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Can one buy in the country of the Emojis on test something?

This wanted to know an addicted to shopping Emoji. Up to now for the gathered lawyers this subject was known less. That's why they wanted to search a specialist in this area in completely Emoji. For this purpose the engineer of the broadcasting had to place a phone number for Emojis quite prominent on the screen. A lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji contacted his occupational colleagues by telephone. Then other lawyers decided to invite their occupational colleague from the religious town to themselves. Thus a specially train was organised. In the meantime, Emojis drank potato juice from Middle Finger Emoji. By this second a lawyer remembered about a case when his customer wanted to cover his achievements to test.
He called the final success in court as a condition. The affected lawyer rejected this. After this representation the former judge took down the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Services are defeated by no purchase on test. Doctor's achievements, achievements of all service providers belong to it.
Finally, after this discussion the lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji appeared before the eyes of his occupational colleagues. He welcomed his colleagues with a long traditional laughter. Then he sat down on a chair. Then he might present his cases to the other Emojis.
He began: In my hometown it often seems that religious tourists from other towns do not buy the products of the amusing houses. They have a right of return of 222 minutes after the purchase. Who buys something shortly before closing the business, the product must return urgently the next day by the opening. Besides, the shop assistant checks the product for possible contagious microbes and bacteria. If the product has passed this test in the lab, the buyer can bring back his bought product easily for the purchase price. Of course the product must function. A torn book cannot be accepted any more. With this formulation other lawyers were contented. So an accuser wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ Above all books and other objects can be bought on test. This must be informed by the supplier in advance. With the clothes the customer must have the possibility of the test before the purchase. With the food a purchase on test is excluded. All purchases on test are valid in Emoji as a property of the supplier. That is the fact that in these cases the supplier of the product remains the juridical owner. The buyer on test has no property rights in the thing.
Since when the purchase is valid on the part of the buyer as approved?
An alien from the Venus asked this. He sells actively religious books to Emojis of his home planet. A lawyer from Japanese Emoji answered this:
If the customer paid the price completely. By this second an alien from the Saturn contacted the Emojis: I sell used vehicles to poorer Emojis and aliens in the kingdom. Over and over again my customers cannot pay the full price immediately. That's why I organise a pre-payment contract with the customers. I make such contracts for safety reasons always written. Therein stand the names of both contracting parties. The name of the vehicle. Agreed payment kind of the buyer. The complete amount. The account of the bank on which I expect payments of the customers. The place and the date of the conclusion of the contract. I use such contracts when the customer liked to acquire the vehicle absolutely.
All lawyers applauded the reasonable businessman from the Saturn. Then Emojis also started to applaud. Some listeners were surprised very much that an alien from the Saturn still concludes decent contracts with the Emojis juridical valid. Aliens from the Saturn ordinarily seldom keep to the agreed points of a contract.
When the uppermost religious leader from the Saturn found out that an alien from the Venus sold actively books of his religion in Emoji, he sent several traders from his native country to the Emojis. Then suddenly there came a lot of advertising aliens from the Saturn. They went to the cameramen and showed actively the titles of her religious books quite cheeky in the live transmission.
Thus Emojis saw undesirable advertisement for Saturn's religion before their eyes. So soldiers and policemen had to intervene. They arrested the cheeky aliens from the Saturn. Then Emojis could further see the gathered lawyers and other broadcastings.
How can pre-payments be protected?
An entrepreneur from Emoji Meaning asked this. In addition said at the same time two Emojis:
The seller must inform his customers always when the bank account was changed. This should happen in advance. This belongs to the duties of the supplier. Then the entrepreneur checked whether he gave the right and topical account connection to all customers.
A consumer's custodian wanted that lawyers write clear laws for the consumption loan contract in the law book of the Emojis. Thereon there came several misers from the Jupiter and protested against the consumer's protection. They wanted to defend their stingy interests.
By this second came several aliens from the Neptune and hit the windows of the building where the lawyers worked in new laws. The police and army was powerless against the attackers. Finally, aliens from the Neptune threw phoney bank notes to the policemen and soldiers. Thereby they could deflect their attention better.
Also stingy aliens from the Jupiter ran to the bank notes. In the meantime, a lawyer got up.
He had taken an axe in his hand. In the meantime, to attack several lawyers to tried aliens from the Neptune. Besides, the lawyer hit with his axe on the legs of the criminal aliens. Besides, this Emoji prevented the kidnapping of other Emojis. On account of these events an old judge found several handcuffs in the cupboard. He got them. Then were hindered all criminal from the Neptune with handcuffs in other actions. Then lawyers waited in vain for policeman. That's why some lawyers held the criminals in their study. Then Emojis discussed the consumption loan contract. Thereon said a defender from Laughing Emoji:
Some time ago, actually, we refused to tolerate the unwarranted enrichment. That's why the money may not be sold for more money. Then Emojis heard that several unknown people knocked at the door strongly. Then the lawyer with the axe opened the door. Before him stood the policemen and soldiers who wanted to make up, finally, for their work. They asked the lawyers where the criminal burglars were. Thereon shouted a furious Emoji: Good morning!!! Where you were before!!!!
It was embarrassing for the policemen and soldiers to answer that they were deflected by the collecting of the bank notes professionally. Then they apologised to the lawyers. Finally, later Emojis could arrest these burglars.
Can a forced sale take place in the kingdom Emoji?
