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Interview with the philosopher News Stand

News Stand was born in Emoji List on a confidential day. He studied life philosophy at the suitable university in his hometown. He dealt with different things of the everyday life. News Stand also did research a lot in his professional life, but also outside in his spare time. He was interested in natural processes. He put the following questions in his works: Why have water melon and tomato the red colour? Moreover, he wanted to empathize with the fruits and vegetables. He wanted to know about how it is in the life if one was born in addition to serve others as food. The extraterrestrial Sweasy26 reserved an appointment for an interview with the life philosopher News Stand.

News Stand which vegetables should be forbade, and why?
News Stand looks in his picture book some fruits: I like most vegetables. But I would like to talk with pleasure about the pears from Middle Finger Emoji.
Though these pears are valid as very healthy, but I can hardly endure these pears. I must always close my right eye after the consumption for 11 minutes involuntarily.
That's why I recommend the naturalists who work on new fruits intensely.

As a philosopher you certainly write many theories. Of which theory or are theories especially proud you?
News Stand requires patience. He starts to read the table of contents in his book. After 6 minutes he reacts:
I took 1876 days ago a pear from my garden of Emoji List. I laid this pear in my fridge. Then I drove to Middle Finger Emoji. There I had to walk a lot. This annoyed me very much. There I visited a known farmer.
He said that I had not enough carbon dioxide. That's why he gave me two pears from his own production. I thanked this farmer. After long way I had enough. I returned home.
On the way I thought: What idiot am I?
🎁🕌🅰️🧔🤑🤚🇬🇫➡️➕👤💡💸🍐⬆️🖕💬🇫🇷 .

How do you handle with the opinions and theories of other Emojis?
News Stand: I do not try to comment on the foreign opinion immediately. Instead, I take down all new on my notebook. Later I analyze the opinions and the theories with my analyzer. This device checks the foreign opinions for bacteria and microbes. Later I really have what I can use.

When you were a child what your parents have always said you there?
News Stand must look in his notebook for an old sentence.

Where would you live with pleasure?
News Stand asks for a planet map.
For me Emoji List is and remains irreplaceable. Of course I could also imagine short stay on Mars or the Rings of Saturn. This would be for me as life philosophers certainly a good experience.

What do you donate to destitute in general?
News Stand quite proudly: I can call my clever knowledge from my researches the best donation property. Many could start with many results of my work a little bit theoretically.
Misers from the Jupiter are never contented of course. They want to make from everything money. But the life is from my view, nevertheless, more than only a moneymaking. What do you mean, Sweasy26?

Sweasy26 agrees with News Stand in this point.

Which poem should be read out in your burial?
News Stand: «The pear from Emoji List» by my sister. A poem from her successful book. Finally, she won several awards in the literature at the psychological university of Emoji List.

Which idea of your life do you call the best one?
Stand: My best idea was that I locked up several microbes in bottles for 12 seconds. Then they multiplied rapidly fast. However, this was only optically the case.
According to device I could count on another number. Thus I was confirmed that everything is relatively in the life. I could not even find out the right number of the microbes so.
I counted for the first time 12 later 21, then again 12 and once even 42!

According to encyclopedia entry about your person you have two children. Which of your qualities would like you to leave bequeath to your children without testament?
News Stand points at the flag of the kingdom Emoji:
I would like to give them with pleasure that one can lighter take the life with humor. And to listen my courage and the assurance, on itself.
In my verbal testament I always say them: Please, laugh, please laugh and again please laugh!
Thus I and many Emojis perceive the life. And this is good in such a way.

Which vegetables should researchers create in the lab?
News Stand: A mixture of potatoes, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers would be certainly very interesting. But also a mixture of both pears from different towns would have a good taste.

The best advice which you have ever got?
Nearly 9 minutes considers News Stand:

Mr. Stand, what you would still like to tell our readers finally?
News Stand: Remain optimistic and laugh so much as possible. This improves your mood and you will keep away of all negatives from yourselves.

News Stand closes for 6 minutes his eyes. He deeply starts to breathe deeply. After some time he moves very slowly. This lasts other 24 minutes. Then he slowly opens the door and says goodbye to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26. At least, he did not forget his things. After 2 hours Sweasy26 gets a thanks mail from News Stand. Therein the life philosopher thanked in writing for the interview.



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