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Alien Emoji

Alien Emoji is a city in the kingdom Emoji. Ordinarily live in Emoji above all Emojis. However, in Alien Emoji 👽 Aliens are in the majority. How many inhabitants has Alien Emoji according to the last calculation?

On account of a strike of several days of the mathematicians Horror Juggler still had to lend his mathematicians from the Circus Country. This was 2222 days ago. The number of the inhabitants was estimated at 84444 aliens and Emojis. There was no a guarantee for this number for natural reasons. The following life situations belong to the natural reasons: Births, deaths and moves. Moreover, some inhabitants of the town hide from the authorities. They fear that the tax authority rises again one day from the cemetery. For this some researchers absolutely understand. Finally, the ruler of the Circus Country must still send a bill for his mathematicians to the city administration. Some outsider asks himself at this point:

Why did the Horror Juggler send no bill for his achievements up to now?

Anyway he sent a bill. This was already 1111 days ago the case. But the Salted Cucumbers want to provoke the kingdom Emoji against the Circus Country. The bad cucumbers want to have the kingdom Emoji under own control. Alien Emoji stands on the menu of the Salted Cucumbers on one of the uppermost places. On account of good relations bank note printers from Emoji Meaning took over the unpaid bill from Alien Emoji. Now this town owes the money to these bank note printers. Moreover, stingy owners of the bank note printers settle an interest of 6 percent. Alien Emoji had to build because of its indebtedness even some bank note printers. Alien Emoji could thereby pay back its debts with the friendly town fast.


