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Emoji Desktop

Emoji Desktop was born 22906 days ago in Emoji Opinion. At that time belonged Emoji to the Circus Union. He was several days banana thrower. Topically Emoji Desktop works as a trainer of the promising young talents in the banana throwing. Emoji Desktop began his sporty career already at the age of 6666 days. At that time the Third Horror Clown sat on his chief armchair in the capital city. The ruler of the Circus Union checked every future new sportsman with his censorship microscope. Emoji Desktop passed this check with several other colleagues. 🍌🤢🤕🤔🤚⏯🇮🇹🚽🤚. When he was at the age of 2555 days, a circus from the city Emoji Clown visited his hometown.

Emoji Desktop decided to get himself after this event a Horror Clown mask. 🤜💅🤚🤕➕💅🍀🤟🈶😶💡👫🤡👫💅🤟😶💡🕌👋😛.

A miser from Emoji Meaning decided to search with his child detector for the missing boy.
In the meantime hid Emoji Desktop in an abandoned house in the forest. No one lived in this house except a few invisible ghosts. There everything was very dusty. Emoji Desktop found several books. He tried to read these books. The language was not easy to understand. Emoji Desktop took several books and hid them deep under the earth. 😦🤟🈶😒🚯🇮🇹🚽🤚👯‍♂️🈶😦🅰️🔉😄😦. After this event Emoji Desktop heard noises. He opened the door and shouted: I want to eat!!!!
The parents and the miser looked at him. The miser wanted to inform the police and authorities about the finding. When the Second Horror Clown found out about that, he gave himself his reward. The miser from Emoji Meaning was angry very much at that. At least, he had as a recollection of his search the books from the abandoned house.
At the age of 5476 days Emoji Desktop had to finish a practical training. He worked as a banana peels collector. Thereby he could already practice the foretaste. Later he became the professional banana thrower. By his sporty success Emoji Desktop received worldwide encyclopedia entries. He decided his private life for the public to censor.



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