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How long is the shop assistant liable in the country of the Emojis for sold cattle?

An animal trader from Laughing Emoji wanted to know this absolutely from the gathered lawyers. In addition a lawyer from his work experience expressed himself: Basically the shop assistant should sell every offered animal healthy. That is the fact that every animal should be checked in Emoji by a veterinarian thoroughly for illnesses. Thereon shouted a stingy farmer with Jupiter's roots from Emoji Meaning: This causes only costs!
This is injurious to my stinginess. In the meantime, Emojis laughed at this farmer. For that applauded butchers loudly. Finally, they did not want to be infected from animals at the work. That's why a lawyer wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Every offered animal in the country of the Emojis must be checked before the sales veterinary carefully for illnesses. Then the shop assistant must receive a confirmation of the health check from the animal. The costs for that are partially subsidised by the kingdom Emoji. If necessary a special bank can be founded for the cost recovery even.
After the last sentence of this law reacted all stingy farmers very much made easier.
How should an Emoji proceed if he was deceived by the shop assistant intentionally?
In addition a judge wanted to tell a case from his work experience: 277 days ago seven Emojis sued an alien from the Saturn because of the sales of an ill bull.
The alien from the Saturn faked the confirmation of the health check of the animal. The affected Emojis worked as butchers and noticed that the bull was useless. Finally, Emojis might sell under no circumstances meat of ill animals to the consumers. So sued Emojis the forger from the Saturn. The courts condemned the alien from the Saturn to a prison sentence of at least 2666 days. Moreover, the criminal alien had to pay a compensation to Emojis.
On account of this case the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ If the buyer is deceived intentionally by the shop assistant in the kingdom Emoji, he must count on a denial of the freedom of at least 2222 days. Moreover, must pay the phoney a compensation to the affected customers.
According to this law reacted aliens from the Saturn with the biggest nervousness.
By this second somebody knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. Thereon immediately three Emojis got up. Then they opened together the door. Before them were two mailmen. They handed several letters with wishes for new laws to the Emojis.
Then the mailmen said goodbye to the Emojis. Suddenly the main lawyer noticed that their work was looked by even more curious aliens and Emojis. The ratings increased almost by the hundredfold.
Must the buyer keep the preserved product?
A concerned Emoji who got a wrong product from the Venus asked this. This Emoji ordered nasal cloths from the Venus. Instead, he got toilet paper with advertisement for the religion of the Venus. Thereon Emojis laughed once more. Also lawyers had to smile. Then answered a former notary public: This Emoji should simply take a photo of the preserved product and send to the shop assistant as a proof.
Moreover, the etiquette should examine by the Emoji. In this case the buyer may keep the product in the country of the Emojis and pay a lower price or nothing at all. Finally, shop assistants must learn to deliver right product.
After this event reacted Venus with lack of understanding. Finally, it often seems in Venus that wrong goods are sent abroad because of linguistic lack of the traders. A lawyer answered this quite hard: Aliens should be able to pack the goods not only in Venus, but also send the right goods. Moreover, aliens from the Venus in international trade should learn foreign languages absolutely. Then different governments on the planet more exactly had to examine Venus their language courses.

