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Mr. Inferno from Emoji Keyboard - the interview

Stable Inferno was born in Emoji Keyboard 16477 days ago. His parents worked as urban officials of the city guide. They worked at the censorship authority. That's why they hid their born children from the authorities. Stable Inferno also had a twin brother. But the Third Horror Clown absolutely wanted to have an adoptive grandson. That's why his twin brother was kidnapped to the capital city of the Circus Union. Thus his two brothers and sisters remained. He has a brother and a sister. Stable Inferno is quiet about his private life. Sweasy26 met him to the interview. Finally, finally, Stable Inferno wants to take over the uppermost seat of the traditional company. That's why he runs for election as a president of the company Emoji Keyboard. However, his brother is exceptionally with envy on him.

Mr. Inferno, your brother said about your candidature as an Emoji keyboard president: «Nevertheless, this is an only big time waste. I would find it better if he spent his life in rest with his property and his telescope.» Is he right?

Stable Inferno must take in hand his keyboard: My brother had a big envy attack on my achievements at school 12356 days ago. At that time he was thrown away from the school with the broom. He wrote forbidden sentences in the final examination.

Then he was not allowed to do continue learning. To my hobby: There my brother is right. I have a telescope. I use this device daily at 22:22 and 22 seconds o'clock. 👤🕌🅰️🧔🤑.

According to information in the urban archive your parents came 17777 days ago after a long stay from Saturn to Emoji Keyboard. How has the Saturn's mentality influenced you?

Stable Inferno looks in a dictionary whether it has therein an answer: Of course my parents were partially inspired by the extraterrestrials in Saturn very much. Saturn's methods in the enterprise are especially hard. If a Saturn-extraterrestrial wants to reach something, he makes everything for it. Will have all the same which consequences for him. One sees this also from the former history of the different rulers. What I hate with the extraterrestrials from the Saturn, however, completely, is the mighty tax authority. Luckily this authority was overcome in Emoji. I belong to the Emojis who never surrender in the life. I mean that, however, in the positive sense.

You yourselves were also in Saturn. You led an IT enterprise during nearly 1256 days. Which experiences could you collect for your career?

Stable Inferno takes a chewing gum from his bag. He throws his chewing gum to his mouth. He starts to chew loudly:
In Saturn I experienced different machinations. 💼🍖🤚😦🕌🌉🚯®️🚸🈶1️⃣ 👪🅰️🔬🎡.

Once you told during a radio interview about the kidnapping of your sister by your former employer to Saturn?
Stable Inferno chews his chewing gum so loud that the door opens: Yes. 👤🌽👩🔍️🏑🌽🅰️🚽🍖🅰️🌽🏑.

Is it in the election campaign a disadvantage for you to have lived only one giraffe away from present president?
Stable Inferno spits his chewing gum on his nasal cloth. After 12 seconds he answers: 💀⏯🙂🤚🧒🚮👆⏯💼😚🍀.

Which relationship has the Emoji Keyboard citizen Inferno to the present president?
Stable Inferno: Our cooperation is valid as the biggest secret of our friendship. We had many successful and common Emoji Keyboard projects, in many regions of the kingdom. One must recognise this and respect. On account of his old age he also withdrew from his place.

What would you make different if you are elected as a president?
Stable Inferno considers 17 seconds: I would outline new keyboard. Finally, we need a more modern keyboard for our future.
You fly regularly also to Mercury. If you become an Emoji Keyboard president: Will you also travel so often to Mercury?
Stable Inferno: If I am elected as an Emoji Keyboard president, I must stick my trousers to the chair with the best technology. Then, finally, I may not leave the chair any more. Moreover, I must hang a heading with the title "Occupied" on my chair.

How often have you used during your election campaign your telescope?
Inferno looks in his calendar: 👓️🔭🕵️🥂🔭🕵️‍♀️.

Your family roots are from the Circus Kingdom. This stands in the urban archive. Tell us how your forefathers came to Emoji Keyboard!
Stable Inferno: 81764 days ago my forefathers with the other construction researchers came to the area. At that time they received an order of the ruling Acrobats. Among them were also my forefathers. That is the fact that my forefathers lived in Emoji Keyboard already almost since the town foundation. I am very proud of it.

