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Emoji Plus is an investor from Emoji Meanings-interview

Emoji Plus is an investor from Emoji Meanings. Ordinarily he invests in the food branch of his hometown. Emoji Plus studied food technology at the university for highly gifted Emojis. Emoji Plus was born according to own information 20076 days ago.

Emoji Plus visits regularly different events on the subjects of the Start-Ups. At a confidential place he founded even a coffee factory. However, for data protection reasons nobody may know which enterprise belongs to Emoji Plus officially. Before every invitation for a new interview he sends his representatives.

His people check the space with several devices. Moreover, there come many chimney-sweeps. They must check the air in the space for the dust. After all these processes were concluded, the interviewer may welcome the Emoji Plus, finally, personally. 😦🏊‍♀️🤚👋🇮🇹🤩🐦⏳🏟.

On account of these worries of the investors from different places of the galaxy Sweasy26 decided to meet the known investor from Emoji Meanings to an interview.

In what exactly does the problem exist for Emoji Meanings Start-ups and their fear of the next control of the judge?

Emoji Plus: The problem is fairly complicated and can be explained best of all with the help of a concrete example which I personally have experienced: 888 days ago I invested in a lens production enterprise. I paid nearly 55780 local Bitcoins for the enterprise from my confidential bag. About 44 days later I was with a dentist. He complained with me to bad respiration. He expelled me with the dirty broom of the patient's chair. He said me that he survived so much bad air no longer. This annoyed me very exceptionally. 🙏🦷🏛️⏳🈺🏆.

Emoji Plus interrupts his speech. He types in his Tablet "Investors from the Jupiter".

Then he further speaks: 🅰️🔅🍖🅰️☀️🚽🅰️🌇↖️🤚✝🗾🎿. This stands in an investor's book for beginning investors of an economic university.

According to the new law investors must absolutely have their residence in Emoji Meanings.

For aliens from the Mercury this is a big problem. Why do they have a problem with the residence change?

Emoji Plus must look on a map for Mercury: I have big understanding for investors from the Mercury. Most investors from the Mercury have problems with the culture Emojis. Also they do not want to renounce their freedom. Finally, many rich aliens from the Mercury live at different places of this galaxy. 🥈🎫👯⏳😛🤚🌓📍🤔🅰️🏑🤚.

For investors from the Venus the biggest problem in new law is the ban of the entrainment of the objects from the enterprise for their own need.

Why did the parliament decide this law?

Emoji Plus needs 124 seconds of rest of the interview. He suddenly lies down on the table. After some time falls the denture from his mouth. He shouts. He gets up. He presses the emergency button. After some time comes his family doctor. He hands over a new clean denture from Emoji Meaning to him. He feels a little bit unwell. Finally, he was got with the fact that he needs a denture.

Emoji Plus: I apologize for the fact that I have a denture in spite of my birth in Emoji Meanings. Ordinarily this is a problem of the Emojis in Emoji Meaning.

Well. I rather answer your question to the aliens from the Venus.

In an enterprise in which I invested together with an investor from the Venus this investor took several comfortable pieces of furniture from the head office of the enterprise after 366 days of a leap year. 🅰️🧣🅰️🥀✒️🚗👥🍚🥋🚷🏁〰️👭🆘.

Which results have these new laws for founders and investors in Emoji Meanings?

Emoji Plus rubs himself the hands:

The new laws protect our city against foreign investors who put uncomfortable demands to a Start-up. At the end local investors can profit mostly from the urban enterprises. Because I live anyway here, the problem of the residence does not concern me at all. 👭😛🤚🏟.

Which proposals do you have for new laws for the location of Emoji Meanings?

Emoji Plus considers and throws the map of Mercury on the ground:

My proposals for new legislation in the area Start-ups: The parliament should deliver to our meetings free of charge bananas and pears. These fruits improve our reasoning power. Then the city can report very proudly about its enterprises nationally.

Moreover, bananas and pears can cause something against bad respiration of the investors.

Emoji Plus looks at his clock. He notices that he must soon have an appointment with a ruler start-up. That's why he apologizes that he must urgently go. Emoji Plus runs from the room. After some time he lands in his flying saucer. His pilot flies with him to his next conversation. On the ground the map of the Mercury remains lying.



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