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Chew Chess in the interview about air quality

Emoji Meanings must proceed harder by the dust. This statement made Chew Chess.  He is the leader for clean air in the whole surroundings of Emoji Meanings. Sweasy26 met Chess to an extensive interview on the subject Dust and Aerial cleaning.

Mr. Chess, before the press conference in the city centre you have said if there should be there no arrangement on a common strategy, Emoji Meanings would have to fight dust with chemical electricity. That happened.
Will the local government have to buy now the expensive devices urgently?
Chew Chess looks in his confidential document for an allowed answer:
Emoji Meanings must get rid immediately of dust. It cannot be, that our dust
conquers whole region completely. In addition at least additional 6798 chimney-sweeps are certainly required.
Chess takes immediately two his forefingers and starts to clean both holes of his nose.
Then he takes a protective mask. He tightens this mask on his face.

Where the dirty dust should be stored then: in the margarine, in the oven, in the fridge or somewhere differently?
Chess: The best place in my opinion would be the cemetery for dust. But there are also opinions that the best place would be for the dust in the vacuum cleaner. This would be, actually, no bad idea, but the time involved would be very gigantic.
In addition Emoji Meanings needs at least 67458 employees. Only for the employment so a lot of Emojis needs it a lot of personnel person responsible. The whole would last also estimated 6688 days. This is why I recommend quicker solutions. Moreover, one should be able to get rid faster of the dust.

Which support should perform the kingdom Emoji to the biggest city of the country in your view?
Chew Chess rubs himself his hands: 👫🤟🅰️〰️🉐🅰️📅🤟🅰️〰️🅰️😃.

Why have you not discussed the problem with the king of Emoji?
Nevertheless, this would also be his job to release Emoji Meanings from its problems.
But also a request to the representatives of the city in the parliament would certainly very make sense.
Chess takes the parliamentary law book. There he looks for the suitable law. After long search he finds the law. He answers made easier:
Good idea. 👭🖕🎒2️⃣ ➕🏫. Otherwise you would not have invited me to this interview?

Is only one PR campaign of the tourism department of Emoji Meanings?
Chew Chess takes a plaster and sticks on his forehead:
Why do you think that it should be an advertisement?

Why did you say that the subject had to come only on the headlines?
Chess feels very nervous. He sticks his plaster from his forehead on his left eye:
Of course we want necessarily to focus the attention on Emoji Meanings every time, not indeed with the negative headlines. I wish better more positive headlines from my hometown.
This concerns of course also the tourism branch. Nobody goes with pleasure to the mass media with negative news.

From experience I know that Emojis claim the help in technical questions from Pluto. How would it be with the help from Pluto by the dust?
Nevertheless, moreover, you would have saved the negative headlines for Emoji Meanings.
Chew Chess feels better:
The help from Pluto would be certainly very ideal for us. The biggest problem are the Salted Cucumbers. They already threaten with an envy attack on Emoji.
In particular they also look very with envy at our city because of the city size. Also Pluto sometimes feels threatened in spite of his strength by the Salted Cucumbers.
Another problem is that a single town may claim no foreign help without approval of the home parliament. Also the king of Emoji cannot help here.

How does it further go with the aerial cleaning in Emoji Meanings?
Which next steps will you take?
Chew Chess gets a big tomato from his green bag. He throws the big tomato to his mouth.
Besides, there falls his plaster of the left eye. He still gets tomato juice from his yellow bag. Then he makes himself comfortable. He drinks from the bottle directly tomato juice. Suddenly he notices an ant in his yellow bag. He shouts very much loudly.
After 89 seconds he calms down. Finally, he can answer the question.
Chess: My next step is the establishment of contact with the parliamentarians of the kingdom. They must help our city with the fight against the dust.
I will agree on an appointment with them. Before I will prepare my whole dossier documents for this purpose. To the aerial cleaning I must say: I will try with the butterfly's catcher to motivate the butterflies on the assistance with the aerial cleaning.

Chew Chess gets up. He says goodbye to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. He wishes Sweasy26 that the extraterrestrial wishes good air quality for whole Emoji Meanings. He also makes this. Chess hardly left the room, he received a phone call. He shouts from joy: A parliamentarian has invited him on the subject air quality to the parliament.
Chew Chess runs like a horse from the room. Outdoors he sits down in a taxi.



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