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Emoji 3

Emoji 3 was born 17555 days ago in Emoji Meanings. His grandparents still had to leave Emoji 2 after the disaster. At the command of the First Horror Clown his grandparents were brought gradually to Emoji Meanings. There they got a small flat and might also have own garden. Emoji 3 grew up in this flat. In the garden it was grown before all wheat. Later Emoji 3 wanted to bake the national bread 🍠 .

Emoji 3 was of use for it own wheat. At the age of 8760 days Emoji 3 started to bake the traditional bread intensely. After some time he opened his first baker's in Emoji Meanings. Emoji 3 baked at the beginning of his career above all the national bread. On account of his writing weakness he could write no sales letters. Thus Emoji 3 had to go with his cakes and pastries from door to door. He could advertise only orally to his bread. However, Emojis had great fear of Emoji 3 with the cakes and pastries. Thus he sold at the beginning only 3-10 full slices of bread. Because of the political mess Emoji 3 his first baker's had to close.
He received from the bankruptcy office the title: Failure. 🗾🔠🌇🗼🌉🚽😤🤚🅰️🗾🤚🗼🚽🤚🗼🧷🗺🗾. 🔬🌉🅰️🥘🎓🔬💩🔬😛⌚1️⃣ 🥯🅰️🍞.
Thus concentrated Emoji 3 and the alien from Pluto above all on the baking. Commercial chains provided for transport and delivery. On account of their great success the baker's could do at least 100 new employees. This already happened 700 days after the opening. Thus developed Emoji 3 from the fruitless entrepreneur and learning-weak schoolboy, nevertheless, to a successful entrepreneur.

On account of his good Japanese knowledge Emoji 3 also wanted to open a baker's in Japanese Emoji. On time by his 10957 life days an other baker's was opened in Japanese Emoji.
At this time belonged Emoji 3 to the most successful bakers of Emoji. 😑🦠🚽🅰️⌚🚓🎁💡🍞☠️🦠🤒⏱️👮🍞🚽. After this event required Emoji 3 that researchers go live to his baker's. Moreover, he wanted that everything transferred live. Thus he made the researchers several times independently take bread tests. Then they had to evaluate everything.
This time they found nothing, although they made 10 tests. Then policemen found several documents which should ruin the reputation of Emoji 3 and his baker's in the rooms of the arrested competitor. Then researchers had to be appeared in court. Moreover, they had to pay a compensation to Emoji 3.



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