 Alien Emoji


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Alien Emoji was mentioned for the first time in a book of the aliens from Pluto 1,095,000 days ago. Some geographers could exactly identify this area on account of the descriptions. Finally, several footprints of the former Emojis and aliens were found here. Some researchers from Pluto suppose that here other living beings settled the area. On account of the colder temperatures they had to emigrate either or become extinct. At least, their footprints were preserved till this day.
Some researchers want to transport the footprints carefully to the museum. However, for this they urgently need an official approval of the urban ones and the federal state authorities. For that the office for culture and history of Emoji is responsible. Many officials mostly sit the whole day on their chairs. They shout: Occupied!!
The first inhabitant of the modern history came 188,340 days ago to Alien Emoji. On account of his notes he was an alien from the planet Kepler-47.
Later came one more Emoji from an unknown area. How they found out by talks, both came from the beaches of the yellow sea. Both lived some time before by the yellow sea. Then they came independently of each other to Alien Emoji. They wanted to make an artificial lake. However, that's why they needed several inhabitants in this area. So that they could invite, however, other Emojis and aliens to the area, they urgently needed a name for the area. This would sound more interesting.
Who wants to live already in an anonymous area without identity. So they called the area Alien & Emoji. This place had thereby received an identity from its both first inhabitants. At that time thus nearly 444 new inhabitants came to Alien Emoji.
They dug very deeply underground. There they found several old books. Later they went with their horses to the yellow sea. There they got the water for their lake. 173,740 days ago an Uranus alien came to Alien Emoji with his backpack. He belonged to a research group.
He was interested above all in the artificial lake. He approached to the lake. Suddenly several Emojis and aliens stood before him. They wanted to know who he was. Moreover, they asked him, where from he came. The Uranus alien said that he came for professional reasons to Alien Emoji. Moreover, artificial lakes fascinated him. The founders of the town decided to give the urban citizens to the visitor from the Uranus. Thus the researcher was naturalized. In comparison to other towns at least two personalities ruled in Alien Emoji always.
This was decided by both town founders so. Alien Emoji has always two town dictators. On account of the deficit in the urban budget Alien Emoji had to shorten its name something. Thus became & from by name short time remotely. Alien Emoji thereby saved higher issues for colour. Finally, cost the maintenance of & a lot of money. 151,840 days ago an alien from the Mercury fell from the clouds on the ground of Alien Emoji.
According to own information the Mercury alien was kidnapped by a stingy investor from the Jupiter as a cheap worker. To his luck the airplane stopped in the clouds of the planet Halloween. He took a rescue balloon. He jumped out of the airplane. The stingy investor fell asleep, in the meantime, in his airplane. The kidnapped alien from the Mercury used this. Many Emojis and aliens looked with big eyes at the Mercury alien. He was appointed fast the tourism manager.
Finally, he had big life experience in the travel area. After some time the stingy investor from his airplane decided to escape. He took another aerial balloon from his hiding place. He also took several bank notes and coins from his airplane. He hoped that he could fly again to Jupiter. After some time he met in Alien Emoji the Mercury alien. He asked him what he did here. After this event the Mercury alien said that he worked as a tourism manager in Alien Emoji. The miser from the Jupiter became very envious.
He asked whether he could leave this place. Both ruling town dictators came just from their jobs. They welcomed the new inhabitant from the Jupiter. The stingy investor might work as a finance manager. Daily the stingy investor mourned over his native country. He dreamt daily about his houses in Jupiter. 140,890 days ago several Neptune's aliens came to Alien Emoji with their flying saucers. At this time the stingy investor from the Jupiter was nearby. Finally, he wanted to use the chance.
Although he saw never flying saucers, he hid with his property in a seat. The ruling town dictators welcomed the new guests from the Neptune. They might drink together cucumber juice. In Alien Emoji the population saw for the first time a flying saucer in the life. Thus the town dictators wanted to buy several or at least a flying saucer from the Neptune's aliens or at least rent.
The flying saucer in which the stingy investor hid was rented to the town dictators by Alien Emoji. When the stingy investor got to know about that, he was angry. He hoped for a free of problems flight to Neptune. At the same time he got a good idea. He decided to fly away at night from Alien Emoji.
What he did not know about that the Mercury alien searched him because of the budget for tourism questions. He nowhere found him. That's why he and the town dictators decided to found an army and a police. Also Neptune's aliens were called for the assistance. Later the stingy investor heard that he was searched. Thus he decided to leave quite carefully the flying saucer. Nevertheless, he forgot his property. He thought that, finally, he made up for his flight at night.
When he came from the saucer, he was identified by attentive soldiers. Immediately he was handed over to the town dictators. The soldier said where he found the Jupiter alien. After this event the town dictators gave the common command for the supervision of the flying saucer. The miser was angry internally very strongly at the fact that he left his hiding place. Moreover, he noticed that he left his whole property there. Thus he reacted fast.
He had good tasting and distracting smells on him from his native country.
At night he used his smells in such a way that soldiers and all supervisors were automatically deflected. He used this completely. He sat down in the flying saucer. He flew from Alien Emoji to Jupiter. Only in his native country he noticed that he was on the move with the wrong saucer. He sat down in a saucer without his property. At least, he met his family in Jupiter. He renounced a return flight to the underdeveloped Alien Emoji of those times.
After this event misers from the Jupiter stroked the word "Kidnapping" from their duties. The next day the Mercury alien came to the flying saucers. He might visit his home planet officially. In Mercury he noticed that in the lower seat a lot of property was hidden. He gave the property to his family. Moreover, he told that this property from his kidnapper came. He found there many concepts into language of the Jupiter. After these events he decided to fly back to Alien Emoji.
126,290 days ago discovered Saturn aliens the town. They wanted to enquire about the natural resources. Moreover, they found out about the political system of Alien Emoji. They were surprised of the fact very much that in Alien Emoji immediately two town dictators ruled. They also wanted to have a bath in the artificial lake. In the nature they found several meteorites. Then they sent several researchers from the Saturn to Alien Emoji. Together with the local researchers they examined the found meteorites.
Thus originated the meteorite museum of Alien Emoji. 116,070 days ago a Saturn alien from a well-to-do family came to Alien Emoji. He was called Avoid. He founded several factories for water drinks in the town. He uses above all the water from the artificial lake. He made to himself more and more a good name under the local population. Finally, Avoid became the biggest employer of Alien Emoji. 110,230 days ago the alien town dictator of Alien Emoji died.
That's why the town needed the second town dictator urgently. Thus Avoid from the Saturn was nominated for the town dictator. Together with an Emoji he was also the town dictator. 106,580 days ago Alien Emoji experienced an artificial economic crisis. Thus the finance manager with Saturn's roots wanted to allow to build a tax authority. The aim was the entire supervision of the local movements of the monetary flows.
The town dictator Avoid was always against a mighty tax authority like in other big towns. Thus he had to prepare for the levy. While the castle was built for the tax authority, Avoid built his own private bank. Moreover, he wanted to have his money under his control.

