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Venus male alien disposed of prohibited waste in Mercury

The western fire road of the city Juqa in Mercury is locked on both sides because of the ground sinking. There it came to the lowering of the soil. Trigger is an alien from the neighboring Venus. He disposed of illegally 895.21436587 gigabytes heavy bulky goods. That should come to him are expensive: In addition to the cost of disposal, he has to take over, he also threatens still a hefty generously high buses. The alien from Venus will be taken away also his fortune whole. This corresponds to the state laws on criminal aliens whose property is automatically the government of the city and transferred from Mercury in such a case. The first clue came immediately after one hour of a passerby. The alien woman watched as in the western fire road the ground approached two funny aliens with thick lips and even thicker secret black sacks and two bags left on the floor. After only a few seconds suddenly two holes the greater emerged in the asphalt, with a diameter of eleven meters. The smaller was about as wide as an eleven megabyte document in the computer. In addition, there were other witnesses.
At this point, a walker had watched two extraterrestrials (probably from another planet) discarded forbidden bulky goods on the floor. Due to the vehicle description, the municipal police in Juqa could eventually elicit the support of the car, as it wrote the uppermost city dictator in a book. The police knew immediately that it is a vehicle of the Venus. In such a case, the vehicle is automatically owned by the city of dictator Juqa.
After reporting the ground sinking to the police rushed a police vehicle at a speed of 11 Terabytes per half hour for the west fire road. The alarmed police issued an immediate total closure in both directions of the ant trail to the Crocodile Bridge. The reason for the reduction in road called city engineer Mifi Ifim also a subterranean ant Spring Festival. Mifi Ifim does not believe that only sacks of a capacity 895.21436587 gigabytes can destroy the floor. Of course it is very good that a wonderful possibility, the extraterrestrials from other planets to take away their assets.
The process is not one hundred percent sure. But problems occur when ants encounter underground on boulders or metal parts. Ifim had after the ground sinking initiate emergency measures to prevent passers-by and vehicles would fall for completely into the hole. Now the street is torn piece, but already in twelve days, it should be one-sided passable again. The trams 77 and 88 will be rerouted until then to Mercury street. Given the holes encountered speaks Ifim also "lucky that there was no accident." Fortunately, most passers-by were not ready to jump into the hole. Only an unusual idiot jumped into the hole. He had to be spited away using the wizards out of the hole. The extraterrestrials from Venus had to confess, to have disposed of the waste, together with an assistant on the floor under the threat of a life sentence, it is stated in a public document. The extraterrestrials from the alien planet appeared when city judgeship. The Government of Venus learned from this case the accusation of a planetary family from their home in Mercury. The Government of Venus threatened with a travel ban of the diplomats of Mercury. In addition, the diplomat of a neighboring planet is locked in a prison for criminals severely. He is fed only with the toxic ice in it.
This case caused a major crisis between Mercury and Venus.
Mercury decided a military attack on all the prisons in the Venus in an urgent session. The idea behind this action: Are all criminals in Venus suddenly in freedom, Venus crashes into chaos.
This plan of the liberation of the prisoners in Venus liked all powerful on Mercury.

Even the spirit of the Chips Conquerors came and declared himself ready to scare the prison staff on the Venus to the greatest shock of life. His mind flew to several prisons in the Venus within 999 terabytes per minute simultaneously. The staff in the prisons saw the spirit and got a huge shock. The keys to the prisoners fell from their hands. Through a sponsored earthquake by good friends of Mercury, the key came to the prisoners. Now the prisoners from the prison were able to free each other. All prisoners from most prisons ran to freedom. They decided together to start a struggle against those aliens that they locked up in prison. In fact, Venus plunged into a big mess.
The rulers of Venus were very afraid for their lives. They took a flying saucer and flew away from Venus.
The dictator of Mars was planning a flight to his luxury hotel. At the same time the defense minister Jepo and army chief Jero from Mars saw an unidentified flying object. That was the flying saucer with the rulers of the Venus. Jepo and Jero called a state of emergency. They alerted the whole population on Mars. Jepo and Jero decided to act urgently. They ordered the army to shoot the unidentified flying saucer immediately with the water gun.
The flying saucer from Venus was built of iron. The saucer started to rust quickly. After some time, the saucer could no longer fly and crashed.
The biggest problem of the rulers of Venus was:
The flying saucer was hanging somewhere in the universe. The rulers were left alone in the dark somewhere. They could float like astronauts. They also had a rocket with this, they were able to rely on the rocket and land in the nearest surroundings.
The rulers of Venus ended up so on a brown planet. There grew especially trees with healthy brown yellow leaves. The brown planet was very far away from Venus. A return to Venus was denied the powers of Venus by the King of brown planet for the reason of their high cost. So the extraterrestrial guide had to stay out of the Venus on the brown planet.



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