a medium strong earthquake on the whole sports field began in Emoji Meanings. Two researchers fell on the ground and injured themselves. Both candles were swallowed by the ground. Thereon the deputy of the researchers was angry and decided to instruct immediately the next clairvoyant with the job. The fourth clairvoyant took a cup and laid this on her head.  After 76 seconds of quiet she started to speak very much loudly. After other 76 seconds it was getting dark outdoors within short time very much. This time a house exploded near the sports field. Completely Emoji Meanings heard the explosion. All Emojis ran from their houses on the street. Nobody understood, why it was suddenly so dark at 14:00 o'clock as if it was now evening. Suddenly there came absolutely unknown people on the sports field. They saw as if they were extraterrestrials from unknown planets. The deputy looked these people exactly in the eyes. At this time other researchers got more and more fear of the clairvoyance. Some explained that they felt unwell. Thus several researchers left the sports field. However, both clairvoyants still remained. Three other clairvoyants decided for themselves never again to contact dead people. This time this although they had to contact still no ghost. The deputy of the researchers required from the fourth clairvoyant and the third clairvoyant that they try to contact both at the same time the ghosts of the Middle Ages. The unknown people approached more and more the research group and the deputy. At this time both clairvoyants tried to contact the old ghosts. After 456 seconds a very strong earthquake began in Emoji Meanings. Within 776 seconds several houses fell in the surroundings of the sports field on the ground. The deputy of the research group was swallowed by the earth. The other researchers tried to flee with the clairvoyants. They were arrested by the unknown people. At this time the uppermost researcher recovered in the hospital. He commanded at once every attempt to bring the old ghosts to the contact to interrupt. The unknown people disappeared with most caught researchers. Three clairvoyants who tried no contact with the dead people were released. Later they told in the mass media what they experienced on the sports field. The uppermost researcher forbade to his remaining researchers to go this way again. The footprints are examined by analyses in the lab regularly. Up to now, however, the success remained the researchers only in their night dreams. Later the city long time belonged to the Circus Kingdom. Venus aliens and other extraterrestrials called the city Emoji Meanings. The age of the city is estimated at several hundred thousand of days from historians. Because the contact with the ghosts remained fruitless, nobody can make specifics. Also the trust in the modern technology cannot be of use a lot.  Most historians believe that the modern Emoji Meanings about 328,500 days in the today's area of the Emoji exist.




Why is the city called Emoji Meanings?

Several historians in days of yore even at the expenses of the taxpayers dealt a whole life long with the city name. A theory was the name of a castle. The castle was built by the Generous. This was called immediately like the city. Other researchers suppose here an Emoji with the surname Meanings. There are at least 26 theories to the naming of the city. Because the contact failed with the old ghosts, Emojis must choose a theory for themselves. At least one may make with the final examination of the study of the history of Emoji. Every student writes the theory which fits him or her best of all. A lot of students choose the theory with the surname Meanings. But there are a lot of students who mention the castle of the same name. One day also the First Horror Clown got a document to the research of the urban name on his table. After 24 hours came the first Egoists from Mars. Thereon the First Horror Clown threw this document so far as possible away from his eyes. Finally, he had to react to the bad extraterrestrials from Mars. After the victory over the Egoists the First Horror Clown tried to devote himself to other duties. The reconstruction of the country had the first priority in his order book. At this time the mayor of Emoji Meanings visited the First Horror Clown in his office. Thereon the ruler remembered the document. He handed over this document to the mayor. The both discussed this subject together. The First Horror Clown exactly wanted to know what was taught in the schools and universities to the origin of the name Emoji Meanings. The mayor explained that all 26 theories are discussed. The First Horror Clown answered this: This is a big time waste of the lessons. One should select a theory. The rest should be learnt as homework at home.  Most Emojis reacted to this request with big enthusiasm. At the same time the First Horror Clown instructed the mayor with the removal of the research in this direction. If necessary the help of the Pluto aliens should be got.

