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Like Emoji

Like Emoji was born 14696 days ago in Emoji Copy Paste. Like Emoji eats in his spare time regularly dandelions. Like Emoji was kidnapped at the age of 3333 days by several aliens from the Saturn. Saturn aliens wanted to make several researches in Like Emoji. He was locked up in a Saturn's lab. There it was especially cold. Like Emoji shouted because of fear. Researchers used him for research purposes. They wanted to penetrate into his brain.
Saturn aliens supposed that in the brain of Like Emoji a lot of valuable information was stored. At this time aliens from the Venus planned an attack against Saturn. Venus aliens came with several tollgates to Saturn. They were near the famous research centre. By this second researchers wanted to open the brain of Like Emoji with the magnet. They tried to fish the thoughts of Like Emoji. Suddenly several furious Venus aliens with the tollgates came to the research centre. They would shout something in their mother tongue. Then they hit on the walls of the house. Several walls disintegrated. The Saturn's researchers had great fear. They tried to calm down. They ate two diamond tablets. Then they concentrated upon the withdrawal of the information from the brain of Like Emoji. In the meantime, there came several Venus aliens with the tollgates and hit with big fury on the researchers.
Then they released Like Emoji. Moreover, they left several atom bombs in the space. Like Emoji wanted to go voluntarily with them. He was taken on their other tour in Saturn. Venus aliens also wanted to bomb a historical building on the Saturn's rings. At this time organised Saturn the whole army. Thus it was searched actively for the culprits. Like Emoji wanted to recompense his liberators. That's why he went alone to the desired place. There he left an invisible bomb. Then he fled with the Venus aliens. The historical building was easily damaged.
With potato skin the building was restored. Like Emoji flew with the Venus aliens to their home planet. At this time completely Emoji and the Circus Union looked for the missing boy. At this time Pluto helped in the search. Thus several tracks led to Saturn. That's why Pluto on the instruction of the ruler of the Circus Union had to bomb the enemy. Thus Pluto sent ten electric bombs to Saturn. There several houses were equalised to the ground. Then Saturn sent a letter of apology to Emoji.
Like Emoji was questioned at this time about his origin in Venus. Moreover, he received several honouring from the Venus aliens. He also received the honorary citizenship from Venus. He was also entitled to a scholarship in Venus. As a hero Like Emoji was brought back to his native country. When the ruling Horror Clown found out about the authorisation of a scholarship for Like Emoji in Venus, he stroked him from the educational budget. At the age of 6570 days Like Emoji flew for his education to Venus. There he studied the local language. Moreover, he might study jurisprudence there.
Later he made his doctoral thesis in Venus. During his study Like Emoji got to know an alien from the Jupiter. He was interested in a tax-free location. At that time Like Emoji said the Jupiter alien that in Emoji no taxes are collected. More and more the Jupiter alien was convincing Like Emoji to the return to Halloween. After the end of the doctoral thesis Like Emoji left Venus together with the Jupiter alien. In Emoji Copy Paste both founded a consulting firm for company foundations.
The alien from the Jupiter received the title "Miser" on account of his economic success. However, for his title he had to travel to Jupiter. Together with Like Emoji he flew in his native country. By the title lending there came several yellow, white and transparent Jupiter aliens and pelted the stingy friend of Like Emoji with pears. After this event Like Emoji shouted something in the Venus Language. Then there fled all pear throwers. However, then the miser was seriously injured by the pear throwers at the airport for envy reasons with drawn water melons from cardboard.
Like Emoji decided to fly away from the Jupiter. Later his stingy friend from the Jupiter returned to Emoji Copy Paste.

In the meantime, Like Emoji also wanted to finish a shortened degree of the jurisprudence in Emoji Opinion. That's why he had to leave his hometown and the founded enterprise for some time. This used his stingy friend. He override the enterprise on his name. Moreover, he extinguished the name Like Emoji from the commercial register. Thus the miser from the Jupiter became the sole owner of the enterprise.
Moreover, he raised the prices of his services by the triple one. The dependence on his enterprise led to too many discomfort in the land court. At this time Like Emoji found out that against his stingy friend a penal procedure took place because of banked prices. That's why he decided to defend his friend in the court. He said that it concerned conspiracy against the miser. After this event the judge asked the defender, why he exerted himself so much for the miser.
Like Emoji answered this that he owned this enterprise together with the miser. In the meantime, the miser became quite red in the face from shame. Thereon the uppermost judge got the extract from the commercial register about the enterprise of the miser. He read out everything. When Like Emoji heard this, he could hardly believe in the betrayal of his business partner. Thus he got up. He hit to the miser in the face. After this event the miser was condemned because of unwarranted enrichment and deception against customers and business partners. Thereon the miser had to pay a fine.
For him this was a death sentence. He wanted to accept any other punishment, but pay never a fine.

After this discussion the uppermost judge decided to lock up the miser in a prison in Emoji Meaning for 886 days. Moreover, the miser had to pay from the earned money in prison extra the difference of the banked prices his injured people. Like Emoji had to transfer the legally deserving portion to the miser in the prison cell.
After this event Like Emoji could finish his continuing education at the university for jurisprudence and political opinion education. Later Like Emoji got an invitation for an employment as party president. On account of his excellent experiences he got several offers. In Like Emoji were interested before all enterprise which export or import products and services to Venus. 1825 days ago Like Emoji might announce his candidature in the parliament of the kingdom before the journalists.
As a representative of the interests of his town he was elected later in the parliament. As a politician he represents above all the interests of the export economy. In the foreign affairs he wants to improve the relations with the Venus clearly. Like Emoji represents strong criticism of Saturn and its mighty tax authority. He wants to protect the frontiers against the army of the Saturn. Besides, he is always called as a victim of the Saturn. In the social politics Like Emoji represents a rise of the retirement age for all inhabitants of the kingdom. At the same time he wants to improve the working chances of older employees timewise.
The best known political demand of Like Emoji was the foundation of a new town in the kingdom Emoji at the expenses of a forest. After this event reacted environmental associations with the biggest opposition. Thus Like Emoji had to fetch back his demand in his mouth. However, in addition he needed the help of several detectives. Finally, strict forest protection is valid in the kingdom Emoji. Because of his demand he had to apologise even at the command of the king of Emoji officially.
After he apologised publicly, he got as a gift together with a big applause also several dandelions. By his 14666 life days Like Emoji was pelted by his fellow members with forty different apple kinds. At least, he could admit that he knew not all apple kinds.



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