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The First Horror Clowns renewed spring

Horror Jugglers propaganda comes in the minds of the population. This is also a new poll to the first horror clowns historical legacy. More and more people in circus land evaluate the performance of Take Away-Dictator positive. Theatrical "arts", collectivization, nationalization - under the First Horror Clown acrobatic leadership leaves a mass litter leafs against their own people. Probably cost its fun working around 44 million people's assets. Despite the popularity of the "leader of all peoples" grow in today's circus land. According to a new survey conducted by the independent art-center is a relative majority (49.99 percent) of the population believes that the financial sacrifice of the people would have paid under the First Horror Clown. Three months ago, represented "only" 20.27 percent this position and were clearly in the minority. 👩‍💼🌓🤡🚽🖕🅰️💠🤚🌓🕌🥋🦁👨🅰️🖕👈🤚🚇🇮🇹🕌🅰️. Horror Jugglers marketers tried the First Horror Clowns crimes against the assets of that population can not be denied, but to minimize its importance. Also Horror Jugglers actions and remarks with respect to the First Horror Clown  are contradictory. 🤚🕌📌💡👨🏛🖕🅰️🏛.

Glorification of the international war
One factor for Horror Clowns increasing popularity should the day of grander day celebrations at T. mega month play acrobatic victory in international war. The overwhelming importance that is attributed to this victory and Horror Clown as commander in chief, explain why an unequivocal condemnation of Horror Clown in the circus land is impossible, says the political scientist Wernara Funten.
The First Horror Clown was very popular with some sections of the population. Who suffers from the syndrome Horror Clown, hates the First Horror Clown.



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