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Emoji Copy Paste

This is the story about the town. For different Emojis see: Emoji Dictionary or to Copy and paste every Emoji, other version: Copy and paste Emoji vertical version. Emoji Copy Paste is the northern town of Emoji. The town is valid as the most northern biggest town of the kingdom. In this town many different inhabitants from the whole galaxy lived. Archaeologists and historians find every seventh Tuesday new archaeological findings. For Emojis and other inhabitants of the kingdom it is unclear, why the progress can be achieved only on Tuesdays.

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Many members of the opposition of the historians accuse the censorship authority. Finally, still there lasts long time, until new findings may be published in all press releases. The town belonged to the most important ones of the time of the Emoji Circus.

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 Emoji Copy Paste



History of Emoji Copy Paste

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2,027,575 days ago several beavers lived in this area. They settled the whole area of the today's Emoji Copy Paste. They built several hills in this area. According to information of the zoologists they were very diligently at this time. 1,461,460 days ago the town was taken by the arch-enemies. They began the hunt. They hunted above all the present inhabitants.

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From the proud inhabitants of the area beavers became victims of the arch-enemies. 1,216,545 days ago several aliens tested their rockets from wood in Pluto. Several rockets were shot directly on the highest building on the hill of the arch-enemies. At that time several beavers were released. Arch-enemies exactly wanted to examine a rocket of wood.

Thereby they also wanted to build a similar rocket themselves. As a result they called the area Copy Paste. Finally, arch-enemies were too decayed to think. Thus they copied the rocket from wood. They built similar rockets. They tried to send the rockets in the stranger. At that time they did not know who extraterrestrials from Pluto were.

They were very underdeveloped people. Later aliens built an atom bomb from sand. This bomb was shot with a test again to Emoji Copy Paste. This time the atom bomb met the arch-enemies so strongly that their elite fell ill with unknown illnesses. At this time several hungry bears came from unknown places. They attacked the arch-enemies.


Many arch-enemies were strongly bitten by the hungry bears. The climate in Emoji Copy Paste became colder and colder. Many arch-enemies left the area. The beavers conquered the area again. Before 811,030 several Generous came to the area. They built several ships on dry ground. This was very strange. Finally, this area has no lake.

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Several extraterrestrials from the Venus were brought to the hard labour by the Generous to the area. They had to build the ships for them. How long this lasted, are quiet the modern Generous on this subject. Thus they want to avoid compensation complaints from the Venus.


Emoji Copy Paste under Emoji Circus

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410,990 days ago the first Jugglers and Emojis came to the area. In addition there came several Clowns from the Circus area. They started to attack with arrow and curve the Generous. The Emojis were very mighty at this time and had no fear of the Generous. Under the guidance of the Emojis were forced all Generous with arrows and curves successfully to the defeat. Generous had to laugh nothing.


Thus the whole area was called as an Emoji Copy Paste official. Thereon all theorists had to put down the new name on all history books. The uppermost general of the Emojis defeated the uppermost general of the Generous in an official duel between both sides. With several arrows the uppermost generous general was fought within 17 seconds. Several Jugglers and Clowns applauded the successful Emojis.

More and more Emojis strengthened their power in Emoji Copy Paste. The town was valid as the most successful place of the Emojis. Nowhere or seldom Emojis were so successfully in the victory against other people. Thus this town is valid as a token of the ancient victory in Emoji.

Emoji Copy Paste under emperor 8 Emoji

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362,080 days ago the inhabitants appointed 8 Emoji as an urban emperor. At that time he had to build several houses from papyrus. He had to import papyrus from other countries. Thus he and several his followers were on the way during nearly 888 days. At that time he had to go with the horses and donkeys on the search for papyrus. Later he ordered the local plantation of papyrus in Emoji Copy Paste.

When 8 Emoji got older, he decided to write a book. More and more often he felt tired. After some time he refused to go on the search of papyrus. In his house he also had a farm. Together with him several cows also lived. He wrote in his book that he got visitors from unknown places of the galaxy every Friday. When his book appeared for the masses, nobody believed in aliens from other planets.

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8 Emoji worked steadily on extending the surface of Emoji Copy Paste. One day he decided to attack several Clowns on the town border militarily. Thereon he conquered several forest surfaces of the Clowns. Because Clowns were too weak at that time, they took down this crime in their revenge book. The revenge book was handed over regularly by testament to the next generation. 8 Emoji also planned the expulsion of the name Circus from the common rule.

