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How do lawyers react in Emoji to phoney contracts?

On account of old and existing contracts in Emoji not exist stored contracts on the server of the uppermost court of the kingdom. However, with possible problems Emojis should be able to be judged fair by the judge. That's why lawyers had to deal with such contracts. Moreover, lawyers had to ask themselves:
How do judges recognise a phoney contract in Emoji?
This is an especially important question because a lot of Saturn aliens fake different contracts in the course of the time in Emoji. This is a bad reality.
An Emoji said in this discussion that many Emojis and aliens should make a copy of the document immediately after the conclusion of the contract. A lawyer from Emoji Meanings explained at this time that he had a case of the Emojis in his hometown. At that time several Emojis had rented a flat of a Saturn alien. In the initial contract the rent amounted to 40 Bitcoins per month. After 180 days the renter felt in the middle of the night growing stinginess. Then he provided a new contract for Emojis. In the fact stood that his tenants should pay 49 Bitcoins per month. The renter from the Saturn wrote in the contract, however, the date of the beginning of the rent.
With this measure he went to the court and sued Emojis for the additional payment of 54 Bitcoins. Moreover, the renter wanted to require a default interest of the Emojis. All together the renter from the Saturn wanted to get nearly 88 Bitcoins from his tenants.
After the lawyer exactly described this case, other lawyers asked him:
How did you react at that time?
At that time Emojis contacted me because of these circumstances. I represented the tenants in the uppermost court in Emoji Meanings. The judge required from the Saturn alien the proof that the contract was already more than 180 days old in this changed form.
The desperate Emojis showed their contract from the time of commencement. For the judges of Emoji the entitled question positioned itself: Which contract had really been signed 180 days ago?
In this case the uppermost judge required the bank statement of the renter. Besides, the Saturn alien had his bank statement. He showed with his finger that he got for months not enough rent of the Emojis. Thereon the uppermost judge asked the renter:
Why did you not react after the payment of the first rent at that time?
The Saturn alien: I am busy very much. I checked my rent income when I have enough free time.
For the uppermost judge was clear: The renter from the Saturn neglected his immediate controlling duty. That's why the complaint against Emojis was sent back to the renter to his address. At least, the renter from the Saturn wanted to conclude exceptionally a new contract in the uppermost judge. With it the stingy Saturn alien could raise the rent for the next month legally. For Emojis only the change of the flat remained. But they still decided to stay some time in this flat.
The other question of the lawyers in Emoji was:
Which contents of a contract are allowed in the kingdom Emoji or are forbidden?
The case was clear here to all lawyers: § All forbidden is automatically inadmissible in a contract in Emoji. Several lawyers at the round table said this sentence immediately.
Otherwise is valid in the country of the Emojis big creation freedom of a contract. After this event very well qualified lawyers of the kingdom agreed.
How do lawyers handle in Emoji with a contract which intends disadvantages for a contracting partner?
If a contract brings some disadvantages to an Emoji or an inhabitant of the country, every lawyer and judge can explain this contract quite automatically for invalid.
Thus the example of a female Emoji was discussed here. The female Emoji had to accept a lower wage with a stingy employer from the Jupiter.
She complained against the stinginess of the employer. Later the alien from the Jupiter had to digest his stinginess in his stomach. This decision led even to a protest letter from the Jupiter against Emoji. Here so Pluto had to intervene. Thus the stingy employer was easily reprogrammed by Pluto. Thus could get the female Emoji, finally, a decent wage. Moreover, Jupiter calmed down.
Therefore it was quite clear to the lawyers that such contracts are illegal in the kingdom Emoji and trifling. Thereon they wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ A contract is always automatically invalid and trifling if a contracting partner could expect disadvantages from the conclusion of contract.
What does make a judge with a contract which is only partly invalid?
In this case in Emoji is valid quite simply that only the forbidden part is invalid. The rest remains juridical legal.
How do courts react in Emoji if somebody signed a contract by compulsion or threat?
Besides, the disadvantaged person would like to defend himself against this contract.
For an Emoji was clear: Such contracts come as a rule by hard labour of employers from the Jupiter or the Saturn. Some Emojis make in particular Saturn aliens in the kingdom sign illegal contracts. In this case the legislator must protect the disadvantaged person.
Most present lawyers from all places of Emoji agreed with it. But among the lawyers was also an Emoji with Saturn's roots. This lawyer explained that Saturn aliens should receive special rights in the kingdom Emoji. Other Emojis with their old teaching means from their study time of the jurisprudence defended themselves against it. They said the Emoji that Saturn's employers should adapt themselves to the laws of the country. Vice versa is not possible for most Emojis any more. Finally, many Emojis suffered from the rules of other aliens long enough in their history.
The next subject of the lawyers was: Can a preparatory contract be concluded in Emoji before the final contract?
A lawyer explained that the law is absolutely used in some complicated areas a provisional agreement for the protection of the contracting partners.
Many employers in Emoji use this possibility of a conclusion of contract, with that they can defend themselves during the trial period better with this document against the Emojis or aliens. A lawyer remembered just in his mandates. It was an employer from Mars. The owner of the company complained of a decayed Emoji in his company. The reason was: The new employee looked during at least 120 minutes daily during the working hours television.
The provisional agreement was very ideal here. The decayed Emoji could be thereby sent by emergency from his job directly home. The dismissed Emoji complained in court that he was ill in a television addiction. That's why he needed during the working hours the television set. The judge decided to send the television-addicted Emoji to a medical investigation. Both contracting partners were contented after the visit of the court finally. Outdoors there looked Emojis how both opponents came in the court peacefully with amusing faces out.
For whom does a contract be valid in Emoji as non-binding?
§ If in a contract a coarse mistake or other mistakes seems, the contract can be valid juridical seen as non-binding. Forbidden articles of the contract belong to it.
The next subject was the mistake of a contracting person. When can a judge assume a mistake in Emoji?
Thereon immediately two Emojis wanted to express themselves in addition. Finally there spoke the defender of a partially sighted Emojis: In my case I experienced a valid contract of a blind person with his colleague. The colleague wanted to sell his radio device for 10 Bitcoins to the blind Emoji. For this purpose a written contract was agreed.