For your election campaign you ran even 118 terabytes. How many voters did you visit?
Stable Inferno starts to move something with his fingers. After some time several numbers fall from his mouth: 3621 voters were this. 🌉⏳⚜🚮🚀❎👒☎️🇮🇹🕌🅰️🥇. Exception forms above all Emoji Meaning.

The Circus Country supports you with 257,752 Bitcoins for your election campaign. Why does Horror Juggler have big interest in your possible victory?
Stable Inferno: Quite honestly I think that my roots from the Circus Kingdom play an important role. Moreover, completely Circus Country would want that a descendant from their country leads thus a famous enterprise. Horror Juggler shook to me even in a presentation the hand. This happened 1556 days ago in Saturn. Moreover, the Circus Country hopes that I would open the second company headquarters in the capital city of the Circus Country. I think that it surely made sense. Every clever expansion of a successful company has abroad good effects on the reputation of the enterprise.

Thanks to mighty support of the Circus Country you are valid as a favorite. What do you say to this argument?
Inferno: I concentrate upon my self marketing and only upon my own person. Finally, I and many of my interlocutors think that only I and only I am suitable for this important position.
By the way: 🆕🗜️⚕️♿️💬☎️❗️.

There are rumors after which your biggest competitor from the Jupiter has offered to you to pay security, so that you renounce your candidature. Is this a possible scenario?
Stable Inferno: No. I have said several times that I am not so favorable. Finally, I want to become the president. This is not negotiable for me. Of course misers from the Jupiter also want this job. But hey! I am in my homeland and not only this. I am in my hometown. I absolutely want to become the president. I am able to lead Emoji Keyboard to a much better future.

If your Emoji Keyboard-election will fail: What do you make?
Inferno takes a sheet with the names of his competitors. He tears this sheet.: Without me Emoji Keyboard can hardly dream about a good future. Finally, I have the suitable professionalism. Moreover, I am a real Emoji from my hometown. If I should not be elected, I must emigrate hold to Saturn. There I will more exactly study the Saturn's methods. Nevertheless, sometime it must still work.

If we talk specifically about your ideas and the Emoji Keyboard reforms. These intend that the term of office of the president is limited to 1826 days. A good thing?
Inferno works out: I believe in a term of office restriction by 1826 days. This should be valid for the president and the uppermost members of the Emoji Keyboard administrative council. This will guarantee big change that regularly new ideas and new faces come to the institution.
The journalists also profit from that. They would sometimes have to show newer faces to the readers. Finally, it is too dull to have stored the same faces already by heart in the head.

What do you make if you are elected in the up to now unknown election day?
Stable Inferno gets several newspapers from his suitcase: On my first day as an Emoji Keyboard president I would thank first of all my voters personally. Besides, I tear in each case two sides from a newspaper. I will throw both sides on my voters as a thank-you. Moreover, I will pelt everybody who had voted against me with several pumpkins. I will pelt my opponents anyway with salted cucumbers immediately.

How would you celebrate your outvoting?
Inferno: With a continuing education in Saturn. Then I think that I myself should found a rival firm. Of course I may not think about such bad scenario. I must think simply positively.
All the same what. In the worst case I would have to celebrate with the winner. But as said, this should not be allowed to happen only in my worst dream.

Stable Inferno gets just a message. He must urgently appear to his next interview. However, Stable Inferno remains quite loose. He wants to answer other questions of Sweasy26. Thereon Sweasy26 says to Inferno:

What have you still to say finally?
Stable Inferno: If I win, I organize a party in Emoji Keyboard. This was everything from me.
Stable Inferno gets up. He says goodbye to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. Secretly he throws several bank notes on the chair with an advertising prospectus. Sweasy26 takes the advertising prospectus and peruses.
Therein stands: Please, recommend "Stable Inferno as a new Emoji Keyboard-president, thanks of lot in advance". The bank notes have a value of 155 local Bitcoins.
The case is quite clear that it concerns Saturn's methods. No miracle is that his brother pulled back his candidature because of him.



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