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How does an Emoji react to the sending of an unordered thing?

The qualified lawyers dealt with this question in Emoji nearly 8 hours of an unknown day. After a long discussion an Emoji remembered his own case 121 days ago. At that time an enterprise from the Jupiter sent both earrings to a female Emoji in Crying Laughing Emoji. Besides, she thought that she got as a gift the earrings from her stingy friend with Jupiter's roots. When she informed her friend about it, he reacted very much shocked. He suffered a near death experience. The enterprise required from Emoji that she pays the full price of the earrings by the amount of 467 international Bitcoins.
The lawyer had to defend the Emoji in court against the undesirable sending. At that time the judges decided in favour of the consumer. After the discussion of this situation of the Emoji the following sentence was taken up in legislation of the kingdom:
§ The receiver of an unordered thing must not pay for it. If the thing was sent incorrectly to an Emoji or other inhabitant of the country, the receiver should inform the sender about this state.
The next question of the lawyers of Emoji concerned the reaction of an enterprise, after the company sent a price-list or an offer of the Emojis, for example, in an advertisement or mailboxes or published.
Must the enterprise keep to itself to his offer juridical obligingly in Emoji?
One day an Emoji received a price-list of a chocolate enterprise from Cute Emoji in his mailbox. Besides, chocolate places called "Caries for you" with a discount of nearly 40 percent. The Emoji ordered at the same time nearly two gigabytes of this chocolate. Later the Emoji had to pay, however, the full price.
Thereon the Emoji complained in the uppermost court for consumer's protection. Later he received the difference from the enterprise. After this decision the dentists reacted in Emoji completely anxiously. They accused the judges of promoting irresponsible and uncontrolled consumption of the sweets. After this event all judges with their codes defended themselves against the dentists. They said that it was not for itself with this case primarily about chocolate consumption. Here it was about the not fulfilment of the promise on the part of the supplier. In the financial point the dentists with the judges agreed in Emoji.
What concerns the caries, the discussion was shifted to the dentists.
After this story the lawyers concentrated upon the next subject in the area of the contract.
Does the contract originate if a party revokes the contract within 60 minutes?
This question deal the lawyers during 3000 seconds. In this case is valid in Emoji the following statement: Basically each can withdraw in a liberal country like Emoji from the contract within a reasonable time. May one be bound in Emoji to a contract like a dog to the rope?
The legislator prohibits this in Emoji expressly. As opposed to the planet earth Emoji does not want own population to leash to the mighty dependence of the contract providers. The case of an Emojis became famous when this Emoji concluded a contract with a phone provider. He had to remain during at least 12 months with this provider and generate high profits. After two months noticed the Emoji that he found a better offer for his needs. So he wanted to say goodbye to the contract. The enterprise refused with all means and paid even bribes to the judges. The Emoji lost at the beginning against the mighty enterprise.
But he still found decent lawyers who wanted to undertake something against anti-liberal conditions of the contract. With it the support of this lawyer's group could claim the Emoji for himself. Later the telecom provider had to position itself to the hard competition. The contract connection ended with it for long time. However, the lawyers left a restriction of the legal contract connection for at most 4 months. Therefore an enterprise can still prepare for the loss of a customer. However, this must be granted by the uppermost court of Emoji. Otherwise this is valid as a crime against Emojis and aliens.
Lawyers of Emoji also dealt with special situations of a contract.
The end of a contract belongs to it among absentees. One day an Emoji wanted to rent a room of a hotel. He did this in the sleep in his dream. At that time this Emoji appeared in the reception desk of the hotel in Japanese Emoji. There he signed a real contract for his short stay. Later the Emoji awoke with an amusing face and big joy. This case was discussed in completely Emoji on the Social media. Finally, the contract lay at both contracting parties on the table. What was especially special in this story?
This Emoji was able to do no Japanese in his life. In the dream he signed with full consciousness this contract in Japanese.
Moreover, he stated that he learnt some Japanese after this completion of the contract. Some comedians reacted to it in such a way: The founder of the linguistic schools After Adverb would turn round at least 12 times because of such learning methods in the grave. After this statement many linguistic schools in Emoji had great fear of this Emoji. They feared that he could found own alternative school. They could bury their fears in a cemetery for fears of Emoji. For lawyers this case was quite clear: The contract between both parties in the dream was valid in the kingdom Emoji at least 111 percent. Thereon the lawyers agreed without exception.
In a point the lawyers agreed: Some contracts need special form, so that these contracts are juridical valid in Emoji. That's why they wrote the following sentence in the code of Emoji:
§ According to contract the legislator can also require a certain form for its validity. Some contracts can be also valid shapelessly as juridical.
Afterwards applauded Emojis during nearly 16 minutes incessantly. The presenter of the meeting wanted to organise an apple juice break. At this time the responsible lawyer promised his colleague that the apple juice was especially healthy.