Many Emojis collected several diamonds at this time. From the diamonds they made several pieces of jewellery. Many Emojis were active more and more as jewellers.

They stuck the diamonds to the wooden pieces. 354,780 days ago many inhabitants from Emoji Copy Paste bought several pieces of jewellery from the local jewellers. They fell ill more and more with worms. At that time a big pandemic began in the town. Many Emojis died unexpected death in the sleep.

The population became weaker and weaker. Jugglers and Clowns mostly avoided the purchase of the diamonds from the local jewellers. 8 Emoji was very much anxiously about the fact that many Emojis died in the shortest time. Only papyrus traders and papyrus farmers survived this pandemic. Also the emperor 8 Emoji became easily ill at the beginning. Therefore, he decided the combustion of his pieces of jewellery with the diamonds.

He was so annoyed that he forced his employees to the dispatch of the warning letters. His employees wrote in the letters to the Emojis that they should get rid of the diamonds. 8 Emoji decided to strengthen other areas of the everyday life. Thus his uppermost employees were sent to the south. There they should search for alternative employments for the population of Emoji Copy Paste.

Besides, many of his employees were attacked on the way by hungry wild animals. Many Emojis died after the attacks. 8 Emoji celebrated at this time his 23725 life days. He belonged to the oldest inhabitants of the town. In spite of the joyless age this event with the other employees celebrated 8 Emoji. He decided to go on the hunt of the beavers. He sat down on his donkey.

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When he was in the middle of the wood, he felt unwell. He fell from the donkey on the ground. For his luck the ground was not hard. He fell on a group of beavers. 8 Emoji decided to hunt after this event no beavers. 353,320 days ago several meteorites fell on Emoji Copy Paste. The meteorites fell from the asteroid 90482 Orcus. There aliens from Pluto stationed several advanced robots.

The robots became from Pluto from remote control. The meteorites destroyed several papyrus houses in this area. The power of the Emojis thereby weakened more and more. Clever Clowns and Jugglers could use the chance. They conquered back their areas on the town border to Emoji Copy Paste. 8 Emoji felt as the biggest loser.

Finally, he was the initiator of the enlargement of the urban surface on the border to the Circus area. At the age of 24099 days the emperor 8 Emoji died as a result of the strong disappointment.

Emoji Copy Paste under Gingerbread

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283,606 days ago several Gingerbreads from the other north of the planet Halloween came to Emoji Copy Paste. They were equipped with several things from their beekeeping. Moreover, they brought several bees as a war assistant to the area. Many beekeepers from the Gingerbread Country sent several bees to the Emojis. Many inhabitants became seriously injured from the bees. The Gingerbreads could thereby claim the area for themselves. Clowns and Jugglers looked with big envy at the beekeepers from the Gingerbread Country.


The local population had to produce before all honey. In addition the uppermost responsible beekeeper checked every inhabitant exactly. At that time lived the Emoji called Ad Wa in this town. He was valid as a gifted officer in the army of the Clowns. He owned the house on the town border to the Circus. Moreover, he bred several dogs of the juggler's race. At that time these dogs were valid as a big fright for all attackers. He found out that many Emojis were injured by the beekeepers from the Gingerbread Country.

He sent several his dogs to the beekeepers. Many beekeepers were surprised by the dogs. The dogs attacked the beekeepers. Thereon there fled several bees from their cages. The bees started to attack the dogs. At the end there fled the bees from Emoji Copy Paste. In spite of this success beekeepers could strengthen their power in the town quite clearly. Finally, Clowns and Jugglers were still too weak. 188,444 days ago the Clowns gained strength in the Circus.

They decided to release Emoji Copy Paste from the beekeepers. At that time several Clowns with their pumpkins ran to Gingerbread Country. There they destroyed the most important building. In this building important were the documents about the rule of beekeepers in Emoji. The Gingerbreads wanted to accept their defeat by no means by the destruction of the important building. Thus they sent a beekeeper's army to Circus. The fights were very intensive above all on the town border of Emoji Copy Paste.

Many Emojis helped the Clowns. Thus more and more beekeepers were pelted successfully with the pumpkins. Some Emojis pelted the beekeepers with water melons. At that time they had a big harvest of this fruit. Under big fear of death realised beekeepers 186,880 days ago that the Circus could strongly increase in military strength. Thus Emoji Copy Paste was resigned to the Circus.

