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Rent in the kingdom Emoji

On Thursday a defender woke up in Heart Eyes Emoji. Outdoors was an especially strong thunderstorm. Many religious Emojis stood eager and hoped for the return of their monk with the name of the same name like the city. Finally, the monk disappeared during the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. At that time this led to the victory in this town against the enemy from Mars. In spite of the thunderstorm it did not come to the return of the most famous monk in the history of the Emojis. At least, reported the local news agency that in south Mars several railway stations experienced a blackout. By this second an alien from the Venus visited this town.
He wanted to use actively the death of the last Horror Clowns to market a soap in the independent Emoji. In addition he distributed above all in Heart Eyes Emoji an advertising pamphlet. Therein two aliens were shaking their hands. This was the first picture. The second picture showed how the bacteria of a hand on the other walked. The third picture showed the solution: The soap against every bacterium. All the same where from the bacterium comes which protects soap. This was the message to Emojis. The defender also got this pamphlet. He went to his occupational colleagues. Finally, he had to work on the new legislation of the kingdom Emoji. The advertising alien from the Venus recognised this lawyer.
That's why he noticed to himself his face. Then he wanted to ask a question to the lawyers in connection with the rental contract.
Finally, after long journey the defender from Heart Eyes Emoji came with his colleagues. Behind him the alien from the Venus came like a tail.
When all lawyers at the round table sat, finally, the main lawyer could announce the subject of the day. The subject was the rent generally.
What is a rental contract and which duties have contracting partner in the country of the Emojis?
In addition a former judge from Middle Finger Emoji expressed herself: The renter obliges to himself to deliver a thing to the use to the tenant.
The tenant must pay a rent for it. All Emojis agreed with this definition. Even several aliens from the Jupiter knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. They wanted to offer an expensive cake to them. They required nearly 987 local Bitcoins. After Emojis heard this price, their desire for the cake disappeared. At this time several aliens from the Venus ran to the building of the gathered lawyers. They attacked aliens from the Jupiter and stole the expensive cake from them. In the interim lawyers could further work in relative rest on the legislation Emojis.
For whom do the regulations be valid to the tenancy law?
An Emoji asked this. An accuser answered this: The law about the rent contains the renting of movable and immobile things among them belong: Renting of flats, houses, vehicles and other used objects like television or toaster. Moreover, clothes and shoes can be rented.
An alien from the Saturn wanted to know: I have eleven holiday apartments in Japanese Emoji.
Does be valid here the rental contract?
In addition a judge expressed himself: No. Here a short-term achievement is sold. In this case one cannot go out of a tenancy. By this second sounded laughter outdoors. Emojis and aliens from different regions laughed for inexplicable reasons.
The gathered lawyers did not understand what happened there. By this second a miser from the Jupiter knocked at the door. He wanted to know from the lawyers something. He came with a big construction model of a building from Emoji Meanings.
His question was: He wanted to convert one the building into a factory. That's why he wanted to get rid of all present tenants. The miser thereby wanted to increase his profit clearly. As the alien from the Venus who exerted himself for his soap actively got to know about this possibility, he ran to the gathered lawyers. Outdoors Emojis with funny looks looked at the entrepreneur from the Venus. Then the canvasser for soap came to the Emojis. There he explained his interest in the building of the miser for his factory.
That's why he wanted to ask which rights and duties he will have as a tenant.
In addition the defender who received the pamphlet from this alien personally expressed himself:
The tenant may not become a victim of the stinginess of the renter. When the miser heard this sentence, he fell in faint. That's why a doctor had to revive the miser. Later Emojis found out that the miser in his stinginess injured himself by this statement.
Is there in the kingdom Emoji special regulations for luxurious flats and houses?
A stingy investor from the north Jupiter wanted to know about this. In addition said a lawyer: Basically all regulations are valid for rent objects on all rented objects. Only sales are excluded from that. The growth of the stinginess should be thereby prevented legally.
A concerned Emoji wanted to know: Are not controlled the rents by the authorities?
In addition expressed themselves two Emojis: Basically are not controlled the rents, but abusive rents can criminalise juridical the renter.
Thereon all stingy aliens from the Jupiter would shout so loud that from their eyes a sea of tears flowed. Aliens from the Saturn threatened even with sanctions against the kingdom Emoji. The gathered lawyers remained hard in their decision. They can be impressed by nobody. Thereon several Emojis loudly applauded. At least, Emoji Meaning could get a special status for itself in this area.
Can a renal contract to another contract become a compulsive-engaged?
A group Emojis who received an employment contract together with a renal contract from a stingy employer asked this.
In addition wrote a lawyer in the law book of the Emojis the following sentence:
§ A rental contract may be bound under no circumstances to another contract.
Therefore the employer had to conclude these Emojis two separate contracts with the group.
How long does the tenancy last in the kingdom Emoji?
An alien from the Uranus asked this. He wanted to settle down in the country of the Emojis. In addition said the main lawyer: A tenancy lasts for an unlimited period if both contracting partners agreed on nothing other in the contract.
Which duties does the renter have towards the tenant?
In addition said an old lawyer who also acted as a renter of flats:
The desired thing must be handed over at the agreed time on time in a good state to the tenant. The renter may assume no regulations to the disadvantage of the tenant in the rental contract as a condition on the contract fulfilment.
On account of this statement the gathered lawyers left all misers from the Jupiter. Outdoors stingy aliens with binoculars were looked by Emojis.
What must be considered before the takeover of the rent thing by both sides?
In addition a former assigned counsel wanted to describe a case from his experience:
Before the takeover of a flat or another object the rent object was photographed by both contracting partners of all sides. All available damages were taken down in the rental contract in addition.
After this statement feared many Emojis who rent above all their flats or other objects that they should pay after the use even more. That's why these Emojis organised a mighty group. Then they asked the gathered lawyers: In which state should the rent object be delivered to the renter?
In addition said the cleverest present Emoji among the experts: The rent object must be delivered in a state. In addition there is the following formula: The takeover day of the rent object - adequate use: Use duration = State of the rent object on the delivery day.