The blind Emoji wanted to get, actually, a radio device. However, his colleague sold a small television set to him. The colleague of the Emojis explained that his radio device was destroyed because of the strong rain. However, he wanted to fulfil his contract, nevertheless. So he handed over to the blind Emoji his small television set. However, for the blind person this business was a mistake. So he had to contact a lawyer. At the end the blind Emoji might keep his 10 Bitcoins. The colleague could also take his small television set.
Therefore the case was quite clear for the lawyers: In Emoji this is valid as a mistake if the buyer receives another substitute with the desired product. In this area there was also another case of the mistake. Thus an Emoji ordered a razor from the Mercury.
At the end the buyer received only one cable of the razor. Nevertheless, the enterprise of the Emoji required the full price. The buyer was sued even at the uppermost court by Emoji quite officially and haughtily. Mercury aliens said that they sent not only cable to the Emoji. Thereon there originated a research process of the judges. They had to find out, on account of the Emoji the razor received or not. For this purpose the judge decided to visit both contracting parties in their addresses without preparation. He sent several students of the jurisprudence to Mercury to the head office of the enterprise. Also the buyer from Emoji received several visiting Emojis in his place of residence.
By several investigations Emojis could find the hidden razor with the buyer. Later the uppermost judge of Emoji commanded the proof of the finding before his both eyes. Also in Mercury attentive Emojis thought many evidences that the enterprise should send only cable. With it aliens from the Mercury wanted to get rich by compensation demands. However, in the meantime, an employee of the enterprise hid a cheaper razor with the customer. Then the enterprise could save a lot of money at the expenses of the customer. At the end the judge of the uppermost court had to deal in Emoji with both proof means. However, at the same time the quality of the found razor of the buyer was quite good. Thus a riddle remained for the judges.
At the end a referee suddenly came to the courtroom and wrote 1:1. So both contracting partners were acquitted. Nevertheless, had to take over the Emoji and the enterprise from the Mercury the costs for this process. At least, the court had an argument for both contracting partners with itself. Afterwards the enterprise from the Mercury took over all costs. Finally, aliens from the Mercury wanted to have their patent for shaving devices back.
After the discussion of these both situations was clear to the lawyers:
§ A contract in Emoji must have explained all points for all contracting partners understandably. A contract may contain no secrets and riddles. All Emojis and aliens should have understood everything in the contract after 2 seconds.
What happens if a bill with wrong amount comes for the payment?
Must the receiver pay the wrong amount?
In addition some defenders of the consumers expressed themselves: In this case should check the Emoji the invoice amount with his magnifying glass. He or she must inform immediately the biller about the wrong amount. Thereon the sender must send a correction.
Thus an Emoji received incorrectly an amount of 111,111 Bitcoins for her telephone bill. She got a fright. She contacted the lawyer for the consumer's protection. He recommended the Emoji to contact the telecom provider. Really the operating system faked personally the amount. That's why a real Emoji had to provide the telephone bill himself. With it this case could be solved. At the end the customer had to pay 11.11 Bitcoins.
What happens if between the contracting partners a mediation person informed wrong?
In addition the present lawyers expressed themselves in such a way:
Resulted misunderstandings transform the concluded contract into a non-binding. Every contract should be thereby concluded between the contracting partners possibly by both sides. Exceptions form representative particularly of prominent Emojis who do not want to show their faces by every conclusion of contract. Thus a famous actor wanted to send his representative to the conclusion of contract for the purchase of a real estate. He did this. The contract is valid in Emoji. The reason:
The famous actor instructed his representative before to his right hand which may sign. His representative was verified judicially. Therefore such an Emoji carries a stamp: "Verified representative of actor....."
How can an Emoji react if the other contracting partner deceived him intentionally?
In this case the affected Emoji can explain the contract as non-binding for him.
If the affected Emoji noticed the damage too late, he can sue the deceitful contracting partner at the court for adequate compensation.
In this area the case of a group by Emojis is known that they got a yoghurt for the breakfast with expired date in the restaurant of a hotel. They took the yogurts and ran to the uppermost court of Emoji. There they sued the restaurant. However, they were condemned to inform the uppermost chef of the restaurant about that. On the day after the next in the restaurant Emojis received vouchers for the purchase of a soup.

After the discussion of these subjects in the circle of the qualified lawyers an Emoji knocked at the door. Thereon a lawyer opened the door. The furious Emoji hit on the nose of the lawyer with his finger. Immediately the police had to be alarmed. The policemen arrested the mad Emoji.

For lawyers was clear that the criminal Emoji on compensation can be accused for the affected lawyer.
Thus they wrote this in the law book of the Emojis.
After this event the present lawyers wanted to clarify one more question.
Is a contract juridical valid if a contracting partner under threat of a punishment agreed with this contract?
A lawyer with long-standing work experience explained: In my professional life I had a case of several Emojis. They had to sign a contract under big menace on the part of the regime the Horror Clowns.
Besides, these Emojis should be delivered involuntarily to Makemake. On account of the crimes of the Horror Clown I could do nothing against it. But from today's view I recommend that such contracts should be worthless.
After this statement applauded other lawyers and wrote thus in the code of the Emojis.
Suddenly an alien from Makemake knocked at the door. An Emoji opened the door. The alien handed over a letter of thanks for the help attempt of the lawyer. In this optimistic point lawyers decided to pause.

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