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Emoji 3

Emoji 3 was born 17555 days ago in Emoji Meanings. His grandparents still had to leave Emoji 2 after the disaster. At the command of the First Horror Clown his grandparents were brought gradually to Emoji Meanings. There they got a small flat and might also have own garden. Emoji 3 grew up in this flat. In the garden it was grown before all wheat. Later Emoji 3 wanted to bake the national bread 🍠 .

Emoji 3 was of use for it own wheat. At the age of 8760 days Emoji 3 started to bake the traditional bread intensely. After some time he opened his first baker's in Emoji Meanings. Emoji 3 baked at the beginning of his career above all the national bread. On account of his writing weakness he could write no sales letters. Thus Emoji 3 had to go with his cakes and pastries from door to door. He could advertise only orally to his bread. However, Emojis had great fear of Emoji 3 with the cakes and pastries. Thus he sold at the beginning only 3-10 full slices of bread. Because of the political mess Emoji 3 his first baker's had to close.
He received from the bankruptcy office the title: Failure. His parents wanted that Emoji 3 in spite of his writing weakness finishes the school. Before he had to repeat several times several classes. This was still at the times of the rule the Horror Clowns. At that time the schools were conceived very much for intelligent schoolboys. After the death of the Last Horror Clown the educational manager of Emoji gave a command for the organization of a special school for learning-weak. As a model served the system of the Jupiter.
There students are sent not because of the learning weaknesses in special schools, but want to save stingy politicians a lot of money for education.
Emoji 3 was the oldest student in the special school. He got a lot of commemorative training. Moreover, he had to learn Japanese. Emoji 3 had to repeat every word at least 111 times. However, thereby he learnt everything perfectly. Later he flew even to Japan. He wanted to visit the capital city Tokyo. At least, Emoji 3 was very proud of the fact that he spoke, finally, a foreign language. In Japan the local called him Emoji.
He smiled and affirmed. Emoji 3 visited the imperial palace of Tokyo. There he looked as the emperor lived. However, he was arrested. That's why Emoji 3 had to make himself invisible. Then all policemen and soldiers of Tokyo looked for him. So Emojis had to be spread for safety reasons in the wide world. Finally, after this adventure in Japan Emoji 3 wanted back home. Finally, in Emoji Meanings he could complete after several repetitions the school successfully. For that he received a final certificate with high school graduation.
Moreover, Emoji 3 might study baking beings at a food university. During his study he had to study different baking technologies. He tried out all methods in his spare time. One day all students had to bake a bread theoretically in a final examination. In this exam Emoji 3 received best marks. At this time an alien from Pluto visited Emoji Meanings. He was called Jazy. He brought a special oven from Pluto. Emoji 3 met Jazy in the library of the university. He spoke with him about cakes and pastries.
Finally, Emoji 3 together with Jazy decided to open a baker's in spite of his not quite completed study. At this time Emoji 3 was already 10000 days old. Jazy from Pluto brought the most modern oven and Emoji 3 had big specialist knowledge. Thus originated the first common baker's of both entrepreneurs. The first baker's was opened in Emoji Meanings. Jazy sent advertisements to the inhabitants of the big town by thought. He knew the best technologies of the telepathy. Thus nearly 50 customers already came on the opening day to the baker's. Emoji 3 shouted because of joy.
He did not understand how the customers came without advertisement to the business. Jazy explained to him that he had certain abilities. After 180 days Emoji 3 decided to put down the baker's as an independent enterprise on the commercial register of Emoji. Jazy refused that his name appeared in the enterprise name. Thus the baker's was officially called "Emoji 3". Jazy flew to Pluto. There he got other oven. The baker's had more and more customers from the whole kingdom Emoji.
Thus concentrated Emoji 3 and the alien from Pluto above all on the baking. Commercial chains provided for transport and delivery. On account of their great success the baker's could do at least 100 new employees. This already happened 700 days after the opening. Thus developed Emoji 3 from the fruitless entrepreneur and learning-weak schoolboy, nevertheless, to a successful entrepreneur.

On account of his good Japanese knowledge Emoji 3 also wanted to open a baker's in Japanese Emoji. On time by his 10957 life days an other baker's was opened in Japanese Emoji.
At this time belonged Emoji 3 to the most successful bakers of Emoji. In the land assessment of the bakers he overtook his twice as old competitor. After this event Jazy decided to leave the baker's to his commercial partner. He returned to Pluto. At the age of 14666 days Emoji 3 already counted to the richest bakers of Emoji. He started to export his main bread to Circus Country. In Jupiter misers wanted to prevent his bread. They feared that their profits would be transformed into losses. Thus a bureaucratic law of the protection was remitted by Jupiter before foreign breads.
Emoji 3 reacted with big lack of understanding. That's why he decided to become active politically by the home. Thus he ran for election in the land parliament. On account of his high budget he was elected. In the parliament he tried to apply against Jupiter for a law. According to own information his wife is called Emojia. Moreover, Emoji 3 has a son and a daughter. His children visit a kindergarten at a confidential place and under false name. Emoji 3 thereby protects the privacy of his family virtually no other public figure in Emoji.
Up to now not a single one curious journalist could present the family of the most famous baker to the public. However, Emoji 3 promised that his children will show themselves to the public. 2190 days ago his biggest competitor tried to ruin the reputation of Emoji 3. He ordered several cakes and pastries of his competitor. Then he sent these breads to a lab. He paid a confidential sum to the researchers. Thus the research centre had to spread later a press release to all mass media that in the cakes and pastries of Emoji 3 several furred microbes and vitamins were discovered.
The researchers looked very serious and plausible. Thus no Emoji and no alien doubted this statement. When Emoji 3 got the reproaches, he had a question to the researchers. He wanted to ask this question to the researchers on television directly. Emoji 3 required that the researchers to him also value the bread of the competition immediately in the live broadcasting. The researchers refused at the beginning. Then Emoji 3 took just the bread of the competitor who instructed the researchers. He paid attention to the fact that they did not know the name of the manufacturer.
Only the presenter knew from whom the bread was. The researchers discovered several dead bacteria which spread illnesses. Thus the competitor was arrested after a short time by the police. After this event required Emoji 3 that researchers go live to his baker's. Moreover, he wanted that everything transferred live. Thus he made the researchers several times independently take bread tests. Then they had to evaluate everything.
This time they found nothing, although they made 10 tests. Then policemen found several documents which should ruin the reputation of Emoji 3 and his baker's in the rooms of the arrested competitor. Then researchers had to be appeared in court. Moreover, they had to pay a compensation to Emoji 3.



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