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Interview with Vam Pire from Emoji Meaning

Vam Pire was born 22666 days ago in Emoji Meaning in a rich family. He worked in a bank as the uppermost manager. Among the rest, he was lending loans for ecologically friendly enterprises in the electricity production. The Third Horror Clown praised him still shortly before the death. A big honour Vam Pire is to be met personally. Very interesting is his perception on the progress in the technology and the well-being of the Emojis and other inhabitants of the planet Halloween. Sweasy26 met Vam Pire to an important interview on a sunny day in Emoji Meaning.

The administrative council and founder of the Vam Pire-foundation talked about the risks of the climate change how one does an energy miracle with a spell and which role the misers of the galaxy play, besides.

What are the most thrilling things which happen just in the area of the clean energy in the confidential lab of Emoji Meaning?
Vam Pire takes a device. He shows very dirty water. After some time this water evaporates. He uses the energy of the water for his computer:
Quite a lot is still in the initial stage.
The easiest way would be if we could lower the costs of dirty water energy about at least 86 percent and had then any wondrous storage solution, so that we could be supplied reliably with energy — not only more than 1440 seconds away, but for long periods if the water is also clean. This is a long way. But the subject energy storage is exceptionally difficult. This is no legally guaranteed way. Unfortunately, I must find out that the energy storages are still at the level of the times the Horror Clowns. I tried to lend several loans for this purpose. But many enterprises had to go to the bankruptcy. In spite of all I have also invested in other solar enterprises several millions Bitcoins from my own property.
Particularly a lot I have invested in energy storage enterprises. Most enterprises have hardly achieved progress. Thus I had to go to study the physics myself. I had to travel even to Pluto. There I instructed some specialists to the journey with the time machine.
I absolutely wanted to meet the physicist Albert Einstein from the planet Earth. 2323 days ago I managed the journey in 1929 of the planet Earth. I came on the 13th of March, 1929 for visit of the physicist. Just a big party was prepared for his forthcoming 50th birthday. I was helpless therefore. Finally, I did not want to disturb his birthday. So I required from the responsible extraterrestrial from Pluto to bring myself to a later day.
There I landed on 14th of March, 1952. I got out of the time machine. I went to Albert's Einstein residence. I could hardly believe. I saw the famous scene how Albert Einstein showed just his tongue.
At the same time somebody stood with the camera. This person took a photo of Albert Einstein for his 72nd birthday. I tried to approach to Albert Einstein.
Because I am an Emoji, I was looked strange by the physicist. He asked who is this pictogram. I realized that I have no chance. So I had to look for a human mask. I knew that in the United States of America masks were sold to the Halloween. I looked for such shops in Princeton, New Jersey.
After long search I found a mask with a funny expression. I wanted to buy this mask. I bought this mask. After some hours I tightened the mask.
I tried to meet Albert Einstein again. This time I went to his place of residence. I wrote a friendly letter to the physicist. Therein I wanted to speak with him of ecologically friendly electricity production.
Outdoors I waited, until Albert Einstein read my letter. Then I went to him. He asked me who should be I. Up to now, finally, he still saw no real Emoji in his life.
He said me that he dealt with theoretical physics. Moreover, he said me that I should search a younger physicist. Instead, Albert Einstein began to explain me his theory of relativity more exactly. After this conversation I landed with an investor.
I remained still in 1952. There was the subject of the telephone booth. Private investors appeared very much with interest in this. It was about the modernisation of the phone cabins. Some investors rubbed themselves the hands about the forthcoming commercial possibility and potential profits.
I had to laugh at these primitive telephone booths. That's why I ran so fast away from this presentation. I went to the time machine from Pluto. I might still visit somebody. The leader of the time machine granted this to me. I had no notion whom I should visit in the past. Moreover, I thought that it was much better to fly to the future. At least, I expected a good proposal for my present. Suddenly the time machine landed in 2121 on the planet Earth. I looked outdoors how the electricity production functioned. Hardly I was outdoors from the time machine eager people ran to me. They would shout: Real Emoji! Real Emoji!
I thought, what passed with the people after 169 years. Now they run voluntarily to an Emoji from the past. I asked these people how they produce their electricity topically. They showed at it me a trick.
Suddenly from the air a battery was charged within 2 seconds. I wanted to get an exact instruction for this process. The people showed me how they made this. Simply from the air with the help of a tube. The air is warmed up.
Thereby one can charge any time its battery. Moreover, one is regardless of power stations, the dangerous nuclear electricity in the past produced. I already liked this idea. But with it I could hardly earn money. Then there I got the idea to patent the whole in my "present". Thus I thanked very much the people of the planet Earth. They wanted to make with me selfies. I accepted.
After several selfies I returned at my time. Actually, I wanted to find a possibility for the storage of the electricity. After 5556 seconds I was in my right time at home. I went to Emoji Meaning. There I started to realize the idea from the human future. After several fruitless attempts I managed the breakthrough. I had to try out the whole with other researchers again. Later I wanted to present to the king of Emoji this system.
After some time a small limited electricity production began in Emoji Meaning. I wanted to claim a patent. However, the patent office was closed for several days.

