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Emoji Update

Emoji Update was born 13505 days ago in Emoji Keyboard. Emoji Update was just 11 days old when he visited a butcher's shop with his parents. Emoji Update left unattended at the butcher's. At this time several cows were shortly before the battle in the queue. The parents of Emoji Update spoke with the uppermost butcher and his employees about different sausages. They wanted to order a cake of meat by the 30th life day of their son. Moreover, his parents wanted to celebrate at the butcher's the birth of Emoji Update.
The reason was that it concerned a tradition of the family Update. In days of yore Updates always worked in the butcher's shops. In Emoji butcher's shops were not liked. The reason was the protection of the animals. But butcher's shops survived thanks to the mighty command the ruling Horror Clowns. Moreover, the Horror Clown fed his circus army regularly on meat. The qualities of the aggression should be thereby strengthened towards the enemy. That's why parents of Emoji Update were especially proud of their professional roots.
While his parents with the butcher spoke of the organization of the celebration, the small Emoji Update on the ground crept to a cow's calf. Several cows helped Emoji Update to sit down on the back of a cow's calf. Afterwards escaped the cows together with Emoji Update from the butcher's shop. They got not far away, but the search for the parents of Emoji Update and the butchers was very irritating. In the meantime, the announcement about missing cows with a baby reached even the Third Horror Clown. He commanded the denial of the working approval for the butchers.
That's why these butchers fled to Jupiter. There they could be used as butchers. At this time visited Tycoon from Middle Finger Emoji quite anonymously different places of Emoji.🚽🥇🤚🌤🅰️🧺🤚➕🤚🥛🤡🚪🏙🏥🤚🎹🅰️🚽🥈🍖🌌🥪🍞🚪. At the end the house was sold for 123,568 Bitcoins to a stingy boss. Emoji Update received 61784 Bitcoins. Moreover, the both had to pay Imperial-expensive.
Thus it stood in the law for empires of the Circus Union. (The law existed some time also after the independence from the Circus Country).
Net Emoji Update had 40444 Bitcoins. His adoptive mother had the same net amount. After this event Emoji Update could lead his life even decisive. His adoptive mother fled from this town. He decided to make later an education as a comedian. This made Emoji Update beside his serious education as the journalist.
At this time a new television broadcasting station was opened in Emoji Meanings. Emoji Update might start there as an entertainer and comedian. At the age of 7324 days Emoji Update wanted to bring big change in his life. 🌤🅰️🌉⌚🧺😆🙃🚗👪👶🚯🚽🇪🇺👪🚽🚯🤚🌉🤚🥉. That's why Emoji Update received an invitation from the management of the television broadcasting station Funny Emoji.
The manager wanted that Emoji Update presents own broadcasting with him. Thus Emoji Update became known to a wide audience in Emoji. That's why the stinginess of the Jupiter became on an important subject of the amusing transmitter. Emoji Update must sometimes also represent his boss. The reason is that his boss still has no dry socks. However, with wet socks he may not enter his own office.
He still wrote this when he allowed to dry his socks with his parents. That's why Emoji Update takes over the role of the break clown.



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