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Law Book of the Emojis

After the new establishment of Emoji the kingdom had to adapt its legislation to the new circumstances.
The lawyers of Emoji had to deal in a long discussion with the new laws of the country. Moreover, they considered which subject should seem at the beginning of the code. On account of the importance of the contracts Emojis had to argue with this subject. They formulated the first question in such a way: How can a contract originate in Emoji between two different personalities?
Which requirements needs a contract to fulfil in Emoji, so that both contracting parties will have a juridical obliging and valid contract?
The judge at that time of the uppermost court of Emoji SMS wrote the following least conditions: Both contracting parties must express orally or in writing their will. Both sides should agree with the conditions. Thus this sentence landed at the first number in the code of Emoji.
Another point in the contract between Emojis is a possible quarrel because of the small font completely below in the contract. Many lawyers discussed this point during nearly 333 minutes.
While lawyers from Emoji Meaning expressed themselves for the fulfilment of the small font, lawyers from Crying Laughing Emoji expressed themselves unanimously against it. At the end the lawyers could agree for the annulment of the small print. Therefore small fonts are forbidden in a contract in Emoji juridical. This led to an other discussion under the Emojis. The lawyers should fix a minimum font. They agreed on a writing which corresponds the Times New Roman 14 on the planet earth. With this law blind Emojis should be protected against the abuse of the unwarranted enrichment.
What happens with a contract which contains small font?
Lawyers of Emoji decided to explain such contracts for invalid. Even if both contracting parties signed the contract unanimously. Some time ago a stingy entrepreneur from the Jupiter wanted to sue an Emoji. The reason was that the Emoji with the miser signed a contract for the purchase of a fridge. Though the contract had in general at the beginning of the page the type-size 16. However, at the end all guarantee claims were mentioned in a font 12. Later noticed the Emoji that the miser sold to him the fridge too expensive. He found the same fridge for half of the price with a competitor.
That's why this Emoji wanted to withdraw from the purchase contract. The miser refused to exchange the money for the fridge. So the disappointed Emoji complained against the stingy entrepreneur in a local court. This was in Emoji Opinion. Thereon the judges had to analyse the contract with a magnifying glass. This lasted nearly 62 minutes. Completely below a return and restitution of the money was excluded. The Emoji won the process. The stingy entrepreneur called afterwards quite loudly damned Emojis!!!
He wanted to submit a cross action against the Emoji. But his lawyer did not recommend him. At the end the miser had to exchange his expensive fridge for the paid-up money.
Because of respect for the miser a judge from Emoji Meaning offered the entrepreneur a one-minute silence for his defeat. The inferior trader accepted this. He was glad that somebody understood him in Emoji. So he changed his residence to Emoji Meaning.
Another question the lawyers deal in the legislation no less than the case of Emoji with the fridge.
Must the contracting partners conclude a contract personally, by telephone or telepathic, so that the contract is valid?
An Emoji told once in court that he concluded a contract with a Venus alien in his dream. Therein the alien from the Venus sold to him a religious book. The next day noticed the Emoji that he really withdraw this amount from his account. He was so nervous that he took his real money in his dream. This case of Emoji was very special for the judges. They asked the Emoji whether he knew this Venus alien. Moreover, the judges wanted that the Emoji described all important signs of the Venus alien. The Emoji could not remember so well the extraterrestrial.
So all judges decided unanimously to claim the help of a hypnotizer. The professional specialist could bring the Emoji to the situation of the purchase in the dream. By the hypnosis could be identified the Venus alien. The hypnotizer wanted to know the name of the shop assistant. Thereby could be found the Venus alien in Venus. It concerned a religious leader of a small town. He spread at this time very intensely the religion of Venus above all in Emoji. He reached many Emojis, however, by the Internet. Sometimes he sold his books over other springs like dreams. Here he was much more successful.
Because of this story the kingdom Emoji required of the Venus a compensation for the victims of the trader. Venus denied to pay itself because many countries of the planet were valid basically as poor. So the help of Pluto was claimed. Their inhabitants were brought by several earthquakes in Venus to the reason. Moreover, the stolen money was transferred after 48 hours back. This case ended with it in favour of Emoji.
The lawyers of Emoji also dealt with the subject of the contract forgery:
What does make a judge if the contract was faked in Emoji unilaterally?
Besides, it must be considered that a party could make the contract one-sided. In a case the signature of an Emojis was stolen. The Emoji not even knew the contracting partner who provided the contract automatically in his favours. In this case it concerned a contract forger from the Saturn. The judges of Emoji had to allow to examine the fingerprints on the paper of the contract. At the end they found no bacterium of the victim. Therefore it was released of the Emoji from all duties of the contract.
The next question deal the lawyers: How may an Emoji react if somebody sends him unsolicited a product or a device?
For example, the sent earrings which a jeweller sent without being asked to the mailboxes of the inhabitants in Heart Eyes Emoji belongs to it. Later the jeweller required money of all receivers. For this action he reached national fame. He received the title Spammer from the judges of the kingdom Emoji. That's why Emojis and other inhabitants of the country might keep the earrings. Besides, they had to pay nothing. The judges argued their decision that the jeweller wanted to reach attention in completely Emoji by the plentiful dispatch of the earrings.
So he consciously sent with all possible risks and disadvantages his earrings.
How should a receiver of a thing react in Emoji if the thing landed incorrectly with him?
Lawyers and judges discussed this question during nearly 27 minutes at the round table. In addition the lawyers invented the following solutions: If the thing contains a concrete name, the receiver must inform the right owner. If the thing was sent without name of the receiver, the product may keep the Emoji for himself or herself. The case becomes more complicated if the sender of a product sent a thing.
Besides, the receiver destroyed the name of the right receiver anyhow professionally. In this case the sender must keep the date of the sending as an evidence. Moreover, the uppermost court of Emoji can apply for the examination of the bacteria in the thing. At least one bacterium of the sender must ordinarily stick to the thing. Moreover, a decent receiver should inform the sender about the wrong dispatch to the wrong address in Emoji.
How an Emoji may react if he had already signed a contract. However, besides, he noticed a lot of disadvantages for himself?
In this case a contract is invalid in completely Emoji. Thereby should remain the Emoji of criminal intentions protected. In a case bought an Emoji two megabytes of pears for 0.98 Bitcoins in a store in Middle Finger Emoji. Two hours later she found another store on the right side of the town with the same pears for 0.88 Bitcoins for two megabytes. Afterwards Emoji required the restitution of the price difference of the more expensive store. Thereon the shopkeeper defended himself juridical. He lost against his customer and had to pay the Emoji the price difference.
In the discussion among the lawyers they decided that the contract should contain all conditions completely at the beginning. Otherwise such contract is invalid in Emoji. The contract supplier cannot unexpectedly require something new for the end of the contract. Besides, every alteration of contract in Emoji must have the approval of both parties. This law became to a Social media Service in Emoji some time ago the disaster. The Internet service wanted to change a condition of its contract in its favours. An attentive Emoji discovered this change with his magnifying glass. Then he sued this enterprise.
Then the enterprise had to apologise in spite of payments of many bribes to the corrupt judges publicly on all TV stations in Emoji. A few honest lawyers were able to do to the mighty enterprise several offence against the laws in the area of the contracts. Thus it goes over and over again in Emoji.

How does an Emoji react to the sending of an unordered thing?

Story: How does an Emoji react to the sending of an unordered thing?



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