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How can a property be bought in the country of the Emojis?

A broker from Poop Emoji asked this question the gathered lawyers. In addition Emojis wanted to regulate a possibility for acquirers of a property anew. A former judge wanted that every purchase of a flat, a house or an equivalent real estate or a land surface should be registered in the register of the kingdom Emoji. Some Emojis with stingy roots from the Jupiter defended themselves with their feet and hands against state control. They feared an additional fee. Above all Emojis from the city Emoji Meaning were against the registration of the real estate.
They got support of the aliens from the Jupiter who specially arrived from their planet for this purpose. In spite of their opposition lawyers decided to write every purchase juridical on a national register. House owners were basic for this law. Finally, owners could be protected so better against thefts.
What have Emojis decided in this connection?
Who would like to buy a property in the kingdom Emoji, must dispose not only of the necessary capital. The buyer must appear with the seller of the real estate together before the responsible official in the town of the article. Moreover, they need at least two present witnesses.
The buyer has to bring two witnesses and the home seller must bring two witnesses. All witnesses must sign together with the contracting parties in the urban book.
Which considerations have buyer and seller for these procedure?
The home seller escapes from his property and the buyer takes all duties, like the payment of the electricity supply and water supply. Also the name of the buyer is mentioned everywhere in connection with the acquired real estate. Particularly many Emojis from Heart Eyes Emoji applauded.
By this second several aliens from the Uranus knocked at the door of the gathered Emojis. They wanted to sell to the serious lawyers masks for the celebration to honour of the planet Halloween in next autumn. A young lawyer from Crying Laughing Emoji wanted to buy a mask. The reason was the name on the mask. Non Sense face stood thereon. This alien fled at that time from the Saturn to Emoji to pose problems. After the purchase of the mask aliens from the Uranus thanked the Emoji. Then they disappeared. After this story the main lawyer wanted to decide all traders who disturbed the work of the gathered Emojis automatically as a crime against the lawyers.
Finally, many traders were of use that these Emojis were transferred live on television. Outdoors one could already ascertain a queue of the traders. Many traders hoped by their offers for free to get advertisement. That's why the main lawyer organised a vote among his colleagues. However, the majority was against the trader ban. After this vote lawyers were stamped in Emoji as corrupt.
Then an alien from the Neptune wanted to know:
Can one conclude in Emoji a pre-emptive contract in connection with the property purchase?
A judge from Emoji for PC answered this: Such contracts are unlawful from the point of view of the competition and the freedom of the availability. That's why such contracts are not allowed to be concluded. Only the contracts which lead to a purchase compelling are permitted. Another judge criticised this opinion. Finally, a preparatory contract should be possible. That's why agreed Emojis on preparatory contracts in this area. Therein buyers and sellers should be able to prepare for the definitive contract. Then a notary public wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ Every property purchase is valid only if every contracting party brings at least two mature witnesses capable of acting. Moreover, the property purchase must be signed in Emoji with the responsible official in the urban house. All contracting parties and their witnesses must sign. The official must dispose of concluded study of the jurisprudence. The contracting parties may conclude a preparatory contract with each other.
A concerned Emoji wanted to know: I have saved money for a hire-purchase of a flat. I would like to pay remaining 40 percent of the purchase price as a mortgage.
How does this see according to the new laws of the kingdom?
A lawyer who specialised in real estate trade answered this:
In this case one more condition must be fulfilled. First the bank or loan company must grant the mortgage in writing. Only then the purchase can occur. The lawyer praised this Emoji for the fact that he brings the clear majority in capital himself. He wanted to show from people from the planet earth here as a bad example: On the planet earth people also get mortgages if they have only very little own capital or hardly. Logical consequence of this loose grant of credit is a general financial crisis.
After the portrayal of these cases decided the gathered Emojis that in their native country every buyer of a property should bring at least 50 percent of the purchase price himself. A potential buyer should thereby be able to prove his contact with the money. When misers from the Jupiter got to know about this formulation, they sent up to ten thousand aerial balloons with gratitude to the gathered lawyers. Also several Emojis praised this decision as a very reasonable decision.
Besides, explained a lawyer who worked earlier at a bank: Who takes out a mortgage, has as a co-owner the quiet credit grantor.
Only if the mortgage was paid off completely, the property goes over in the unlimited property of the buyer.
At this time two Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji contacted the lawyers. They wanted to know whether there were special laws in connection with the agricultural ground. Thereon explained a former defender: Basically we need a law of the protection of the agricultural ground. Then he wrote immediately himself a sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ The kingdom Emoji must guarantee a least portion of the land surface for agricultural purposes. These places may not be substituted with industry and living spaces. The care of the Emojis and other inhabitants of the country must be guaranteed by local sensible use of the ground.
Many Emojis from rural areas applauded the courageous lawyers with this law.
What must the supplier of a property guarantee to the buyer?
An alien from the Mercury asked the lawyers this. Thereon said an Emoji: The supplier must deliver a property as promised under actual state. Moreover, the home seller should inform about various defects.
An alien from the Saturn absolutely wanted to know: I bought a house by the yellow sea close to Japanese Emoji. After 8 days the house was stolen by its location. Thereon reacted Emojis with a big fit of laughter. Later the alien explained that the house was produced of a plastic bag. This is why it was very easy to steal the building. In this case lawyers explained that the affected alien should inform the local police about the theft. By this second a bomb on the stairs exploded in the house of the gathered lawyers. Among the injured persons were two soldiers and alien from unknown planet.
Then would Emojis shout on the street: Bomb alert!
Outdoors many policemen went to the building. There several policemen were hit by hidden aliens from the Venus with several religious books. In the meantime, four aliens ran to the gathered lawyers and wanted to advertise to their religion. Thereon Emojis took the books of the irritating guests from the Venus. Moreover, they thanked for the disturbance of their work on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji.
Outdoors there waited several elite soldiers for aliens from the Venus. They arrested them. Then Emojis wanted to finish their working day. They required from the engineer the elimination of the live transmission.

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Story: Can one buy in the country of the Emojis on test something?



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