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King Middle Finger Emoji

This is the biography of King Middle Finger Emoji. If you are looking for 🖕 Middle Finger. King Middle Finger Emoji was born as a son of very well-to-do rulers in the kingdom Emoji. Middle Finger Emoji was born 287,620 days ago in his family with his parents quite officially. On his birth certificate his parents and even his grandparents of both parents signed. Why this was so?
This was a tradition always the first-born. Middle Finger Emoji profited not only from the wealth of his family. His father called even the area after the name of his first son.
Thus originated the modern city Middle Finger Emoji. But officially the town only 277,400 days ago became so-called. The principal reason was that the king Middle Finger Emoji celebrated, finally, the first birthday more than 10000 days. He wanted that workers build several castles for him. Middle Finger Emoji had very big enemies above all from Allergies.


 King Middle Finger Emoji

Early Biography

At the age of 1825 days the small Middle Finger Emoji had to be urgently prepared for his royal career. Thus Middle Finger Emoji got private lessons in different areas. He had tutor for the following fields: Emoji L, Allergically, mathematics, budget planning and levy, jurisprudence, power expansion, life philosophy, sport and royal food. Moreover, Middle Finger Emoji had to study royal manners daily and practice. He might play only with his lesson. Middle Finger Emoji had received basically no toys. He might play only with a guitar. Moreover, Middle Finger Emoji got for the variety classical music to his ears. In addition his parents organised private concerts for the small Middle Finger Emoji at the expenses of the population regularly. When he was 2555 days old, Middle Finger Emoji had to learn also the language of the Circus. At the age of 3286 days he was sent in the amusing house. There Middle Finger Emoji had to study the religious traditions.
This was especially important, so that he could prove his knowledge in the burials. At that time religion was above all importantly for deaths. At the age of 3654 days Middle Finger Emoji had to learn also chemistry, physics and biology. One day he complained because of the lacking storage capacity in his brain. That's why his parents decided to send their son to the doctor. The doctor had to extend the storage capacity of the memory by herbal products clearly. After the herbal therapy Middle Finger Emoji had, finally, a memory like an elephant.
He could read everything after this event only once and forgot nothing more. Some later researchers believed that Middle Finger Emoji could profit from the good quality of the fruits. Finally, the earth of Middle Finger Emoji was and is especially valuable. At the age of 4386 days he went with his father to Hunger Country. There his father signed a peace treaty against the enemies of his regime. Middle Finger Emoji watched with how royal businesses function. When Middle Finger Emoji was 6205 days old, he had to finish a military education.
For this purpose his father decided to go to Allergies. There Middle Finger Emoji had to attack under the guidance of an experienced older general the allergic population. This led to a tomato war. In Allergies a lot of tomatoes were planted. Thus Middle Finger Emoji was pelted with 13545 tomatoes personally. With the second attempt Middle Finger Emoji could proceed as an officer clearly better against Allergies. Thus he defeated with 2 points projection.
At least, Middle Finger Emoji under his management could steal several strawberries from Allergies. In Allergies there was afterwards a strawberry crisis. Thanks to this victory Middle Finger Emoji received his responsibility ID card from his father. When Middle Finger Emoji was 7300 days old, his parents started to search a wife for him. At the age of 8395 days Middle Finger Emoji had to marry at the official command of his parents. His wife was the daughter of the king from the Hunger Country. Middle Finger Emoji suffered from that very strongly that he became compulsive-married as a royal member.
His assistants had to bring Middle Finger Emoji to the psychiatrist. With the specialist he received full help. Then he could master this crisis. At the age of 8947 days Middle Finger Emoji had to wage a war together with his father against Vampires. Then several military actions followed against the enemies of the regime.

