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Perfect Emoji Interview

Perfect Emoji was born 20014 days ago in Japanese Emoji. He hides his privacy in his confidential bag. That's why only his family knows his life in detail. Nevertheless, Perfect Emoji had to be spied by the journalists. The reason is his occupation. He is the uppermost boss of the enterprise golf balls. 👭👆🚨🦎👆🗳🚽. The extraterrestrial Sweasy26 must still find his microphone. After 124 seconds Sweasy26 decides to ask the first question.
Once you were a keyboard thrower in Emoji Keyboard. There you threw old keyboards as a professional sportsman as far as possible. When did you notice that you had enough of this sport and did change to golf?

Perfect Emoji gets a golf ball from his back: 🕌🅰️👮‍♀️🗣🍫👩‍💼. There the local population wanted that the first golf course is built in Emoji Meaning. That's why the inhabitants of the medium-sized town misers from the Jupiter of the betrayal accused.

Two weeks ago you celebrated your most important life day. You were 20000 days old. How did you celebrate this event?
Perfect Emoji looks in his diary for the date two weeks ago: I took several color pencils and wrote this important number where I only was able. 🅰️🌗🈷️🇰🇵😅🗳🎗.

1898 days ago you deposited a request for the construction of a golf course in Middle Finger Emoji to the responsible authorities. Up to now you suffered in this town a defeat. Do you think that golf courses damage the valuable earth?
Perfect Emoji looks at a history book of Emoji. There he looks straight for the town with the valuable earth:
I do not think that golf courses damage the earth. Vice versa: The golf courses must be in the middle of the nature. 🈶🚽🤚🔋🎓🕌🉐🗳.

According to studies of several interplanetary researchers nearly 100 billions golf balls lose their player within 365 days and even 111 billions to leap years. With your technology you could provide for the better findability of the golf balls. Moreover, would thereby become of the Littering by golf balls massively lower. What do you think about this statement?
Perfect Emoji starts to rub his hands: This our biggest dream would be to be exported certainly planet-far our mobile golf balls. However, there I know that Pluto owns much more advanced technologies. Unfortunately, there we cannot keep up. But I still want to try this, nevertheless.

This is certainly very good everything. The censorship authority has released up to now the web page of your company not for the wide population of the galaxy. How do you handle with it?
Perfect Emoji looks irritated: 🗣🅰️⚗👩‍🏫🌉🎓🤚🇰🇵🎒🤚👮‍♀️🏃‍♀️1️⃣ 🈶🅰️💪.

Well. You have got a good argument from your pocket. How did the first golfers react about your first mobile golf balls?
Perfect Emoji looks for the reactions to his products in the news of a search engine machine of Emoji:
The first golfers were very much enthusiastically from our mobile golf balls. An Emoji thanked personally with a cucumber cake us. This was very emotional. He said us that, finally, his disabled brother could play golf also with him and the whole family. This made us very proudly on our achievement. This motivated us to improve the mobile golf ball further.

After the answer of this question comes the mailman and brings a newspaper of Japanese Emoji directly in the hands of Perfect Emoji. The uppermost boss shells out the newspaper up to the end. He is interested in the weather in Japanese Emoji. Then he turns the pages on the page 4 of the newspaper. There he finds a report about the mobile golf balls of his enterprise. Perfect Emoji shouts from joy. Our mobile golf balls are represented so prominent in the local newspaper. Incredibly. This thought Perfect Emoji about his revolutionary products.
In this optimistic point finished Sweasy26 the interview with Perfect Emoji.



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