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1st of April in Emoji Meanings

The office for monetary transfer supervision sent in a press release to all inhabitants of the big city Emoji Meanings the following information: It sends to every inhabitant of the big town at least 326.54 Bitcoins for their long-standing loyalty that they undertook nothing against their own supervision of their bank accounts by the office. Many Emojis look certainly at their accounts in Emoji Meanings. Some stingy employers from the Jupiter promised a pay raise for hired Horror Clowns on generous 33 Bitcoins per hour. The anonymous art collector explained that he liked to donate several his valuable sculptures to the general public in Emoji Meanings. It is his aim that the town receives even more monuments to honor of the first April. Moreover, he wrote a testament quite publicly on the urban television broadcasting station. All presenters applauded with at least four hands. Here attentive mathematicians counted both hands. However, the other hands were invisible for normal spectators.

The question for curious readers remains: How did they count four hands?

The answer of the mathematicians does not surprise: They said that they clicked with the right mouse key on the presenters. Then they marked the place with the word: "Hides". Then they chose on "take over". Finally they still had to press "OK" with their middle finger. Then suddenly appeared two hidden hands of the applauding presenters. An information scientist from Emoji App explained that it had to concern a Trojan. Some aliens from Pluto explained that they should cancel the too much programmed hands again. Thus no normal Emoji understood what happened really there. At least, everybody knows that the mathematicians from Middle Finger Emoji came. A chimney-sweep visited exceptionally with his team several houses in the neighboring town Emoji Meaning. There he had to ascertain immediately eleven gigabytes in dust. This became quick to the national day hit in the first April in completely Emoji.

Only stingy inhabitants of the town had to laugh nothing. Finally, such news is connected with extra costs. The civil supervision office of Emoji explained on the state television that from the 28th day of the next year several important citizens of the kingdom are also supervised during the sleep with video cameras. Moreover, the supervision is also developed on bathroom and toilets. Finally, their end products in the toilet must be sent direct also to the researchers. Moreover, the office for water will exactly analyze every drop. So that the owner of the drop is exactly identified. The most disagreeable joke of the day came from the tax office: The national bank decided to produce no money for the people because the paper became too expensive. That's why several castles are built for the purpose of the levy. Exact plans for the construction of mighty tax authorities in completely Emoji lie in the engineer's office in the capital city. The national bank wants, so to speak, that the money comes back to the bank. This joke cost some Emojis even several hairs. They had to order even their first wig. But there is no worry for hairless Emojis a 1st April Fool's joke. But not simply someone, but a special joke to the growth of the hair. In Emoji Meanings so several inhabitants were saved before the loss of hair. From gratitude for this day Emojis of this big town build traditionally new 1st April monuments. Surprise of the day also came from the customs office: Exceptionally Horror Clowns are nationally admitted. Moreover, Emojis may go to Circus Country. There they can buy their fun products. So everything for the successful circus. The unknown transmitter "24588966" showed a real sensation. There spoke the First Horror Clown as if he was still the ruler of the country. Many spectators reacted very much confused. Some ghosts pulled even their old bodies from the cemeteries. They ran like zombies to the studio of the transmitter.

Many presenters had to flee after this event. Even the ghost of the First Horror Clowns started to fly so strongly that it became too windy in Emoji Meanings. Many meteorologists had to interrupt all broadcastings. Thereon the wind speed was raised by nearly 2541 terabytes. According to a newspaper for monkeys several aliens from the Venus with monkeys in a subterranean bunker will practice their new songs. The whole concert will take place in Emoji Meanings on the eighth day of the spring. Emojis and aliens are asked to close their ears with the candy floss. Otherwise a sleepless and very much noisy night threatens them. Exceptionally several journalists wrote in Emoji Meaning how in a city in Jupiter the law of the thrift is applied. Thus the uppermost finance manager decided a pitiless savings programme. He decided to lower the taxes.

At the same time he wants to serve as a showing model of the Jupiter's stinginess. Thus he glides like himself from the payroll. Moreover, he saves himself as the showing employer every second Tuesday with the other employees make. For this joke the finance manager received even applause from 1,345,675 stingy voters of his party. Now he still waits for an honoring of the employers' association. The employers praised his joke. Finally, somebody came with the biggest understanding for the growing stinginess of the employers. In Emoji Meaning the finance manager was called as a model of the law of the thrift. A radio station explained that the mineral bottle Olympic Games take place in Emoji Meanings on the 78th day of the next summer. In the early morning the uppermost tourism minister of Emoji Monkey Emoji explained that the kingdom must build several parking bays for flying saucers from the Venus. Thus several aliens from the Venus should come to Emoji. The presenter of the less important transmitter explained that the weather in the first April is same in the whole country exceptionally everywhere. Thus he became the most-discussed meteorologist. This although he has no notion about weather in the complicated climate of the country.

A parliamentarian explained that he organizes a demonstration every Wednesday. That's why he will miss the meetings in the parliament. The organization for the mouse protection of Middle Finger Emoji and its surroundings explained the construction of a mouse protection house to the most important aim of its work. Several food inspectors discovered six pink worms in the cheese from the Jupiter. They explained this during an interview with concealed faces. The first April ended for Jupiter with this joke. The uppermost person responsible for rubbish in Emoji Meanings said that from now on every rubbish of the population is examined with the microscope. Then a statistics can be provided.

On account of this statistics the authorities could exactly find out which citizen for how much rubbish is responsible. Moreover, the health minister of the Emoji Meanings in the local television broadcasting station showed a document. In the fact stands that the population must go to an urgent vaccination against the fifth eye to the doctor. The biggest retail dealer of Emoji Meanings had written on the chocolates of the first April a price of 58.86 Bitcoins. Who bought the chocolate, however, received a discount by the height of 58.86 percent. The other jokes of the first April landed at the censorship authority. Currently the authority checks all the other jokes of the most important day of the country. 🕌🅰️🛍⏯ 🅰️👆🎁🅰️🤚💱🅰️🏧💼👫🈶.



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