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Emoji Update

Emoji Update was born 13505 days ago in Emoji Keyboard. Emoji Update was just 11 days old when he visited a butcher's shop with his parents. Emoji Update left unattended at the butcher's. At this time several cows were shortly before the battle in the queue. The parents of Emoji Update spoke with the uppermost butcher and his employees about different sausages. They wanted to order a cake of meat by the 30th life day of their son. Moreover, his parents wanted to celebrate at the butcher's the birth of Emoji Update.
The reason was that it concerned a tradition of the family Update. In days of yore Updates always worked in the butcher's shops. In Emoji butcher's shops were not liked. The reason was the protection of the animals. But butcher's shops survived thanks to the mighty command the ruling Horror Clowns. Moreover, the Horror Clown fed his circus army regularly on meat. The qualities of the aggression should be thereby strengthened towards the enemy. That's why parents of Emoji Update were especially proud of their professional roots.
While his parents with the butcher spoke of the organization of the celebration, the small Emoji Update on the ground crept to a cow's calf. Several cows helped Emoji Update to sit down on the back of a cow's calf. Afterwards escaped the cows together with Emoji Update from the butcher's shop. They got not far away, but the search for the parents of Emoji Update and the butchers was very irritating. In the meantime, the announcement about missing cows with a baby reached even the Third Horror Clown. He commanded the denial of the working approval for the butchers.
That's why these butchers fled to Jupiter. There they could be used as butchers. At this time visited Tycoon from Middle Finger Emoji quite anonymously different places of Emoji.

