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Mr. Inner from Emoji App in the interview

In the administration of Emoji App there are big problems just with the software. Sweasy26 had to get the responsibly from bushes. He is called Mr. Inner. Nobody may know his full name for censorship reasons, however, also for revenge reasons. Since 68 days exists this problem. Up to now there failed every intelligent solution. Since 4 days works the Emoji App administration with fresh software, moreover, 344 several pages long theory book and additional staff should help to gain control of the chaos.

Why customers and employees do not get of it yet a lot, explains Mr. Inner. He is the uppermost person responsible for informatics in the administration of Emoji App.

Sweasy26: Mr. Inner. As the first I give you a glass of mineral water. This seems to be urgently necessary for you. Mr. Inner thanks for the water. At the same time he calls his bodyguard. His protector must take a sample of the glass. For some time disappears his bodyguard with the glass. Mr. Inner explains that he must be treated as a very important official royal.
Sweasy26: Well. What happened with the software?
Why do the problems last just in Emoji App?
Nevertheless, the town is known for its programmers and in general software branch.

Mr. Inner: I fear that among the programmers of the software a charlatan acted. My personal wish was before the introduction of the software to send the programme for at least 66 days to the test phase on a student computer. For me the situation is especially embarrassing because I was the best graduate of the long-standing study of the informatics in Emoji App. At that time I jumped up from joy in such a way that the professors fell on the ground.
This was a very strange experience. Luckily I already had my certificate in the hands.
Unfortunately, the test phase of the software lasted only 26 hours. Nevertheless, this is never enough. I say this always and everywhere when I may express myself to the programming.
For the employees the pressure was also too high. Actually, one may not work with these attentive activities so fast. The working tempo must be adapted according to my personal default at least on the level of the snail. Yes, in this case even a snail is on the move too fast.

Suddenly somebody knocks at the door. Mr. Inner interrupts his answer. He tries to take a glass with his right hand. But the glass with the water was still with his bodyguard under the strict check. Sweasy26 goes to the door. He opens the door.
There stands the unknown Emoji. Sweasy26 asks him what he would like. The Emoji answers that he controlled the water just from the lab. He found fingerprints in the glass which led him to Mr. Inner. Sweasy26 asked this Emoji where was the glass with the water.
The Emoji from the lab explained that there was a problem with the water. Thereon Mr. Inner shouted to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26: Murderer! Murderer!
The Emoji from lab said that the quality of the water was very good. The bodyguard drank only the water even up to the last drop. So he did not dare to come any more to Mr. Inner.
For this he was ashamed so much that he fled immediately in an unknown direction. Mr. Inner said that he drinks water from this second also without bodyguard. Finally, Mr. Inner was quite extremely thirsty after his detailed answer.

The Emoji from lab required thereon a signature of Mr. Inner. He had to confirm in the fact that third-party is not to blame for his possible death. Mr. Inner refused to sign this document. Thereon the Emoji from lab remained in the room. He paid attention to the fact that Mr. Inner drank no water.
Sweasy26: After long discussion about the water. Now I have got the next question from my bag.
How did the employees react in the Emoji App administration?

Mr. Inner: Many employees complained to long loading times and problems while printing. The screen sometimes showed even a big tongue. Then nothing at all more went. With an employee the keyboard exploded because of the software.
Then he had to connect every part to the computer again. Luckily there was no injured persons. But at the end all employees with their fingers pointed at me. This was even more embarrassing for me. Finally, I was at the foremost place as a big supporter of the new programme. But there was also a positive event:
A group of the employees needed a recipe for the forthcoming party.
Suddenly several recipes fell absolutely automatically from the screen. No employee knew up to now these recipes. All automatic recipes were very recommendable for trying out.

Suddenly somebody knocks again at the door. Mr. Inner puts back several letters from his mouth to his mouth. Sweasy26 opens the door. There stands the bodyguard of Mr. Inner. He hands over a letter Mr. Inner.
Then he still brings the glass with the water.
Mr. Inner opens the letter and reads loudly: Dear Mr. supervisor Inner
I apologise for the Emoji from the lab. Finally, the examination of the water lasted extremely long time. The water had to be also controlled by several programmers of Emoji App. They have exactly analysed the program code of the water.
The water passed all high-class directives for the consumption of high-ranking officials of the city Emoji App. Mr. Inner asked for the long desired glass of water. Thereon the bodyguard handed over the glass with the mineral water. Mr. Inner drank so loud that one would think that he had not drunk for several days.

What did prove the test phase?
Mr. Inner feels better and answers: The test phase showed that the programme still had a lot of mistakes in the source code. Besides, the service is not the problem. The biggest problem are unexpected reactions of the computer. Finally, the computer changes its mood, when it wants. The employees have more and more seldom entire control of the system. Of course employees can interrupt the computer up to 67 percent with its processes.
But the computer with the installed software sometimes makes itself too independent and regardless of the intelligence of the Emojis. This may not happen. The computer must be anyway much more stupidly than all employees together.

What does it mean for the customers?
Mr. Inner: This means that the single process lasts, perhaps, a little longer and increases the treatment time for the single customer almost by 89 days. We thereby have less capacities than we would have if the programme ran obediently. Because of this problem we must send nearly 456 customers in the theoretical queue. This annoys the customers and of course my whole team. Thus escape productive working hours.

What do your employees make in this situation?
Mr. Inner takes a photo of the employees: They look to themselves photos on the Internet. Now some employees have a lot of time for selfies. Thus they save their nerves and at the same time they maintain the customers with their talks.

However, some employees simply stay at home in protest for 28 hours. Other employees simply eat apples and other fruits.

Which advantages does the programme have?
Mr. Inner: The advantage is that it concerns a browser-oriented programme. The employees need no more good memory. Moreover, robots can also do a lot of works.
Registration and notice of departure of the computer are not required any more.
The programme starts absolutely automatically. Moreover, nearly 29 percent of all important processes are automatically finished. The other advantage for the customers: Some customers can check on the Internet automatically whether they had paid the parking bay fee already for the day after next. Then these data are automatically sent from the data bank of the Emoji App administration to the customer computer. A multistage successfully concluded registration is assumed of course in our system.

When could inhabitants from Emoji App profit, finally, from the improvement of the programme?
Mr. Inner takes his calendar. He closes his eyes. He makes a sort of self lottery with the calendar. Then he throws his forefinger on a date.
Then he opens his eyes. He counts with his pocket calculator. After some time he says:
I calculate on the fact that inhabitants will profit in 46 days without risk and at high level from this programme.

In this optimistic point Sweasy26 decided to finish the interview with the uppermost person responsible for informatics of the administration in Emoji App.



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