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Can somebody commit itself for the takeover of the debt in Emoji?

Lawyers wanted to discuss more exactly this question. In a case two Emojis had a debt with an alien from the Uranus. Later there undertook a miser from the Jupiter to take the debt. Thus the duty of Emojis on the alien from the Jupiter went over. Later the debt takeover turned out for the miser than a losing deal. That's why he sued the Emojis from whom he took the debt. The court decided against the return of the debt for the former Emojis. So the former debtors were released. For the gathered lawyers the case was clear.
That's why a suspended judge wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Who promises to a debtor to take his debt, undertakes to release him from the debt. The resignation of the transferee is automatically excluded.
The former debtors can be bound only by a new contract compared with the transferee to other made easier conditions. In this case a new contract is necessary compelling.
Must sign the debt transferee in Emoji a separate contract with the creditor?
An alien from Mars who acted as a buyer of the debts in the kingdom Emoji asked this. In addition an Emoji expressed himself: Anyway a debt takeover contract must occur between both sides separately. Therein the amount and the name of the former debtor must be exactly described. Moreover, the new contracting partners should conclude this contract with at least four eyes. For safety reasons the concluded contract on the server of the uppermost court of Emoji must be uploaded. So that the judges could check all information in the dispute in advance.
The alien from Mars bought above all unpaid mortgages from the Emojis.
After the death of the Last Horror Clown many Emojis could not pay their mortgages any more. So many aliens came from abroad and bought their mortgages. Some banks wanted to defend themselves against it, but they had to be operated by emergency in the office for bankrupt. Thus came many aliens from the north and the south of Mars. Some Emojis feared since the invasion of the Martians on the property market in Emoji that all countries of Mars could occupy the kingdom Emoji. That's why lawyers decided an exclusion of the purchase of the real estate by aliens with strong purchasing power.
Against it demonstrated above all aliens from the Jupiter who fled because of own tax authority. Finally, Jupiter had traditionally very good relations with the former Circus Union and its succession states.
Thereon agreed the lawyers that aliens from abroad with the registration in Emoji must announce themselves above all at the tax authority in Poop Emoji.
Can the creditor refuse that a transferee removes the present debtor?
A concerned alien from the Neptune asked this. He had a lot of Emojis as an employee of his book factory.
He feared above all that some employees would exchange their jobs with other Emojis. In this case it was clear to the present lawyers: As an employer one obliges quite clearly certain people to the performance of the achievement. In this case no transferee can simply have thus the job. Suddenly a former defender remembered an interesting case from his work: A jobless Emoji searched during nearly 4 months unsuccessfully a job. One day he decided to buy from a lazy Emoji the employment contract. Both Emojis agreed thereon. This was worth to the lazy Emoji an experiment. Thus the diligent Emoji got this job. However, the boss of the enterprise knew nothing about it.
Later a controller came to the job. He asked every employee certain things. The new Emoji knew nothing about that. Thus this diligent Emoji was announced to the uppermost boss of the enterprise. Then the uppermost boss visited all employees personally with his legs and eyes. Thus he found an Emoji who he identified as a wrong employee. Against it the other lazy Emoji was absent his job. By investigations the uppermost boss could find this abuse of the employment contract. Later the both involved Emojis had to appear in court. And the court punished the lazy Emoji stronger.
The uppermost boss had to pay because of late announcement also a punishment because of neglect of the responsibility. The diligent Emoji got no punishment. Instead, he got a scholarship of the regime of the Third Horror Clowns. The reason was that the Emoji had no money for an education and increase of his competitiveness on the job market because of his low qualification. After this story a lawyer wrote the following sentence quite fat in the code of the Emojis:
§ The debt transferee can take only debts which are not dependent on the personal achievement of the present debtor. In such cases the debtor must fulfil at least the same prerequisites which the present debtor had.
An Emoji required for the formulation of this law an example from the practise. In addition a lawyer described a case from his work experience: Some time ago a young doctor wanted to fly to Mars. There he wanted to improve his work experience abroad. His employment contract could be exchanged with his former costudent. In this case the former costudent could substitute for the present doctor in the hospital with the same qualifications. This was granted judicially also so.
