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Emoji Dictionary speaks during the interview about the protection of the borders

The protection of the borders philosopher Emoji Dictionary studied life philosophy and the military at different universities of the country. Emoji Dictionary was born 21198 days ago in Middle Finger Emoji. He saw the legendary Tycoon with his both eyes on the street walking. He wanted to make even with him selfies. However, besides, he was disturbed by a flying bird. The bird had strong diarrhea at this time. The result was that Emoji Dictionary had to land at home in the bathroom. The protection of the borders of Middle Finger Emoji of moving vehicles belongs to his life philosophy. He is valid as a big advocate of the protection of the earth. 🗞⏳🎫🚯🖕🛑🗣. That's why Sweasy26 decided to invite the intellectual, finally, to an interview.

Emoji Dictionary sits just at the table of his college. He looks very much concentrated. He writes just a lot. What do you write exactly Mr. Dictionary?

Emoji Dictionary scrolls in his notebook. He gets a 4D-sheet from his notebook. Then he shows the heading "Party programme soil conservation Middle Finger Emoji".

Strangely there thinks the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. Why do you say nothing?

Emoji Dictionary points at his mouth. At the same time he writes something on a new sheet.

Then he hands over to his interviewer the sheet. Sweasy26 completely reads according to: Excuse me please. I rinse my mouth with tepid water. Then there pass several minutes. After 664 seconds the protection of the borders philosopher is finally ready to speak.


Emoji Dictionary drills with his middle finger in his nose and explains: I have written quite proud 50 pages during the last three weeks to my party programme. 🌉🏇🍖🖕👣🅰️🏃‍♀️.

Is this not a discrimination of people in your eyes?

Emoji Dictionary checks in his notebook with a magnifying glass whether the word discrimination was mentioned somewhere in his texts. Then he answers:

It is not here primarily about aliens from the Venus. Only they were in the last time very conspicuously in this area. 🤚👲🖕😂🈺🤙. I ran to the group of the misers and hit them with their bottles on their stinginess.

What do you mean exactly?

Emoji Dictionary becomes thirsty. He gets from his cupboard under the table a bottle of a local drink.

After he made a break for drinking, several sentences from his mouth fell:

Certainly you know the problem with the aliens from the Jupiter. Above all very much rich aliens are valid as very stingy. At that time I pelted their trucks with the bottles. Another miser hit me in the face. He did this in my hometown.😪🤚🧬🍚⏳🍖🚽.

Your party must live with the reproach of the race discrimination. How do you handle with it?

Emoji Dictionary takes a sheet paper from his notebook. He defends himself with the sheet. Then he says:

We must protect our earth and its quality. Here it is quite clearly about the defence of the interests of Middle Finger Emoji. We cannot afford the destruction of the earth. 😛🍷🥇🇮🇹⏳🖕🅰️🤙.

Emoji Dictionary falls in faint. Sweasy26 presses an alarm button. The problem is that also the outpatient clinic within Middle Finger Emoji may not drive by its vehicles. That's why there comes an occupational colleague from another room.

He takes several bottles with full water. He pours the whole water on Emoji Dictionary.

After 24 minutes several doctors with their donkeys come to the university. They provide the first assistance to the patient. By this second the voice of Emoji Dictionary suddenly sounds in the room. Strangely there thinks Sweasy26. Finally, he was unconscious at that time.


Suddenly Emoji Dictionary said that he wanted to continue the interview. Sweasy26 looked at the unconscious body of him.

The doctors also did not understand what happened there. Sweasy26 remembered that the ghost of Emoji Dictionary left his physical body during the treatment by the doctors.

Thus Sweasy26 decided to continue the interview with the ghost.

You accuse the local authorities of not fighting against the criminal actions of third?

The voice of Emoji Dictionary answers from the air: 🤲👻🅰️🇲🇵🍚🤚👲🈶➕🗝🍖.

The doctors shout to the ghost of Emoji Dictionary: Return, finally, in your body!!!!