Emoji Copy Paste under Circus

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After the victory against the beekeepers several long walls were built in the town. The ruling Clowns ordered this in writing and orally. Gingerbreads could not give up yet the town. That's why they began regularly every Monday a new war. Every Wednesday they had to take their defeats home.


182,865 days ago the uppermost Clown signed the last bureaucratic document for the entry to the Circus. This document was shown to the caught beekeepers before the eyes.

The uppermost Clown found out that again beekeepers were on the move to Emoji Copy Paste. That's why he sent his circus army. For Gingerbread this discussion also ended with a bitter defeat. Emojis applauded the circus army. Thus Gingerbreads came over and over again during the following decades over and over again to new fights to Emoji Copy Paste. Only 165,345 days ago the town experienced a big surprise.

At that time there grew the conquest addiction of the Allergies. They sent several allergic soldiers in the town. They tried to claim the whole area for themselves.

The uppermost Clown sent several juggler's dogs to the allergic army. Thus several soldiers started to fall ill because of their allergy on dogs from the Circus. They surrendered voluntarily. The rulers in Allergies did not understand, why their soldiers fled voluntarily from Emoji Copy Paste.

For this purpose they asked several military researchers to write a study on the subject. Thus this study lasted long time. 159,555 days ago Allergies sent their army again to Emoji Copy Paste. This time their soldiers carried protective masks from wood. At that time lived the Emoji called An Ti in the town. He profited earlier from the bees from the Gingerbread Country. He was the only occupational beekeeper in this town. Thus he was asked by the uppermost Clown of the Circus to send several bees to the attackers.

On account of good discipline of the bees knew An Ti that the bees would return after the attack. Allergic soldiers were hardly before the entrance in Emoji Copy Paste, several bees on the soldiers from Allergies were sent. The bees attacked the soldiers by the wooden masks. Then there fled several soldiers from the town. The allergic soldiers decided to apply abroad for asylum. They did not want to serve any more the elite of their country.

Thus the uppermost rulers thought in this country that the soldiers were murdered completely. That's why did not want to be sent other army members to Emoji Copy Paste.

150,380 days ago a wrong Clown came to the power in the Circus Kingdom. He went to the town border to Emoji Copy Paste. There he organised a big theft. He stole a lot of valuables. Most Emojis complained about their strong impoverishment.

As if this theft was not enough, allergic soldiers came 147,460 days ago to the area. They wanted to take revenge for the death of their soldiers. This time they were not interested directly in the conquest of the town. They allowed to burn several papyrus houses. Many Emojis died by this unexpected bad attack. After these events the situation got worse in Emoji Copy Paste. The beekeeper An Ti decided to study the method of the successful Allergies.

This time, finally, he lost. This time his strategy with the bees was fruitless. The rulers from Allergies conquered the town. In Circus Kingdom big mess was at this time in the government.

The beekeeper An Ti decided to develop his beekeeping. He dreamt from this second of an opposition against the rulers from Allergies. That's why he made friends with the rulers. He had to produce honey for Allergies.

134,320 days ago an alien from the Uranus came to Emoji Copy Paste. One day he met the beekeeper An Ti. They were just with the lunch. Suddenly there came an allergic soldier. He hit on the alien from the Uranus. Thereon got up An Ti. He opened a cage. Several bees attacked the soldier. The Uranus alien was very thankfully to the beekeeper. At this time the mind of 8 Emoji appeared before several soldiers from Allergies in Emoji Copy Paste.

The soldiers tried to shoot him with the banana gun. However, they were disappointed very much. 8 Emoji could not be shot. Thus fled the allergic soldiers from this area. They fled to the Vampires. 133,955 days ago the beekeeper An Ti felt gained strength. This time he had the help from the Uranus against Allergies. Several spinach producers wanted to help the town in the fight against Allergies. In the contrast Emoji Copy Paste would import spinach from the Uranus.

Spinach entrepreneurs sponsored the opposition against Allergies. Thus Uranus army was sent to the town. Together with the Circus army was attacked Allergies by several sides. The defeat of the Allergies was unequivocal. 127,750 days ago the town was connected to the Circus Kingdom. At that time there grew the envy of the northern neighbours of the Clowns. That's why they decided to attack Emoji Copy Paste with their tortoises.

