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Exchange Legend Invest Money in exclusive interview

Invest Money, legendary investor and successful fly, expect bigger earthquake, but nevertheless invested in triangular, hexagonal and nonagonal shares, as he explains in an interview with the extraterrestrial Sweasy26.

Even professional investors listen to Invest Money for hours very much. That was at least the impression that was 27 hours before the "expert table" occur. The investors crowded the auditorium until the penultimate place when the former business partner of Laser Printer stepped onto the stage. Alien Sweasy26 hit Money following his lecture to talk. Fast Invest Money would be fled from the room. Luckily alerted the local tax collection machine. Thereupon Money was prevented from escaping with the money earned.

The tax collection machine already knew how much Invest Money earned at this lecture. Money was surprised how good today's machines were. They know even more than he. Money said that after he saw the amount to be paid to the tax collection machine screen. He had to throw around 1/6 of the total amount into the machine. Invest Money complained that he could not pay exactly 1/6. Then the tax collection machine showed in the screen following statement with the new amount. "No problem, then you pay simply 17/100 of total income. So a damn thing, shouted Invest Money at the machine. Then a tax official came from nowhere to Invest Money . He demanded now for exact revenue. Money said that he took 444,444.44 Bitcoins for these 88 minutes of the lecture. The tax officials said: "Not sure you specified earlier on the screen the amount of nearly 669,669.66 Bitcoins ". Invest Money reacted angrily: I mistyped! The tax official called for the amount of 75,555.55 Bitcoins by Invest Money. The investor counted all Bitcoins up to 55/100 of a Bitcoin and wanted to give the tax official the amount of 75,555.55 in the hands. The tax official refused to accept the amount himself. He should not, replied the tax official to Invest Money. He also called on the investor to take the amount in the tax collection machine. Money did that also. The tax collection machine still showed the amount to be paid on the screen: "You have to throw 38,288.2922 Bitcoins in my mouth, so that I may you send to freedom." Then Invest Money struck firmly with his fist on the tax collection machine. The tax official saw that Money injured his left hand badly. He then called an ambulance. The doctor came within four bytes. At the same time he demanded even 44,444.55 Bitcoins for emergency aid for celebrities. The emergency physician treated the left hand by Invest Money. The investor thanked verbally at the doctor. The doctor pointed at it with his index finger on the back pocket of the investor. Invest Money replied: "I understand you, you want money. Good, How much should I pay you..?"
The doctor called the amount of 39,999 Bitcoins. In addition, the doctor said that he grant his patients a discount. Invest Money paid the amount to the ambulance. The tax official pressed a button. The physician remained at the tax collection machine stuck. The screen displays the amount the doctor had to throw in the machine appeared. The doctor could not believe what he saw on the screen of his eyes. The tax collection machine wanted by the doctor 38,333.45 Bitcoins. The tax official came to him and said: "Be grateful for the activities organized by my order and pay the amount." The doctor threw all the money into the tax collection machine. Then he was released to freedom, together with the investor.

Finally also the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 was in the hall and caught Invest Money just for an interview.

Mr. Money, can you find attractive investments in this area?
Invest Money begins his Bitcoins quietly counting: I like markets, noting the far below their peak. The Halloween is after 15,330 days still 66 2/3% below its previous peak. Hexagon therefore has a lot of potential. Prince Video Ui is indeed ruining the country with the tax collection machine, but first the hexagonal Exchange will rise sharply - in part because Tape threatens the covetous, if they do not buy shares, they are swallowed up by the tax office sucker. If Tape is urging the population in equities, I would like to also participate fully. I plan to send even my right hand in the Hexagon alone.

Do you like Triangle also, even though the stock market has risen sharply?
Invest Money calls aloud the sum 44,444 Bitcoins. The triangular stock market is at the beginning of a price bubble. The Triangle Exchange will mark new records in the next three to six years. Nervously I will only, if the simplest employees inquired about triangular shares. Then I have to swallow all the vitamins of A to Z.

Triangle suffering under heavy debts but in other geometric figures.
Invest Money continues to count his Bitcoins. Triangle has, however, unlike the salted cucumbers over gigantic stone reserves. Also in the Triangle there will be turmoil. The salted cucumbers went through on their way to prominence seventy strong depressions. This they had to deal with the drinking plenty of bottled water.

