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History of Emoji App

Different people claimed the earth of Emoji App in various seasons. The old ants built several mountains in the whole area of the today's Emoji App. Some zoologists wanted to examine the exact reason. In addition several pots with dry earth were put at several places. After 4898 days the whole earth was shifted by several generations of the ants on the ground. On the ground there originated several mountains. After this experiment the researchers found out that this action was an absolutely normally for the occupation of the ants in Emoji App. However, there remained a riddle. Nobody understood, why the mountains were so strong. The mountains of the ants were built so firmly that they could survive a lot of years. A zoologist explained in a talk that these ants were no normal ants. There were so-called construction ants. These ants were already used before several hundred thousand of days as construction facilities by inhabitants. The potential of these construction ants inspired Emojis and other ethnic groups over and over again which live in the today's area on Emoji App.


Primeval times of Emoji App

The ancient parking bays were found out of this time. Many archaeologists were surprised very much that former civilisations had driven modern vehicles in Emoji App. Some archaeologists found underground also sketches of old vehicles. These vehicles resembled the vehicles of which the Salted Cucumbers with the biggest arrogance were very proud. Pluto aliens believed about these findings that on Emoji App experimented in ancient time the old people. A sketch was provided with a date 380,696 days ago. Thereon one can see the old vehicles. This story became planet-wide to an archaeological sensation. After this history more and more opinions were used for the fact that it former civilisations would have brought technically very progressively. The fear remains from ignorance what had destroyed the advanced civilisations of that time. 31775 days ago the whole earth of Emoji App was examined on the command of the First Horror Clowns with several devices on old objects. At that time archaeologists found several graves about 4 giraffes underground. Medicine historians had to examine the graves with their devices after that. The First Horror Clown refused to open the graves of the dead ones. Only after the death of the First Horror Clown curious archaeologists opened the graves. The fact was especially interesting that in the graves several ant sculptures from ceramics lay. This story became then planet-far very widespread. Even the king of the Salted Cucumbers at that time visited Emoji for this purpose. The Second Horror Clown commanded to look after this event even deeper underground for other objects from primeval times. After some days a very long stair was found down. It was astonishing that this stair remained in a relatively good state. All researchers tried long time to find out the reason for this. Besides, zoologists checked the stair. The stair had been built with the help of the construction ants. The Second Horror Clown was so curious that he wanted to visit the stair himself. To this event the whole population was prepared by Emoji App. All inhabitants had to welcome the Second Horror Clown with loud applause. 168,995 days ago a small town from timber houses in the today's area was provided by Emoji App. The rulers at that time of the area were the so-called water drinkers. They advertised at that time to the water from the region. They tried to build unsuccessfully houses of water. Only late the water drinkers understood that they should better use construction ants for this. 31026 days ago the First Horror Clown commanded to examine the whole area for all archaeological objects further. Archaeologists also found old clothes there. This time the situation was exceptionally embarrassing for the First Horror Clown because of the theft of a hat of a skeleton by an archaeologist. Thereon he had to develop the censorship authority clearly. That's why the ruler with the skeleton had to discuss. Thus the First Horror Clown found out more and more about the ancient history of Emoji App.


