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Emoji Desktop

Emoji Desktop was born 22906 days ago in Emoji Opinion. At that time belonged Emoji to the Circus Union. He was several days banana thrower. Topically Emoji Desktop works as a trainer of the promising young talents in the banana throwing. Emoji Desktop began his sporty career already at the age of 6666 days. At that time the Third Horror Clown sat on his chief armchair in the capital city. The ruler of the Circus Union checked every future new sportsman with his censorship microscope. Emoji Desktop passed this check with several other colleagues.
Then he might immediately throw several bananas. A banana throw ban was valid long time for normal citizens. As a reason it was called that sports transmitters needed spectators. Emoji Desktop visited circus at the age of 2222 days together with his parents. There were Horror Clowns the most important entertainers. Emoji Desktop also dreamt about a career as an acrobat in the circus of Emoji. When he was at the age of 2555 days, a circus from the city Emoji Clown visited his hometown.

Emoji Desktop decided to get himself after this event a Horror Clown mask. In the middle of the circus Emoji Desktop penetrated into the circus. Spontaneously the small Emoji Desktop was taken in the hands of a Horror Clowns. Both clowns worked together. In the meantime, reacted parents of Emoji Desktop with big worry. Finally, they did not notice how their son fled in the circus. They alarmed the local police. Thereon was nationally searched for Emoji Desktop. The missing announcement reached even the office of the Second Horror Clowns.
The ruler of the Circus Union decided to send up to at least 111,111 soldiers and 222,336 policemen on the search for Emoji Desktop. On this day several children were quite simply taken away by the street for the police. Many school children who were on the way home were under the suspicion to be "Emoji Desktop". This led to a big panic among the parents. The search remained a long time fruitless. In the meantime, Emoji Desktop enjoyed his spontaneous appearance in the circus.
The Horror Clown asked him after his appearance how he was called. Thereon Emoji Desktop took off his mask. He was called Circus Eater. After this event all spectators started to laugh. Suddenly policemen wanted to go to the circus. However, they tripped because of the banana peels. Then they fell on the ground. They would shout. After this event there came several bodyguards of the policemen. They were got by their custodians at close range to the circus. Emoji Desktop had big luck that policemen were prevented from coming to the circus. Emoji Desktop thereby remained up to the end in the circus.
Finally Emoji Desktop might sit on the back of an elephant. Moreover, he might dance with a monkey. After circus finished its show, spectators and Emoji Desktop went outward. On the street there ruled big panic. The previous circus visitors did not understand what happened. They thought that Egoists from Mars were again back. The mood worked like in a crisis state. Emoji Desktop asked a passerby what was happened.
He replied that a boy from his parents fled. At this time the whole Circus Union sought after him. Then he asked the passers-by, how the searched boy was called. He then said to him: Emoji Desktop. When he heard his own name, he was very proud of it. He decided somewhere to hide. At this time the following announcement resounded in Speaker: The finder of Emoji Desktop has a generous reward from the grandson funds of the Second Horror Clowns.
When inhabitants from different cities of Emoji and Circus Union learned, intensified the search for Emoji Desktop clear. From this second left many staff their jobs. On the streets searched very many Emojis and other inhabitants for the missing boy. At this time, the missing message reached also many Emojis with greedy roots from the Jupiter.

A miser from Emoji Meaning decided to search with his child detector for the missing boy.
In the meantime hid Emoji Desktop in an abandoned house in the forest. No one lived in this house except a few invisible ghosts. There everything was very dusty. Emoji Desktop found several books. He tried to read these books. The language was not easy to understand. Emoji Desktop took several books and hid them deep under the earth. Now searched unsuccessfully a lot of Emojis and other residents. The miser from Emoji Meaning began to use his child detector. He typed the name and the approximate age of the missing boy.
After this event showed his device in a certain direction. The miser always went further in the specified direction. Finally he came to the circus, in which Emoji Desktop at the beginning hid. The miser asked the clowns if they saw a boy with the following data. After the description came the Horror Clown and said that this boy three hours ago was here. In addition he told the miser, what Emoji Desktop did here in the circus. After the meeting noted the miser that the missing boy was not here.
He looked again at his device. He repeated the first-time process again. In the meantime, Emoji Desktop went further for a walk in the wood. He started to collect cherries. After some time he was already far from the abandoned house. At this time the child detector pointed in the direction of the abandoned house. Thus the miser came to the abandoned house. He shouted completely loudly: Emoji Desktop, are you here?
Nobody answered. The miser continued to search after the missing boy. The miser was angry very strongly.
He decided to award the command to his device in the abandoned house anew. Then the miser noticed some books into unknown language. He wanted to take these books. He took several books in his bag. At this time appeared the next location on the screen. The miser tried to run. However, he was not able because of a lot of dust. This is why he left the house. He was continued. Finally the miser came to the place, in which Emoji Desktop the books underground hid.
The miser did not understand what meant the device here. He started to look for the missing. Strangely, thought the miser. He nowhere saw a sign that at this place the missing boy could be. In the meantime, went Emoji Desktop with full bags with cherries from the wood. He felt strong hunger. He ate several cherries. His hunger remained. Emoji Desktop decided to return home. He already forgot that was nationally searched for him. Even though nobody recognised him on the street. Emoji Desktop noticed at this time that many inhabitants were in big panic.
He remembered that was searched for him. He came lighthearted home. His parents were not at home.
The device of the miser led him to the internal wood to this time. There the miser was led by the way. Here before Emoji Desktop was and collected several cherries. The miser did not understand again what was wrong. He noticed nothing of the visit of the missing boy here. However, he was persuaded, nevertheless, of his success. Finally, his device led directly in the right circus.
At 19:00 o'clock the device led the miser directly home of Emoji Desktop and his parents. The miser went there with his device. At this time the parents of the boy also came home. They looked the miser with strange looks. The miser said that he had a device. With this device he already searched for some hours for Emoji Desktop. The parents and the miser spoke with each other before the front door. After this event Emoji Desktop heard noises. He opened the door and shouted: I want to eat!!!!
The parents and the miser looked at him. The miser wanted to inform the police and authorities about the finding. When the Second Horror Clown found out about that, he gave himself his reward. The miser from Emoji Meaning was angry very much at that. At least, he had as a recollection of his search the books from the abandoned house.
At the age of 5476 days Emoji Desktop had to finish a practical training. He worked as a banana peels collector. Thereby he could already practice the foretaste. Later he became the professional banana thrower. By his sporty success Emoji Desktop received worldwide encyclopedia entries. He decided his private life for the public to censor.



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