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Find The Emoji

Find The Emoji was born 85775 days ago in Japanese Emoji. He created several important buildings in his hometown as an architect. Find The Emoji was later a personal employee of the stingy husband of Quell Queen. Besides Find The Emoji was also responsible for the architecture of the newer linguistic schools of After Adverb. He was born according to urban archive with his parents and also had to grow up with them. Find The Emoji belonged to the best architects of his time. In his leisure he learnt as well as other his contemporaries the Circus Language.


Find The Emoji had to be operated after his birth on the right skull. His birth was a real miracle. Finally, his parents were already older than 21900 days old. When Find The Emoji was 1466 days old, died his father. His mother had Saturn's roots. He had to help to his mother at the work on the cucumber field. For an education Find The Emoji had to exchange his worker. Thus he cleaned shoes to the headmaster and the teachers. Thus he could enroll in the primary school.
Moreover, he had to be able to bake honey cake at the age of 2199 days. Finally, this was an important requirement for an education in the primary school for him. Find The Emoji belonged by the widowhood of his mother to the lowest social layer. That's why he with his mother hardly had rights. At school the small boy liked mostly geometry. He drew regularly geometrical figures in his spare time. At the age of 5475 days Find The Emoji applied for a study of the architecture.
After the check of his documents and the origin of his mother his admission because of discrimination was rejected. That's why his mother used her contacts with her home planet. She contacted the Saturn's diplomats. After some time several Saturn aliens came to the university for architecture in Japanese Emoji. They kidnapped the uppermost rector to Saturn. There the rector was hit at least 222 times on his face. In the meantime, tried Find The Emoji to apply once more for a study place.
This time he received from the deputy also a refusal. After this event the previous history recurred. The deputy was kidnapped to Saturn within 2 days. There all teeth were hit to him away. The new rector accepted Find The Emoji for the study. During his education in the architect Find The Emoji had to make for the rector several samples of work. Thus he worked for the new rector. When he was 7300 days, Find The Emoji might take part in the opening of the first building.
It concerned a building which was built after the provided plan by Find The Emoji. At that time were invited the whole celebrities of Japanese Emoji. Among them the stingy golden processing factory owner and After Adverb were. Find The Emoji was very proud of his first project within the scope of his study. On account of his success the whole elite knew the young architecture student. The elite of Japanese Emoji took down his name in their notes.
Under the heading: Young architect
Find The Emoji started to receive several orders from the elite of the town. Because he was still in the study, he was bound according to the study contract to the university. Therefore he could make himself not independent. The rector wanted to use the fame of Find The Emoji for the profit increase. Thus Find The Emoji might work only for his university.
At the age of 7676 days he experienced a big shock. His mother died.
That's why Saturn aliens sent the arrested rectors of the university from the Saturn back to Japanese Emoji. During the memorial service Find The Emoji found out that the former rectors were again here. The former rector took over the management of the university with his deputy. He perused the names of the students. Among them he found the name "Find The Emoji". He checked the identity of every student. Thus he decided to exclude all students with Saturn's roots from the study.
Thus he applied for the kidnapping of all students with Saturn's roots. The rector, who admitted Find The Emoji in the study, was angry very much. He decided to contact all dismissed students. Together with other students the present rector organised a boycott against the management of the university. Find The Emoji, however, was of use his chance. He understood his engaged contract with the university as expired. Thus Find The Emoji took over all orders independently. Finally, he could escape from the university. Find The Emoji founded his own enterprise.
He started to search the names of the participants of the celebration in his memory. Within the shortest time Find The Emoji received several orders of the elite from Japanese Emoji. His former rector made friends with several Clowns from the Circus Kingdom. He attacked together with other former students the house of the deputy. The raid failed. Many private policemen arrested this group. Only the former rector remained free unnoticed. He had to work again as a simple professor. In the meantime, Find The Emoji received a great order.
1095 days later the rector noticed that less and less orders were awarded for architecture to the university. At this time realised Find The Emoji already several projects of his customers. The rector decided to check exactly the reason of the drop in sales. He went to the office for registered enterprises of Japanese Emoji. There he looked for architecture enterprise. He found the name "Find The Emoji". By this second he realised his mistake. He wanted to look for legally binding documents in his favours. He ran in his office. There he looked for different documents.