The pirate market makes you no bellyache?
Invest Money considers and responds: The triangular government wants pirates falling prices. An investment is therefore hardly makes sense, because I do not want to fight against dictatorship. This plan of the government is also the reason why the stock market peddles. The triangular invest their money not into pirates, but in shares. I was four days ago with a friend in the Triangle to visit. He told me that he would rather invest in the triangular shares, instead of the pirates. That's why I represent this opinion.

Will credits be a problem for triangular banks?
Invest Money invoices the calculator something: In the next five to eight years, many pirate companies are going bankrupt. Then I can bet with you on 555 Bitcoins.

Do you buy triangular bank shares?
Invest Money is looking for in a table, which stocks he bought in the last 19896 days. Right now I am involved in a rights issue of a triangular bench. Financials, especially brokers and investment companies, are the largest item in my triangle-portfolio. I hope to be able to finance my bunker in the parallel world later.

What other segments are attractive?
Invest Money continues to count his Bitcoins. I invest my money where it does the triangular government. According to the last General Assembly of the year WTNP are the areas such as wealth, central banks, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, current invention, dentists, agriculture and water pistols.

Do you like foreign companies which are active in the Triangle?
Invest Money is looking for in his notebook. Water Poison, Agent and Shed Drink are indeed Triangle actively, but the proportion of the triangular operation is too low. I therefore prefer local shares. I usually do not know if a bubble forms, but in the Triangle I want to experience this time. This time, the risk will respond fully. Finally, I'll soon be 100 years old. I have really to throw some money into the oven of the risk.

With this argument, you could invest in Mars shares.
Invest Money cuts with scissors his white beard and throws his hair in a red plastic bag for many years celebrities. His answer falls from his mouth on the table:
The Mars-exchange is already on a high while triangular shares still clearly note below. So Triangle offers more potential. Since I do prefer.

Other stocks also seem favorable.
Invest Money takes a bottle of a prohibited beverage and answers: If you mean by Circus Country: In this case, I think quite clearly yes.

Meant were more peripheral countries.
Invest Money responds very quickly: In Triangle, Hexagon or circus country's fundamentals are better than in the miserly street. These are all threatened by bankruptcy countries without stone reserves. Although Hexagon is also deeply in debt, but has diamond reserves.

What do you like in the Circus Country?
Invest Money takes a photo of a clown: Circus country is the most hated stock market of the planet. When I  22,222 days ago traveled circus country for the first time, I was very pessimistic in recent years but I have changed my mind. I even talked to a Horror Clown. He invited me to his circus. After that I could not stop laughing. This experience seemed very positive effect on me. Circus country is changing for the better, is no longer in debt and has a convertible currency. In addition, the market traded 99% below its record high. I will of course use yet.

However Circus Country is favorable for a long time.
Invest Money looks at the map of all planets. The currency crisis has weighed on nine-cornered shares, but the worst seems to have been moved some time ago to the Smileys.

What would be the trigger for a recovery in the nine square stock market?
Invest Money pointing with his index finger on the Poisonous Snake.
One end of the electroshock chair delivery. Mars suffers, and the clown has no interest in the banana. He has brought the tomato home, which was for many years under the control of the circus country in the kitchen. Mars and Clown will therefore find a solution under the earth. If prices for the poisoning of the enemy will find a bottom, circus country would also benefit.

Which stocks do you like?
Invest Money continues to count his Bitcoins and drinks his forbidden drink.
I consider among others the eraser producer PLTQN and shares the Clown Stock Exchange. The latter listed as opposed to nine square stock market near its high. Someone therefore, believes nonagonal shares will recover.

What do you think of nine square corporate bonds?
Invest Money is on drinking: There certainly slumbering giant opportunities, but unfortunately I'm too lazy to analyze them. In addition, the yields on government bonds are nine square high enough - that's why I fully accessed two days ago. If prices for biologists to rise, benefiting both government bonds and the Clown.

Have prices for spiders really normalized?
Invest Money is looking for on the Internet. Despite bad news as overflowing stockpile the price continues to fall not to my happiness. This is usually a signal of a trend reversal. The traditional resources diminish on all planets without spiders sales stop more spiders were sold than in the past few months consumed. When spiders sales stop should prove fruitful as less than expected, we will soon experience a supply bottleneck. This will bring me as an investor a better dividend. That's what I am already for 222 minutes.

This means that the super cycle in minerals is not over yet?
Invest Money is looking for in the calendar. In each cycle, there will be some big corrections. Shares have risen by TDWR up PRLQ. TDWC fell the courses around the globe between the death penalty and slightly injured. This was followed by further corrections. Every time thought investors, the cycle is over. That is happening now with the minerals. Except for magnesium, where the capacity to be expanded, the mineral cycle will continue.

