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Smiley Emoji from Laughing Emoji in interview

Smiley Emoji was born in Laughing Emoji 16066 days ago according to encyclopedic information. She dreamt every Monday and every Friday in her childhood about a career as an actress. One day Smiley Emoji on an advertisement became attentive. There an amusing witch was searched for the sixth leading role. Smiley Emoji used the chance of her life. Then directors wanted to give her no spare time from the acting. She begged for every possible free day. All directors wanted to engage Smiley Emoji absolutely in their newest film. Only when she required higher wage, finally, Smiley Emoji got her first holidays. On account of her prominent status many Emojis require Selfies with her.
That's why Smiley Emoji organized 235 days ago one Selfie day with her. During 24 hours her followers with Smiley Emoji could take a common photo. About her privacy no journalist may know something. Required Smiley Emoji quite officially from the politicians of Emoji.

In your last roles you often play teacher. Is this your new predilection?
Smiley Emoji searches something in her pocket: I would be former with pleasure teacher, but my own teachers said to me that I was not taken seriously as a teacher. A teacher must look extremely serious. The reason is: My very amusing facial expression!!
Nevertheless, I studied some semesters at the educational university for Emojis in Emoji List. But the way to the university lasted too long time. That's why I interrupted my educational study. I regretted this by no means.

It is striking that you very often have the name Emojia in your roles. Your role as an Emojia is often a strong female Emoji. Must you simply transfer your same role on different movies?
Smiley Emoji looks in all directions in the room as if she looked everywhere for an answer: I often discuss with the directors my name in the movies during several hours. At the end we agree on Emojia. It is already aware to me that I transfer the same Emoji into the new movie in every film. Probably I simply always get so dull roles. 888 days ago a director said to me: Smiley Emoji, do you want to play teacher Emojia in my new movie?
I answered quite automatically anyhow. Later I had a strange feeling that I should play a teacher with the same name again.
One day I considered even to be called official Emojia. For that I would have to change my identity. However, this would be very costly. Moreover, I have become famous as Smiley Emoji. This is why a name change is not possible for me.

A charlatan comes unsolicited to the room and shouts: Smiley Emoji is 🕴⏯🇺🇳🈶😛🍖🕌.

Well. I would not like to ask you whether the story of the charlatan is real. That's why I rather ask about your role in the last movie. You played a linguistic teacher in Japanese Emoji. Had you to learn for this role Japanese?
Smiley Emoji starts to laugh: 🇮🇹🍖🤚❄️🅰️⚗👩‍🏫🌉🇪🇭🎓.

Will you further organize the Selfie day with your fans?
Smiley Emoji considers 17 seconds: I make this of course. I do not want to disappoint my followers. My fans can thereby promote me free of charge in the Social media of Emoji.
Are you not enough famous?
Smiley Emoji must look on the local Internet for her full name on all search engines: The biggest search engine of Emoji shows 2,456,678 results over my name. The second largest search engine: 2,098,367 results. And the third-biggest search engine: 1,246,688 results. I am proud of myself. I, Smiley Emoji have totally only 5,801,733 results in my native country Emoji. Nevertheless, this is wonderful!!
And every Selfie with a fan certainly increases my national popularity. Many Emojis send with pleasure Selfies with prominent personalities in their Social media profiles.

Do you need really to increase the number of the results to your name Smiley Emoji on the Internet?
Smiley Emoji laughs at this question: 🇮🇹🉐🅰️👩‍⚖️🙈🌌👮‍♀️🥇.

Do you have Jupiter's roots or are you very looking for the red carpet?
Smiley Emoji answers with high head: Nevertheless, on account of my fame in Emoji I must have a red carpet under my feet. Otherwise I feel not famous enough. Today I thought even that I was quite a normal Emoji. But this is not in such a way. I have at least four interviews per week about my roles. It is not fatally for me without red carpet, but I need this carpet. The reason: The red carpet reminds me constantly of my professional fame.

Because of these statements two bodyguards decided to bring a wide and clean red carpet for Smiley Emoji. They ordered a red carpet for her customer by emergency. The trader of the carpet went with an outpatient clinic to the room of the interview. After only 7 seconds the red carpet was already under the feet of Smiley Emoji. The trader of the carpet had stingy roots from the Jupiter. That's why he asked of 7654 local Bitcoins. The bodyguards paid this amount directly. After this event Smiley Emoji calmed down. She took over the costs for the red carpet. She also took down the name of the trader in a black list. The trader might never thereby make a free Selfie with the actress.

What do you want to tell the readers finally?
Smiley Emoji looks on her Smartphone in her appointment calendar for events:
I would be glad very much if you looked my newest movie with me in the leading role as a teacher for humor sciences in the premiere in Laughing Emoji.

After the answer of this question Smiley Emoji said goodbye to the interviewer Sweasy26. Outdoors nearly six Emojis waited for her. A bodyguard hid the actress with a tin-foil from radiation of the unknown Emojis and aliens. The other bodyguard took the red carpet. Smiley Emoji was brought in the protected vehicle to her desirable place.


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