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What should the donor follow in the country of the Emojis?

With this question the main lawyer wanted to motivate his colleagues to the reflection. In addition expressed themselves two Emojis who give away different things every seventh Thursday. The first point: The recipient should be able to use the present. An Emoji told, that he got from his girlfriend nail care means as a present. He was so shocked that he alarmed the emergency service. Thereon several Emojis loudly laughed. The old judge required rest. He said that it was no amusing case. This Emoji sued his girlfriend for mental compensation. Only after some time the affected Emoji had to realise that he should emigrate to Emoji Free.
After this story Emojis wanted to hear the other decisions about the subject gift from the lawyers. Thereon a former defender took down the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ A material gift must be handed over anyway by hand to hand or with bigger things by contract from hand with a form. An immaterial gift in the form of a service or a digital present must be transferred only to the recipient. Thus a free digital game can be handed over by email to the recipient.
With this formulation all Emojis were contented, although many spectators did not know at that time what was exact a digital present. Later the pictures of the Emojis than a popular present turned out.
An alien from the Uranus wanted to know: Can a donor claim back his present if the recipient behaves disproportionately?
In his case he gave a computer to a stingy alien from the Jupiter. The miser fled with the device of Emoji to Venus. There he abused the advanced technology to the spying of some Emojis who finished a linguistic stay there.
Basically a gift cannot be claimed back, answered a lawyer. Finally, the donor should judge exactly about his action.
Can a donor demand back a thing if the recipient unexpectedly dies before him?
An old stingy Emoji with Jupiter's roots from Emoji Meaning the gathered lawyers asked this. Several furious Emojis answered this: No. In this case the present is left bequeath to the heirs of the late recipient. If the dead lucky Emoji has no heirs, the kingdom Emoji leaves bequeath. When the tax collector got to know about this, he sat down on his vehicle and went with a rocket tempo from Poop Emoji to the capital city of the Emojis.
There he required of the lawyers that the mightiest tax authority not only pays tax on all presents in Poop Emoji, but also in the case without heirs leaves bequeath all presents. Under the pressure of the tax authority such presents were credited for the good purpose of the stingy tax authority legally. The main lawyer wrote under this law "very temporarily".
A group Emojis received a package from the Saturn 46 days ago. Therein Emojis got toxic powder. The authorities gave away this to undesirable Emojis who they wanted to have under no circumstances in Saturn. The affected Emojis suffered allergic states in their faces. After this event they had to cover their faces with masks of water sand.
In this case suffered gifted Emojis a health damage. That's why an accuser explained that these Emojis can require a compensation.
At this time an Emoji wanted to express himself on the situation in his hometown Emoji Keyboard. There a group of misers from the Jupiter distributed sponsored advertising gifts with a purchase obligation in a store in Jupiter. These presents were quite simply forced upon the Emojis. Then many Emojis complained of additional payment demands from the Jupiter. Thereon the main lawyer explained personally that these presents were abused to the obligation to buy.
Here that's why the law about the deceptions is valid in the purchase contract. The affected Emojis must pay by no means something to the misers.
Must the recipient return the gift if he causes a damage after the handing over of the present to the donor?
This wanted to know an angry Emoji about the gathered lawyers. Finally, he gave away a car to his son-in-law. He turned out a bad racquet towards his daughter. That's why the Emoji wanted the vehicle to have back absolutely. In this case this questioner received full support from the qualified Emojis.
If the donor dies, does his promise of a gift remain valid?
An alien from the Mercury wanted to know this. His boss promised to him to give away his job. But the boss died with his promise early. A lawyer asked the alien whether he had a written promise with the signature of the superior. The alien from the Mercury got quite proudly a document. Thereon a present lawyer said that this paper should be examined exactly by the researchers for his genuineness.
The alien from the Mercury reacted nervously. He admitted having provided a phoney document. Thereon Emojis laughed at the naivety of the alien.
Can a gift be promised in the country of the Emojis?
This asked a selfish Emoji who did nothing in his life as presents to collect. A judge from Heart Eyes Emoji answered this: Who promises a present to somebody, renounces a positive surprise. This is contra productive from the point of view of the effects on the health of the recipient. Though this is permitted juridical, but better the presents should be in Emojis than a positive surprise for the receiver.
Can a promise of a gift be revoked?
This asked three Emojis who promised together to a group of aliens from the Uranus to sell their company much more favourably.
Lawyers answered this that sales cannot be seen all the same for which price juridical as a present. This must happen with a purchase contract, otherwise the contract is possibly invalid juridical.
Can a donor commit himself to lifelong achievements up to his death?
This wanted to know a decayed Emoji who got 777 Bitcoins from his parents still every month. Although this Emoji was quite 12410 days old. In addition said a lawyer: Basically a donor his whole life can act long up to his death. Thereon shouted an official from the tax authority: The decayed Emoji may not forget the mightiest authority. Finally, moneymaking is punishable.
At this time a strong earthquake began in Saturn. That's why several Emojis from this planet fled to their native country by different possibilities. Some Emojis landed after some time just falsely on the roof of the building of the gathered lawyers. The startled experts alarmed the local police. They feared that somebody would kidnap them. In the interim the landed Emojis noticed that they landed on the roof of a building. So some passengers fled by an open window to the internal one of the building. Then they got out of the house. Later some Emojis ran to the railway station of Emoji SMS.
They weared Saturn's masks. Then they sat down in a train. Thus they drove up to the border of Middle Finger Emoji. On the town border they got out. There Emojis fled to a wood. There they built a tent. Therein Emojis could continue their adventure. Finally, they were disturbed in Saturn by the earthquake.
At this time came the first policemen on the roof of the building of the gathered lawyers. They could arrest several Emojis and aliens from the Saturn. Then the uppermost policeman of the capital commanded to invite all journalists to a celebration of the police success. As policemen to themselves completely exaggerated under the presence of the caught Emojis before the journalist praised, a furious Emoji said something.
The prisoner explained that a lot of sporty Emojis could still flee long before the arrival of the police. The uppermost policeman reacted to it very nervously. His ego threatened to explode. That's why he complemented one more sentence in his address: The inquiries to brief Emojis run very intensely. Then journalists left the policemen. The uppermost policeman went to the kitchen. There he mixed a drink with 22 spoons of sugar. Then he made the Emoji consume the drink. Then he wanted to make this Emoji as a punishment the slave of the tax authority in Poop Emoji. The tax collector used the worker of this Emojis for the cleaning of the windows.
After these events lawyers wanted to finish their working day. Finally, the roof had to be repaired because of the landing of a flying saucer intensely. That's why lawyers left the building. Outdoors adopted Emojis the popular legislators with at least 1222 fresh banana peels. The lawyer who was hindered on the previous day on his working way by problems by the train went to a local store there he bought to himself a pizza. Then he waited for a train to reach the border from Middle Finger Emoji. After his arrival on the town border the lawyer, before he went home, still wanted to go to the popular wood.
There he met to his surprise unknown Emojis and aliens. These were the fled passengers from the landed flying saucer from the Saturn. They told the lawyer what they experienced in Saturn. That's why the lawyer promised juridical protection to the Emojis and the aliens from the Saturn an asylum for the time after the earthquake. He thought about a temporary asylum for refugees from a disaster area. In the interim he wanted to organise to them a normal house. The affected Emojis and aliens thanked the lawyer for his support.


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