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My Emoji is an actress from Emoji Keyboard

My Emoji was born in Emoji Keyboard 13777 days ago in bushes. The reason was that her mother and her father were away too widely from the hospital. That's why the fire brigade had to drive the born child within 12 seconds to the next hospital. My Emoji studied acting before the mirror in the self study. The reason was that the theatrical schools were open only to those inhabitants who were ready to see the Third Horror Clown with their eyes.

My Emoji suffered in her childhood from fear disturbances before the Horror Clowns. The official diagnosis of the doctors was also "a fear disturbance because of the Horror Clowns". Inhabitants with this diagnosis had to hide from the authorities. Who was got with this diagnosis, had to look at the ruler of the Circus Union personally as a therapy. At the times of the childhood of My Emoji she could hide her diagnosis still well. Her mother showed the Third Horror Clown daily before falling asleep to My Emoji.
Doctors friendly to Horror Clown and psychologists recommended this therapy. At the age of 3652 days My Emoji with her parents had to go to the capital city of the Circus Union. At that time they went by the train several hours. The parents of My Emoji wanted to show the most important city of the Circus Union to the daughter. They wanted to see important places of interest. The journey by the train lasted 1440 minutes. In the train were many interesting passengers. Among them were Emojis, Clowns, Smiles, aliens from different planets.
My Emoji could get to know an alien from the Jupiter. With this extraterrestrial My Emoji could learn the language of the Jupiter a little. The alien from the Jupiter was a tourist in the Circus Union.
He travelled around the big country. In the capital city of the Circus Union visited My Emoji and her parents the parliament building on the first day of their arrival. At this time visitors could visit the building as a place of interest. Completely on top on the left there sat the Last Horror Clown with an empty glass.
From below it looked in such a way as if the Horror Clown in a picture was illustrated. Many visitors thought that completely on top in the space a photo of the ruler hung. Moreover, a lot of real photos and paintings existed in this building. Moreover, there were a lot of cherries in the pots. Thus many tourists and other visitors walked in this building. My Emoji and her parents went on and on upwards. After some minutes they completely were on top. In the meantime, the Last Horror Clown already fell asleep.
He held the empty glass in his right hand. In the left hand he held a plate with many cherries. My Emoji said to her parents that this Horror Clown was real. Her parents did not believe in it. They thought that it concerned a portrait of the ruler of the Circus Union. My Emoji wanted to prove the genuineness of the Horror Clowns to her parents. That's why she approached to the ruler. She touched his hand. Suddenly the Last Horror Clown shouted so loud that the building moved to the left.
Within four seconds all portraits, pictures and photos from the walls fell on the ground. The Last Horror Clown did not understand what happened here. In the meantime, My Emoji suffered a "fear attack because of the Horror Clowns". The parents of My Emoji said the ruler that they specially brought her daughter to the healing of the illness. After some minutes the ruler understood that he himself should contribute to the healing of My Emoji. That's why the Last Horror Clown had to work very positively and well on My Emoji.
He did this with great success. The ruler worked for My Emoji like a good old grandfather. After this event My Emoji was cured of her fear disturbance completely. After a confidential conversation My Emoji for herself and her parents received nearly two gigabytes in cherries from the Last Horror Clown. Moreover, the ruler commanded the photo admission for the archive with My Emoji and her parents. Later the photo was put into archives in the state archive. After the death of the Last Horror Clown My Emoji was even very sad. She wanted to eat long time nothing.
Finally, she watched after the meeting every speech of the ruler on television. This became the duty of the day. At that time at the age of 5110 days she supported the ambitious king like many other young Emojis. She found very amusing to pelt the elective dictator with the old newspapers. For My Emoji and her school-friends there was to laugh nothing. Finally, they had to clear up the old newspapers from the street. Then several policemen controlled the fulfilment of the command of the uppermost policeman.
The clearing works of the opposition lasted very long time. At the age of 6982 days My Emoji began her education at the economic school. She thought at the beginning that she worked in the area of offline marketing. She thought about direct customer contact, but at that time were interested more and more Emojis for Internet marketing. That's why My Emoji decided a career as a water melon bearer. Thus she applied for a suitable employment with a farmer.
She got the job because she required the most favourable wage. My Emoji was discontented with this work. She looked for a better job. Finally, carrying the water melons was very difficult. Also the deep wage discouraged her. Thus My Emoji applied as an August pear collector. This activity had to exercise her above all very intensely in August. Thus My Emoji earned a lot of money. Then she wanted to buy a car. However, she had a problem.
My Emoji had to make one more driving licence. For it she did not have enough money. Finally, driving schools may require a lot of money quite legally. Thus My Emoji had bought a vehicle, however, could not go with it legally. She went in the evening by the vehicle. One day My Emoji was arrested by twelve policemen. She had to pay either a punishment, or be locked up in the prison for 12 days. At least, My Emoji could choose her punishment. Thus she saved immediately 12 days of her freedom in favour of a stay in the prison.
The stay in the prison was a piece of luck for her. She met a director who dreamt of a career as a filmmaker. He said My Emoji if he dismisses from the prison that he will record the best film of all times. My Emoji thought that her coprisoner was a big dreamer. She did not take seriously his words at all. Later he was dismissed from the prison. Also My Emoji might free her place for others.
The dreamer from the prison began with several movie recordings. He filmed a lot. One day he decided to open own cinema. He also had a friend from his time in the prison. This friend was a stock market magician. He knew exactly how one wins nearly 1111 Bitcoins on the stock exchange every day.

As a stock market magician he decided to emigrate to Emoji Meaning. At least, he might apply there his method legally. He earned so much money that he helped his former coprisoner in the construction of the cinema. He became the main investor. Thus appeared the first movie of the former dreamer from the prison. The film did not become the best of all times, but the director was chosen several times the best newcomer. My Emoji got to know from great success of the newcomer. Later she went as applicant for a role in his newest movie. She needed a driving licence for her role. This time the investor donated several 1000 Bitcoins for this purpose. My Emoji could take her driving licence, finally, in the hands at the age of 8404 days. Then she took over the role of the driver who had to go very fast during 122 seconds. Then My Emoji went in her role at least as slowly as the snail. This scene made My Emoji exceptionally famous. Finally, the movie brought her the desired attention. She profited from this role several times. She could make thanks to this role not only, finally, her driving licence, but also get successfully in the film business. At the age of 10588 days the tourism minister of the kingdom Monkey Emoji wanted that My Emoji works as an ambassadress of the tourism branch. The reason was that she was internationally successful in a movie. My Emoji posed for this purpose in an advertising video for the country. About her private life is valid a special censorship law. The law of the protection of famous personalities was expanded on My Emoji. Moreover, she may have as public figure a mask and another name.



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