By chance he was also near the hiding place of the cows and found the small Emoji Update. Tycoon took Emoji Update and laid him in a basket of wood. In addition he still laid several packets of milk. Then Tycoon laid him in the door before the urban hospital of Emoji Keyboard. A midwife was by this second on the way in the lunch break. She opened the door.
There lay the small Emoji Update. She got a fright. At the same time she took Emoji Update with the basket and sat down in her car. Then she went home. The midwife decided to adopt the baby. She did not know yet that Emoji Update was searched. She called Emoji Update quite spontaneously the EU. For his biological parents the loss was not so painful. Now they were afraid rather of the fact that they could be arrested at the command of the Third Horror Clowns. Moreover, they feared that the grandson's destiny could threaten anyway their son.
The Third Horror Clown let several times kidnap babies, so that he could have many grandchildren. Also Emoji Update was threatened realistically seen of that. Long time Emoji Update under the name EU could live with the midwife. He was registered even in the inhabitant's control so. The midwife received, even in addition, 5004 Bitcoins per year as a reward for her adaptation. When Emoji Update was 1464 days old, he had to deliver in the kindergarten like other children also his blood to the examination. For his luck he had passed the check like most children.
At this time researchers discussed the results of the blood check together. A Venus alien was also among the researchers. By his attention he could find a special blood group. The blood group of Emoji Update was especially rare. Therefore his blood was valid as especially valuable. In the Circus Union blood donors received a financial compensation for good blood quality. Thus found out the adoptive mother of Emoji Update about the valuable blood of her adopted son. Then she sent her adopted son at least every Monday after the kindergarten to the blood donation.
As a regular blood donor the midwife might make a high deduction with the taxes. Thus she hardly paid taxes. Own house could thereby buy the adoptive mother to herself. There Emoji Update even beside the bedroom also had his own elbowroom. When Emoji Update was 2555 days old, it was called on television after an urgent blood donation for a 1111 days old boy. Finally, this boy had a special blood group. The adoptive mother got to know about this call. She decided to send exceptionally Emoji Update on Wednesday to the blood donation.
The nurse said to the adoptive mother that just the blood group of the EU was the right thing for the boy on television. After this event the parents of the saved boy wanted to thank their helper. That's why they received the address of the blood donors. They brought several water melons and 3666 Bitcoins to the adoptive mother. The midwife showed at Emoji Update that thanks to him the parents could save their small son.
The midwife wanted that the parents of the saved boy remain together to midday food. So they spoke with each other at the table. The midwife hid that she found Emoji Update before the door in the hospital in a basket. After the meeting the mother said that she had anyhow a belly feeling that the young EU her son was. The father did not believe in this story. He thought only about a chance with the blood group.
Emoji Update found out only at the age of 5476 days that he lay in the basket before the door of a hospital. Thereon he wanted to find his biological parents. For the adoptive mother the truth was worthwhile only in this time. Finally, she received no more financial aid for the adopted son directly. Emoji Update remembered the parents who thanked more than 2920 days ago for the rescue of their boy. Thus he wanted to find them. By the data bank of the archive Emoji Update found them. He asked them whether they left earlier a son in the basket before the hospital.
They told him that their first son with the cows from the butcher's shop fled. Anyhow many details were right like the date of birth and the blood group. That's why his mother wanted to make a DNA test. Thus they made this test. Then Emoji Update found out that at that time he saved his younger brother. Nevertheless, he wanted to remain with his adoptive mother. Finally, he had there two own rooms. When Emoji Update returned home to his adoptive mother, she asked him with discontented voice where he was. He told the whole truth.
Then went the midwife and collected all things of Emoji Update and said him that she did not need him any more here. She said that he could move with pleasure to his biological parents. After this event Emoji Update packed his things. Then he wanted to go, but he remained. He said to his adoptive mother that he left under no circumstances his home. After this dispute lived Emoji Update with the adoptive mother, as two strangers without a common past.
Emoji Update ate his breakfasts and midday food with his friends. In the evening he had to cook his dinner himself. The adoptive mother rather there worked as midwife. The parents of Emoji Update wanted that their son visited, finally, them at home. That's why they called up regularly their Emoji Update. In the meantime, the expulsion of the adopted son from the common house planned the adoptive mother. Thus she went to the inhabitant's control and wanted to allow to extinguish Emoji Update all claims in the house.
On account of the nonage of Emoji Update she could not do this. Moreover, he should still finish his education. Then the midwife wanted that Emoji Update disappears anyhow from her life. She had to consider long time. She visited even a medical continuing education. When Emoji Update was 5844 days old, his parents tried to speak with the adoptive mother. They wanted to mediate between their son and the midwife. After this event the adoptive mother tried to simulate everything in such a way that the impression of a positive mediation originated.
However, secretly she planned the sale of the house. She normalised the relations with her adopted son for this purpose. When Emoji Update was 6209 days old, he had to spend a lot of time in his working training. This used his adoptive mother. She tried to found a move from the house by excuses. Thus she rented a big flat in the city centre of Emoji Keyboard. Thereby she wanted to wake no negative impression on her adopted son. The midwife negotiated with different prospective customers about the sale of the house.
On account of the strict laws of the Circus Union she might not sell simply thus the house. The reason was that she was not the only owner of the property. After the end of the sale negotiations Emoji Update was invited by a judge. He would have to agree. The judge said this as grounds. In the middle of his training period Emoji Update received a phone call from the judge. The adopted son asked first how this was possible. The judge asked him whether he had to cancel the sale. Emoji Update did not know what he should make. Moreover, he asked what would happen if he agreed.
The judge answered this that he received half of the sale proceeds as a registered co-owner. Emoji Update wanted to discuss this still with his real parents. Thus he consulted his parents. His parents recommended him to take half of the sale proceeds. Finally, moreover, Emoji Update could be escaped by his adoptive mother. At the end the house was sold for 123,568 Bitcoins to a stingy boss. Emoji Update received 61784 Bitcoins. Moreover, the both had to pay Imperial-expensive.
Thus it stood in the law for empires of the Circus Union. (The law existed some time also after the independence from the Circus Country).
Net Emoji Update had 40444 Bitcoins. His adoptive mother had the same net amount. After this event Emoji Update could lead his life even decisive. His adoptive mother fled from this town. He decided to make later an education as a comedian. This made Emoji Update beside his serious education as the journalist.
At this time a new television broadcasting station was opened in Emoji Meanings. Emoji Update might start there as an entertainer and comedian. At the age of 7324 days Emoji Update wanted to bring big change in his life. Thus he flew to Jupiter. There he wanted to live in the biggest town for some time. He started to look for a flat. Emoji Update looked all advertisements. The most favourable flat had a room and cost 14444 Bitcoins per month.
When he saw these prices, he decided to put up under a bridge a small tent. Quick Emoji Update was blabbed on at the police by the population. The yellow policemen required the identity card or a valid identity card. After this event he received the stamp: "Criminal foreigner". Moreover, orange Jupiter aliens required that Emoji Update made hard labour for them. They wanted to use his worker. Thus the stingy owner of a hotel saved more expensive local employees.
In spite of this situation Emoji Update knew how to help himself. At least, he could hide his money with himself well. One day he fled from the house of the miser. He visited lake of this city. A little later Emoji Update came to a big white building. He thought that this nice building was a place of interest. He wanted to pay even for the entry several Bitcoins. When he entered the space, he went on. There Emoji Update was asked what he would like to do. He said that he wanted to pay for the entry into the place of interest. The official answered this:
You are already at the right place to pay. The yellow official printed a bill for Emoji Update after this event. Nevertheless, for him the amount was too high for this place of interest, actually. Thereon Emoji Update asked whether the entry was really so expensive. The irritated official said: What entry and which place of interest do you mean?
Thereon said Emoji Update: I mine with the entry into the place of interest, nevertheless, this building in which we talk. After this event the official started to laugh and said:
Here this is no place of interest, nevertheless, this is the mighty tax authority. Finally, politicians must get money for the fact that they paint over their chairs daily with the heading "occupied". After this conversation Emoji Update thanked for the extensive information the yellow official. Then he said goodbye to him and left the tax authority. Outdoors Emoji Update suddenly received big applause from a policeman. He thought that the foreign visitor because of his stupidity paid taxes.
However, this was not in such a way. Luckily Emoji Update could return easily after his adventure in the biggest city from Jupiter, finally, home.
At the age of 8044 days Emoji Update won an honouring for the joke of the year of the association of the university for humor sciences. Besides, Emoji Update told his own story how a tourist felt by chance the tax authority as a place of interest. That's why Emoji Update received an invitation from the management of the television broadcasting station Funny Emoji.
The manager wanted that Emoji Update presents own broadcasting with him. Thus Emoji Update became known to a wide audience in Emoji. That's why the stinginess of the Jupiter became on an important subject of the amusing transmitter. Emoji Update must sometimes also represent his boss. The reason is that his boss still has no dry socks. However, with wet socks he may not enter his own office.
He still wrote this when he allowed to dry his socks with his parents. That's why Emoji Update takes over the role of the break clown.



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