Otherwise we will bury your body underground quite deeply. Emoji Dictionary gets great fear. He does not want to dirty the valuable earth of Middle Finger Emoji with his corpse. After some time it becomes very windy in the room. After other 26 seconds Emoji Dictionary will be again in his physical body.

After he recovered from his faint, several doctors stood before him. They required 45636 Bitcoins for the life rescue and the help to the return to the life. 👲🌎🎿🈁.

Just a short time ago you have left your physical body. How was the pressure on you on the part of the doctors to return in your physical body?

Emoji Dictionary looks at the lamp on the right side in the room:

This was a new experience of my life. I wanted to remain of course of my physical body a little longer outside. But the doctors threatened me to deposit my body underground.

I did not want to dirty the valuable earth of Middle Finger Emoji with my corpse. Finally, I ate a lot of injurious food for the earth. 🌉👆👨🤳🅰️👪.

Would be it to be built no alternative for Middle Finger Emoji several hospitals in the town?

Nevertheless, this would solve many problems.

Emoji Dictionary takes from his cupboard under the table a future ball. After 23 seconds he spits several sentences on the ground:

Middle Finger Emoji has enough medical facilities. Unfortunately, only these doctors were quicker than my family doctor. But I hope that you and all friends of the misers understand.

Maybe it needs quite simply better laws of the protection of the earth in Middle Finger Emoji from the thefts. Do you not think in this direction?

Emoji Dictionary looks at a sheet paper from his party programme. Suddenly the window automatically opens. Then several bees fly in the room. After several rounds they fly to Emoji Dictionary. They bite the protection of the borders philosopher very strongly.


Thereon he shouts. Help!!!!

After two seconds the same doctors come again to the room. Emoji Dictionary sees the doctors. He shouts: No, no, not again the stingy doctors.

He gets up. He runs away from the room. Sweasy26 sees no logic in the whole story. He presses the button for the call of the fire brigade.

After some time the fire brigade comes to the room. Thereon the doctors try to justify their presence. The fire brigade asks for certificates of the doctors. The uppermost Emoji checks the certificates for it. 👪👻🖕🚽🅰️🏞✝🗾🎿.

Sweasy26 had to ask the unanswered question again.

Why do you write in your party programme no law proposals for the protection of the earth?

Emoji Dictionary looks in his sheets for an answer.

However. I have written under point 4.5657850 a little bit in addition. My proposal is called quite briefly: The extraterrestrials from the Jupiter must wear a chip. They must be exactly examined with their entry in Middle Finger Emoji by the duty.

Moreover, they should separate with the entry from their stinginess. The aliens from the Venus should be allowed to park their flying saucer before the town border. This stands under the point 5.2456867.


You have almost died during the interview. How do you fancy your death?

Emoji Dictionary looks at his feet:

I go from my nose directly to the lamp. I colour the lamp already during the next days with the green colour. Then I fly like a bee. I try to immobilise the power stations in Jupiter. After my long grief among the misers I want to take revenge.

Nevertheless, in this case you are a bad model for the education of young Emojis!!!

Emoji Dictionary defends himself with several written sheets. Then he vomits a soup of many sentences: 👆🚽🏗🏅🏢🅰️🅰️👥🤚🅰️👆👆🏋️‍♀️🚽🅰️🗺👨✝🗾.

Which plans do you have for the future of your party?

Emoji Dictionary looks at the last page of his party programme:

In 8640 seconds I will present a talk at my college. Therein I will win over to the support of my party for the soil conservation of Middle Finger Emoji actively.

Already Tycoon knew the secrets of the local earth. That's why he could raise his life expectancy massively. And I still know many very old Emojis and aliens who became very old thanks to the earth. Better said, they use the earth properly.

After the answer of the question the alien is asked by the uppermost rector to finish the interview, finally.

For this purpose the rector sent an SMS. Sweasy26 explains Emoji Dictionary that he thanks him for the interesting interview very much.

Then Emoji Dictionary says goodbye. Suddenly the uppermost rector comes to the room. He requires that Sweasy26 leaves the room. The room must be cleaned with chlorine after all these events.

For Emoji Dictionary



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