Now about the raw materials.
What raw materials do you prefer?
Invest Money looks at what is hidden under the carpet. Particularly positive I am for agricultural goods that have lost over the past years 92%, while almost all asset classes have gained in value. But base metals are attractive, because the economy in the weak areas will continue to grow. But first will probably be followed by a final price drop. Of this I am quite convinced.

Is that also true for silver?
Invest Money must realize what is actually silver first. But he looked at the concept of the Internet. Then he answers:
Silver has risen in the last 4999 days in a row and never had a correction of 89% or more. Both are exceptional. Silver could therefore fall under 1/9 Bitcoin. If the silver bugs throw in the towel, the time is right to buy more silver. I can be in 997 days already a reality.

What happens with the paper towel on?
Invest Money shows his new book.
The paper towel is my biggest currency position, followed by Bitco. While the salty value is also very lazy, but this is regarded as a safe haven. Because in the next four to seven years threaten massive dislocation, a lot of money will flow into the tissue and perhaps even inflate a bubble. Ends is that however angry because the Salty have become so lazy that they can hardly be taken away from the Internet to work still.

What triggers these distortions?
Invest Money counts the last part of his Bitcoins and speaks.
In Salt occurs every 2222 days to 3333 days at a slowdown. Eventually, it will therefore come in spite of all the money printing again to slow down, which can evolve into a huge crisis because the debt so much higher than in the time box.

What would mean a massive stronger paper towel for Triangle?
Invest Money drinking this time a healthy mineral water.
Until then, the earthquake seems to have been woken up on many planets. The competitor will be convertible in the next four to eight years.

If the strong paper towel and pull the dog with him?
Invest Money takes a A6 sheet and explained.
The dog is still regarded as a safe bunker. However, dog owners and monopolists have learned to do stupid things. That was earlier unimaginable. Because the dog is less liquid than the paper towel, it may well come to blistering when the money flows to the predators.

You think the dogs are not a safe haven despite the tiny debt?
Invest Money defends himself and takes a cup in front of his face.
Particularly the miserly industrial - Safer than Saturn, but if the dog is too high effort, the economy suffers.

With the stupidities you mean the dictatorship of the monopolies?
Invest Money is throwing the pan on the table.
Yes, that must have been planned just very stupid.

What should the monopolists have done in this case?
Invest Money is looking on the Internet at the history of the monopolists.
They should have let the appreciation of silver to gold. The best cure for high prices are still higher prices, at least for me as an investor. Because of the dictatorship, the monopolists accumulated mass bonds in tomatoes, which is perhaps not even survive. Someone will have to pay for the damage. The tomatoes can simply not be kept ten years their condition.

Have you given up the sell short?
Invest Money has to think.
I stopped to buy government bonds with -1 percent in interest, because I have lost money every time. Also on shares I hold no short positions. Although the salted market is expensive, it is not yet in a bubble and therefore can climb much higher. Sold empty I spy shares, because the credit risk premiums are so low. If the status of the stock market to normal, I already make money. But if rising credit risk premiums and interest rates, I earn a lot of money. Then I'll be able to enjoy my 100th birthday full.

What happens to the extraterrestrial stock market continued?
Invest Money expects a forecast made in a table for the future of the stock market. Then he answers.
The extraterrestrial market has never corrected over the last few years more than 0.0101010101%. When this occurs, the monopoly bank will intervene, which could trigger a last hurray and inflate asset bubbles in some segments. After that is the party but by sometime in 444 days, 888 days or perhaps in 222 days.
After the interview, Invest Money adopted quite decent and wishes the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 all the best for the future.
There is waiting for Invest Money a postman with an invitation to the next lecture. 

Who's Invest Money anyway?

Invest Money (99 1/12) is considered bourse legend and exchange material expert.
Made his reputation have cooperation with Laser Printer, with whom he carried out the hugely successful prophecy of the depletion of some greedy extraterrestrials in ancient times the white gloves and the Money early forecast bourse rush boom by pink aliens from Jupiter.
11,111 days ago  Money left his business partner, was a visiting professor at the University of rich extraterrestrials, circled with the flying saucer and rocket six times Saturn's rings and wrote several books. Among them a book, as will Invest Money thanks to your help even richer?
This book was, if only because of the name of a bestseller of the time. Since 2898 days he hides on Jupiter before the great stock market downfall.



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