Development of Emoji App

91271 days ago the rulers of the Circus Kingdom explained Emoji App as a part of their country. At that time the Swindlers tried to begin a war against the Circus Kingdom. In this time the Acrobats searched a strengthening for their war. The Acrobats decided the construction of several castles 89790 days ago. At that time the producers intensified trade with the spices Ijome Pi. Finally, the city Emoji App was called also so long time. At the same time several Saturn aliens used this situation. 88333 days ago a big fortress was built by local inhabitants. At this time Allergies were known as very power-hungry. They tried to conquer several areas. Near the fortress a suburb was established for army member and policeman. At that time Emoji and Circus Kingdom cooperated. Thus the Acrobats could also protect a part rule in Emoji App. With decayed water melons Allergies were defeated during a war. 79996 days ago the corn merchant from Emoji Opinion investigated the city. He was interested very much in the fortress of Emoji App. Besides he sent his people in this town. He tried to take over on this way also the control of this city. He negotiated with the producers of the spices Ijome Pi. He wanted to take over their shops. He organised even a confidential army from extraterrestrials from the Saturn. These Saturn aliens felt more and more probably in Emoji App. Later they decided to renounce the corn merchant from Emoji Opinion. Thus they returned to Saturn for a short time. The corn merchant got to know about that with big disappointment. From this time he thought that he had already lost the city Emoji App. At least for the corn merchant from Emoji Opinion this also was in such a way. Some days later there came extraterrestrials from the Saturn who were earlier already on the command of the corn merchant in the town. They prepared very well in Saturn for their power. At that time Saturn aliens started to kidnap the local policemen and soldiers from the suburb very professionally.

The fortress of the Emoji App became the symbol of the rule of the Saturn. Thus the fortress became the mighty tax authority. The local population was put under pressure stronger and stronger. The Saturn's police forced Emojis to penal payments. The king of Emoji was then a quite weak leader. He was hardly interested in the worries of the population. He served, instead, the other extraterrestrials with presents. Moreover, misers from the Jupiter also came increasingly, the good contact with the king built up. The misers from the Jupiter decided to let the city Emoji App exceptionally in rest of their stinginess. Only 42344 days ago the discontent started to grow under the Emojis strongly. At the same time yellow Jupiter aliens because of envy wanted to proceed against the misers abroad. The group all around the First Horror Clown thereby profited. 41111 days ago the circus army could begin the opposition with the help of local Emojis. At that time the First Horror Clown commanded to proceed so brutally as possible against extraterrestrials from the Saturn. The Saturn aliens were not arrested only. They were also ironed with hot irons by the circus army in the prisons. Many Saturn-extraterrestrials thereby became seriously injured. The First Horror Clown refused to tolerate every medical help to the so-called criminals. They got as a meal dry sheets to eat. The First Horror Clown thereby wanted to relieve the budget of the country. In spite of the construction of the new railway station Emoji App the king of the country was positioned worse and worse in his power. The voices became always pure to get rid of the king of the country. The king was nationally insulted as an assistant of the misers from the Jupiter. Moreover, the king was accused more and more that such states could originate like mighty tax authority of Saturn aliens thanks to him. When the First Horror Clown took over the power over the new Circus Union, everywhere he tried to achieve progress. Thus pocket calculators were produced in Emoji App. When Egoists from Mars came to the city, the First Horror Clown sent 55555 soldiers for the fight against them. The damages, the Egoists in Emoji App caused, were relatively low. The town could recover later well.

When the Second Horror Clown visited the city quite officially, the idea of an urban fridge was catapulted into the headlines of the mass media. Besides, other towns asked themselves, why this should originate only in Emoji App. Then the Second Horror Clown had to promise live to the whole population of Circus Union that such fridges would also have to be built at other places. Thus he calmed the other inhabitants. In spite of this promise on his part other fridges of this kind were hardly built. The population also forgot this demand by the majority.Only when Satan threw down several bombs on the wood of the Circus Country incorrectly, the question was put about the fridge again. The Second Horror Clown ordered the construction of several fridges for the emergencies 18616 days ago. Nevertheless, more and more inhabitants tried to demonstrate their discontent to the ruler. Thereon the Second Horror Clown decided to send several soldiers from Emoji App to the war to Satan. The Second Horror Clown let to build a big sculpture to honour of his predecessor also in Emoji App. After twelve days thousands of places were bombed in Satan. The times of the Third Horror Clown were marked above all by reforms in Emoji App. So Emojis every Thursday had to carry an uniform to honour of the First Horror Clowns. The First Horror Clown commanded the opening of the summer circus. The mood of the population should be thereby improved. Later a gigantic mirror was also built before the entrance in the city. The Last Horror Clown was not contented with it at all. He called this the downfall for the Circus Union.



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