Middle Finger Emoji as King

274,480 days ago the father of Middle Finger Emoji died in his castle. After this event the son was appointed in the emergency tempo the successor and king. Middle Finger Emoji reacted to his appointment with big pride. He wanted to organise to honour of his rise a big party. The next day after the burial of his father ordered Middle Finger Emoji several bakers for the preparation of his starts. His bakers had prepared for Middle Finger Emoji at least 7777 perfect baguettes. The new king was very contented.
All guests and his mother could enjoy his throne ascent gastronomically. For that Middle Finger Emoji received from an up to now unknown ghost big applause. 273,750 days ago king Middle Finger Emoji wanted to know who was stronger in the duel. Thus he looked for a duel partner from another royal family. At this time Middle Finger Emoji read a lot about the people of the Desolate Shoes. According to found information the Desolate Shoes lived in the north of the planet Halloween.
A very big army of Emojis decided Middle Finger Emoji to organise after this event. He went for long preparations with several soldiers of his army with the horses to the Desolate Shoes. There the emperor called the Second Shoe ruled. Middle Finger Emoji wanted to invite the ruler to the immediate duel. The emperor reacted to it very awfully. Finally, the Second Shoe was a little older than Middle Finger Emoji. That's why the emperor commanded the arrest of the king. The emperor wanted to kill the king in the custody with a knife on Wednesday.
At this time the soldiers of the king waited for their uppermost general and commander. They noticed that Middle Finger Emoji was absent too long. That's why the soldiers decided to search their king. The soldiers of the king were hard armed. In the meantime, the emperor noticed that Middle Finger Emoji was awake. Thus he decided to go to the prison cell. There the Second Shoe began a conversation with the king. The king hardly tried to say something, the Second Shoe got his knife.
Middle Finger Emoji profited in his childhood from the military education so well that he had quick reaction. Thus he noticed on account of the movements that the emperor would attack him by this second. Thereby reacted Middle Finger Emoji much faster. He hit to the emperor in the belly. Then he took the knife of the emperor and fled. In the meantime, soldiers of the king were in search of Middle Finger Emoji. Then the king came to his soldiers. He shouted: Victory against the enemy!!!
Then the king and his soldiers from the area of the Desolate Shoes tried to return to their hometown. They were just on their way back. At this time a farmer fed his 888 cows in the Desolate Shoes. At this time the emperor the Second Shoe recovered. He gave the command of the pitiless attack against the enemy from unknown area to his army. The feeding farmer also received an alarm from the emperor. He left at least 1245 bulls to the fight against the enemies in the freedom.
Also other farmers had to send up to 10284 bulls against the enemy. Thus the army of Middle Finger Emoji was attacked by several bulls. After some time the emperor the Second Shoe decided the controlled hard labour for the caught soldiers. When the Second Shoe saw the king with his eyes, he wanted to execute him with his gun. At this time several Uranus aliens came to the area of the Desolate Shoes. They brought several metal detectors.
They needed aluminium. On account of their researches from the Uranus they had found the exact locations of their houses. On account of the visit from the Uranus a strong rain began in the Desolate Shoes. The emperor tried to shoot several times at the king Middle Finger Emoji. However, from his gun there came only small worms. These worms fell on the ground. Then they crept to the emperor. The shoes of the emperor were punched within less seconds. By this second Uranus aliens began to dig out several places at which they found aluminium.
In the found aluminium parts were several worms. In the meantime, the soldiers from Middle Finger Emoji recovered after their bull attacks. Moreover, they realised that they were abused for hard labour. Thus they organised in a group. They provided at night a plan. The emperor the Second Shoe tried to shoot the king with another gun. At this time several Uranus aliens came to both rulers. Thus the king and the emperor were arrested by the aliens from the Uranus. The Desolate Shoes were taken over from the Uranus.
After long custody under the rule of Uranus all Emojis were deported together with Middle Finger Emoji from the country of the Desolate Shoes. After their return the king and his soldiers had to renounce their horses and other weapons. The horses and weapons were confiscated by the aliens from the Uranus. The deported Emojis and their king were brought back with a flying saucer to their native country. After this adventure Middle Finger Emoji avoided every confrontation and every fight with other people.
268,640 days ago the king organised a big memorial service to honour of his dead mother. Moreover, Middle Finger Emoji commanded the construction of a big monument for his mother. In the meantime, he looked more and more after his succession. Thus he wanted to make sure that his sons take over his power anyway. Thus he bought for them a big surface. There several woods were grown. Thus Middle Finger Emoji wanted to protect himself and his family before attacks. The more trees the wood had, this was the better.
Finally, thick forest was a big obstacle for possible enemies from other countries of the planet Halloween. At the age of 21924 days Middle Finger Emoji wrote his testament. Therein he wrote who might substitute for him after his death. 262,070 days ago Middle Finger Emoji decided to read out his testament to his children personally. He wanted to prevent a struggle for power between his successors. He nominated for his successor above all his oldest son.
260,975 days ago Middle Finger Emoji died in the peace as a king of his town. Middle Finger Emoji was buried by his family in the familiar cemetery.



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