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Actor Christmas Tree in the interview

Christmas Tree was born 7575 days ago in Emoji Keyboard. He began his career as an actor. Later he made a continuing education the middle conversationalist. Some time ago he drew a keyboard on the sign of the front door.
No Emoji understood what planned Tree with his achievement.
Sweasy26 met the motivated and ambitious actor to an interview about the film branch.

You will have to play in 244 days in the new film the main actor for the first time also on a stage play. Moreover, the film critics will pelt as the first spectators your appearance with the tomatoes. How want you to prepare for this event?
Up to now you played above all in the background or minor parts. Up to now at most you played 20 percent of a film. In the film "My keyboard from Emoji" you play nearly 49.9679 percent the absolute leading role.
Christmas Tree gets a vehicle catalyst from his pocket. Then he answers:
Luckily I can protect with this device against film critics. With every film premiere with my participation I take another device. 🇨🇳🥇⏱️🎮️➕🤞⛷️❌️👤🎿👩👤🔦👩🪟🎮️❌️❄️.
I play in "My keyboard from Emoji" a genius. In my role as a genius I invent new letters for the modern computers of Emoji. 💡⬅️🎁👥2️⃣0️⃣ 💆‍♀️👍️➡️➕👀.

What is then your aim where and who you would like to be in the future?
Christmas Tree shows at the land map:
I want to be the best actor from Emoji Keyboard! 🪞🎞️👤🎭️.

You have just mentioned that you took over a role with pleasure in the Circus Country.
However, you were thrown 1456 days ago at the personal command by Horror Juggler from the linguistic school for ungifted and now want to play, nevertheless, in the Circus Country.
How to do this according to your opinion?
Christmas Tree looks unimaginatively at the map of the Circus Country.

Do you have a favorite film from Emoji in general?
Christmas Tree looks very self-confident: Sure. Everywhere where I am present, I like the film automatically. This is the case when I found earlier the screenplay fully bad.
However, ordinarily I look many films from the Salted Cucumbers. I also like the old comedies from the Mercury. Also I like Saturn's films particularly.

Do you have a model in the acting who inspires you?
Christmas Tree gets up. He goes to the bathroom. There he gets hot water. Then he takes a bag with the green tea. He makes a hot tea to himself. Then he answers:
Basically I wanted to be no copy of other actors. ⛷🗾🚯🚮🚽🌉🈺🤚.

A film critic pelted you with a film premiere with several chewing gums and he got angry. At that time many of his colleagues agreed. What have you learnt from this disagreeable experience for your future?
Christmas Tree defends himself with an old screenplay:
I was then only 4897 days old. I felt this film critics not at all nastily. I simply laughed. Even the minister of culture from the Emoji Keyboard came.
He congratulated me on my role as a bad boy from Emoji. This was my professional highlight. I could skip the dull school. Thus I got this role. Though the film was shown only before 1000 spectators, but my experience as an actor was irreplaceable.
Only when the former marketing boss with the broom was expelled by his job, the director could organize a better marketing boss. 👲🏆🗺🅰️🙂🚽🈶🤚🎗🍚⏳☺️.

In a film you had to carry a coffin with many ants. According to a legend the coffin had several escape routes for ants. The director made this extra, so that you are bitten by the ants. Is this statement true?
Christmas Tree laughs: Who has spread this nonsense, actually?
The coffin had no holes. The problem was the strong wind. Thus 11 ants fell at the same time on my shoulders. I noticed this, however, only when I took a shower at home.
I was injured under no circumstances by them.

Are you afraid of the future?
Christmas Tree takes a dictionary. There he looks according to the word "Future". Then he answers:
Sure, I worry to myself because of my job. I could imagine myself to become a pencil producer. This would be an alternative in the case if I could suddenly lose my popularity as an actor in the past. 😅🎓🇺🇳🗾🕌😮🌬📺🤚.

What do you like in your occupation?
Christmas Tree shows at a local newspaper:
I like in my occupation that I may work above all a lot in Emoji Keyboard.
Also I have a privilege that I may travel with the public transport at the expenses of the film producers in my spare time. Sometimes I go to the different places of interest of Emoji. There is to marvel at always a lot.

How do you switch from your roles to the reality?
Christmas Tree:
I count from 1 to 11. Then I go to the fresh air. Outdoors I say myself: Now it is the normal Christmas Tree!
I look the photos of my domestic animals. I have at home two spiders, a snail, eight flies and seven mosquitoes. 😀🗺🤚🛑🅰️🇮🇹🕌.
For the distraction I invented several traditions for myself. After the last scene I try to look an old comedy from the Mercury. This strengthens my soul. I feel prepared better for the future.

Sweasy26 thanks for the interesting interview with the actor from Emoji Keyboard. Christmas Tree gives voluntarily and unsolicited autographs to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. Then he goes from the room.



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