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Letter Emoji Interview

Letter Emoji was born 27010 days ago in Alien Emoji. He wanted to become in his childhood absolutely an author. He practiced daily in his childhood the writing of letters always before falling asleep. His parents had to switch off even the electricity, so that Letter Emoji went to bed, finally. Because Letter Emoji had to go to school. That's why he became nervous always every morning a little bit. So he was touched at school with funny looks. While the school breaks Letter Emoji rather remained in the school room. He wrote spontaneous stories about animals and other up to now unknown beings. Some researchers try to find regularly these beings somewhere. Up to now they are easy on an intensive search.
Letter Emoji describes with pleasure in his stories special beings which he gets from his memory card from his brain. One day a researcher rich in imagination stated that all beings of Letter Emoji should live somewhere. But he could provide no written evidences. Letter Emoji praised Poop Emojis with their opposition in Poop Emoji against the criminalisation of the moneymaking. 11111 days ago Letter Emoji got a cat as a present for his new book of the manager of the publishing company. The news about the death of the Third Horror Clowns achieved Letter Emoji in the middle of the writing of his biography about the ruler of the Circus Union. The death of the Third Horror Clowns shocked Letter Emoji at that time.
That's why the author decided to dedicate a book to the life of the Third Horror Clowns. From it a best-seller originated in completely Circus Union. Thus even the ghost of the late ruler came to the premiere of the book to his honour to the stadium of the capital of the Circus Union. This experience remained unforgettably for character Emoji in his long-standing career.
On account of his VIP's status the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 had to invite the successful author from Alien Emoji absolutely to an interview. Letter Emoji ordinarily has very little time for interviews and other things in the life, except of course to the writing.

Mr. Emoji, you were at the age of 8040 days in south Mars. Are you able to do the language of south Mars still?
Letter Emoji takes an old dictionary from his green pocket and looks for a word on the language of south Mars: I learnt the language only very theoretically. That is the fact that I learnt by heart though the words, but only like an USB-Stick I could use the language of south Mars. At that time I made an education for the culture of south Mars.

How did the former conflict with the Egoists from south Mars influence your experiences of life in the country of the former enemies?
Letter Emoji looks at his book with the title "Letter Emoji in south Mars": My parents were not inspired at all that I flew to the country of the former Egoists. But the country of the former enemy fascinated me just because of the conflict. At that time south Mars was interested very much to get rid of its bad reputation in the galaxy. That's why I wanted to venture this adventure. I regret this in no case. On the contrary I could come only in south Mars on my first idea of a story.

You parents worked in a factory of the First Horror Clowns. You refused to learn a similar occupation. Instead, you changed several educations, until you learnt the suitable occupation. How did you experience this?
Letter Emoji looks in his off-line blog: Nevertheless, I knew since my childhood that I absolutely wanted to become an author. That's why I had to make, actually, an education at the university for journalists. But at that time the regimes of the Horror Clowns checked very exactly who might make what professional. A ban of the education in the journalist was valid for me. So I had to learn different pointless occupations. Finally I interrupted every education every eleventh Monday. So I flew sometime after my circus study to south Mars. There I studied the language of south Mars. At least, I worked on week-ends as a clown in a local circus of my residential town in south Mars.

Letter Emoji takes a device with a big clock. He presses several times different buttons. Suddenly there sounds the voice of the Third Horror Clowns. He thanks Letter Emoji for his interest in his personality. The author also shows very proudly his letter. The author still at the lifetimes of the Third Horror Clowns received this letter from the ruler directly.

Mr. Emoji, you seem to be a big fan of the Third Horror Clowns. What do you mean about the grandson's ambitions of the late ruler of the Circus Union?
Letter Emoji defends the photo of the Third Horror Clowns with the letter of the ruler:
I know that the ruler at that time wanted to have many grandchildren. But I also understand this behaviour. Certainly the Third Horror Clown wanted to have a kindergarten with many grandchildren. Nevertheless, I must admit that his own children were to blame for few biological grandchildren.

In your book on the fantasy character "Blan" you wrote how this figure moved in a tunnel through the various villages within 2 seconds. Is it your dream to move quickly?
Letter Emoji looks to the lamp: The reason for this book was my near-death experience of former times. Then I noticed how damn fast I without my physical body could move around. This experience I processed in this book about Blan.