A cashier from Emoji Meaning asked this. In addition said a judge: Forced sales can be granted only for the purpose of the disencumberment of the consumer. In this case there undertakes the buyer of the auctioned thing to take over this for bought at an auction price.
Can a successful auction be contested by third?
This was the next question of the gathered lawyers. A lawyer answered this: Only if the auction offended against the good customs and was thereby successful. In addition an accuser remembered a case of an Emojis: An Emoji wanted to sell his wife in a newspaper advertisement to the highest bidder.
This Emoji was condemned afterwards by the court directly. Moreover, the chief editor of the newspaper had to defend himself in court with his feet and hands. At the end the newspaper also had to pay a compensation to the affected Emoji.
Is the bidder bound normally to his offer?
In addition a public prosecutor expressed himself: Anyway. In my work experience an alien from the Saturn bought at an auction an old house in Alien Emoji. He had to exchange to the present owner the house for the promised money. This although the bidder his offer wanted to pull back. But he missed the appointment.
How is paid with auctions?
A concerned Emoji asked this, who had fear of cash. Thereon said an accuser: Ordinarily this must occur immediately among the applauding witnesses. That's why this should occur in cash. But both contracting parties can determine something else with the auction. If both sides are afraid of envious looks of the other persons present, they can do only with three witnesses their business.
Can the transferor from the contract withdraw if the buyer pays not in cash?
In addition said a notary public: The supplier wants to feel, finally, immediately money in his hands. That's why he should be allowed to refuse with refusal of the cash payment.
Thereon reacted Emojis with laughing and crying faces.
Is there a legal protection of the buyer of an auctioned thing in the country of the Emojis?
This interested above all stingy aliens from the Jupiter. A lawyer answered this:
Basically the bidder should find out before the buying at an auction about everything. The supplier must inform publicly about all positive and negative qualities of his offer. This must happen in detail before the auction. Then there is the possibility for present Emojis to withdraw. They must not cooffer.
Then are stamped all bidders automatically as accepting.
At this time Emojis slept away the outbreak several economic criminals who worked as a guard in Emoji Meaning. Then some supervisors woke up. Then these Emojis noticed that they neglected their duty. They alarmed the gathered lawyers because of the outbreak. That's why Emojis interrupted their work on the legislation of the kingdom Emoji. They explained to all spectators that very dangerous criminals from a prison fled in Emoji Meaning. Thereon some Emojis looked for the criminal escapees. Meanwhile, the economic criminals fled to Poop Emoji. There they attacked in the mightiest building of the stingy and haughty tax authority. They took several employees as hostages.
They required from them that they release the tax authority from its stinginess. Under this pressure they remitted the tax freeing of the economic criminal. However, the uppermost tax collector rejected this decision. He wanted to hit these Emojis with a wooden blow. He did this very professionally. He hid on the roof of the tax authority. There he waited, until these Emojis left the building. Then he pressed a button. Nearby was also a water reservoir. The tax collector activated an artificial rain against the economic criminals. Then Emojis became quite wet after the abandonment of the tax authority. Moreover, the water washed away them so far that all their documents were destroyed in the water. Therefore Emojis lost the proofs of their freeing from the payment of the taxes.
In the meantime, the tax collector alarmed the local police. Then policemen came very obediently to the place. Then they tried to arrest these Emojis. Some escapees were arrested so. Some escapees could flee. They hid at an unknown place. By this second thought the tax collector that, finally, all escapees were arrested. Because of this story even lawyers had to go to Poop Emoji by emergency. There they had to announce a punishment for the outbreak from the prison. Some escapees could form an alliance with criminal aliens from the Saturn. Together they hid near the tax authority. There waited Emojis with aliens from the Saturn, until the tax collector the mightiest building left.
Outdoors were the tax collector kidnapped by the Emojis help of Saturn professionally. The escapees already did not want to leave the mightiest Emoji of the tax authority simply so. That's why they hid him in a subterranean bunker of the aliens from the Saturn. The imprisoned escapees explained the lawyer and policeman that still several Emojis should be in the freedom. In addition lawyers wanted to allow a former dismissal from the prison to some former escapees. In addition they had to co-operate with the lawyers and policemen. That's why they described their colleagues very well. Moreover, these escapees helped the Emojis in the search with several dogs. After some time of the fruitless search employees of the tax authority were questioned.

They showed the working place of the tax collector. Several police dogs had to store the smell in their noses. Then they were sent on the search. The policemen of Poop Emoji had at least 222 dogs. That's why Emojis with the aliens from the Saturn had got big panic when they were surprised by so many dogs. They already forgot, why they were here near the subterranean bunker. They remained quiet in spite of the presence of the dogs. After some time policemen came together with the lawyers and arrested escapees. In addition a lawyer said that arrested escapees should go to their colleagues as first ones. A policeman threatened in advance the imprisoned Emojis that the dogs can fast react.
He feared that the arrested escapees could change the side to their colleagues. After some time an alien from the Saturn tried to shoot at all unknown Emojis with his sandy gun. Some former escapees injured themselves with this attack. In the meantime, several dogs ran to the hiding place of the escapees and the aliens from the Saturn. After these escapees saw so many dogs, they were ready for their arrest. After this story all escapees could be arrested together with the aliens from the Saturn. After some time could continue the tax collector his stinginess attacks against Poop Emojis further.
The lawyers did not decide to work after this adventure any more in new laws on this day. Moreover, the windows had to be still repaired. At the end Emojis were calmed on television that escapees from Emoji Meaning could be arrested in Poop Emoji.

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