Easter Eggs and the tax authority

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102,930 days ago the castle was officially built for the tax authority in Alien Emoji. The finance manager applauded completely loudly when the tax authority began its work. Moreover, this authority printed nearly 66 pages in connection with the levy. Thus the tax return was born. Several Emojis and aliens fled from Alien Emoji. They had great fear because of a menacing expropriation of their income. The town dictator Avoid was angry very strongly at the levy.
Because of this authority he had to cut several jobs. Finally, the completion of the bureaucratic tax return cost extremely a lot of time and nerve. At the end one still paid a lot of money in the big stingy mouth of this tax authority. Some inhabitants complained with Avoid for this state. He promised to undertake something against the tax authority. 100,740 days ago died the Emoji who still nominated Avoid for his occupational colleague as a long-standing town dictator. Avoid used this time.
He changed the law of the levy. Thus he lowered Annual-expensive upon at most 10 Bitcoins per year and inhabitant. He did not want to annoy his mighty finance manager. One day the finance manager started to count the money. He noticed that Emojis and aliens deposited not enough money. However, he complained not with Avoid, but with the new second town dictator. Then the new town dictator had to strengthen the tax authority again. 91615 days ago several Easter Eggs from Mars came to Alien Emoji.
They wanted to settle down in this town. As the first they had to announce themselves with the finance manager. At the same time he congratulated the new inhabitants as new taxpayers. They received a stamp with the heading taxpayer of Alien Emoji. For Easter Eggs this was very strange everything. 91250 days ago Easter Eggs received their first tax return of Alien Emoji. They had got a fright very much. So they never saw a book for the expropriation of their income and their property up to now in their life. They decided to attack the finance manager in his office.
The finance manager was hard pelted with several pocket calculators from copper. Then he passed away. Later Easter Eggs burnt the castle of the tax authority. Finally, with it the population of Alien Emoji was released from the captivity of the tax authority. All tax returns were forbidden. The town dictator Avoid wrote this in the urban constitution of Alien Emoji. 80300 days ago the Circus Kingdom also wanted to take over Alien Emoji. Therefore the negotiations of accession began to Emoji Symbols.
The kingdom wanted that Alien Emoji joined the town of the centre of Emoji. In the meantime, the great-grandchild took over his job as a town dictator from Avoid. He was called Avoig. 76650 days ago the army from Mercury tried to occupy Alien Emoji. Besides, Avoig with his second town dictator commanded a pitiless attack against Mercury. The opposing army had to run away only with their last underpants. The opponents from Mercury fled like the biggest losers of the history.
Avoig began to develop his pride further. He admired himself daily in the mirror. He wanted to command the new establishment of the tax authority. As long as his great-grandfather still lived, he renounced this wish. 73000 days ago the former town dictator Avoid died at the age of 61320 days. After the burial of his great-grandfather organised Avoig the tax authority again quite anew. He had several finance managers. Their main activity was the dispatch of the bills. Finally, the authorities were also able of nothing other.
To send bills, was that what could make everybody. Moreover, there were at this time especially comfortable mass printers. Thus the tax authority could immediately send several ten thousand bills. Avoig counted the income every Thursday with his hands. His stinginess grew more and more. Inhabitants of Alien Emoji became slaves of the tax authority. In comparison to former levy soldiers and policemen also came to the tax duties home.
Who wanted to emigrate from the town Alien Emoji, a very high emigration tax had to pay. That's why more and more aliens and Emojis had strong depressions. Finally, belonged more and more the money of the never full tax authority. This authority was called by the locals as the biggest stingy and haughty authority in the history. In the interim officials of Alien Emoji could get rich at the expenses of the population unwarrantedly. Thus it lasted long time. Avoig founded additional enterprises.
He wanted to establish as a big employer in Alien Emoji. Thereby he also wanted to strengthen the dependence of the urban population on him. 62050 days ago several Easter Eggs came at the command of their ruler to Alien Emoji. They were well coached. Thus they attacked the tax authority. All employees of this authority were arrested by the Easter Eggs and were murdered with cheese guns. Then the building was searched by the soldiers from the Easter Egg Country. Soldiers found several bills with the addresses of the local population.
All Easter Eggs thereby knew every inhabitant of Alien Emoji after his name, place of residence and other information. Thus Easter Eggs could dispatch letters in the name of the Easter Egg Country. At least, they promised to the population that they will collect no taxes. Thereby they won the trust of the Easter Eggs. At this time the town dictator Avoig sat in one of his enterprises. When he wanted to go to the tax authority, he was questioned by the soldiers of the Easter Egg Country. He asked them what they did here.
He got no answer. Instead, he was arrested by the Easter Eggs.
After these events more and more Easter Eggs remained in Alien Emoji. They founded several primary schools. Moreover, they were responsible for the construction of several vocational schools. They invented a special kind of the child slavery. For their enterprises they let children work for an associate degree. More and more aliens and Emojis did not understand, why their children became so workaholic.
Easter Eggs used the next generation of Alien Emoji for the increase of their profits. At the same time young inhabitants thought that they had concluded an education. In reality they were only victims of the skilful profit optimisation of the elite of the Easter Egg Country. 54750 days ago Avoig fled from the prison in Alien Emoji. He ran to himself home. There he got several fire-throwing guns. With these fire guns Avoig fired at several positions of the Easter Eggs. The army of the Easter Eggs alarmed after this event its general.
In the meantime, Avoig had already burnt a lot of places of the Easter Eggs. Alien Emoji resembled at this time fireworks without brakes. For many entrepreneurs from the Easter Egg Country this fire ended with high financial losses. Many Easter Eggs decided to return to their native country. Avoig did not feel any more quite young. That's why he wrote a testament for the protection of the town dictatorship for his family. As a former town dictator of Alien Emoji he might do this. At this time Alien Emoji was governed by a local and an Easter Egg.
53655 days ago Avoig died in his house. He was buried quite royal. Immediately after his death his testament had to be read out and be realised. This had to be finished in the burial. Thus the wish was expressed by Avoig that his great-grandchild called Avoij would take over the town dictatorship. When the town dictator from the Easter Egg Country got to know about that, he suffered a cardiac arrest. He died immediately right away. Avoij was still too young. The other town dictator of Alien Emoji looked at the birth certificate of Avoij. Thereon there protested the son of Avoig.
He said that the last will of his father is to be respected. After this event the remained town dictator accepted this. 53290 days ago Avoij invented the newest law of the expansion of the tax authority. Moreover, he wrote in advance emigration ban in the local constitution. In comparison to his great-grandfather Avoij provided no closer information. Instead, he founded every emigration from Alien Emoji needed personal discharge of both town dictators. At the beginning this looked very friendly on the inhabitants.
But behind this strategy Avoij wanted to strengthen rather the tax authority. Thus somebody wanted to emigrate from Alien Emoji. Then said goodbye to both town dictators. Later the emigrant was condemned to the entire delivery of his property. Only afterwards somebody might emigrate completely from Alien Emoji. The problem the emigrant was that they could not contact other emigrants. The reason was quite easy: Many emigrants left Alien Emoji to different directions.
Thus Avoij could prevent an opposition against his unpopular tax authority. He divided every week-end the income with his second town dictator. Both enjoyed this moment. They made nothing else than the population in their activity the property to take away. At that time the tax authority already won for the third time clearly in meaning and strength in Alien Emoji. Avoij sent personally bills to the inhabitants. 45625 days ago the ruling town dictator Emoji and the grandfather of Avoij died at the same time.
Alien Emoji experienced several visitors in the burial of both dead. Many mourning realised that they should use the chance of their life. Finally, an important member of the family of the hated town dictator does not die daily. That's why many visitors left the memorial service. Many inhabitants went fast home and collected their things. Then they fled from Alien Emoji. The town dictator Avoij had blessing in disguise. 44895 days ago came a group of Venus aliens to Alien Emoji.
Traditionally both town dictators got to know about the visit from the Venus. They welcomed the visitors. They wanted to offer a residence in Alien Emoji to them immediately. This looked very strange for Venus aliens. Abroad one nowhere wanted that foreign aliens got the residence immediately easy. That's why they wanted to examine Alien Emoji exactly with their magnifying glasses. On account of the rising pressure on the king of Emoji he had to give an command: Finally, all Emojis should begin with the construction of a railway station.
Both town dictators from Alien Emoji received this instruction also. They said the Venus aliens that they might build a railway station here. Avoij hoped to justify for an other tax increase for this purpose. For Venus aliens this offer sounded very interesting and persuasive. In the meantime, compiled Avoij a supervision plan of the Venus aliens. He wanted to supervise them at their work. In addition he organised a secret police. The policemen hid always completely behind and looked with their binoculars at the working Venus aliens.

