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Interview with Raw Material

Raw Material was born in Middle Finger Emoji unknown days ago. His biggest secret is his age. Sweasy26 got Raw Material just on the town border in a restaurant.
There he hid with his breakfast from the curious media. But the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 might find him with his confidential device automatic.
For 66 hours he is valid as the biggest winner from Middle finger Emoji.
Raw Material won the election as a regional boss of mouse catchers. He is a responsible president of the office for protection of the mice in the whole region. His biggest challenge is the protection of the mice from the greedy extraterrestrials from the Venus.
Raw Material won the vote by the majority of 118 voters. His competitor had to confess his defeat before 457,890 spectators on television at the command of the king of Emoji.

Mr. Material, congratulations for the election as a mouse protection president. How do you like the headlines in the different mass media in Emoji?
Raw Material gets a pear from his transparent bag:
I have spent the whole night to read all headlines about my election exactly. Some Emojis have a good impression of my personality. The other Emojis insult me as deceitful durable. They mistake me for Tycoon. Only because I reveal my age not publicly, one does not say that I am as old as Tycoon.

Mr. Material, are you real as ancient as the famous media entrepreneur Tycoon?
Raw Material must check his date of birth in his passport:
No. Of course I eat like every Emoji from my hometown particularly healthy vegetables and fruits. That does not still mean however that I am nearly very old like Tycoon.
Only that much about my age: I am already older than 41124 days. I can well remember the rule of the First Horror Clowns. I also met Tycoon personally. It was at the times of the Second Horror Clowns.
Do not forget that there are still many researchers, who thought Tycoon was alive. But I do not think that he still lives. At least his son expressed to this direction.
Of course I respect the history and the abilities of Tycoon. Nevertheless, he always said that he cultivated his food.

Well. Tell us about your birth. At that time according to archives of Middle Finger Emoji mystery events were registered in your birth.
Raw Material agrees to this statement:
Yes, this was real in such a way. My mother gave birth to me during the working hours. My mother worked in a paper factory of Tycoon.
At that time he got to know by the birth in the workplace. Thus Tycoon sent several midwives to the factory. Also several doctors came. Tycoon explained to my mother how she should nourish the baby healthy. He gave her even a tomato plant.
He recommended fresh tomato juice for my healthy food. At home I got beside mother's milk also tomato juice. To at that time controlled Easter Eggs with the help of their soldiers every inhabitant from Middle Finger Emoji.
My mother told me later that she was Tycoon very thankfully for his advice. In spite of several viruses I stayed healthy relatively. Only I had orange blood in my childhood.

That is the fact that you had to fight long time for normal blood colour?
Raw Material: I had to experience at school a lot of laughter on the part of the Easter Eggs. This annoyed me very much.
I visited the paper factory in which my mother worked on the printers. There I made friends with Tycoon. He was for me like an uncle. He gave me regularly healthy cucumbers and peppermint sheets.
From these peppermint sheets I cooked at home a good tea. Later I had to work after the school. I knew that I would work very much with pleasure with Tycoon. At that time children worked for their professional degrees. Easter Eggs controlled all children with the hard labour. They were very strict. At that time I knew more and more that I would support an opposition against Easter Eggs anyway. About my blood colour:
Then about at the age of 6868 days I had after long consumption of the fresh cucumbers the normal blood colour. I am very grateful to my destiny that I might get to know Tycoon personally.
He was and is my model. Many Emojis who worked with him were very happy and contented. Middle Finger Emoji had very big luck to have Tycoon in its history.

How was the first night as a mouse protection president?
Raw Material bites into his pear: I had to search the Internet for my name. Moreover, I read several articles about my person. Thereby was my night very briefly.
I have not slept practically. I think that I had only 12 minutes for sleeping. I would never have thought that I might begin a new challenge still at my old age. This already has many resemblances to Tycoon. He was as active at my age as during younger days. I celebrated my election with my family. My children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren celebrated my election. They thought when I ran for election that I was crazy. But this is better for me, than to be bored at home. My children hardly understood my decision.
Finally, they enjoy their life as a pensioners. And I am already so long a pensioner. I thought that I could do a little bit professionally. I am still of full emotions, but also energy and zest.

How did you feel in the election day?
Raw Material drinks from his bottle of fresh apple juice:
I thought who votes already an old Emoji as the mouse protection president?
I ran for election above all beacause of big boredom. Earlier I had to protect the town borders against vehicles. That's why did I think, why can I not protect mice from the region?
Before the election I took the whole very much calmly. Actually, it also made no difference to me whether I am elected or not. I rather enjoyed my time with my hamster. I have beside the hamster also two tortoises. Both tortoises accompany me already almost more than 30666 days.
Both tortoises gave me Tycoon to my birthday.
He always said that the rest of the tortoises worked very positively on him. Thus he never became nervous in his life.

How was that moment when 101 votes were got your competitor Ram Ble and you realised: Now I am the mouse protection president of the region of Middle Finger Emoji?
Raw Material: I thought what career in the retirement age expects me now.
I was overcome by my emotions. My children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren congratulated me on my big victory. For my small great-grandchildren this was very amusing.
The great-grandfather goes work suddenly. Some my friends called me as very much mad.

Do you still have friends from your schooldays?
Raw Material: Unfortunately, no more. My friends from the schooldays died in an attack of the Egoists from Mars. With the other school friends I had no contact. This conflict with the Egoists left big fury with me.
At that time I was with Tycoon. After this event I swore to myself never to travel to Mars. Thus I also acted. In spite of my old age I never flew to Mars after the conflict with the Egoists. In my youth I had to fly to a linguistic stay to South Mars.
At that time Easter Eggs sent many children and youngsters to the learning of the language to Mars. However, this was already very long.

With your first speech as the mouse protection president you have nearly cried. Were you in thoughts with your late wife?
Raw Material easily starts to cry. He must wipe his tears with a newspaper:
Yes. She died 2222 days ago. She was only 34675 days old. Long time I was very sad.

Why did you wipe your tears with the newspaper?
Nevertheless, the colours of the newspaper are injurious!
Raw Material throws the newspaper on the ground:
I thank you for the fact that you brought me to the reason. I agree with you completely. I have committed the biggest mistake of my long-standing life.

How old are your children?
Raw Material: Ordinarily I do not count every last day. But I estimate their age between 32850 more or less. Partially I have adoptive children. This was still before my marriage with the deceased wife.

With the speeches stand out that you can many languages like the most others.
Raw Material counts his life days with his fingers:
In my long-standing life I had to learn the language of the Easter Eggs.
This was still in my youth. Later I still learnt the Circus Language.
I also had to learn the Egoistical language of South Mars.
However, Emoji L is my mother tongue. Finally, I am an Emoji. I also learnt the language of the Saturn. The other languages which I learnt in my life were English from the planet Earth.
I do not know the names of other languages any more. This was so long ago. Of course I still had to learn Allergically.

Which duties will you take over at the beginning?
Raw Material shows at a mousetrap: The protection of the mice before the mousetraps belongs to my biggest priority. I will exert myself for a ban of the mousetraps.
In addition I will present all arguments in the parliament of Emoji. As old Emoji parliamentarians must listen to me exactly juridical obligingly.
I will use this for the protection of the animals. The opposition could come only from the misers from the Jupiter. In Jupiter mouse traps are produced very actively. But I cannot be impressed by the misers.

After the answer of this question the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 thanks the elective new mouse protection president Raw Material for the detailed interview to his activity and his life.
Raw Material gets up. He leaves the space. After the interview some questions remain unanswered. The exact age of Raw Material remains a secret after the interview.



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