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If Emojis are damaged by unauthorised actions

On Friday lawyers wanted to deal with the subject "Liability for damages in Emoji". The question was: If somebody damages to an Emoji or other inhabitant of the kingdom by unauthorised actions how the law book of the Emojis should react to it?
In this case a lawyer from his experience wanted to tell the other occupational colleagues: An alien from the Saturn stole a pink vehicle of an Emoji at 12:00 o'clock of a bright day. The thief did this, after the Emoji parked her car before the shopping centre. Besides, many Emojis and aliens saw how the alien from the Saturn stole the car.
Later there fled the thief by the vehicle. Because of the weakness of the memory of the witnesses, the Emoji had to give to the police the verified number of her vehicle. But also the owner of the car forgot her own number because of the shock state. Later the thief by the stolen car had an accident on the border between Emoji and the Circus Country. The car suffered a total loss. For the police it was clear later by investigations whose vehicle was stolen and was destroyed. Besides, the thief could be identified thanks to attentive Emojis in the scene later. The thief should be condemned to the compensation.
The problem of this complicated case was: The alien from the Saturn was a tourist under age from the Saturn's Rings. He fled before the uppermost religious leader by different detours to Emoji. By his unauthorised action the alien from the Saturn wanted to be able to apply for asylum in a prison of Emoji. The thief from the Saturn explained this to the authorities Emojis.
For the owner of the car it was problematic to sue the thief for compensation.
How did Emojis act in this special case at that time?
This incident still happened at the times of the rule the Horror Clowns. At this time the agreement about international crimes was valid between the Circus Union and Saturn.
At that time Saturn had to take over all costs incurred for its citizen. Thus Saturn financed the resulted damage of the Emoji.
For lawyers was clear: They must take care of international agreements with different rulers of the galaxy. But now they had to write something for home cases in the code of the Emojis:
§ Who damages to an Emoji or other inhabitant of the country intentionally or negligently, the person is automatically obliged to the substitute without discussions.
How should Emojis react if they or other inhabitants of the country suffered a damage?
Here all lawyers wanted that the injured person must absolutely prove his or her damage.
If an Emoji cannot prove his damage, he can claim no compensation. All lawyers agreed with these statements basically.
However, here a lawyer wanted to express himself about a special case: The horse driver was injured by an accident of an Emojis in the journey with the horse in Middle Finger Emoji by other Emoji fatally. At that time another Emoji with a donkey went in the same direction. Both Emojis had a collision.
Besides, died the Emoji who was on the move on the horse. The other Emoji fled from the scene with his donkey in the shock state. For the policemen it was very difficult to find the responsible Emoji. But in this case the lawyer recommended to get the help of the medicine researchers. Really researchers found fingerprints and footprints of the brief Emojis in the scene. Thus the police by long search could arrest the responsible Emoji.
But the question remains: If the Emoji already died, how he gets and is benefiting from the compensation by the irresponsible driver with the donkey?
The lawyer explained: Though the dead Emoji cannot be revived, but the person responsible for the accident must take over the costs for his burial completely. In addition compensation demands of the family members can come to the responsible Emoji.
Moreover, the person responsible for the accident must be locked up for the protection of other Emojis for some time in the prison.
An animal rights activist among the present lawyers asked:
How should courts react in Emoji to violence against animals?
And how are the damages of the Emojis compensated who lost their domestic animal by murder by intention or carelessness?
On this subject another older lawyer from his long-standing work experience had the following situation:
An Emoji had a Labrador with himself at home. While he was absent, an alien from the midget planet Ceres came to the entrance and threw a poisoned bone to the dog. The Labrador took the bone in his mouth. Later the dog owner came home and found his Labrador vomiting before the entrance. The Emoji took his dog to the veterinarian. There several assistants of the veterinarian tried to help the Labrador anyhow. However, the poisoning was too strong. Thus the Labrador died. The Emoji had afterwards only veterinarian's costs and no living dog more.
The dog owner went to the lawyer. Thereon the lawyer recommended that the corpse of the Labrador is examined by searching Emojis. This was done. In the stomach of the dead animal Emojis found the poisoned bone. On the bone they found the fingerprints of an unknown alien. At this time the alien from the Ceres could be observed by other Emojis how he tried to poison other dogs. Besides, the animal murderer was arrested by the police.
The arrested alien was condemned to several compensations by the uppermost court of Emoji. After the announcement of the court decision several affected dog owners from completely Emoji got in touch.
The alien from Ceres had to deliver the whole earned money in the prison to the injured Emojis.
Thus it was clear for the lawyers:
§ The death of the animals must be compensated by the cause. The compensation must be performed according to situation financially or by an equivalent substitute.