43435 days ago Avoij was at the highlight of his career. He also opened a private bank in Alien Emoji. He advertised very actively to the opening of a bank account with him. In his advertisement he wrote: Want you to save yourselves the tax return? Then you open a bank account. The owed tax is drawn off to you absolutely automatically. Moreover, your credit is protected by the theft professionally. He called his private bank as a sort of town bank. The population in Alien Emoji reacted with an ironic laughter.
Working Venus aliens received a clear letter that their wages are transferred only to the bank account. Venus aliens were thereby already forced to have a bank account. Otherwise they would have received no more wage. On account of his power Avoij could force more and more Emojis and aliens to a bank account. Thus he had the most full control of the money in Alien Emoji. He collected not only taxes, but invented several fees as his achievements. In comparison to other banks he produced no own money.
The reason was that he was too lazy and was too comfortable. 41975 days ago the railway station was built by Alien Emoji, finally, ready. After the end of the construction works the town dictators invited prominent personalities to the celebration. At this time the fresh Scary Clown moved in the surroundings. He wanted to come unauthorised to the celebration. Avoij asked him who he was. Scary Clown meant about that only that he was a qualified lawyer. Avoij refused to tolerate to the lawyer the entry to the big celebration. In spite of big safety measures some former inhabitants from Alien Emoji could come to the celebration.
First a speech made the local Emoji for the opening of the railway station. Then applauded the persons present. Avoij rubbed himself the hands. This time he could speak before important personalities. At this time an Easter Egg got a full bag with cherries. He put his cherries in the gun. Then he waited, when Avoij started to speak. Then he started to shoot at him with the cherry gun. He also reacted very much fast to policemen on site. He also fired at the policemen. That's why there were several injured persons. However, there were not dead people.
The town dictator Avoij became seriously injured. With the shooting Easter Egg it concerned a relative of the late Easter Egg. His relatives died because of the testament of his predecessor and great-grandfather Avoig. After this event this subject became in Alien Emoji the most-discussed topics. Later Scary Clown praised the shooting Easter Egg. Avoij applied for an other tax increase. He wanted to buy a wheel chair to himself. 39055 days ago Avoij found out that in the Easter Egg Country a special possibility existed to bring his legs to the walking.
When he came from Alien Emoji to Easter Egg Country, the doctors said him that they could help only with donated legs him. After these statements Avoij became very depressive. He started to demand daily an other tax increase in his favours. His father decided to donate to him both legs. He wanted to make this his lifetimes. Avoij thanked very much his father. In the meantime, the rulers of the Easter Egg Country found out that their enemy wanted to make an operation in their country. They discussed this forthcoming operation with all doctors.
After some time Avoij with his father came from Alien Emoji to Easter Egg Country. There both patients were prepared for the operation. The town dictator Avoij was poisoned by a liquid. However, his father was not damaged. The operating doctors had to kill at the command of the authorities the son, but the father might live. In Alien Emoji the father organised a big memorial service for his dead son. On account of the big respect he might bequeath the town dictatorship of his son. During his short term of office he lowered the high taxes on the level before the accident of his son.