At that time aliens from the Uranus took over the town dictatorship. They set up in the town spinach industry. 114,975 days ago the beekeeper died at the age 51833 days. The aliens from the Uranus took over his beekeeping. In the middle of the war between the aliens from north Mars and the Circus Kingdom several Uranus aliens sent their bombs to north Mars. 107,777 days ago north Mars had to confirm its defeat with a sea of tears.

The Circus Kingdom became very mighty thanks to help from the Uranus. This led to big imports of spinach from the Uranus. When Chips Conqueror from the Mercury came to the Circus Kingdom, many voluntary Emojis from Emoji Copy Paste wanted to fight against him and his army from the Mercury. This made the ruling Clowns very proud.

On account of high costs of the fight several amusing houses had to be closed at once.

Thus several spinach processing factories were closed. Thereon there protested several owners of these factories. After the fight the factories might be opened again. 78844 days ago the qualified doctor Re Lax from the Neptune came to Emoji Copy Paste. He opened his medical practise in the city centre. There spinach traders mostly were nearby. They felt very much threatened by the presence of the doctor.

That's why they wrote a protest letter to the ruling Clowns. Later the uppermost Clown had to send several army members to Emoji Copy Paste. They arrested the doctor from the Neptune. However, this happened only, when Re Lax lived already during 5110 days in the town. He was irritated very much, why all spinach traders and the uppermost Clown had something against his presence.

After his examination the Neptune's doctor was released. He received the official working approval from the uppermost Clown. 71540 days ago many Emojis died in Emoji Copy Paste because of the electric pandemic. Thus Re Lax remained the only doctor in the town. At that time he visited Middle Finger Emoji. There the media entrepreneur Tycoon interviewed him for his newspaper. Later both extraterrestrials became good friends.

Re Lax visited the media entrepreneur regularly. There he received healthy pears. At that time for many Emojis was Re Lax the last hope. Finally, he remained as the only doctor in Emoji Copy Paste. With the help of the pears from Middle Finger Emoji the electric pandemic could be stopped. Thus Re Lax received several plant pots from Tycoon. Therein there grew different healthy vegetables. But also many peppermint plants were in it. Thus Re Lax made a drug from peppermint leaves. The doctor consumed himself the peppermint tea.

He himself could grow the tea at home. 56575 days ago the ruling Acrobat decided to invent several new laws for his Circus Kingdom. At that time there came several misers from the Jupiter. They founded several factories. In their factories they produced photocopiers. At this time misers strengthened their influence in Emoji Copy Paste. Thus the town dictator, an old Emoji at once was posted to the pension. Instead, the stingy Al Ly took over the town dictatorship.

Before he made friends with several Jugglers. More and more Emojis were obliged for hard labour. As a recognition for their work Emojis received cameras. But, how everybody knows, one cannot eat these devices. Thus the hunger rose in Emoji Copy Paste. The only doctor of the town Re Lax was strongly demanded too much. Thus he advertised in the newspaper of Tycoon. He searched several motivated doctors for his town from Middle Finger Emoji. The health of the urban population got worse during the next days.

Emojis did not know what they should start with the cameras. They hardly had forces. So the army from the Uranus had to help. They distributed several spinach leaves to the hungry population. Misers from the Jupiter received threatening letters from the Uranus. Thereon the stingy town dictator Al Ly had to do something immediately. He appointed the long-standing doctor Re Lax the urban health minister. 51465 days ago misers from the Jupiter founded several banks in Emoji Copy Paste.

This happened, after the town might count their 29999 inhabitants. The misers from the Jupiter changed their strategy at this time. They brought food for their slaves.

42340 days ago misers from the Jupiter founded several hotels in the town. At this time Acrobats noticed that this town was economically under the control of the misers from the Jupiter and the spinach industry from the Uranus. At this time the young Scary Clown came to the town.

He started to tell fairy tale about the free Emoji in the middle of the city centre. At the beginning he was only laughed.

40515 days ago several vocational schools were opened. Also higher technical schools were founded. 36555 days ago Scary Clown came to Emoji Copy Paste. He came with several accomplices. He allowed to burn several banks of the misers and their factories. Thereon the stingy town dictator Al Ly became very nervous.

Finally, he was the biggest stockholder of the photocopier factories. 35040 days ago the doctor Re Lax celebrated his 58400 life days. Among the guests was his friend from Middle Finger Emoji. They ate several fruits. Suddenly the First Horror Clown came to the space.

