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What happens with the Emojis by common compensation

After the long break of the lawyers, they had to deal with a new law. A former judge wanted to explain at this point a case from his term of office of the uppermost court in Emoji: A group Emojis and aliens from the Kepler-47 organised a deceitful lottery in the local Intranet. Besides, they sent several letters to the addresses of the affected Emojis nationally. Their victims received the following request:
"Congratulations, you have won in our lottery by chance generator 11222 Bitcoins!
So that you get your profit on your bank account transferred, send us information about your address, name, occupational function and of course your account number. Yours sincerely Emoji lottery Nationwide!!!"
The credulous Emojis still had to send off their letters to the swindlers. The head of the deceitful group was always called Dr. professor Emoji. He looked very likeable for every victim and made a good personal impression. Thus he gained the trust of the Emojis fast. The other Emojis and aliens from Kepler-47 were above all executive forces in his lottery.
After the entry of the confidential information some Emojis received one more request on the personal collection of the profit with this Dr. professor Emoji. Every victim got. There the uppermost responsible Emoji welcomed his victims quite friendly and in pleasant atmosphere. Later a conversation began between the victim and the uppermost person responsible of the lottery. Then the affected Emojis forgot what happened with them there. But, at least, the victims noticed that they lost a lot of money from their bank account. Under the affected Emojis was also an inhabitant who had no money on his bank account to his luck.
His balance was exact: 0.50 Bitcoins. Nevertheless, this Emoji remembered after the visit of the deceitful group like the other Emojis nothing. But he received from bank an emergency announcement that his bank account had a balance of -200.50 Bitcoins. He suddenly had from nothing debts at the bank. So the account holder exactly wanted to know who removed the money of his account. The cashier informed the customer about the exact location of the withdrawal of the money and the exact time. Thereon the affected Emoji alarmed the urban police. The policemen informed several fingerprint researchers. Later the cash dispenser was blocked off for the other bank customers.
The fingerprints led to different customers like Aliens, Stars, Horror Clowns and Emojis. All customers were visited at once at the command of the uppermost policeman by several soldiers. At home it was searched for possible proofs and always were in these visits at least two lawyers. They had to find suspicious Emojis and other customers. Only with more exact suspicion house searches were carried out. Among the suspects was an innocent Horror Clown. He sued the policemen later because of the bad and degrading treatment.
Two assistants of Dr. professor Emoji could be identified by the fingerprints.
Among them was an Emoji and an alien from Kepler-47. After the arrest of the assistants they betrayed their uppermost boss to the police.
As a judge I had to appoint of course Dr. professor Emoji the main person responsible of this crime. That's why he was condemned to the highest compensation of all other assistants. The search for the stolen complete amount turned out difficult. But the arrested Emojis and aliens could expect a milder punishment, if they announce the hiding place of the money to the police. Thus acted above all the arrested Emojis and betrayed the hiding places. Finally, after long time all injured people could have the stolen money again.
After this story was clear to the present lawyers: The main person responsible had to get the maximum penalty of all other involved Emojis and aliens. Thus they also wrote in the law book of the Emojis the following sentence:
§ The main person responsible of an offence must receive the highest punishment. If several criminals are responsible equally for the damage, the compensation duty on all partners must be evenly split.

Is an Emoji liable for damages if he or she because of self-defence acts?
This question led to different opinions under the Emojis. A lawyer got a notebook from his dusty bag. Therein he looked for a suitable case. Then he began his speech: In a case I had to defend a female Emoji in the uppermost court. She shot her husband, after he injured her with a knife at least three times seriously. The Emoji could prove in the court trails of blood of her. That's why received the Emoji the acquittal. Against it the parents of the killed husband sued her daughter-in-law at the uppermost court of Emoji. Their complaint was: They lost their son.
Besides, the judge questioned the parents of the killed son whether they could prevent his violence. The parents of the killed Emojis became quickly quiet thereon and could bring no arguments. Nevertheless, another judge decided that the guilty Emoji had to go in a therapy institution. With it this case became very special because different courts may also come to other decisions. A court judged the financial aspect of the case. The other court judged the possible danger for other Emojis and aliens by the unstable state of health of the female Emoji.
After this case a lawyer remembered about another situation: In my experience I had the following case: A cashier addicted to play stole several bank notes of his bank. With it this Emoji financed his everyday visits in a banana lottery. In court the play addict with the word "Self-help" defended himself. The judges condemned the Emoji to the payment of the compensation. In this case no self-help or self-defence can be valid.
After this story lawyers had to deal with the judgement of the guilt or the non-guilt.