After the death of the First Horror Clown nobody dared to deal so intensely with the origin of the name Emoji Meanings. Only after the independence of the Circus Country regular discussions began again on the subject. These meetings take place every Friday at the end of the working day. The problem is as the biggest riddle of the city. One day a group of archaeologists made a sensational discovery in Emoji Meanings. They found a book with the name of the same name like the city. All news agencies had to inform of this nationally. In this book was told a story about several ancient inhabitants. The date of the book was estimated by professional specialists for more than 222,222 days. There stood that in this area of the yellow mountain by this second about 5 families lived. They always collected five plates with yellow sheets in autumn. One might improve the sheets with salt and other spices. The sheets were thrown in the soup. This ate the local population in the area of the today's Emoji Meanings according to this book. The exactly age of the book had to be found out with the help of the extraterrestrials of Pluto. A group of historians and archaeologists went together with some Pluto aliens to a time machine. A Pluto-extraterrestrial pressed a button this, so that the time machine could recognise the pressure time of the book. After about 67 seconds the screen of the time machine showed a date and forced to visit the present persons the suitable time. After 1333 seconds in the quick tempo they came in the past. They went outward. There stood with big letters of wood the heading: "Emoji Meanings". Many researchers from the kingdom Emoji became curious. They wanted to question the first pedestrians. At this time some Pluto-extraterrestrials wanted to remain in the time machine. Curious Emojis met the old population of Emoji Meanings. They looked at the researchers with funny looks. Besides, historians tried to question the local population about the book. Suddenly there came an old Emoji and said: I have written this book 246 days ago. But why does the book look so old? What have you done with it?   The historians explained that the book was found underground by the archaeologists. The angry Emoji answered this: Who could do something like that with my book?

The archaeologists explained that they came from the future of Emoji. There one often finds many old things from the past. This also concerns other objects. The old Emoji reacted something confused. He wanted to know from which future these Emojis came. They answered that they live in the time of the king Devil Emoji. The kingdom was still up to short time in a union with the Circus Country. The old Emoji did not understand this exactly. But he explained that there was a country called Circus Kingdom. There kings rule. The city Emoji Meanings often enough considered to the neighbouring state to connect. But the city remained up to now dear independent. Also the king of the empire Emoji did not fit us. The old Emoji explained this. Thus we have an independent state. A historian asked the old Emoji which year they just were. The old Emoji answered this the day exactly for month and year. The time corresponded to the estimate of specialists almost. With the time machine the historians came with the help of the Pluto-extraterrestrials more than 226,666 days to the past. Moreover, they asked the old Emoji, where came the name Emoji Meanings from. The old person also did not know this. He said only that there are several families with the name of the same name in the region. He himself had another name. He explained that it was very usual to use the concept Meanings at this place. Already many Emojis took over this concept as their surname. Why he does not know, unfortunately. Thereon historians and other visitors from the future of the kingdom decided to question other Emojis in the city about it. At the end they found out that every third inhabitant of the city had the same surname. Now they understood, why the city was called so. Almost every inhabitant was called in the past Mr. or Mrs. Meanings.  This taken down all visitors of the time machine thus in their books. After several talks with the inhabitants they said goodbye to the past of the city. They returned in their time. With the accumulated information the interest rose in the kingdom Emoji to voyages with the time machine.


