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Filmmaker Crop Crisps - the interview

Crop Crisps was born in Middle Finger Emoji 12048 days ago. His parents as well as the other inhabitants that of that time were interested in the long-lasting Tycoon. He studied different creative technologies. Later he became the same filmmaker because of his interest in the film production. In spite of his full appointment calendar he could reserve some minutes for the interview with the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. Finally, his film "Emojis faces" is his first work. However, this movie was filmed in the surroundings of the yellow sea.

Interview with the filmmaker Crop Crisps debuts with «Emojis faces» as a stage author and produces the premiere by the yellow sea immediately. The comedy tells about the local average Emoji. Over the sun hangs, in the upstage, an honest election poster with the label «The most normal Emoji»: Already in the first scene of «Emojis faces» it high goes; and Crop Crisps, author and director of this «special comedy», lets it play degree once again. He screws in the tempo, polishes in the sighting, runs between actors and engineers to and fro. Since just his team of the test stage has moved to the shipbuilding on the stage by the yellow sea, here everything is different – and it becomes blue.
However, after the test Crisps forks out himself, puts on the local cap in the form of a Bitcoin be given away heart-warming up smile to the audience and already begins to talk before the first question.

Crop Crisps looks in his screenplay and points with his middle finger very proudly at his book: I know that one so little time has on the stage! This complicated place! Here must be altered immediately again for the premiere of the next year. All around the piece makes almost more work than the piece. I learn all that scarcely with my paperbacks. I find, even big film sets with unknown number of actors are easier to use than the stage. 📱💍🔊🤝👨👤⏱️👨⬅️📴☎️🤚🔗🔊⛱🤝🌉⌚⤵️.

Why do you use truncheons at your work?
Crisps: I must defend my screenplay. Finally, some actors are too discouraged. With the truncheons I can undertake something against theatrical laziness. Finally, investors pay a lot of money in the film production. And in our contract it stands quite clear that we must be absolutely successful. 🇭🇹🕌🚇👆🈺👮‍♀️🧒👫🤚🅰️➕🇦🇸🕌🅰️🏭🙂🍩.

Was it not possibly to be played, however, winter's days at a chill place?
Crisps takes his truncheon and works very menacingly for the extraterrestrial Sweasy26:
We were not allowed to do this because of our principals. They paid specially for that 22 Bitcoins premium for me. Because of courtesy I might not say no.

What do you mean with it?
Crisps gets up. He goes to the window. He shouts: It is snowing! Then he calms down himself with a massage in his right ear. Then he answers:
In the film the actor only for one or two moments must look good and healthy, this suffices. I can fake the rest after with my confidential tricks. I have developed a quite efficient working style with short rotary times for tricks where I allow to rehearse the people completely a little. A short time ago, finally, I could also appropriate special knowledge. 👩‍💻🍖💻💼🤙➕💼. And this on my costs!!!!!

How did you react to the farmer after the play?
Crisps took an office punch and pointed with his middle finger at the device:
I took an office punch and looked for this stingy farmer in the phone book. When I found his address, I decided to fly to Jupiter to him. There I climbed his lemon trees.
I cut myself at least 668 lemons from his trees. I tried ones to flee. Besides, I heard the stingy farmer. He ran to my direction. He was angry very much. He threatened me that he would call the police. But his stinginess hindered him in his plan. 🥫👤🎭️💻️⚙️👤🖕⬅️🍋➕⚙️💭.

Do you tell our readers what is for you a typical Emoji?
Crisps takes several photos of the different Emojis from his backpack. However, he can get long time no letter from his mouth. He gets up. He hits his own mouth with the middle finger. Then his mouth becomes diligent.
Typical Emoji is always amusing in my opinion. The average Emoji always finds enough time to the laughter and for the positives in the life. A real Emoji can change his mood quite fast. Faster than every single second.

What can the spectator expect from your movie "Emojis faces"?
Crisps starts to laugh. After 226 seconds he explains:
You must come of course to the premiere of the movie absolutely. You will already laugh from the third second at least all 12 seconds. Really. With my first movie it is about different amusing situations in the everyday life of the Emojis.

Your first piece, «Free road for Horror Clowns» from former spot describes the life under the rule of the Horror Clowns of the later time. Does look «Emojis faces» at the present?
Crop Crisps counts his bank notes and looks at the clock. Then he answers:
At that time with "Free road for Horror Clowns" it was about the life under the rule the Horror Clowns, they have come long time ago in the museum.
Compared to "Emojis faces" shows the modern Emoji how him also foreigners also perceive. Also the contact of other extraterrestrials with the amusing population is exactly picked out as a central theme in my film.

Where would you classify «Emojis faces» as a genre?
Crop Crisps must consider nearly 2640 seconds. In the meantime, Sweasy26 must drink four glasses of apple juice and pear juice. Then answers the filmmaker:
What silly question you put to me. Nevertheless, I already said before the interview that I made above all a comedy. Nevertheless, you should look my film!
Talk not only about it theoretically!!
So I invite all enthusiasts for the premiere next year!
And forget not to take 4D-glasses. Such glasses help very much in the understanding of my humor.

Suddenly somebody knocks at the door. It is the mother of Crisps. She asks the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 whether she may fetch her son, finally. Thereon Sweasy26 affirms.
The mother of Crisps apologizes for her interference in the interview.
Finally, she gives herself very big troubles if her son with the strangers speaks.
Crop Crisps laid his things in his backpack. He says goodbye to Sweasy26. Then he goes with his mother. Outdoors Sweasy26 observes the registration number of Crisps vehicle. The abbreviation MFE stands thereon. That is the fact that the vehicle was officially registered in Middle Finger Emoji.
Suddenly Sweasy26 notices the theatrical screenplay about "Emojis faces". Sweasy26 calls Crisps. He must return after some time. He thanks Sweasy26 very much for the recollection. Then he takes the book and runs away.



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