Emoji Copy Paste under Circus Union

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The First Horror Clown wanted to know what was celebrated here so haughtily. Scary Clown calmed his colleague. He said that here the birthday of the health minister was celebrated. Thereon shouted the town dictator: Where from do you know this?

Thereon the First Horror Clown commanded the arrest of the miser. Al Ly was arrested. 34310 days ago the First Horror Clown explained the definitive entry of the town to the Circus Union in his festive speech in Emoji Copy Paste.

34111 days ago the former town dictator Al Ly died in the prison as a result of his disappointment. The First Horror Clown decided the unreserved arrest of all misers from the Jupiter. He let overwrite the urban banks automatically on the name of the Circus Union. Later the First Horror Clown sent a press release about the death of Scary Clown. That's why the whole town had to organise a memorial service.

Thus several monuments were built to honour by Scary Clown in Emoji Copy Paste. The First Horror Clown commanded this. 33580 days ago the First Horror Clown ordered the construction of modern water pipes in Emoji Copy Paste. Moreover, several vinegar factories were built. 32485 days ago the construction of the urban railway station began. For this purpose the First Horror Clown sent several dwarfs. They exactly had to work out the whole surface. At that time the ruler of the Circus Union lacked qualified mathematicians.

Then the First Horror Clown noticed that the new railway station needed a modernisation of the power stations. Thus he ordered the construction of the wind power plants in Emoji Copy Paste. At this time the town had to get a new town dictator. For this purpose the health minister Re Lax sent his son. Pig Lax had to travel to the capital city of the Circus Union. There he had to pass an examination by the circus army. Then the son of Re Lax had to introduce himself to the First Horror Clown.

The ruler exactly wanted to study the urban archive of Emoji Copy Paste. For this purpose he ordered from the inhabitant's control the list with all names of the inhabitants. In his office the Horror Clown started to examine the birthdays of the inhabitants. In addition he got his microscope.

Suddenly his deputy came to the office. He had an important message. In the Salted Cucumbers began the economic crisis. There was absent before all vinegar.

That's why the First Horror Clown ordered the expansion of the vinegar factories in Emoji Copy Paste. The town became the biggest vinegar exporter of Emoji and the whole Circus Union.

Then the ruler got his list again. He had to find out that the health minister Re Lax was the oldest inhabitant of the town. From curiosity the Horror Clown decided to meet his son to an interview. He spoke with Pig Lax.

He promised to the son of the doctor to give the place as a town dictator. However, the most important requirement was the exact grounds of the long life of his father. Pig Lax said that his father ate only healthy vegetables and fruits. Moreover, he drank a lot of peppermint tea when the electric pandemic was in the town prominent in the headlines.

However, Pig Lax hid from the ruler that his father grew the peppermint plants at home. He also said nothing about the friendship of his father with the media entrepreneur Tycoon from Middle Finger Emoji.

31390 days ago the town counted 44444 inhabitants. Most inhabitants were Emojis. However, these were many misers from the Jupiter. They were accommodated above all in different prisons. Also few aliens from the Uranus lived here. They dominated the spinach industry. This time Re Laxly renounced to celebrate his birthday like 3650 days ago. 30660 days ago the First Horror Clown commanded the construction of several museums in Emoji Copy Paste. Moreover, a stadium was built for sports events.

During the next days circuses and libraries were built in the town. 28835 days ago an Easter Egg from the Easter Egg Country came to Emoji Copy Paste. He came to the nearness of the city centre. There he deposited a bomb in the phone cabin. Near the phone cabin were many Emojis. Just the health minister Re Lax wanted to cross the street. At this time an Emoji went to the phone cabin. The Easter Egg pressed a button. The bomb in the phone cabin exploded. Nobody died.

However, there were many seriously injured persons. Among them was also the doctor Re Lax. Many Emojis and aliens supposed that somebody wanted to kill straight the health minister of the town. The population lived from this second in great fear. The town dictator Pig Lax organised a big investigation after this event. Moreover, several researchers had to deal with the explosion. The Easter Egg had to bribe at the command of the uppermost Egoist from south Mars all researchers.

He also made this. Many researchers felt threatened strongly by the Egoists from Mars. That's why they made easier to the Egoists the work. Thus they said the town dictator Pig Lax that in the phone cabin the electricity was broken. The First Horror Clown was at this time while evaluating the video recordings from Emoji Copy Paste. Just he saw how the Easter Egg deposited the bomb in the phone cabin. Thereon he sent his circus army to the town dictator.

