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How do lawyers react in Emoji to phoney contracts?

On account of old and existing contracts in Emoji not exist stored contracts on the server of the uppermost court of the kingdom. However, with possible problems Emojis should be able to be judged fair by the judge. That's why lawyers had to deal with such contracts. Moreover, lawyers had to ask themselves:
How do judges recognise a phoney contract in Emoji?
This is an especially important question because a lot of Saturn aliens fake different contracts in the course of the time in Emoji. 👎️💬➕👽️🛠️📃. A lawyer from Emoji Meanings explained at this time that he had a case of the Emojis in his hometown. At that time several Emojis had rented a flat of a Saturn alien. In the initial contract the rent amounted to 40 Bitcoins per month. After 180 days the renter felt in the middle of the night growing stinginess. 👤👨 🆕 🤝📃. ⬆️👤 👤👨⬅️ 💰️➡️ 4️⃣9️⃣ . 🪐 🖋️ 🤝📃,📅 🆕🤝📃.
The case was clear here to all lawyers: § All forbidden is automatically inadmissible in a contract in Emoji. Several lawyers at the round table said this sentence immediately. 📐🐘 🗽🤝📃❗️ . The reason was: The new employee looked during at least 120 minutes daily during the working hours television.
The provisional agreement was very ideal here. The decayed Emoji could be thereby sent by emergency from his job directly home. The dismissed Emoji complained in court that he was ill in a television addiction. ❓️ 👤👨⚙️°📺️. 👨‍⚖️ 📦️➡️ 🤪📺️⚕️🔬. The colleague wanted to sell his radio device for 10 Bitcoins to the blind Emoji. For this purpose a written contract was agreed.

The blind Emoji wanted to get, actually, a radio device. However, his colleague sold a small television set to him. 👤👨⬅️ 📻️⚒💪⛈️🤝📃. Thus an Emoji ordered a razor from the Mercury.
At the end the buyer received only one cable of the razor. Nevertheless, the enterprise of the Emoji required the full price. The buyer was sued even at the uppermost court by Emoji quite officially and haughtily. Mercury aliens said that they sent not only cable to the Emoji. Thereon there originated a research process of the judges. 🔎 🪒 ❌️. 👨‍⚖️🤝📃👯‍♂️. 👤👨📦️➡️👨‍🎓️ ☿🗣️🏢.
After the discussion of these both situations was clear to the lawyers:
§ A contract in Emoji must have explained all points for all contracting partners understandably. A contract may contain no secrets and riddles. All Emojis and aliens should have understood everything in the contract after 2 seconds.
What happens if a bill with wrong amount comes for the payment?
Must the receiver pay the wrong amount?
🗯️🏁 👤👨⬅️ 🔍️ 🥛 👤👨 /👤👩.
Thus an Emoji received incorrectly an amount of 111,111 Bitcoins for her telephone bill. She got a fright. She contacted the lawyer for the consumer's protection. 👤👨/🧑❓️☎️ 💵.
What happens if between the contracting partners a mediation person informed wrong?
In addition the present lawyers expressed themselves in such a way:
👤🎭️ 🙏🏿 📦️➡️ 👤👨🏿⬅️. Therefore such an Emoji carries a stamp: "Verified representative of actor....."
How can an Emoji react if the other contracting partner deceived him intentionally?
A lawyer with long-standing work experience explained: In my professional life I had a case of several Emojis. They had to sign a contract under big menace on the part of the regime 🎃🤡.
Besides, these Emojis should be delivered involuntarily to Makemake. On account of the crimes of the 🎃🤡 I could do nothing against it. But from today's view I recommend that such contracts should be worthless.
After this statement applauded other lawyers and wrote thus in the code of the Emojis.
Suddenly an alien from Makemake knocked at the door. An Emoji opened the door. The alien handed over a letter of thanks for the help attempt of the lawyer. In this optimistic point lawyers decided to pause.

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