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Emoji Codes speaks about his work

Emoji Codes (his age is very confidential, even the most important encyclopaedia of the planet provides no information) comes from Japanese Emoji. He played in a lot of movies. At the beginning of his career he got only small insignificant minor parts. Only 3333 days ago Emoji Codes succeeded the big breakthrough. At that time he played just a Japanese teacher.

The series is called "Theoretical Japanese Emoji". In the meantime have been filmed 224 episodes. As a teacher he was known in the whole of Emoji. The film received several awards. Even several parliamentarians of Emoji handshaking in front of the video cameras of the TV stations. 🍅➕7️⃣7️⃣ 🥔👤🚽👨🤡📽🎞️🌗.

Because of his professional success Emoji Codes had to accept the stamp of the public figure in his local passport of Japanese Emoji. Thus everybody knows that he is of verified public figures. That's why the alien Sweasy26 checked his passport before the interview.

Emoji Codes, for 3333 days you play the teacher Jonk Qonq in "Theoretical Japanese Emoji", a Japanese teacher convinced of himself with hardly available social competence who speaks for it fluently the ancient Japanese language. What do you have in common with Jonk Qonk? Emoji Codes looks at his fingers: As opposed to Qonq I am very ready to talk.

I can say at one minute certainly nearly 512,653 words. But this functions with me only in Japanese. I come in the main language of the kingdom Emoji only on 44.5 words per minute. 🤚👲🗾. Then he shouts outdoors on the street the whole sentences which he learnt by heart before. Besides, he is looked strangely by the pedestrians and strollers.

If the world view of Jonk Qonq has influenced yours – for example, what the concept

ア カユシワネ in movie affected?  (Pronounced: Akayushiwane)

Emoji Codes writes this concept with his both hands at the same time on the sheet:

I have made up to now to myself no thoughts about this concept. Privately this concept does not interest me at all. I love only this combination of the Japanese letters.

By the way, is my favourite expression in Japanese. By the way, this expression means picture. Finally, I am a very proud Emoji.

You seem to be a big fan of the Japanese. Did you have good marks in the Japanese in your school times?

Emoji Codes goes fast to the Internet. He types some letters. He comes on a web page. He requires from the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 to switch off the eyes. But Sweasy26 sees with closed eyes that Emoji Codes had to sign in on his own web page.

There he looks for his school-leaving certificates. When he found his linguistic marks, he permitted Sweasy26 his eyes to open again. After some time he writes all his school marks in the Japanese on a sheet. Then he calculates on the pocket calculator the average of his achievements. Now he starts to speak:

私は日本語で非常に良い成績を持っていました。Sweasy26 says Emoji Codes that he did not understand him. Thereon Emoji Codes says quite slowly on Emoji L: I had very good marks into Japanese language. I would have already almost forgotten that you are able to do no Japanese.

This sounds very well in my ears, said Sweasy26.

Can you tell us Japanese sayings or profundities?

Emoji Codes looks at his bank statement. He speaks in Japanese something. Sweasy26 misses the admission of his statements. After 82 seconds he tries to speak:

Now I had to read just in my bank statement: Also a monkey falls sometimes from the tree. I had to learn by heart this saying at school certainly 20 times. Thus I correspond every time on my bank statement. In the original this is called:

猿 も木から落ちる 

Emoji Codes looks very much relaxed and contently if he may speak in Japanese.

Back to your work as an actor. You have every Sunday 23:23 o'clock also panic moments like the Japanese teacher in the movie?

Emoji Codes looks with great fear at calendar. There he points with the finger at forthcoming Sunday. Then he says: 🌂👲🗯🅰️🌐🕌🤚🈶🤲🅰️🛂.

According to the verified list of the actors some politicians from the parliament were to be seen in the movie. How do you like that politicians have suddenly penetrated into the theatrical footlights?

Emoji Codes shouts: の ろわれました

It was cursed. I meant this in my home language.

Politicians belong on the chair in the parliament stuck. They are so ungifted. They can speak only very well. For expressions they had to draw a new mask over and over again. This led to regular interruptions.

Many actors were angry at it. But one may not get rid of high-ranking politicians simply thus as an actor. So parliamentarians wrote a ban quite officially in the constitution of Emoji.

Thus they protect to themselves additional missions.


Would you have thought 3333 days ago that you become very famous and successful in the role as a Japanese teacher?

Emoji Codes gets a dictionary from his bag: 😦🕌🤚💼😶🧾⏯👲🧾🍚⏳🏅🕌🤚😦🗣.

How has the role as a Japanese teacher changed your life?

Emoji Codes: This role has strongly changed my life. Finally, I have every Sunday evening panic attacks. Mostly I run already in advance in the studio. There I search the director. I ask him whether we could not take up the next episode. Mostly he knows that I am in the studio. Thus almost every panic attack occurs in a new episode. This became a tradition.


Why do you make nothing against your weekly panic attack?

Emoji Codes smiles and points proudly at his bank statement:


This was the best advice of my life. I would recommend this to everybody who would like to get real success in his career.  

So your recipe for success an astonishing scene was to be integrated into an episode.

But how you would have reacted if the director complained to this scene?

Emoji Codes looks self-confident. Then he says: I would have apologized. 🈶🏆🌖⏯🈶🤔〽️🤚. Some actors need even 4998 days, until they become famous finally.

After the answer of this question the alien Sweasy26 sends the actor in the week-end. Emoji Codes thanks for the invitation for the interview. He gets his coat of the cupboard. Then he gets up. After he says something in Japanese quietly, he says goodbye to his interviewer. Outdoors two bodyguards wait for the famous actor from Japanese Emoji.

They hide him with several sheets. Stands on the sheets: "Censored celebrity".

Clear, thinks Sweasy26. Emojis may not even know that the famous actor was nearby.



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