Vam Pire throws the glass of water. Finally, there are several possibilities for the electricity production. Not only from the future.

Sweasy26: Was there one moment where a light rose to you and became clear to you, how important is energy for the whole galaxy?
Vam Pire: Some time ago I tried to get out, why the life has improved during the last 88888 days so much. How the progress the planet Halloween within this time had been infectious. I also dealt with the industrial revolution of the planet Earth. I asked myself how these people became suddenly so clever after long time. That's why I decided to begin a big research with it. When I was at school and in the university, I had a strange image of it. I started to understand the subject, however, only properly when I saw the photo of Albert Einstein.
Suddenly I had more ideas and better intelligence than up to now. This sounds strangely, but my view of the life changed after this event. I deal since short with how we can get energy in Kepler-47 quicker.

Vam Pire must get a small fly from his nose.
Sweasy26: You write that you expect an energy miracle during the next 8181 days. What do you expect exactly?
Vam Pire shows on the paper with the heading "year 2121": If I say miracle, I mean the things like a computer chip or the Internet or the mobile phone which are really quite wondrous.
In the medicine we had thanks to extraterrestrials from Pluto an amount from miracles and I think, we everybody expect and want with more progress. Finally, we want more and more.
I think real that growing ears during the next 12356 days a widely solved problem is. If we have won the fight against falling teeth, we will also speed up the eradication of virus D as soon as possible.
If I say energy miracle, I think that there is any form of energy from the future. The aim of this energy must be of course also the justified enrichment of the electricity producers.
Moreover, this energy should be allowed to cause no unemployment. But the production must function cleanly. And be so quick, like the rain or typhoon.

What is the biggest problem in your view?
Vam Pire: Most useful plants do not get by well with heat. Maize, rice and wheat are all very sensitive to warmth. This hinders the quick electricity production at hot places.

Can misers rescue the envious people in this situation?
Vam Pire defends himself with a shield: Misers are there to take away money from the envious people. Their job consists in maximizing the profits.
Misers should be responsible by no means for the solution of problems. Finally, misers must be protected especially by the other with several bodyguards. At the expenses of the government this should happen. Many misers performed already more than enough for the improvement of the electricity supply. Some time ago also my stingy friends from the Jupiter built several wind power plants in Emoji Meaning.
To the envious people I must say that they concentrate only upon the money of the misers. Instead, they should also take care for the future. Finally, there is to be much easier to somebody other the guilt.

Suddenly Vam Pire is interrupted by strong wind. All at once an unknown voice sounds in the room. The voice of the stranger says: Hurry up, Vam Pire!
You must still go to another theoretical interview. Thereon Vam Pire puzzles over the unknown voice. Finally, after some time Vam Pire gets up. He says goodbye to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. Moreover, he gives to the extraterrestrial a prospectus to his projects.



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