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Energy Drink Emoji

Energy Drink Emoji was presented 4465 days ago in Japanese Emoji with big applause to the spectators. With Energy drink Emoji it concerns a high-energy drink. What is the special in Energy drink Emoji?

Energy Drink Emoji

Of course the manufacturers are especially interesting in this point. The water comes not only from the yellow sea, but from different springs of the galaxy. At the beginning the water was imported for Energy drink Emoji from the Jupiter.
On account of high taxes on the exportation of the local water the manufacturer had to search alternative water springs. In Saturn the authorities were interested in Energy drink Emoji. That's why Saturn aliens wanted that the manufacturer of this drink moves its head office to Saturn. The producer of Energy drink Emoji tried this. In Saturn several soldiers from the tax authority came. They required the patent for this drink. Several employees of the enterprise were kidnapped after this event.
So the kingdom Emoji had to send a mutual assistance request to Saturn for the release of the Emojis. As this is not used, aliens from the Pluto were contacted. Pluto had to turn off then several electricity suppliers of Saturn. The authorities in Saturn lost massively on energy. Thus the employees of the company liberated themselves. Then, the producer of Energy Drink Emoji decided to do no stupid experiments. So the company returned to Japanese emoji.
However, the water from the Circus Country will be imported. More Horror Clowns ensure with their transport vehicles. Energy Drink Emoji was very quickly to a big success in Emoji. The producer of the drink justified the success with the following sentences: "Energy Drink Emoji supplies as the only drink enough energy for the complex life of the Emojis. It also needs an Emoji at the present time much more energy for his life."
Many Emojis drink this drink especially before the start of the working day. At least claims a study at a university for food and beverages.
What exactly does Energy Drink Emoji?
The water consists of: Sodium (76 bytes), calcium (111 bytes), magnesium (67 bytes), chloride (56 bytes), nitrite (23 bytes), nitrate (12 bytes), hydrogen carbonate (222 bytes)
other ingredients are: Fructose, carbonic acid, special coffee beans from Middle Finger Emoji, taurine, glucose, vitamins from A-N, very secret mineral substances (without the substances in the water), sometimes also parts of the apple peels belong to the ingredients.
But this is only the case if the corresponding vitamins are missing.
Energy Drink Emoji was within a short period of time after the market launch to an important drink in Emoji. It may not that Emoji Energy Drink is missing at an important feast of Emojis.
Energy drink Emoji became within short time after the market launch an important drink in Emoji. Thus Energy drink Emoji may not be absent an important party of the Emojis. One day the producer explained that he would have earned so much money with this drink that he would like to organise an attraction of a swimming-pool with the coins in close future. Among the buyers of Energy drink Emoji he wanted to raffle for the swimming in the coins. Thus the manufacturer also organised a lottery. About that a lot of rich aliens from the Jupiter from the stingy social layer got to know.
Thus they came to Emoji. They were ready to wait up to 96 hours. Only this action brought big international attention to the producer of Energy drink Emoji. The turnover thereby increased by 333 percent. This led not only to the fact that the manufacturer had to engage several new employees, but the manufacturer could raise very exemplarily the wages of the present employees unsolicited clearly. 1122 days ago misers from the Jupiter tried to buy the patent of Energy drink Emoji.
The producers and employees sent a two-metre-long refusal on a big poster to Jupiter to the address of the misers. Thus Jupiter aliens may import only the drink to their native country. The head office of the drink manufacturer is in Japanese Emoji. There the stockholders and the management also meet in the general assembly. But who are the stockholders of this producer?
These are, primarily, all employees of the enterprise who receive their wage not only monthly, but they renounce voluntarily higher wage. Thereby they receive much higher dividend. Nevertheless, employees decided a pay raise as stockholders. The producer of Energy drink Emoji has an internal regulation for the examination of beginning stockholders. Thus they must absolutely work for the enterprise personally. The drink manufacturer thereby protects himself from stingy investors from the Jupiter. Energy drink Emoji is also drinking by many parliamentarians of Emoji before their meetings.
Thereby they remain awake also in the long term.
Is Energy drink Emoji healthy or not?
988 days ago at least 567 researchers examined this drink independently of each other. This was still controlled by at least 6675 soldiers of the kingdom Emoji. Sponsored results of the studies should be thereby prevented. According to researcher and his special field the specialists came to different results.
Thus the dentist said that Energy drink Emoji leaves no damages to the teeth. Against it another researcher said that 1103 bottles of this drink lead to an explosion of the bladder. That's why this researcher recommended that this drink is to drink not too much.
And what is the average result of all researchers together?
In the end every researcher explained individually that the consumption of a bottle of 2 megabytes per day is completely okay.
The recommendation of the researchers was interpreted so: Do not exaggerate. This was published thus in all mass media so. At the end cited media all 567 researchers. Topically the producer of Energy drink Emoji tries to invent a new kind of the drink. For this purpose a lot of researchers work together.
Someday a presenter was caught with the drinking by Energy drink Emoji. He was sued for that because of forbidden advertisement. Later spectators defended this presenter before the uppermost court. They sent several spam mails to the judges.
Then the server of the court crashed. Thus the presenter was acquitted by the court. When the drink manufacturer got to know about this case, the producer of Energy drink Emoji gave at least 9987 bottles of this drink to the presenter. After this event the recipient donated nearly 80 percent of the bottles with Energy drink Emoji to sad Emojis.



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