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How does an Emoji react with only one defective thing of several pieces?

Emojis wanted to know this from the gathered lawyers on a rainy day.
In addition an Emoji immediately had a case: He bought a packet from 111 candles for the forthcoming celebration of the planet Halloween. To his regret 27 candles were already partially used. Other 12 candles were much shorter than the rest. An other candle looked invisible. All remained candles were useful. In this case expressed himself a retired public prosecutor that the problematic candles should be substituted with the shop assistant in the country of the Emojis. 👤👩⏱️🎞️, ⏺️🔌➕🗺️👀🗣️➕⚙️🔟,0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 💡❌️.
When do complaints come under the statute of limitations because of the defects in the kingdom Emoji?
A stingy alien from the Jupiter who trades in the country of the Emojis with coffee capsules asked this. Thereon lawyers had clear answer: ➕👤👩⬅️⤵️🥇, 👫➕➡️👥1️⃣ ⏱️➕🛰️😀. ➡️👤❌️🎁➡️⏱️➕🛰️👫➕👪️.
👤👩💨🚂▶️🎬️🎮️. 👤👨🚘️👤👩🥫🔎⏱️👫➕⏱️👪️. 🔂🤹⛰️➕🔮.

Then the accountant told something about the price creation according to the stingy laws: In the purchase price the following costs are included: Production costs, costs for safekeeping of the product, costs for employees and packaging, costs for the authorities (value added tax), costs for discounts, profit sharing for stockholders of the enterprise, costs for advertisement and costs for the maintenance of the company.
When Emojis got to know about this statement of cost, they were very furious that so many unnecessary things would pass on them. After this events explained a stingy investor from the Jupiter: 🥘➕🍽️⚙️👥. 👤🤝👤❌️👤👩⬅️. ➕💆‍♀️💯👤👩⬅️. 👤👨👥⬅️. ⤵️👤👩⬅️🙇‍♂️. 👤👩👤⬅️👤👩🛠️👤⬅️🌮🍽️. 🍽️➡️👤🔎👍️. ➕🍽️🍽️❤️🥇.
When can a shop assistant withdraw from the contract?
An Emoji asked this on behalf for all self employed Emojis. A lawyer from Crying Laughing Emoji answered this: If a buyer is too lazy for the fulfilment of his duties. Above all if he does not pay the purchase price. Besides, the shop assistant should inform the buyer about his forthcoming resignation of the contract on time. And what if the buyer the thing has with himself and does not pay the purchase price?
In this case the shop assistant can require the return of the purchase object in the country of the Emojis. If he already liked to withdraw from the contract.
How may a shop assistant calculate such damage in the kingdom Emoji?
A decent alien from the Uranus asked this. In addition said a former assigned counsel from Alien Emoji: If a buyer does not pay the purchase price, but the shop assistant withdraws from the contract, then has to go according to the last time 1 percent may be used by the purchase price as a compensation. If the damage is much bigger provably, the court can include a certified mathematician to the calculation of the damage.
After this statement it became suddenly very quietly in the room of the gathered Emojis.
At this time several Emojis from the city Emoji Art came after long trip to the lawyers. They carried all same shirt and trousers. They were dressed very brightly.
Then these Emojis with festive mood went to the building of the lawyers. Most Emojis were looked by the soldiers as a colored menace for plain room of the gathered lawyers. 👥⬅️💬⚪️🏘️🏤2️⃣ 🗣️➕🛑📦️➡️🚪🥉.
By this second an unknown voice sounded in the direction of the being penitent Emojis: You are damned despondent egoists!!!
Then some lawyers got a fright. In the meantime, the artist portrayed the old judge more and more intensely and more undisturbed.
After some time the perfect portrait of the judge was ready. Then applauded even his envious people. The main lawyer also wanted a portrait. Thereon said the artist: Who had courage to the doorway, might be portrayed free of charge. The rest must pay for that at least 1124 Bitcoins per portrait. A lawyer from Emoji Meaning got angry about it: Damned stingy canvasser!!
Other lawyers partially agreed to him: The artist abused the live broadcasting for clandestine advertising of his art. That's why the artist was condemned to other free portraits by the lawyers. Then portrayed the Emoji even more lawyers.
In the interim immediately 10 oxpeckers hit the windows of the gathered Emojis.
Most lawyers reacted very awfully. Then the windows were destroyed in the room. Several lawyers who wanted to be portrayed absolutely free of charge were attacked by the oxpeckers. The affected lawyers tried to protect themselves with their books. At this time a bird breeder from Middle Finger Emoji alarmed the police because of the escape of his birds from the cage. Thereon all spectators of the kingdom Emoji found out that ten oxpeckers from the cage of a farmer fled. The old judge who was portrayed as the first could count in complete silence the number of the birds. 👮📞❓️📁🏫👟.
🚶⬆️👤🏛️🗣️🚪⬆️➕👤👨. ➡️👤❌️🗣️👤⬅️🚪⬆️🤣🗣️. Thus many Emojis and aliens absolutely wanted to get a portrait with their face painted. About that the tax authority got to know in Poop Emoji. The envy of the officials on the successful artist grew upwards faster than the value of all traded shares on the stock exchange. Thus the tax authorities required a special value added tax for art of this Emoji. He had to accept tacitly this. Otherwise the mightiest authority of the country of the Emojis threatened with long-standing imprisonment. After all these events lawyers decided to say goodbye to the Emojis. Then there ended their working day.

How long is the shop assistant liable in the country of the Emojis for sold cattle?

Story: How long is the shop assistant liable in the country of the Emojis for sold cattle?

How can a property be bought in the country of the Emojis?

Story: How can a property be bought in the country of the Emojis?



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