Emoji Meanings in the time before the Horror Clown

90678 days ago Saturn-extraterrestrials built several houses and castles in the city. They wanted to enslave the local population in their favour. As a sign of their strength they built the biggest castle for the purpose of the levy. All Emojis of the city had to be controlled every month by these castle owners. They had to indicate all their profits quite honestly. From that 80 percent of the income of the population were taken away. Moreover, Saturn had stationed its army in Emoji Meanings. At that time the neighbouring Circus Kingdom gained strength. Circus Kingdom conquered more and more areas. Allergies lost against the Acrobats. 76650 days ago Mercury came to Emoji. The Mercuric army tried to conquer the city of Emoji Meanings. The attempt failed above all because of wrong strategy. The army of the Mercury shot an apple bomb to the border between Circus Kingdom. Thereon the Acrobats sent their circus army to Emoji Meanings. There the Mercury-extraterrestrials and Saturn-extraterrestrials of the depth charges became seriously injured. The power of the Saturn was clearly weakened in the city.At that time a big conflict began between Saturn and Emoji Meanings. Emojis of the city decided opposition against enslaving. The symbolic building of the levy survived the opposition. However, the rule of the Saturn was weakened more and more. Later there came the misers from the Jupiter. They tried to make from Emojis of this city simply very cheap workers. They made it, however much more skilful than their predecessors. As opposed to the Saturn, Jupiter had compensated the working population very stingy for its work. However, besides, Emojis might divide their work-free time themselves. However, with little money they remained very much restrictedly in their spare time. This forced them to work voluntarily more. Thus they came along to work slaves of the elite of Jupiter. This lasted as long as to some Emojis connected themselves to the Horror Clowns. This led later to the loss of power of the misers in the whole kingdom. Some Emojis began the civil war.

Emoji Meanings after civil war

Before the First Horror Clown reached the city Emoji Meanings with his circus army, several protests and demonstrations began against the mighty misers from the Jupiter. After the king of Emoji was stripped of power by the circus army and the First Horror Clown, the First Horror Clown decided to make the city Emoji Meanings the capital of the whole Emoji. Besides, Emoji SMS lost only the most important rulers. However, a kind remained the second capital with less responsibility for the whole country. When 36866 days ago the first Egoists from Mars came to the city, they allowed to take several houses with their bodies. At that time several misers from the Jupiter were still in Emoji Meanings. The First Horror Clown also was on the way in the city. At that time he developed his circus army further. The circus army still had little experience in the fight. Nevertheless, the First Horror Clown saw so many seated Mars-extraterrestrials. He knew that a little bit wrong it happened. Several Emojis joined to the circus army. This was the only alternative for them. 36824 days ago the First Horror Clown with his army and the Emojis gained strength. Several Martians were hit with wooden pieces by the circus army at the command of the First Horror Clowns. Then many Mars aliens became unconscious. This time the First Horror Clown used, so that they all were arrested by the local police. By this second some misers tried to build up good contact with the First Horror Clown. After the defeat of the Martians in Emoji rose the good reputation of the First Horror Clowns. To build up more and more people and extraterrestrials tried to have good contact with the Horror Clown. The misers from the Jupiter thought that they could pay of wide starvation wages in Emoji Meanings and other parts of the country. Some Emojis complained with the First Horror Clown that the misers dismiss old Emojis. Besides, old Emojis remained quite poor. This led to the fact that many young Emojis had to arise for their parents and other relatives financially. This led to big discontent in the population. Only by this second many Emojis noticed as badly them were paid. The First Horror Clown listened to them. Thereon he decided to go forward together with his circus army against the misers from the Jupiter. At that time the king of Emoji still sat quite quietly in his castle. This even though he was placed under house arrest.

