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Should the owner of a building in Emoji replace the damage?

A retired judge wanted to say on this subject absolutely something. That's why the Emoji pressed the button of his microphone. After 88 seconds the wish of the judge reached the presenter of the meeting. He asked present Emojis whether they wanted to listen to the judge on the subject "Liability for compensation of the homeowner in Emoji". Thereon Emojis were condemned to a quick vote. The majority of 98 percent recommended the speech of the retired judge. The old Emoji thanked for the big approval of his younger occupational colleagues. Then he began his history:
At the times of the Second Horror Clowns I worked as an assistant of the uppermost judge after my study of the jurisprudence. At that time the ruler of the Circus Union wanted to build a football stadium in Crying Laughing Emoji. He sent about 22038 construction workers for this purpose to Emoji from whole Circus Union. 🆕⏱️🧑‍💼🔍️. The tourism minister exactly had to analyze the plans of the house with his magnifying glass. Moreover, he had to present to the Second Horror Clown everything.
🏗️ ⚙️🆕 🏢🏃‍♂️😂. 📦️➡️ 🏛️®️ ✉️. 🐕️‍🦺👨‍⚖️👀👨‍⚖️➕🧑‍💼⬆🏛️. The responsible tourism minister thereby had to take his excuses to his prison cell.
After the portrayal of this case was clear to the Emojis: The main person responsible for the damage must take over responsibility. 😂🖋️🏛️⬆🏢⚙️. 🥫🙏 🗣️ 👤👨⬅️ ⚙️👮, 😂🏘️ 🚍️ 🛑.
On listening many lawyers would shout together: Nevertheless, this is natural-hostile!!!
The telling lawyer started to defend himself:
At that time I had to execute the command of the judge against my will as a policeman. My proposal for such cases: 🚍️🛑🎁:
In my case I had to defend an Emoji. My client ran beside a shop-window and looked the offers. Suddenly it started to drip onto his head. The dripping water had partially got dirty. So the Emoji suffered strong loss of hair.
👤👨4️⃣0️⃣ 👤👨⬅️👱. ° 🏢 § 😂😂🏘️.
Thereon lawyers wanted to write quite clearly the following statement:
§ The police can force the owner in emergencies to the protection of the population to a safety measure. However, negotiations are possible anyway.
The police should thereby be able to abuse its power not about the Emojis.
All lawyers agreed with this formulation without exception. Finally, the owner should also be allowed to introduce own proposals.
Who is responsible in the kingdom Emoji for damages by the electronic signature keys?
In this case a lawyer wanted to tell from his own experience in Uranus:
When I made my training period as a lawyer in Uranus, I had an interesting case in this area. 📦️➡️ 💌 👤👨ℹ️. 🛑 👤👨⬅️ 📧. 👤👨 ⏰ 🚆. ⏱️ 📧⏱️. Basically a former lawyer meant:
The injured person should sue immediately after the inspection of the damage the responsible Emojis, aliens, individuals or enterprises. If the damage was noted only after 2222 days, the injured person should react immediately. 💀🦹😂😂🛄🪦. 🛄 ⚡️🦹 4️⃣4️⃣4️⃣4️⃣.
Finally they wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ All compensation claims shall become statute-barred after 4444 days after their discovery. With smaller things the citizen of Emoji must react immediately. 2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣  📱 📐🐘 😂😂. 📱 ☠️ 2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ days❓️.
Thereon the ruler of the Circus Union sent an elite army against Emojis of the small town. Demonstrators were pelted with several wooden slats by the army. Moreover, many Emojis complained of physical injuries by the elite soldiers. Anyway many lawyers dealt full hands. At that time, however, many officials were acquitted by the corrupt court. Only single soldiers were condemned to a custody for 444 days. But many Emojis had to suffer from their injuries.
We should use such cases differently, answered an Emoji on behalf for his colleagues. Then the following sentence came as a law:
§ Basically every official takes over responsibility for his or her action compared with the Emojis and other citizens of the country. In special cases the kingdom also takes over responsibility for damages by official or public employees.
After this sentence a retired defender offered a cake from strawberries and honey to the Emojis.

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