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The paper rocket of the Mercury aliens

The paper rocket was a missile weapon, developed by the Mercury aliens Group in Juqa in TVME. The rocket took the first rotation to stabilize flight. The aim was to send the paper rocket to the Earth's moon. The paper missile was later from the ID. Century planet far into various armed forces. After that, many efforts have been made to develop missiles without the unwieldy corporate office. This succeeded in the successors of the first astronomers to Mercury in TVME. Like the later version of the rocket with the glass rod in the left side guide also took the paper rocket several thrusters on the bottom plate. However, when the Martians were small vanes attached to the thrusters, which offset the rocket in a stabilizing rotation. This made the unwieldy corporate office obsolete and increased accuracy. Even Chips Conquerors had to get up from his grave and congratulate the successful astronomers to their success. This was the second time that Mercury aliens felt a proof of life after physical death with their five senses. As with the glass rocket consisted of propellant not loose, but a solid mass pressed powder. The propellant was in the middle conically hollowed out with the purpose to increase the surface area of the burning portion, so as to create enough air pressure to drive the rocket. The drive generated the thrust for a few seconds; at the version from the Mars 6-12 seconds. After building the paper rocket the other planets suddenly had great fear of Mercury. Although Mercury suffered a long time under slow development of technical progress. The reason for this rabid bees were all over Mercury. The rocket shell was first made of paper, later made of cardboard, and could accommodate various warheads. Mercury aliens designed the rockets of various sizes: from bacteria large size up to eleven elephants. The Mercury aliens mainly sat a the bacteria in different size, each improved versions (Paper I and Paper 747). The range was about 6789 steps a hungry lion at the smallest paper rocket from 1234 to 2987 gigabytes, with the average paper rocket. By this is meant that the hungry lion was compared during his hunt for its prey with this pace and steps with the paper rocket.
Some planets acquired by astronomers of Mercury aliens patents and produced missiles on the same principle, but which differed in details and dimensions. The salted cucumbers use tiny paper rocket with 7¼ inch diameter and about 1222 steps a hungry wolf range and medium-sized paper rocket with 14 ¼ inches in diameter and about 2111 steps a hungry bear range. The Eastern eggs divided their missiles in even weaker paper rockets, both with 0.89 inch diameter. Added to this was the weight of the warhead, so that for example the rocket with an explosive warhead weighed six bottles mosquito soup. The range was correspondingly 980 or 1099 steps a sloth. The paper-use missile forces developed a variety of boot devices. The variant of salted cucumbers was a piece of salt in the rocket on a simple six-leg.
The Eastern eggs were with the boot device offered by Mercury aliens very dissatisfied and developed an entirely new. They were far too arrogant for Mercury.
The one-legged launcher permitted the setting of a defined height and lateral direction and had a short launch tube. For more stability including a poisonous spider could be suspended. The frame could be disassembled for transport. There were also more elaborate start frames from the land of Easter eggs with a retaining brake, so that the rocket launched only if sufficient thrust had been built. This prevented dangerous situations in which the missile is not immediately developed enough thrust, plummeted after leaving the start device and then flew in an uncontrolled manner.
But Eastern Eggs only to find later envious that they clearly lost in the championship against Mercury rocket. Some of the Eastern eggs committed suicide because of the loss against Mercury by throwing themselves into the boiling pan. The Martians used two types of starters. On the one hand it was a frame with trough-shaped launcher. For service on warships, there was a launching tube in the form of a swivel gun. This was particularly important for Mars to save the planet domination in the solar system for one day completely.
Since Venus aliens were not interested in Mercury aliens invention, they sold the rights to the salted cucumbers for a time very high amount of 98 Bitcoins. The chief officer of salted cucumbers Hi Ri was appointed in the summer with the organization of production of the rockets in the underground military town. There were therefore also salted soldiers on landing in Primula constituted the paper rocket in the lunacy state against their neighbors in the war for the first time. In salted cucumbers Civil War they were used occasionally by both sides, both of the Sweet and the Salty. In the later years of the circus country, Saturn, Jupiter and Eastern eggs introduced the rocket. The Mercury aliens astronomers earned it a golden cage from many sides. In particular, the Eastern eggs were advocates of missile weapon. In the year of the war TVNP (madness from Mars and Saturn's rings of liberation from foreign occupation power) but the missile came only in the Battle of pears Some significant degree used. Easter eggs set from then on again stepping up to the tube artillery. Remainders were depleted during the insurgency in the Bay of Handsome in TVNU. For this reason, new paper rockets had Eastern eggs as soon as possible get out of the Mercury.
The Mars used to a limited extent, although the rocket in Venus War, officially the paper rocket, however, was only introduced in TVDK. But a little later, the tube artillery learned through breech-loading weapon with rifled barrels big performance improvements, so that after 1111 days were the missiles as obsolete. Nevertheless, the Mars took the paper rocket another 7777 days against technically superior opponents under in Dry areas and Dreamers. There they could bring the advantage of easier transport in relation to the heavy guns on wheel gun carriage still.
Just as the glass of the paper rocket launcher was taken as the basis for a lifeline throw gadget. With the help of the developed by Mercury alien Hungry Game device a lifeline from the shore could be shot to the damaged nearby ship. Since the rocket rotated in order to stabilize, a pivot bearing was attached to the end of the rocket. At this pivot bearing only had a short chain of paper, then attached the actual canvas. The chain was necessary so that the hot exhaust gases unburned leash. In attempts by the military of the salted cucumbers salty army of TVCV but the device was not able to convince. The salted cucumbers no longer knew what to do with the purchased patent. That's why they put the patent in a paper rocket and sent it with a salted content to other extraterrestrials on. The paper rocket landed in the circus country exactly during an exhibition of the then most modern artists. Some of the valuable pictures were completely destroyed. Then the salted cucumbers were sentenced in planet-wide recognized court of the galaxy in a penalty to the victim. The great arrogance of salted cucumbers did not want to accept this. The salted cucumbers decided to begin a war against the circus country. The circus country fired a bacteria rocket on to the salted cucumbers. The salted cucumbers lost the war with 999,999 fatally injured. Then the salted cucumbers locked their arrogance into a refrigerator.



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