When is an Emoji or other delinquent guilty?
In this case said the lawyer with the dusty notebook: In the case of the female Emoji it was judged later for her protection as not accountable. The other court judged the Emoji as discerningly and slightly ill. A therapy could be thereby arranged for her. That's why the present lawyers decided to write the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ For the judgement of the guilt or the non-guilt the affected defendant must be checked for ability to judge and addition ability. Thus the sentence can be adapted to the suitable situation.
The next question busied the lawyers almost 22 minutes:
Can a judgment-incapable Emoji be obliged to the compensation judicially?
A lawyer explained from his long-standing experience: In a case an Emoji had an intelligence quotient of 5 burnt potatoes. This Emoji burnt public rubbish bins. Later this Emoji with his low intelligence wanted to defend himself in the court. The judge condemned the Emoji partially to the fulfilment of the compensation duty. Therefore lawyers wrote this in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Also a judgment-incapable citizen of the country can be condemned to the compensation in certain cases by the court. Every case must be looked by several independent judges separately. All arguments and decisions must be read later by all other judges. Only after this procedure a judgment can be made.

Somebody is released from the obligation to indemnify only who has lost his ability to judge without own fault.
In this case a lawyer remembered a party of the Emojis during his young years. At that time he had no driving licence. He went by a car of his friend. The police stopped the strangely going car.

The beginning lawyer ate too many burnt sausages in this evening. This leads in Emoji to the loss of the ability to judge for some hours. Then the beginning lawyer had to justify himself for the law offence. He was condemned to the payment of 100 Bitcoins. Finally, the Emoji went without driving licence and in a judgment-incapable state a little bit too fast on the main road.
Who is responsible for caused damages in Emoji in an enterprise?
This subject interested above all misers from the Jupiter. Finally, they are often active as investors or employers of the Emojis. That's why a very gigantic ear suddenly appeared on the wall. All lawyers looked with surprised look the big ear.
Stood on the ear: Aliens from the Jupiter want to invest in Emoji!!
A lawyer said: I recommend the takeover of the responsibility on the employer. Finally, the enterprises profit in Emoji from relatively low wages. That's why they should also adhere for damages of their enterprises. Another lawyer said:
I do not agree. Who causes damage, should be punished. It makes no difference whether it the investor, the employee or whoever it should to be. Who causes damages, should be punished.
After this statement sounded strong applause from the big ear. That's why the present Emojis on the following law agreed:
§ The enterprise is liable for all damages which were caused by the employees or other suppliers. However, the enterprise can oblige the person responsible for the damage for the compensation.
Who is liable for the damage of an animal in Emoji?
Here the old judge spoke: The owner should be liable for domestic animals. Finally, every inhabitant of the kingdom for his domestic animals must take over legally responsibility.
However, thereon another lawyer wanted to tell his experience: 1245 days ago I was on the way to a farmer. The farmer had several sheep on his surface. One day the farmer came to the sheep. He found several torn sheep. They were killed by the predators. Then the farmer wanted to sue the predators for compensation at the uppermost court of Emoji. In this case the judge argued in such a way:
The farmer injured his duty of care for the protection of the sheep. Thus the plaintiff was sued by the animal protection Emojis. Then the farmer was condemned.
The lawyer: In this case you completely see clearly that responsibility for predators no inhabitant can take over.
After this situation lawyers wanted to deal with a similar subject:
Some time ago a horse of his owner fled to a private football field. The Emojis had to catch the horse and tether at a place of their property. Then they informed the police. Later the owner had to pay all costs himself.
Thus the following sentence was granted by the lawyers:
§ A foreign animal on the property of the Emojis or other inhabitants should be brought back as far as possible to its owner. The owner has to take over the costs. Deliberate thefts with the purpose of the unwarranted enrichment are excluded. Remains expressly forbidden: The homicide of the animal on foreign property is strictly prohibited in Emoji. Infringements against this law can be punished with punishments from up to 2222 days of solitary confinement.
After this formulation all animal protectors applauded in Emoji completely loudly.

If Emojis are damaged by unauthorised actions

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Should the owner of a building in Emoji replace the damage?

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