In this case another lawyer expressed himself: I had a case of an Emojis who lost his hamster by careless accident. The person responsible for the accident was to be taken over ready the funeral costs and the price of a new hamster. Besides, the lawyer could mediate between both Emojis. Prerequisite was natural that the affected Emoji was ready to have a new hamster. In other cases the person responsible for the accident would have to fork out the damage financially.
Who determines the kind and the size of the compensation in Emoji?
This question the lawyers at the round table positioned themselves. For that lawyers urgently had to call a verified mathematician. Then a certified mathematician came to the Emojis. He had to find a formula for the calculation of the compensation. Thus he wrote:
The compensation value = value of the thing by the purchase - wear value
Wear = value by the purchase / number of used years
With a vehicle would be here, for example, the topical market value. The purchase price is excluded here.
Thus a miser from the Jupiter wanted to sue an Emoji for the purchase price of his car. Besides, the judge decided that the vehicle was used at least 30 days. That's why the Emoji had to pay a diminished portion of the damage. However, because of 39 Bitcoins the miser did not want to surrender. Thus he sued the Emoji for remaining 39 Bitcoins. This complaint was rejected by the Emojis and independent aliens together.
Can the compensation be reduced by the judge in Emoji?
If a predicament threatens an Emoji or other inhabitant of the country, the judge can adapt the compensation to these circumstances.
Some time ago thus there was a group Emojis which founded a company. After 200 days they had to go bankrupt. They strongly got into debt. So the judge granted the long-standing repayments by these Emojis to their credit grantors. The credit grantors were thereby condemned by the court to long-standing patience.
Can the compensation be extended?
A lawyer wanted to know this. He still was a short time ago a student of the jurisprudence. In addition said a former judge of the local court: Basically this can seem only with such cases if several Emojis are concerned. Above all with several debtors.
The young lawyer wanted to know whether the homicide or interference of the health of a breadwinner brings a compensation.
Several experienced Emojis answered this together: Yes. In this case the murderer or person responsible for the accident must expect on full compensation demands.
Here a lawyer remembered the following story: Mercury Alien married an Emoji and had with her 2 children. One day Mercury Alien was on the move. On the way several Emojis argued with each other quite violently. Mercury Alien tried to calm the group of the Emojis. Then a furious Emoji hit on Mercury Alien.
Later Mercury Alien lost his working ability. The striking Emoji was condemned by the court for the full compensation for the whole family. The earned money of the beater in the prison was partially sent to the family of Mercury Aliens.
Moreover, the striking Emoji had to arise for the medical costs partially.
Who takes over in Emoji the compensation for physical injuries?
Basically the murderer or the beater must pay a suitable compensation. If the criminal Emoji or alien hardly has money, the state takes over the sum of money as a satisfaction. Earlier such payments were made at the expenses of the taxpayers.
After the demonstration in Poop Emoji and the abolition of the direct taxes in Emoji the central bank was obliged to such payments.
Some misers from the Jupiter tried to earn money by this satisfaction in Emoji. Thus a miser from the Jupiter hit another Jupiter alien. The miser was poor, although he hid his wealth in Jupiter. Later the victim collected money from the authorities. Then they divided the earned money. Later many Emojis got to know by an intensive investigation about similar cases thanks to an extensive report of the journalists in Emoji. At that time the fury of the Emojis rose upwards.
At that time, finally, they paid taxes in the stingy mouth of the tax authority of the kingdom. Many Emojis demonstrated against the waste of the tax money for idiotic satisfaction. That's why lawyers had to aggravate the suitable law massively.
How should the court react in Emoji by the injury of the honour of an Emojis or other citizen?
Here an impatient lawyer absolutely wanted to tell his case:
My customer wanted to sue because of the injury of his honour the uppermost boss of a partner enterprise. Both Emojis had worked together with each other before long time.
Suddenly the other Emoji insulted my customer than banana onion. So my customer felt strongly injured in his honour. I said him that he had to prove the term of abuse in court anyway. Then my customer said me that he had, unfortunately, no proof. So the customer had to bury his complaint at the uppermost court in Emoji. Finally I got for my consultation the money. Morality of the case: If somebody was injured by his honour, he must be able to prove the insults absolutely. Only so a court in Emoji can grant a sum of money as a satisfaction. Otherwise the offended pays the costs for the lawyer.
Thus the present lawyers with big applause on these new laws of Emoji agreed.
How does the court judge the compensation claim causes by several Emojis?
In addition a lawyer wrote in fat letter:
§ If several Emojis or other inhabitants of the country caused a damage together, they must adhere in solidarity for the compensation. Exception: If the group has a main cause, this cause must perform the biggest portion in the compensation.
Here a former judge explained a case of the hooligans in a football stadium:
At that time Emoji played against North Mars in a football match. Besides, Emoji lost as expected.

Furious Emojis smashed after this event several shop-windows in the surroundings of the football stadium. Some Emojis hit aliens from North Mars with their feet. Then the court had to judge the originators of the damage individually and at the same time in solidarity. Besides, single Emojis were condemned to bigger compensation. After the discussion of these cases lawyers decided to make a tea break with pumpkin cake.

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