When Pig Lax got to know about the deception of the researchers, he was disappointed very much. He said nothing the researchers. Instead, he handed over the list with the names of the betrayers to the First Horror Clown. The ruler of the Circus Union sent after this his circus army in the town. All researchers were got in the middle from their sleep by the soldiers. They received the stamp "betrayer" on the urban inhabitant's list.

Then they were arrested. In the prison they were questioned about their engagement in favour of the unknown enemy.

By questioning the imprisoned researchers the Horror Clown found out about the forthcoming plans of the uppermost Egoist. When the ruler saw in a video how the searching Emojis accepted the money from the hands of the Easter Egg with thanks, he decided to kill the researchers. Thus several generals and officers came to Emoji Copy Paste and shot all researchers with the honey gun.

The former doctor Re Lax could recover after the explosion partially. 28105 days ago another Easter Egg came to the town. This time he wanted to meet the town dictator. Pig Lax hardly was outdoors, the Easter Egg wanted to run to him. Suddenly the ghost of the former emperor 8 Emoji appeared before the Easter Egg. The guest from south Mars reacted shocked. His bomb from the hands fell after this. The bomb exploded and the Easter Egg died only.

The First Horror Clown observed the whole events with the biggest worry. Thereon he sent his circus army to completely Emoji Copy Paste. The army had to look everywhere for hidden Easter Eggs. In a subterranean bunker the circus army found several photocopiers. They served for copying of important documents. To whom the bunker belonged, was unclear. At this time several aliens from the Uranus decided to fly to their home planet.

There they noticed that they rather wanted to remain in Uranus. Thus Emojis took over the spinach enterprises of the Uranus aliens. For the ruler of the Circus Union was clear that aliens from the Uranus planned something. That's why all their houses were searched. The circus army searched almost the whole town. Later misers from the Jupiter were questioned in prison about their activity in Emoji Copy Paste. The found photocopiers belonged to the imprisoned misers. 27744 days ago came an alien from Mars.

He attacked the cucumber store in the city centre. The owner was easily injured with a pocket calculator. More and more riots caused Mars aliens by order of the uppermost Egoist in Emoji Copy Paste. The First Horror Clown decided to raise the working hours of the circus army massively. Thus the threatened town had to be supervised during 24 hours militarily. 27229 days ago several Egoists from south Mars came to the town. They pelted several houses with bombs.

Many houses exploded. The First Horror Clown had to react as quickly as possible.


However, many Emojis could not wait for the ruler. Thus Pig Lax decided to organise an urban army. Many Emojis were motivated very much. The Egoists did not calculate thereon at all that in this town very courageous Emojis lived. A lot of war material of the Egoists was destroyed by the well organised Emojis. The ghost of 8 Emoji helped the Emojis more and more. 27010 days ago the state of health of former health minister Re Lax got worse. He could not get up any more.

At this time several Egoists penetrated into his house. They wanted to kill the old doctor. But from unknown side several heavy medicine books fell on the Egoists. Many Egoists lost their consciousness. The old doctor felt much better suddenly. He got up. He spoke about a miracle. He took several frying pans and hit the Egoists. Moreover, he killed them. As a doctor he could know exactly, when they were dead.

Later several soldiers of the circus army came to the long-lasting doctor. They asked him what happened here. The Horror Clown wanted to hand over an honouring to the old doctor. He already had the honouring for the handing over on his table. 26888 days ago Re Lax died at the age of 66416 days. At the same night he thanked the First Horror Clown for his honouring in the dream. Pig Lax decided to pause because of his memorial service the fight against Egoists. Emojis showed no understanding for this decision.

Thus courageous Emojis fought on against the Egoists. The Horror Clown sent even more soldiers of his circus army to Emoji Copy Paste. The victory against Egoists in this town was to be owed to the courageous Emojis. The soldiers of the circus army could score less.

26423 days ago the town could be released completely from the Egoists. Many Mars aliens were arrested. Later all caught Egoists were shot at the official command of the Horror Clown with a honey gun.

Moreover, all Egoists were pelted with heavy pumpkins. Their corpses were burnt.