Everywhere thereon nearly 2 millions Emojis applauded at the same time in the whole kingdom.
What can the new tenant of the renter require?
This wanted to know an adventuresome Emoji from the lawyers. In addition said a notary public: The new tenant can require the protocol of the delivery day of the rent object. Moreover, the renter must inform the new tenant of the old rent in spite of his growing stinginess. Otherwise the renter with a prison sentence of 26 days can be punished.
When misers from the Jupiter heard this sentence they reacted extremely shocked. Their stinginess could not take this. That's why several stingy aliens flew to Jupiter. There they got several fighter jets and flew to Emoji.
There they wanted to bomb several positions. But by this second the defence minister from Jupiter found out that several local aliens offended against the law of the thrift. That's why he sent to the thieves of the fighter jets a reminder to the thrift. Then misers could not separate any more from their bombs. Then they returned to Jupiter.
Which duties does the renter have in connection with the rent object?
Emojis and aliens wanted to know this. In addition said an accuser from Emoji for PC: The rent object must be handed over for the tenant in good state.
Proprietary tax for flat or other compulsive deliveries the renter must take over. All repair of the rent object belongs to it without exceptions. Only lamps and other things which the tenant brought in the rent object form the only exception. Moreover, must take over in the country of the Emojis the renters all damages by natural disasters. The tenant must pay his rent on time, so that the stinginess of the renter can be satisfied.
By this second lawyers found out that the number of the questioning Emojis clearly rose. That's why they wanted to search a student of the jurisprudence, so that this Emoji can deal with the inquiries. At this time four Emojis came to the lawyers and brought two menus with tomato sauce. The hungry Emojis wanted to pause in their work. So they bought these servings.


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