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Can a third person interfere with a contract?

This was the question of the gathered Emojis. In addition a retired judge expressed himself: If the third person appears as a representative of a contracting partner, is allowed. Otherwise the third who deal nothing with the contract are ordinarily excluded. Exceptions form only courts with their authorities. Several policemen of the country of the Emojis asked for this statement: If policemen arrest a contracting partner because he just sells forbidden substances?
Nevertheless, in this case it is about work of the police which is regulated separately. A responsible lawyer for police research said this.
Which rights does the buyer have by not deliberate purchase of a stolen thing?
Eight Emojis wanted to know this. Finally, they bought together a picture of a famous artist from an alien from the Saturn. Later these Emojis found out that this picture was written out internationally to the search. In this case the injured buyers may require a compensation also from the wrong shop assistant and even from the owner. Thereon a rich alien from the Jupiter hit very strongly on the door of the gathered lawyers. Then he said very much loudly: I am a collector of the valuable art Emojis. I want to pay by no means compensation for the thefts. Thereon said a former accuser: Nevertheless, you should allow to insure yours valuables. Also for possible general damages like earthquake, floods and thefts. Then the rich alien from the Jupiter had to say nothing more.
Yes, but which claims have affected eight Emojis?
Two Emojis of this group asked this. The main lawyer answered this: Entire restitution of the paid-up purchase price and possible compensation. Substitute of all costs of an action and substitute with prevented use of the thing. For this are obliged the shop assistant and partially the first owner. Reason: The first owner neglected his safekeeping duty. This is valid in the country of the Emojis only in special cases. If the thing in spite of good safekeeping was stolen and was sold, the shop assistant must pay only the damage.
What is the shop assistant liable for the purchase thing?
Curious Emojis wanted to know this. In addition a notary public expressed himself: The shop assistant is liable for the good least quality of the sold thing. Moreover, the thing may cause no damage to the buyer. Moreover, the shop assistant must be liable for his goods also if he did not know the defects of the sold thing.
When stingy traders from the Jupiter heard this sentence, they pelted the building of the gathered lawyers with rubbish from the waste bags. Against it defended themselves Emojis against these furious aliens with onions.
At this time an Emoji wanted to ask the following question: 6 days ago I bought a cow in Middle Finger Emoji with a farmer. This cow died too fast after the purchase. So I suffered a loss. What can I do?
In addition said a lawyer: The farmer should have delivered, actually, a certificate of the veterinarian to the sales. This confirmation is valid as a proof that the sold animal was checked for its health. If the farmer did this, must be checked whether no briberies here were paid to the veterinarian. In addition the anti-bribery device must be taken in the hands of the researchers. The buyer of the dead cow reacted very much made easier after this answer. From fury on unreliable traders and shop assistants the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ Every abolition or restriction of the guarantee on the purchase object is trifling.
At the same time the shop assistant is not liable for the defects of which he expressly informed the buyer by the purchase in the ears.
After the last sentence Emojis, Acrobats and some aliens had to laugh during nearly 11 minutes incessantly. In the meantime, the oldest lawyer experienced a cardioplegia. In the interim present Emojis alarmed the emergency doctors. The oldest lawyer was delivered to the hospital. He had to be reanimated. During his resuscitation the ghost of the lawyer because of the boring resuscitation fled to his occupational colleagues. He sat down on his chair and wanted to say the other Emojis that he was completely in good state. However, he noticed that the present lawyers laid even his pocket on his chair. Strangely, thought the ghost. They did not hear him and still were cheeky enough for the fact that they laid his pocket to his chair.
Moreover, the youngest accuser sat beside the oldest lawyer. Together with two other Emojis they looked what the oldest lawyer had with himself. The ghost required from his occupational colleagues respect and decency. But he was invisible for them, this is why Emojis did not listen to the ghost. At this time tried doctors unsuccessfully to reanimate the patient. Anyhow the ghost did not want back to his old body. At the same time he did not want to lead his occupational colleagues to the memorial service. So he asked what he should do. At this time came other ghosts of dead Emojis. Among them were his oldest brother, his parents and grandparents of both sides.
