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Alien Emoji

Alien Emoji is a city in the kingdom Emoji. Ordinarily live in Emoji above all Emojis. However, in Alien Emoji 👽 Aliens are in the majority. How many inhabitants has Alien Emoji according to the last calculation?

On account of a strike of several days of the mathematicians Horror Juggler still had to lend his mathematicians from the Circus Country. This was 2222 days ago. The number of the inhabitants was estimated at 84444 aliens and Emojis. There was no a guarantee for this number for natural reasons. The following life situations belong to the natural reasons: Births, deaths and moves. Moreover, some inhabitants of the town hide from the authorities. They fear that the tax authority rises again one day from the cemetery. For this some researchers absolutely understand. Finally, the ruler of the Circus Country must still send a bill for his mathematicians to the city administration. Some outsider asks himself at this point:

Why did the Horror Juggler send no bill for his achievements up to now?

Anyway he sent a bill. This was already 1111 days ago the case. But the Salted Cucumbers want to provoke the kingdom Emoji against the Circus Country. The bad cucumbers want to have the kingdom Emoji under own control. Alien Emoji stands on the menu of the Salted Cucumbers on one of the uppermost places. On account of good relations bank note printers from Emoji Meaning took over the unpaid bill from Alien Emoji. Now this town owes the money to these bank note printers. Moreover, stingy owners of the bank note printers settle an interest of 6 percent. Alien Emoji had to build because of its indebtedness even some bank note printers. Alien Emoji could thereby pay back its debts with the friendly town fast.


 Alien Emoji


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Alien Emoji was mentioned for the first time in a book of the aliens from Pluto 1,095,000 days ago. Some geographers could exactly identify this area on account of the descriptions. Finally, several footprints of the former Emojis and aliens were found here. Some researchers from Pluto suppose that here other living beings settled the area. On account of the colder temperatures they had to emigrate either or become extinct. At least, their footprints were preserved till this day.
Some researchers want to transport the footprints carefully to the museum. However, for this they urgently need an official approval of the urban ones and the federal state authorities. For that the office for culture and history of Emoji is responsible. Many officials mostly sit the whole day on their chairs. They shout: Occupied!!
The first inhabitant of the modern history came 188,340 days ago to Alien Emoji. On account of his notes he was an alien from the planet Kepler-47.
Later came one more Emoji from an unknown area. How they found out by talks, both came from the beaches of the yellow sea. Both lived some time before by the yellow sea. Then they came independently of each other to Alien Emoji. They wanted to make an artificial lake. However, that's why they needed several inhabitants in this area. So that they could invite, however, other Emojis and aliens to the area, they urgently needed a name for the area. This would sound more interesting.
Who wants to live already in an anonymous area without identity. So they called the area Alien & Emoji. This place had thereby received an identity from its both first inhabitants. At that time thus nearly 444 new inhabitants came to Alien Emoji.
They dug very deeply underground. There they found several old books. Later they went with their horses to the yellow sea. 👽️🧪🎞️➕🖋️➕🛰️👽️➕☠️👽️🚢. 👽️🎞️⭐️🤕➕✡️➕💪🏼👎️➕🦊. At the same time he got a good idea. He decided to fly away at night from Alien Emoji.
What he did not know about that the Mercury alien searched him because of the budget for tourism questions. He nowhere found him. 😅➕💰️➕🛠️👽️➕🇨🇭👨‍🎨😭👨‍🎨➕😍.
The town dictator Avoid was always against a mighty tax authority like in other big towns. Thus he had to prepare for the levy. While the castle was built for the tax authority, Avoid built his own private bank. Moreover, he wanted to have his money under his control.

Easter Eggs and the tax authority

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102,930 days ago the castle was officially built for the tax authority in Alien Emoji. The finance manager applauded completely loudly when the tax authority began its work. Moreover, this authority printed nearly 66 pages in connection with the levy. Thus the tax return was born. Several Emojis and aliens fled from Alien Emoji. They had great fear because of a menacing expropriation of their income. The town dictator Avoid was angry very strongly at the levy.
👽️🪟🌃🌐🎞️🥮🎁7️⃣0️⃣ ➕🎥6️⃣ 👤🤝👤🥊🏢🏆️3️⃣ 🪐🧪🎞️⬆️🐈➕👏➕🎁. Therefore the negotiations of accession began to Emoji Symbols.
The kingdom wanted that Alien Emoji joined the town of the centre of Emoji. In the meantime, the great-grandchild took over his job as a town dictator from Avoid. He was called Avoig. 76650 days ago the army from Mercury tried to occupy Alien Emoji. Besides, Avoig with his second town dictator commanded a pitiless attack against Mercury. The opposing army had to run away only with their last underpants. The opponents from Mercury fled like the biggest losers of the history. 👽️➕🎞️🇺🇸🙌🏼❤️🎞️❤️‍🩹🎞️🧪➕💐🍀🙌🏼🎞️⏱️. 👽️🌹🎞️💡📚️🎬️🔫👽️🎮️➕🪀. 👽️🎭️👤✨👩😘⬅️👤🤪👩💡⬅️🛡🥚🥇. 👤🏹👩🗜⬅️👽️➕👽️.

Moreover, he protected his grandson the seizure of power after his death. 36500 days ago the father of Avoij died just after his birthday at the age of 34333 days. His grandson Avoik wanted to take over the town dictatorship. Avoik increased the taxes as the first job. Moreover, he arrested his co-town dictator. To honour of his father and grandfather he allowed to build very high monuments at the expenses of the taxpayers. Alien Emoji became full under the control of Avoik. He pelted his opponents quite publicly with onions. He drank directly water from the artificial lake.
At that time belonged the main access to the lake of his family. His mother was a finance manager. His both grandmothers counted the tax receipts. 35405 days ago several demonstrations began against the regime of Avoik in Alien Emoji. Several local Venus aliens helped the Emojis in the opposition against Avoik.
The autocrat of Alien Emoji could fight against the demonstrators still successfully. Finally, he still had support of his grandmothers and the mother.
34310 days ago his both grandmothers died on the same day. Avoik had to organise the memorial service himself. This time the opponents of Avoik had the chance of their life. Thus several Venus aliens and Emojis came to the tax authority. They attacked in the building. There they found the mother of Avoik. She was arrested. Then they could exert on Avoik easily pressure. Thus Avoik was also arrested. Alien Emoji experienced the entire freeing from the family with Saturn's roots. After the seizure of power by the First Horror Clown several factories were built in Alien Emoji.

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