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Gifts in the country of the Emojis

At 5:00 o'clock one morning a lawyer awoke in Middle Finger Emoji from his worried dream. The lawyer urgently searched his grey pencil in the whole flat. He had to take down his dream on a paper. He dreamt about an alien from the Venus. The stranger was tormented in a prison in the south by Venus. Besides exploded in the centre of Saturn an unknown substance. The lawyer noticed that he needed nearly 1800 seconds for the quotation of his dream. Quick he dressed. Then the Emoji sat down on his soft shoes. Then he ran to the Emojis on the town border. Finally, there he could buy in the railway station to himself two megabytes in sandwiches. Then he ran to the train. In the train three Emojis sat behind the lawyer.
In the interim the Emoji ate his breakfast. As curious Emoji he listened to exactly other train passengers. Behind him Emojis spoke about their presents of different sides. An Emoji told that he received a wristwatch with a picture of a butcher from his brother for the birthday. All the other Emojis on this recipient looked at him. The present of the brother became too embarrassing for this Emoji. After some minutes the train driver explained that the train could not continue its journey because of technical problems, unfortunately. So the emergency place was informed. Spare coaches were organised from all areas Emojis. The lawyer reacted irritated. Not only his dream was disagreeable, but also his working day began with obstacles.
Train passengers hardly were outdoors, stingy taxi drivers with Jupiter's roots the Emojis hindered the way to the replacement bus. The lawyer was particularly hindered. Finally, he looked especially wealthy as well dressed Emoji. That's why taxi drivers wanted to get him absolutely as customer. The lawyer thanked friendly the taxi drivers. Then he went with other Emojis to a replacement bus. In the meantime, a stingy taxi driver noticed in which bus the lawyer was. He tried to steal the petrol. While Emojis on the bus got, the stingy taxi driver could pinch nearly 44 percent from petrol. Finally, many Emojis and the lawyer could set off by the bus for a short waiting period.
The journey by the bus lasted much longer, than planned. After some time of the journey the bus had to interrupt in Laughing Emoji its journey involuntarily. The bus driver informed Emojis about the petrol lack. Moreover, the bus driver noticed that the counter was manipulated before anyhow. The concerned Emoji instructed the withdrawal of the fingerprints by the local police of Laughing Emoji. In the interim the stingy taxi driver came to this town with much stolen petrol. He came to the Emojis of the standing bus and advertised to his minibus. The lawyer recognised the taxi driver who was in Middle Finger Emoji already before the departure of the bus. He went to the bus driver and pointed with his middle finger at the stingy taxi driver.
Then the bus driver said the policeman that in this case a passenger identified a suspicious taxi driver. Several policemen with laughing faces ran to the suspicious taxi driver. They controlled him. In his minibus many gigabytes were found extremely in petrol. Thus he was arrested. After this event Emojis had to help with the fill-up of the bus with the stolen petrol. In the interim the uppermost tax collector got to know in the mightiest tax authority in Poop Emoji about the stolen petrol by a taxi driver. That's why the person responsible sent several Emojis in the prison to Laughing Emoji. There officials visited the imprisoned taxi driver. They required from him the payment of the profits tax on the stolen petrol.
The stingy taxi driver refused. Thereon Emojis wanted to persuade the policemen to the torture of the alien. Even the uppermost tax collector performed conviction work. The policemen in Laughing Emoji rejected this. Finally, after a lot of traffic jam the replacement bus could come at 9:46 o'clock in the capital Emoji SMS. The lawyer was late very much with his colleagues. Thanks to the emergency transmitter other Emojis got to know about the problems by the train and the stingy taxi driver of a minibus. Finally, they could begin their working day in new laws of the kingdom Emoji.

The main lawyer explained to the late Emoji that in the today's meeting the subject gift is discussed.
What is a gift?
A former judge wanted to know this from his occupational colleagues.
In addition expressed themselves two Emojis at the same time. They said exceptionally the same sentences:
A gift is the handing over of a property without consideration of the recipient. The former judge praised both Emojis that they knew this sentence by heart from the law book of the dead Scary Clowns.
And which conditions must be fulfilled in the country of the Emojis for it?
Thereon a defender from Emoji Pop said: Of course the donor and the recipient must be both in their physical bodies. Otherwise their gift is valid as invisible for the other Emojis.

Who can give what in the kingdom Emoji? Are there legal restrictions?
A young assistance lawyer asked this. By this second could the tax collector not sit any more quietly before the television. He sat down on his expensive vehicle and went with a tempo of 776 petabytes through the whole country of the Emojis. Even policemen wanted to detain him. He showed them quite proudly and haughtily, that he was the uppermost tax collector in Poop Emoji. Then not a single one policeman could punish him. Within 26 minutes this Emoji came to the gathered lawyers. Then he knocked very cheeky at the door. Thus the main lawyer opened the door. The tax collector required a gift tax from the lawyers.