He asked them what he should make in his situation. His parents led him to a place.
There the ghost of the old lawyer got to eat Fast Food. He shouted: Nevertheless, this is injurious!
Somebody answered this: Your current state permits to you everything to eat happy-go-lucky. Then the ghost wanted to eat the Fast Food. However, he was disturbed by a canvas. There he unexpectedly saw a movie with his person in the leading role. He wanted to start to eat Fast Food. Suddenly there disappeared this food. The ghost reacted with a funny look. Then he felt how doctors had him on the hospital bed. The oldest lawyer did not understand what experience he had. Curiously, thought the Emoji. In the meantime, other Emojis welcomed the reanimated colleague and brought some jokes in their pockets. The reanimated lawyer absolutely wanted to work on new laws of the country of the Emojis.
He expressed this his colleagues. Before the release of the reanimated lawyer came the uppermost hospital manager and required the payment of 5555 Bitcoins from the patient. The old lawyer said that he needed a bill of the hospital. Besides, finally, he did not have so much money. Thereon the hospital manager felt very growing stinginess in himself. That's why he wanted that his employees accompany the patient to house to the collection of the entire amount. Thus two Emojis with the lawyer and another three occupational colleagues came home of the patient. There the old lawyer handed over the amount and received a receipt. The old lawyer had a bad feeling. That's why he stayed at home. Outdoors the companions were pelted with other Emojis by aliens from the Saturn with heavy cucumbers.
They were injured themselves everybody. The hospital manager looked at the clock and noticed that his employees did not return. So he decided to go together with a lawyer and policemen on the search for his employees. In the meantime, the criminal aliens from the Saturn attacked the hospital employees and stole the whole money which the old lawyer paid for his resuscitation. The old lawyer looked from the window and saw how the hospital employees and his occupational colleagues were injured. So he took a poison gun. He started to shoot in the direction of the aliens from the Saturn. The culprits from the Saturn had to find out that this place was too good for spies. The old lawyer shot incessantly at these aliens. After some time he injured their legs so strongly that they could not flee any more.
Moreover, the Emoji alarmed the local police. Then there came Emojis and arrested these aliens from the Saturn. The stolen money could find the way to the hospital manager. At the end the hospital manager still required compensation from the old lawyer because he sent his employees in their working hours home to the patient. The occupational colleagues defended their old lawyer. Thus the hospital manager had buried his plan in the cemetery of the stinginess.
Finally, after this adventure Emojis wanted to discuss the next subject.
When should the buyer check the purchase object for defects?
A consumer's custodian from Alien Emoji wanted to know this. In addition said a lawyer:
§ The buyer must check the purchase object immediately after the purchase for all defects.
With complicated objects the fault check can be also concluded within at most 69 hours after the purchase. 70 hours after the purchase the purchase object is valid as approved and accepts in the country of the Emojis. Moreover, the shop assistant must be informed immediately about the lack in the kingdom Emoji.
Thereon rejoiced above all aliens from Mars.
Suddenly Emojis knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. The main lawyer opened the door and asked these Emojis what they wanted.
Emojis answered this at the same time that they wanted to sell strawberry juice to the diligent lawyers. That's why the main lawyer asked his occupational colleagues whether they wanted a strawberry juice. Above all the before reanimated lawyer wanted this juice. The other Emojis complained of missing choice in drinks. At this time was also an alien from Mars and wanted to sell to the Emojis carrot salad with garlic soup. The other lawyers welcomed this offer. Then all suppliers of drinks and food disappeared out of sight of the Emojis. On account of a working day rich in adventure of the lawyers they wanted to finish their topical meeting. Then still there rang the phone. An Emoji wanted to know something. But the phone connection of him was interrupted. Then said Emojis goodbye to their strenuous working day.

Purchase and exchange in Emoji

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How long is the shop assistant liable in the country of the Emojis for sold cattle?

Story: How long is the shop assistant liable in the country of the Emojis for sold cattle?



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