Must the buyer undertake everything, so that the shop assistant must pay possibly no compensation?
An alien from the Jupiter asked this. In addition the former uppermost accuser of the Emojis expressed himself: Anyway the buyer must inform the shop assistant or the supplier about all found defects in the country of the Emojis. This is an important duty of the buyer. If he neglects this duty, the law can protect the shop assistant with a thick and wide wall.
On these statements aliens from the Jupiter took very big pleasure. They applauded so loud that Emojis wanted to lower the loudspeaker of the applause.
Can the buyer sue the shop assistant by emergency because of defects of the bought thing?
An Emoji asked this the present lawyers. In addition said a retired judge: This can happen. But before the shop assistant must be informed about the lack. If the shop assistant did not like to repair the lack, the affected Emoji may run to the court by emergency.
By this second the engineer from the TV studio ran to the Emojis. He wanted to deliver an urgent message to the gathered lawyers and the population. He started to speak in Japanese. However, the majority of the Emojis is able to do no Japanese. Later the responsible presenter apologised for his engineer from Japanese Emoji.
Then he took the microphone and said the same message into understandable language for Emojis: Shortly before the lunch the police of the kingdom Emoji could arrest a doctor in a hospital. At the moment the place is forbidden by the censorship authority for the publication. Thereon curious Emojis asked themselves what this doctor had made. Lawyers hardly more exactly wanted to discuss this case, somebody knocked at the door. Thereon a lawyer opened the door. Before him stood four Emojis with a female Emoji who carried handcuffs. Thereon explained these Emojis: Today we had to arrest in the morning still this doctor.
Quick it was clear to the gathered lawyers that they should decide on the destiny of the culprit from the hospital at the round table.
After this event said a policeman: Here just you discuss the subject of the purchase contract. That's why we have for you also the suitable case. Then the main lawyer commanded the exact description of the case of the arrested doctor. Now a policeman began his speech: This Emoji worked in the midwife's department. She said almost with everybody fourth to the seventh birth of an Emojis that the baby was born deadly. In reality the criminal doctor hid the babies in a confidential room. Access to this room had only this Emoji. During the breaks and at the end of the working day she went regularly with these babies. Besides, she organised phoney burials of the babies.
But in the reality got the Emoji the babies home. Later she sold these babies to the pairs which no children could have. Thanks to two Emojis independent of each other the doctor could be identified moving with a stolen baby. Then two policemen went in confidential vehicles. Later they arrested this Emoji. The mother of the baby could identify her child, in the meantime. Moreover, blood samples were arranged. Really even the thief confirmed that she stole the baby from this Emoji. The policeman asked for the portrayal of this case: What should we do with this doctor?
How do we find the affected parents of the crimes this Emojis?
Thereon said an experienced public prosecutor: Per stolen baby the doctor must spend at least 1777 days in the prison. For the sales regular hard labour must be organised during the custody. With good cooperation of the criminal Emoji the sentence can be shortened by 1/3 of the whole custody. After this statement the arrested doctor became very co-operative. She told exactly to whom she sold the babies. Moreover, a well structured list with all sold babies had this Emoji. For present lawyers was clear that it concerned in this case forbidden purchase contracts. Moreover, buyers of the babies were informed. Biological parents were found in most cases by blood samples. In some cases the children were already older than 2920 days old.
Because of the caused moral damage the guilty doctor had to be arrested for 10950 days. Moreover, the present Emojis gave to the criminal Emoji a working ban in the present sphere. After this discussion the certificate of the doctor was also deprived by the university in Emoji List. Therefore she lost not only her freedom, but also the title as a doctor in spite of very successfully insisted final examination after the end of the medicine study.
An alien from the Ceres asked after this story: Can a purchase be made declining by a court?
In addition a lawyer asked the alien what case he had. A retired notary public meant about it: This plays no role. In the country of the Emojis a purchase can be also cancelled judicially. However, in addition a contracting party would have understandable reasons. In addition belong, for example, the breach of trust between the sides. But also health reasons can cancel a purchase. In addition just the alien from the Ceres wanted to express himself: In my case an Emoji bought a freezer with me. The customer had one more guarantee. Unfortunately, this Emoji had an accident when he heard about the death of the Last Horror Clowns on television. Then he fell of the chair and died. Nobody in his family wanted to use this freezer.
Thus his wife brought the device to me. She required the restitution of the full purchase price. I wanted to offer, instead, another device. She remained headstrong. She threatened together with her children and grandchildren with a complaint in the uppermost court of Emojis. That's why I wanted to know what I should make.
After this event several lawyers said unanimously that the alien from the Ceres was condemned judicially to the resolution of the contract. Moreover, he must refund the purchase price.
After this story a judge wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ The court can cancel the purchase if the shop assistant does not repair the lack. Also the purchase contract can be dissolved or be cancelled if a contracting partner is not able by heavy health defects or death to explain the contract. The court can also force very much personalised purchase objects upon the shop assistant against the return of the paid-up purchase price to the return. Are excluded from that: All products which should not be brought back because of hygienic view. Belong to it: Cutlery, dishes, toothpastes, toothbrushes and similar objects.
When hygienists got to know about this detailed law, they sent to the Emojis several letters of thanks with the best wishes.
Can the shop assistant escape from responsibility?
A stingy trader with Jupiter's roots asked the lawyers this. In addition said an Emoji: In this case the supplier who delivered the product to the shop assistant should take responsibility. After this sentence many misers from the Jupiter ran to the factories and bought some goods which they wanted to sell in Emoji.
Can a buyer ask between compensation, a resolution of the contract or compensation?
Addicted to shopping Emojis asked the gathered lawyers this. A retired public prosecutor answered this:
According to situation the buyer with the shop assistant on one of these possibilities can agree. In this case with disputes the court can support both contracting parties.
Another Emoji wanted to know: He ordered a razor from the factory directly. Besides, he received only the device without cable. For him a riddle remained as he could use the device without cable. An experienced Emoji explained to him that here a cable was absent. That's why this Emoji wanted to sue the manufacturer. This failed. The reason: The customer informed the supplier not about the lack of the delivery. The silly Emoji got the cable for his device in the courtroom.
Who pays costs of an action if the court cancels the purchase?
A very concerned alien from the Saturn asked this. In addition said a former lawyer: With defective goods the shop assistant must pay of course also the costs of an action.
Afterwards reacted aliens from the Saturn extremely shocked.
Which damages should the shop assistant make good in the kingdom Emoji?
An unnerved clock trader from the Jupiter asked this. His situation: He makes purchases at the factory in Jupiter watches. Then he sells these watches to Emojis. One day a clock did not function two days after the purchase any more. Thereon said a lawyer:
The clock trader must certainly have a contract between his enterprise and the clock manufacturer. On the basis of these states the shop assistant can oblige the manufacturer to the substitute. However, this would be a very complicated case. Finally, are involved in such case the foreign manufacturer, the trader in Emoji and the customers Emojis.
After this discussion the lawyers finished their day meeting.

Can a third person interfere with a contract?

Story: Can a third person interfere with a contract?

How does an Emoji react with only one defective thing of several pieces?

Story: How does an Emoji react with only one defective thing of several pieces?



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