An Emoji supposed an infection Jupiter's stinginess behind this demand. Finally, he made earlier a training period in Jupiter. There it is usual that recipients must pay a tax on their presents. Every donor must announce his intention to the mighty and stingy tax authority. A doctor gave a tranquilizer to the tax collector. Then Emojis could further work on the legislation of the kingdom.
Then a lawyer wanted to write something in the code of the Emojis:
§ A gift is the handing over of an available legal property of a person to the other person without consideration or an obligation.
Condition: The donor must be the owner of the thing which he delivers to the third person. With the present it may not act of a stolen thing. Also an Emoji cannot completely give an object away if several Emojis as owners are involved in this object.
With it was clear to an Emoji from a small village in the nearness of Laughing Emoji that he cannot give away his flat simply without approval of his wife to his son from his very first marriage. This Emoji became so furiously before the television that he hit with his fist in the screen. From his fury went the meanwhile 24090 days old Emoji from his flat and sat down on his bicycle and went to the prison to Laughing Emoji.

There he hit on an alarm button. Then policemen looked for the reason. In the meantime, the furious Emoji released several Emojis and aliens from the prison. Among them was the stingy taxi driver who caused problems to the lawyer by the bus. In the meantime, the stingy taxi driver took over together with the furious Emoji the guidance about other released passengers. They went together to an airfield. There they kidnapped an airplane. Upwards thus they flew. The airplane became penetrated from a wave by the clouds after some time to the area of Venus. There aliens ordered to the pilot that he lands immediately. After the landing several aliens from the Venus attacked in the airplane.
There they arrested the passengers. Among them was the stingy taxi driver. He was locked up in a prison. There he was intensely tormented.
The furious Emoji had a transparent well sharpened pencil with himself. With it he could injure his supervisors professionally. Venus aliens used this chance. They wanted that their guests take over their religion. That's why they organised intensive educations for their religion. Moreover, they wanted that Emojis advertise in their home planet actively for the religion of Venus. Finally, they were persuaded of their religion blind. The furious Emoji found a water pipe nearby.
There he hit with his hands seven times. After some time exploded the water pipe. Local aliens reacted with big worry. Thus they forgot that criminal Emojis and aliens would use this chance thanks to the furious Emoji. The furious Emoji took some former escapees from the prison of Laughing Emoji. Among them was the stingy taxi driver. Under the leadership of the furious Emojis they took a flying saucer of the military of east south Venus. In this time the announcement reached completely Emoji that all criminals of the prison fled in Laughing Emoji. The lawyer who was hindered in the early morning by the stingy taxi driver became nervous. He feared that the taxi driver would wait for him now outdoors. A lawyer had two masks with himself. He lent a mask to his colleague from Middle Finger Emoji.
By this second the criminal Emojis with the aliens sat down in the flying saucer and flew in complete silence away from the Venus. Finally, no alien could notice something in Venus. Many aliens dealt with the repair of the water pipes.
Thus escaped the furious Emoji with his accomplices from the religious compulsion of Venus. During the flight the stingy taxi driver gave an old newspaper to the furious Emoji as a gratitude for the double release. After some time some Emojis wanted that they became flown to their native country. The furious Emoji and the stingy taxi driver wanted to fly under no circumstances to Halloween. In the interim aliens from Pluto observed the military flying saucer from the Venus with big worry.
That's why an alien from Pluto commanded the interruption of the hostile flying object. Thus an alien pressed in Pluto a special button. After only 4 seconds the flying saucer landed in the middle of the shopping centre of Laughing Emoji. All Emojis observed with worry that a foreign flying saucer landed here. The local police was alarmed. After some time at least 111 policemen and 20098 soldiers came to the place. They arrested all passengers among them were the main person responsible with other Emojis who offended exclusively in this town against the law.
The gathered lawyers reacted made easier about the arrest of the escapees.
After these adventures asked an accuser:
Who may accept a gift?
When the furious Emoji heard this question in the prison, he called the lawyers. Then he said: Today the stingy taxi driver thanked me with an old newspaper for the release. And now I must look again your laws!!!!
Immediately six Emojis answered this: A gift can accept everybody. Even a criminal Emoji!
Thereon a judge explained a case of a donor addicted to revenge: 2828 days ago I had experienced a mad Emoji. He gave away his house with his whole property of his bank account to his nurse.
When his family got to know (his wife and his children) about these gifts, they could not get rid of their envy any more. Thus these Emojis sued him. The nurse defended herself with the argument that this member of the family interested only the money and not the spiritual state of the Emojis. In this case the gifted nurse could keep everything in spite of the incapacitation of the donor everything. Finally, she proved that she maintains this Emoji during 24 hours. The employment contract signed this Emoji when he was not incapacitated yet. However, in another case a prodigal donor was condemned judicially to the fact that his gifts were invalid to several Emojis.
He fell ill with a shopaholic illness without asking something for something.
An Emoji wanted to know whether does it need a written contract for a gift in the country of the Emojis?
A defender answered this: With the bigger things which could have a quarrel value a written contract should exist. Gifts of real estate and other assets which go over from person to person belong to it.
After the answer of this question lawyers noticed that they need a time out for the next 67 minutes. That's why paused Emojis.

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