By this second four Emojis wanted to know what lawyers meant with the concept debt transferee. A judge with a wig answered this: This concept concerns generally not only debtors by credit grantors, but it is here about the takeover of a duty of the contract. In these cases somebody takes the duties of a present contracting partner. After this explanation thanked Emojis for the detailed explanation of the technical language of the strange lawyers.
How does the debt takeover on subsidiary rights work with the debtor's change?
An alien from the Uranus asked this. He took a contract from five Emojis six days ago. Therein these Emojis committed themselves to the construction of a bridge at the expenses of their working ability. The alien from the Uranus was no craftsman. For this reason he had in this point a problem. Thereon said a notary public: First you would have this contract should more exactly read. Secondly all duties which hung together with the personalities of the present Emojis should be fulfilled by them. That's why these Emojis should also build this bridge. Thus it also happened later. All other in the contract must fulfil the transferee himself. The lawyers finished this case with it.
What happens if the debt takeover contract fails anyhow?
Thereon lawyers had clear answer: The contract automatically goes over to the former debtor. This can happen only if the new contract could not be fulfilled by the person of the transferee. For example: Some time ago an alien from the Jupiter took a contract of an Emojis. After two days the alien from the Jupiter of a tree had an accident. He fell from the tree when he wanted to steal two pears in Middle Finger Emoji. Then he seriously injured himself. Then the contract had to return again to its original debtor by law. The fulfilment of the contract was urgent. That's why the other contracting partner could not wait for that, until the transferee recovers from his injuries.
A miser from the Jupiter absolutely wanted to know: 77 days ago an old Emoji to me headlined his whole property. After the death of the old Emojis I received not only his property, but got also very high bills of the tax authority. It was an Emoji Poop. Must I take his debts?
The alien from the Jupiter felt unwell. A former accountant with continuing education answered this in hereditary distribution: Special taxes were valid for Poop Emojis. That's why this had to be calculated so: Present inheritable property - all debts = heir.
The miser from the Jupiter reacted very much shocked to it. He had to deliver the whole property of the dead Emojis to the stingy tax authority. He started to pour bitter tears on the ground.
Some lawyers feared that they could drown in the sea of the tears. That's why Emojis asked to leave the alien from the Jupiter their space.
Can the creditor ask the transferee for compensation?
An alien from the Saturn asked this. He had before a contract with an Emoji. Later an alien from the Jupiter took over this contract. But the stinginess of the alien from the Jupiter hindered him in the fulfilment of the takeover.
So the alien from the Saturn would suffer a loss. He wanted that the stingy took this damage. The alien from the Jupiter refused. For lawyers was clear: The miser must pay the compensation. When Jupiter got to know about the defeat against Saturn, Jupiter sent a thick threatening letter to Saturn. A conflict thereby threatened between both planets. Jupiter threatened even to forbid the Saturn's religion in its area. Saturn already wanted to send its army to Jupiter. Here, in the meantime, Pluto had to intervene. Thus several positions on the Saturn's Rings were bombed by Pluto at least 76 times. Thereon Saturn calmed down. In spite of this event: The lawyers wanted that the miser pays the caused damage with a compensation. Thus it was.
In another case an alien from the Saturn took a company of an Emojis high in debt. He wanted to know whether he had to pay the debts himself.
Thereon all lawyers agreed: The transferee of the enterprise undertook not only profits but to take all duties in this case also losses.
However, with the division of an estate everything can not sometimes take the transferee. In addition an Emoji wanted a case to more exact ones: In my enterprise an employee died. Nevertheless, his employment contract cannot be taken from somebody?
A lawyer answered this: In this case only a new employee can begin the job with the new working contract. A takeover of the present employment contract can occur under no circumstances. For lawyers was clear: All contracts which are dependent on the contract person cannot be left bequeath. This was also accepted thus by the Emojis. At this time somebody knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers.
Thereon the main lawyer opened the door. Before him stood Emojis who offered a drink from the leaves of the eucalyptus. They came from Crying Laughing Emoji. A lawyer from town of the same name bought immediately this drink. He recommended to follow his occupational colleagues to him. Then this Emoji persuaded his colleagues. So they paused. Then said goodbye Emojis to the lawyers.

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