Thereon a lawyer from Middle Finger Emoji got up. He pointed with big pride in his hometown on the land map of Emoji.
After the drinking of the apple juice the Emojis sat down to their places.
Then lawyers discussed the subject "Changes of the contract".
They agreed in the following point:
§ Every change of the contract must be explained according to legal regulation.
If a contract should be legally in written form, every valid change must be also written. Otherwise this change is valid in Emoji as absolutely invalid.
Behind this law almost all lawyers signed unanimously. But it also added critical opinions. An Emoji said that it was impossible with a paper shortage to change the contract again in writing. Moreover, both contracting partners would have to procure illegally paper. This leads to other difficulties. Against it argued another Emoji that for such cases also a smartphone, tablet or computer should completely be enough as a paper substitute.
Therefore this law was also concretised a little bit.
§ Every change of the contract which must be fulfilled in written form can use not only paper. As "written" are valid in Emoji the following possibilities: Paper, computer, tablet and smartphone.
§ Digital writing: In this case must be signed of every adjourning by both sides digitally. Moreover, the contract should be uploaded on a neutral server of the uppermost court of Emoji after the end. Only so the contract is juridical valid. The lawyers Emojis thereby wanted to use possible disputes with complicated contracts better.
After this subject lawyers had to deal with the signatures of the contract.
In the following point all lawyers were in agreement without opposition:
§ Every valid contract in Emoji must contain all signatures of the partners.
§ All parties must be diligent enough, so that they sign with their real hands.
On account of the use of the computer and other devices the electronic signature of the Emojis of the normal old signature was treated as equal. By the legalisation of the digital signature applauded before all brokers and other traders of the worthless papers.
Even the government of the Jupiter celebrated this law. The work of the stock market jugglers was thereby legalised in Emoji.
After the admission of this law many Emojis tried exceptionally their luck on the stock exchange. However, many Emojis lost even their underpants because of their high risk readiness. That's why lawyers had to exclude the stock exchange trading from this law. Then the reason swept to the Emojis and aliens.
May a lazy Emoji substitute for his signature with the use of a device?
This question was discussed among the lawyers relatively fast. A lazy Emoji must agree at least with his fingerprint and an audio admission of his smartphones.
§ Who is too lazy for a personal signature in the kingdom Emoji, his consent may also explain orally. Besides, the approval on at least two record devices must be held on. Moreover, such contract must be sent to the server of the uppermost court by Emoji by alarm button.
Since when a signature of a blind Emojis is juridical valid?
In addition required lawyer also an example from their present work experiences. An old lawyer explained how he defended to his blind mandates earlier. He recommended to the blind Emoji to have at least one companion for this case. Thus the following sentence originated in the law book of Emoji:
§ For blind inhabitants of the kingdom Emoji a verified companion must cosign. With the companion a relative or from the authorities can sign allowed person. Moreover, the contract must be also put into archives orally compelling on a record device. The suitable contract between a blind person and other party is juridical valid only if the contract was uploaded on the server of the uppermost court of Emoji. The contracting parties must find out on the official web page of the uppermost court for this purpose.
This law was remitted by the lawyers for special and complicated cases for the protection of the blind Emojis and aliens.
According to this decree lawyers had to make something for other special cases. What should be done if an Emoji or an alien cannot sign?
Besides, in this case a witness must be anyway. Emojis decided this unanimously. This is valid for cases if a contracting partner has no free or no hands. Moreover, the adjourning must be stored with possibility at the uppermost court in the archive.
A lawyer asked for the discussion of these cases his colleagues: How long should the uppermost court of Emoji store the uploaded contracts on its wide server?
For the majority of the lawyers was clear that a memory duration is legitimate between 6 months and at most 9 years. Moreover, some outdated contracts could be extinguished after 5 years also early.
What happened in Emoji according to the decision of these laws?
Only the examination of these archived contracts led to the fact that many jobless Emojis and aliens got a job with the land archive.
An Emoji remembered the case in the history of Cute Emoji. There Sinful with his blood had to sign a contract. That's why lawyers complemented the subject "Signature":
§ Bloody signatures on the contracts in Emoji are unconditionally invalid and forbidden morally.
§ In contrast to blood a contract with own microbes and bacteria can be signed.
About other signature possibilities lawyers did not think in this time.
Must a signature be in Emoji in any colour?
With this subject Emojis wanted to leave big freedom to the contracting parties.
Thus they wrote:
§ The contracting parties can sign with every colour and every hardly extinguishable object.

Law Book of the Emojis

Story: Law Book of the Emojis

How do lawyers react in Emoji to phoney contracts?

Story: How do lawyers react in Emoji to phoney contracts?



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