At the same time there came the former rector, who accepted Find The Emoji to the study. He asked the rector what he looked for. The rector answered this that he needed documents about the former student called Find The Emoji. In addition the professor said that the documents from his term of office were put into archives as a rector in his house. The looking rector required from the professor that he should urgently bring the documents. In addition the professor said that he searched the documents still himself and brings. The former rector tried to look for his former student Find The Emoji for this conversation.
He found the address of the architect's office. He came to his former student. He said him that he owned a legally binding document. Moreover, he threatened Find The Emoji with juridical consequences. He required a lot of ransom for this document. Find The Emoji refused. He had a strong argument. Finally, he was excluded from his study. Moreover, the former rector undertook nothing against it in the last time.
The professor left disappointed his former student. At home the rector waited for the professor. He asked for the document. After this event the professor required a lot of money.
He argued his requirement with the fact that he was the only rector, who accepted Find The Emoji. However, this did not help. The rector shouted loudly: Help. Then there came his bodyguards. They had to hit the professor. The former rector became seriously injured. Everywhere then bodyguards looked for the document. After this event the professor decided to attack the rector together with the other students with Saturn's roots. They organised together. This time the professor threatened his student Find The Emoji quite differently. This time he wanted only that the former student helped him in the fight against the rector.
Moreover, there came several his former fellow students for help to the professor. Thus felt Find The Emoji to take part constrainedly. Find The Emoji and his earlier rector with the costudents dug near the university a pit. When the rector from the university came, he was hard hit by several furious ex-students. Then they threw him in the pit. On this day his deputy also died of an overdose of yellow milk. Find The Emoji remembered during this time more and more how he could destroy the signed document. At this time the rector was got from the pit again.
Then the discriminated ex-students hit him several times, until he lost his consciousness. Then the rector who dismissed all students with Saturn's roots from the study died.
After this event the professor took over the university. About that his former student Find The Emoji also got to know. He feared that his former rector could sue him for all present salaries. The rector wanted to strengthen his position. Thus all ex-students were resumed. The rector also went to Find The Emoji. He tried to persuade him of the return. This would mean for Find The Emoji practically the return to the dependence.
He did not want this. The rector threatened over and over again that his claims were juridical valid in all earned profits of Find The Emoji. The more the rector threatened his former student, the more headaches he got. Find The Emoji felt from his former rector more and more threatened. That's why he also decided to use his fame for other business divisions. Thus Find The Emoji worked on a game in his spare time. He also read many books over the country of Emoji. Thus he made a game. In this game Emojis had to recognise a known face.
There one also had to find the name of Emoji. On account of his big interest in the geometry Find The Emoji could find another hobby for himself with this game. Moreover, the game was bought by many Emojis. For this game Find The Emoji founded a new enterprise. Thus he worked much more motivated for his second enterprise. His former rector tried to sue his former student for breach of contract. One day the rector wanted to go to a lawyer. However, he noticed that the valuable document was not at his confidential place.
He was shocked very much. In the meantime, a former costudent of Find The Emoji stole the document. He did this when the rector was at the work. The costudent wanted to go to Find The Emoji with this document. He was shortly before the architect's office of his successful costudent. Suddenly he suffered a heart attack. He passed away immediately. Later there came Find The Emoji from his office. He found the dead costudent. He was shocked. He tried ones to look which documents his costudent had, besides. Find The Emoji found only the searched document. He was completely surprised.
He understood that the dead wanted to blackmail him. Find The Emoji wanted to burn the document. But he decided to put it into archives. He dug quite deeply underground. He threw down the document. Find The Emoji felt after this event made easier. At this time his motivation rose up to the clouds. He worked daily a lot of hours. At the age of 22298 days Find The Emoji died. His son also became a very successful architect and successor to Find The Emoji.



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