The misers tried to conclude an agreement with the First Horror Clown. He met the misers. Besides, he signed the document. Then the First Horror Clown with wide smile said goodbye to the misers. The representatives of the misers hardly were outdoors. There were several soldiers of the circus army. Thereon the representatives of the misers were arrested. The soldiers acted according to the instructions of the First Horror Clowns. The caught misers were hidden at an unknown place. The other misers became very nervous. They did not know where their representatives disappeared. At the unknown place were the representatives of the misers and the First Horror Clown visited them there. They asked him what should be this theatre. The First Horror Clown said that they were liable to information towards him and his subordinated. They should inform the First Horror Clown all details to the existence of all haughty and misers. Because the misers refused at the beginning, the First Horror Clown had to hit them personally with wooden floors. He made this as long as, until the misers spitted all details from their greedy mouths. The First Horror Clown noticed all details in his memory. Two days later the castle was stormed by the circus army. It concerned the castle of the former tax authority of the Saturn-extraterrestrials. There the soldiers of the circus army found a lot of bank notes and coins. There misers hid their valuables. There were also several documents of stingy account holders. This castle also served as a bank for the misers from the Jupiter. On account of this information the First Horror Clown could find with his circus army all misers. Then all misers were shot by the soldiers of the circus army with fire guns. This concerned all misers who dismissed the old Emojis in Emoji Meanings. When the king of Emoji got to know about it, he decided to use his army against the First Horror Clown. This ended for the king with bad consequences. He had to perform hard labour on the corn field. The king's army was disarmed by the circus army. All soldiers got the heading enemies of the state. In addition there came one more list with public enemies. Therein their names were noted. The relieved Emojis of Emoji Meanings were exceptionally thankfully to the circus army and its leader the First Horror Clown. As the first law of the subject Emoji Meanings the First Horror Clown commanded the backup of the economic security of the old Emojis. Moreover, old Emojis might go only from this time to the old-age pension. However, the young Emojis had to be liable to work. They had working duty up to the age of 22629 days for male and female Emojis. Thus the First Horror Clown wanted to prevent a collapse of the economy.


Emoji Meanings as a capital of the Emoji under Horror Clown

At the command of the First Horror Clown many Emojis had to build new houses and flats in the city. The Horror Clown pursued this politics very actively. He tried to extinguish the recollections of the rule of the kings. That's why he emphasized the importance of Emoji Meanings as the first capital in the union with the Circus Country as a representative's city of the Emojis. At that time about 844,445 inhabitants lived in the city among them also of different nationality.

Egoists and Easter Eggs in Emoji Meanings

The ego of the Mars aliens grew again very strongly. They could not be content with their former defeat. They decided to occupy a very big city professionally. At that time the First Horror Clown analysed the map of the world in his office. 27375 days ago Easter Eggs from Mars came to Emoji Meanings. They tried to convince all extraterrestrials from other planets for themselves. Uranus-extraterrestrial were arrested in the city Emoji Meanings by the Egoists. Many were kidnapped to Mars. Mars occupied the city for several days. The First Horror Clown accepted the Egoists under no circumstances. He got to know about the occupying by the Mars aliens of the city Emoji Meanings. Thereon he commanded the circus army to send about 111,222 soldiers in the city. After his command the circus army came to the city and started to pelt the Egoists with shells. Thereon several tanks of the Egoists started to burn. Several Egoists died in the tanks. The uppermost Egoist of Mars got to know about the attack by the circus army from his speaker. Thereon he sent even other 46879 soldiers of his army in the city Emoji Meanings. However, the Egoists saw that they had no chance. The circus army pelted the Egoists with several gas rockets. Thereon about 90 percent of the Egoists were killed. The surviving Egoists gave up voluntarily. They were used by the circus army to the hard labour. They had to wipe off above all the whole rubbish of the Egoists in Emoji Meanings. During the clearing works some Egoists contacted their bosses from Mars. This time the uppermost leader of the Egoists sent other 222,224 soldiers of his army to Emoji Meanings. Moreover, several Easter Eggs came to the city. The First Horror Clown saw that the alarm device indicated the arrival of other new Egoists. Thereon he commanded to the circus army to reach through quite hard. This time the circus army hid in the wood in Emoji Meanings. From there several poison rockets were shot on the flying saucers. Many flying saucers exploded in the clouds. The leader of the Egoists became nervous. Nevertheless, he sent at night about 444,567 soldiers in several flying saucers to Emoji Meanings. This time the saucers were adapted in colour to the circus army saucers. The Egoists and the Easter Eggs could occupy the city again for several days. This time the First Horror Clown sent about 1,675,898 soldiers in this city. This time a very hard fight began between both sides. Also many local Emojis fought against the Mars-extraterrestrials very actively and motivated.