You said that you had a near-death experience. What you experienced exactly in this time?
How was it actually?
Letter Emoji brings his device with the clock and presses repeatedly: I was on the road to an interview with a journalist in the second largest city of the Circus Country. Suddenly, several vehicles drove too fast. I was simply very ill. My taxi driver felt great pressure of competition. For this reason he also very quickly. Suddenly I got so afraid that I fled from my physical body. After some time I realized that I was somewhere else. I noticed that the taxi driver drove without me. At the same time I started to scream. I cried to the taxi driver that he should wait on me. Unfortunately he heard not. Still I was faster than the taxi driver.
So I reached the taxi. There I noticed something strange. I saw a twin of me. This twin was sitting and sleeping at the same time. So I asked myself how I got a twin brother. I thought that it could not be. I tried to touch my twin. I wanted to talk to him. Suddenly appeared several ghosts before me. They said that this body belong to me. I saw them with strange look. I told them that I was here. Suddenly I heard that the taxi driver said something. But my body did not respond to the taxi driver.
Only now I became aware that I made this body escaped. Therefore I tried to apply for asylum from the spirits. Then they took me to another spirit. There I was in a room. At this time the responsible explained to me that they wanted to show me an interesting movie very fast. I thought interesting. So I went to the cinema with the ghosts. Then said the ghosts goodbye to me. They wished me a lot of fun when I see this movie. Then I was alone in the cinema. There was only the responsible presenter for technology. He pressed a button. Suddenly I saw everything at the same time of my life from my birth to my state of shock in the taxi. I applauded with my hands. I even asked if I could get a video cassette with my life. I thought that I could write from my own life a story. The responsible presenter said that I have enough imagination for my stories. For this reason I could not get. There was also no technology, such movies on physical video cassettes. Therefore asked me the presenter, if my life movie want to extend further. I said yes. Finally I feared that I would miss something. I would therefore extremely rapidly returned. At the same time was the taxi driver along with me in the big city. In my near-death experience I noticed how quickly everything is moved. This inspired me for my book about Blan.

You also wrote books about flying mosquitoes. Why you chose mosquitoes?
Letter Emoji is helpless: I never wanted to be a biologist. Nevertheless I had in a warm summer at least 124 mosquitoes in my house on the fly. So I wanted to get rid of my experience with the mosquitoes in my book. This helped me. This book series were also particularly successful in the county of the Vampires. Although any mosquito in the queue, to me to bite, I was finally not evil to them. At least I could then celebrate in the country of the Vampires very big success.

Letter Emoji gets an A7 sheet from his pocket and starts to write a letter to unknown person. Then he draws a big nice mosquito. Then he explains this writing as a love letter to his former 124 mosquitoes.
Suddenly the mailman knocks at the door. He says that he had a lot of letters for Letter Emoji. He gets nearly 11 gigabytes in letters for the author from his pocket. Then there disappears the mailman from the space. He loudly says: Finally, I am made easier by so many letters. Letter Emoji looks at the beginning the names of the senders. At the end he noticed that he got many fan letters of the descendants of 124 mosquitoes.

You also received several honouring for your screenplays in Movie Emoji. Had you seen certain books rather for an honouring, than the winners?
Letter Emoji must switch on his ears: Certainly I had another stories of myself rather than the winners. However, finally the jury and the well-chosen participants of Movie Emoji decides on the presentation. Moreover, the censorship authority must exactly examine which candidates the kingdom Emoji may accept for the honouring.

How do you prepare for the next story?
Letter Emoji must look in his brain for an answer. Suddenly the list of the answers shows nearly 222 results: Moment. I got just 222 results in my brain. I must check every result for its relevance. After 888 seconds of the examination Letter Emoji can answer, finally, the most difficult question of the interview: Depending on the subject is the process quite different. Thus it stands at least in my answer at the number 8. Sometimes I see my figures already in my internal memory of my brain.

Several leaves from the trees sometimes fall on me, then spontaneous figures with their stories come to my memory. Then I always press the command "save as". I always choose the folder "new ideas". Earlier this folder was called quite simply and boringly: "New folder". One day that's why I had to adapt this folder to my professional needs.

Do you read your former stories?
Letter Emoji: Sometimes I already read my own stories. The reason is easy that I would like to compare myself and my approaches. However, this is relatively seldom the case.

By your 25555 life days you received an invitation from the Neptune. There one wanted that you express yourselves on your birthday. What happened in Neptune at that time?
Letter Emoji looks for Neptune in his off-line blog: There I spoke about my near-death experience. At the end I received a quiet applause from the audience. Then I celebrated my life in my newest book in writing.

After the answer of this question the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 thanks the famous author orally. Then Letter Emoji says goodbye.



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