Moreover, he protected his grandson the seizure of power after his death. 36500 days ago the father of Avoij died just after his birthday at the age of 34333 days. His grandson Avoik wanted to take over the town dictatorship. Avoik increased the taxes as the first job. Moreover, he arrested his co-town dictator. To honour of his father and grandfather he allowed to build very high monuments at the expenses of the taxpayers. Alien Emoji became full under the control of Avoik. He pelted his opponents quite publicly with onions. He drank directly water from the artificial lake.
At that time belonged the main access to the lake of his family. His mother was a finance manager. His both grandmothers counted the tax receipts. 35405 days ago several demonstrations began against the regime of Avoik in Alien Emoji. Several local Venus aliens helped the Emojis in the opposition against Avoik.
The autocrat of Alien Emoji could fight against the demonstrators still successfully. Finally, he still had support of his grandmothers and the mother.
34310 days ago his both grandmothers died on the same day. Avoik had to organise the memorial service himself. This time the opponents of Avoik had the chance of their life. Thus several Venus aliens and Emojis came to the tax authority. They attacked in the building. There they found the mother of Avoik. She was arrested. Then they could exert on Avoik easily pressure. Thus Avoik was also arrested. Alien Emoji experienced the entire freeing from the family with Saturn's roots. After the seizure of power by the First Horror Clown several factories were built in Alien Emoji.

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