After heavy fights most Egoists and Easter Eggs were injured fatally. The defeat in Emoji Meanings applied as a general defeat for the war strategy of the uppermost Egoist. This time Emojis made no presents for the surviving Egoists. All surviving Egoists and Easter Eggs were arrested vividly in subterranean bunker to thousands and were hidden. They might not be nourished at the expenses of the regime of the Horror Clowns. Moreover, the First Horror Clown commanded to hit all Egoists at least 999 spots with wooden floors. The Horror Clown chose the number because so many soldiers of the circus army died during the conflict. The First Horror Clown could not forgive Mars. Thereon he decided the firing of several radioactive bombs to Mars. Above all government buildings were in his visor. After eleven days several radioactive bombs fell on Mars. Thereon several Egoists and other Mars aliens fell ill. The south of Mars was hard concerned by the epidemic of the radioactivity. Within two days about 2 million Martians died. Many local politicians died with this attack. However, the uppermost Egoist did not want to surrender. Thereon he sent several soldiers to Emoji Meanings again. This time he made this different. The soldiers had to speak the Circus Language. They learnt quite intensely the language. However, the next attempt of the occupying of the city failed because of the burglar alarm of the local police. In Emoji Meanings the police had a supervision function of the Egoists. The police shot with the water pistol at the flying saucers of the Egoists. The flying saucers got stuck in the clouds. They could not move any more. Thereon the Egoists would shout for help. The uppermost boss of the Egoists wanted to send other soldiers to Emoji Meanings. But this time several possible soldiers had already hard fallen ill. Thereon the uppermost Egoist had to separate from his dream of the conquest of Emoji Meanings. After the victory against the Egoists tried Emojis to help to the other towns in the union with the Circus Country against the Egoists. They gave clothes, food and other things for the needs of the soldiers. The First Horror Clown praised the local population in this connection. Finally, the fight was in this city one biggest during the conflict with the Egoists. On account of many fights in Emoji Meanings a lot of buildings were destroyed. Also the railway station of the city became severely damaged. When the First Horror Clown analysed the damages of the wars, he decided to shoot after the conflict still several bombs to Mars. Thereon several million Mars aliens died. The fury of the First Horror Clowns was so big that he granted the dropping of the bombs every Monday after the conflict. This lasted so long, until the First Horror Clown shortened four years after the conflict, the budget for the military. The financial damage by the Egoists amounted to about 67 billions local Bitcoins. The reconstruction of the city lasted several years after the conflict. Even the king Devil Emoji still had to rebuild some buildings again at his command. He called this also as a reason that the city cannot become a capital.

Emoji Meanings during the reconstruction

24090 days ago the reconstruction of the city began. In the city several houses and flats were built at the command of the First Horror Clowns. Moreover, the railway station was built again. Emoji Meanings got several schools and universities. The mayor of the city was instructed to the construction of so-called optimism houses. Therein joy and optimism were promoted for the future actively. For the Horror Clown it was important to improve the mood in the population regularly. This is why he decided to carry out several laughing exercises daily. At his command every Emoji and other people might laugh in the union daily about 11 minutes. This was made during the working hours. The boss had to inform this the employees. It is time to laugh. Many employers noticed that the productivity clearly rose.

Emoji Meanings after the independence of the Circus Country

When the Last Horror Clown died, a very big grief began to his honour. Many Emojis saw their future negative. There nothing remained to them to laugh. They supported the government of the dictators by the majority. Most inhabitants of the city to expected situation like at the times of the misers if the king came into power again. At the beginning of his period of office the current king Devil Emoji wanted to go forward again in such a way, as his great-grandfather. But finally he could do nothing worse. When Devil Emoji came into power, many inhabitants from Emoji Meanings fled abroad. This led to a reduction of the population in the city. The mayor decided the reintroduction of the laughing law 6677 days ago. Many employers refused at the beginning. Nevertheless, Emojis may laugh in Emoji Meanings since some time again about 11 minutes. After the conquest of Emoji Pop the Salted Cucumbers also try to get this city under their control. Publicly the government of the king Poisonous Snake denies every attempt. The rumours come from his opponents. Moreover, the city every year celebrates its own birthday. On this day many Emojis from other towns of the kingdom come to the celebration. The party is as one biggest in the funny country.



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