25555 days ago the First Horror Clown provided a detailed restoration plan for Emoji Copy Paste. The town dictator Pig Lax received this plan from the ruler together with a letter. Then he gave the order for the construction and reconstruction of several houses. 24090 days ago new factories were built to different areas. The vinegar factories had to be built again.

Also spinach enterprises had to be rebuilt. In addition one more factory came for the construction of musical instruments.

Misers from the Jupiter were condemned to the hard labour in the prison. The Horror Clown wrote this in an important law. After the death of the First Horror Clown his successor decided the active construction of several dwelling houses from concrete. 19710 days ago a spy from the Salted Cucumbers came to Emoji Copy Paste. The spy was called Fun. He wanted to meet the town dictator Pig Lax.

He wanted to get from him several documents from the archive. The town dictator refused to deliver confidential documents to the stranger. Thereon Fun decided to hypnotise the town dictator. He organised a hypnosis. Thereon Pig Lax said where suitable documents were to be found. Fun stole all documents in request. He copied all documents. He laid the copies in the archive. Later Fun fled through the country of the Allergies to the Salted Cucumbers.

After this event Pig Lax had to release his job for a successor at the command of the Second Horror Clown. At that time Pig Lax changed his residence. The Second Horror Clown wrote a lot about this case in his notebook. He asked several own spies to examine the documents in the archive of Emoji Copy Paste. Later the fingerprints were exactly analysed by Fun. The Second Horror Clown wanted to send his spies to the Salted Cucumbers. He also made this.

But before the spies had to adapt themselves to the life abroad. Thus the ruler organised a long-standing study for his spies. At the university future spies studied how they should behave in the Salted Cucumbers. Moreover, they had to speak the language virtually the locals and can write. At this time Fun was on the way in his native country. He was just in Blackout. There the ghost of 8 Emoji appeared before the eyes of Fun. The spy fell in faint. His stolen documents were in his suitcase.

The ghosts of 8 Emoji and of Re Lax tried to organise strong wind. Thanks to strong wind flew the suitcase from his place. Suddenly the suitcase opened. All stolen documents flew away. The rest remained in the suitcase. When Fun awoke, he noticed his loss. That's why he searched for his documents from Emoji Copy Paste.

17888 days ago spies could find the stolen documents in Blackout. They returned with big pride to the Circus Union.

The Third Horror Clown praised the spies with a state honouring. At that time the temporary town dictator and successor of Pig Lax died. Thereon the Third Horror Clown appointed the grandson of Pig Lax the new town dictator of the town. He was called Af Lax. 12775 days ago exploded the most important electric place of the town. Many Emojis died because of strong smells. Pig Lax died at this time at the age of 65721 days. Also all his children died because of poisoning by the explosion.

Af Lax was at this time in the capital city of the Circus Union in a party. For him the return to Emoji Copy Paste was the worst experience after the conflict with the Egoists. Thereon he had to apply for the examination of the air quality. For his luck the air quality was not damaged by the explosion.

Many Emojis had to search the ruins of the electric place for poisons. At this time many misers from the Jupiter started to die in the prisons.

After the death of the last Horror Clown several Emojis had to prepare the red carpet for the elective dictator of Emoji. The other action became then juridical obligingly censored.  

Urban Symbols

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The courageous Emojis were so proud of their town that they wanted to invent a flag, a coat of arms and hymn for Emoji Copy Paste. They also did this.

2222 days ago inhabitants of the town wanted to develop their identity with a local hymn. Who enters as a foreign tourist in the town, gets first of all the urban hymn to hear.

The uppermost person responsible decided this for tourism questions in Emoji Copy Paste. The suitable law was accepted by all local parliamentarians without blackballing. The town dictator Af Lax signed this law even with both hands in all important daytime.

Geography and population

🌈 Geography and Weather

According to information of meteorologists the winter mostly experiences temperatures between +1 and -11. In summer the average temperatures amount in July +18. It becomes seldom warmer. All the other information to the climate is protected by the corporation for the enrichment of the meteorologists with several signs hard armed. Who would like to know something more, must contribute of course to the increase of the dividend of the stockholders of the enterprise.

At the official command of the town dictator several mathematicians had to count the population 286 days ago. At that time the number of registered inhabitants reached the number 291,642. This number was informed in all mass media on that day.

Further information about the town is intensely exactly checked in the department of the censorship authority to the release. Up to now no further information from the town may be spread in the wide world. For the check work about 4678 Emojis and other aliens.


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