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How should the court react with disputable Emojis?

The former lawyer who had a solicitor's office before his retirement in Saturn wanted to know this. This Emoji had to defend his customer in Saturn in court. At that time an alien from the Saturn to his land alien denied himself to pay a bribery for the rent. There every inhabitant must produce a bribery as a pre-payment before the relation of a rent thing. Thus the contracting parties had a lawsuit. By this second the lawyer was interrupted by loud Emojis: We want no pre-payments!
Thereon a lawyer replied: We deal with disputable Emojis and not with the payments of deposits and bribes in Saturn. An Emoji said: Nevertheless, the court should be able to oblige the debtor to the payment and deposit. Thereon another Emoji insulted him: You, damned defender of the misers from the Jupiter!
Both Emojis started to argue with each other. Thereon the main lawyer commanded these Emojis to throw out from the room of the serious lawyers.
Thereon the present lawyers on the following sentence agreed in the law book of the Emojis:
§ The court can force both arguing contracting parties to the fulfilment of the contract. The court can also dissolve the contract juridical. This is valid in particular with disputes between both sides.
In the meantime, somebody knocked at the door. Thereon a notary public opened the door. Before him stood an alien from the Uranus. He was on the move as a trader of spinach salad. He tried to sell his product to the Emojis. But not a single one lawyer had hunger at this time. So the alien from the Uranus disappeared again.
Then an assigned counsel told a case from his experience:
A stingy alien from the Jupiter wanted to sell a contract to a third person. In Jupiter it is usual that contracts are resold. Thus the alien wanted to gain a riskless profit. Thus he also sold all subsidiary rights to the third person. At this time a communication of the news service from Poop Emoji reached the lawyers. There criminal aliens from Mars came as tourists. They came above all from the north of Mars. First they visited the mightiest tax authority of Emoji in this town. Many aliens from Mars turned out violent.
Thus many Emojis were seriously injured by attacks of the tourists from Mars. Thereon the main lawyer wrote an urgent letter to Emoji Poops together with his occupational colleagues. Therein Emojis were asked to arrest the criminal aliens from Mars pitilessly. Even if the relations between Emoji and north Mars would get worse. Emojis obeyed the gathered lawyers. Thus criminals from Mars were locked up in the building of the tax authority.
Finally, at this time lawyers wanted to have again their rest. This is why they all switched off communication canals. In complete silence they discussed their other subjects.
Who is liable for the fulfilment of the contract by a cession in the kingdom Emoji?
A lawyer from Emoji Opinion answered this: In my work experience an alien from the Jupiter sold his contract to four Emojis. In this contract the stingy from the Jupiter lent nearly 2222 Bitcoins to an Emoji. On account of missing patience the alien wanted to think a way how he could leave the contract in advance with a maximum profit. Thus he sold the contract with all rights and duties to these Emojis. The buyers of the contract owed themselves to other creditors a lot of money. So the first contracting partner from the Jupiter was searched internationally.
His buyers required the repayment of their money. The miser refused. Finally, were condemned all partners to the visit of the court. The court examined all contracts in this connection help of different researchers and other scientists. At the end the miser from the Jupiter had to embrace his contract again. Thus the cession and the sales to Emojis was explained for invalid.
Suddenly somebody bored the ground under the feet of the main lawyer. Then there came a robot and pulled the Emoji to itself. After 12 seconds disappeared the main lawyer from the room. Other Emojis reacted very much shocked. They looked everywhere for the lawyer.
But he disappeared very fast. That's why present Emojis alarmed the soldiers and the policemen of the country. Both defensive apparatuses looked everywhere for the disappeared Emoji. Also in all TV stations the population was called for the search of the main lawyer. On account of powerlessness of the Emojis some lawyers tried to contact their colleagues from different planets and countries. They wanted that planet-far was searched for their main lawyer. Most aliens knew nothing in this connection. In spite of the common hatred on aliens from Pluto, Emojis had to overcome their groundless hatred on Pluto.
At the end there came a lawyer from Emoji Town and told about a good colleague from Pluto. Help from Pluto could be organised by this colleague. Aliens from Pluto required fingerprints of the disappeared Emojis for this purpose. All lawyers pointed together to the table. Fingerprints were scanned by a special device. Then an alien from Pluto looked in his screen the exact location of this Emojis. Then he took down the exact place. After some time several aliens from Pluto and Emojis assembled. Afterwards organised Pluto a rescue operation for the disappeared main lawyer. All prospective customers sat down in a wide flying saucer.
Then they flew together to Quaoar. There Pluto bombed several robots with red water. The robots were thereby interrupted. Then several robots became functional-incapable. Emojis could release together with the aliens from Pluto their main lawyer from the mouth of a robot on time. Then they flew to their native country. On account of the unallowed visit in Quaoar local robots wanted to take revenge with the Emojis and aliens from Pluto. So Quaoar sent ten robots to Emoji. They came to Poop Emoji. There the local population had great fear. That's why robots with full tanks were attacked.
Poop Emojis attacked their enemies above all with water. Robots with their native country could not thereby connect. This meant the sure definitive death for them. At this time reacted Pluto very much procures about the artificial intelligence on the planet Quaoar. That's why researchers were requested to the decrease of the intelligence of these robots.
After the victory against robots Emojis celebrated their success as a sensation. At that time the uppermost tax collector of the tax authority found out about the enrichment of some Emojis by the corpses of the robots. That's why he sent a group of soldiers to the lawyers. They should help in the levy of the wealth tax.
Emojis had to determine an urgent legal presentation for it. The murderers of the robots collected all parts and marketed them in a market. Especially aliens from the Saturn were interested in these parts of the dead robots. Some Emojis thereby earned a lot of money. When the tax authority got to know about that, the envy of this authority grew up to the room of the lawyers in the capital of Emojis Emoji SMS. So lawyers interrupted their meeting. Finally, it stank in the room of the levy.
After 76 seconds grew the envy so far that its exploded. Later several chimney-sweeps from Emoji Meanings had to wipe off the remains of the envy.
Then lawyers wanted to work a little bit.
Is the former creditor liable after the cession for his contract?
Thereon said a lawyer: Only if the court predestining. Otherwise the contract on the other creditor goes over normally.
Some misers from the Jupiter reacted made easier, after they got this sentence in their ears.
The last question: Can judges decide democratically divergent decisions by a discussion by the cession?
In addition said a former judge: Yes. However, in addition all judges must express themselves independently of each other and without briberies for it. By this second Emojis and aliens from the Saturn knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. Thereon one retired notary public opened the door. These Emojis brought the main lawyer after his rest to his occupational colleagues. All lawyers loudly applauded. Then said goodbye Emojis. Aliens from the Saturn wanted to sell a speciality from their home planet to the lawyers.
Some lawyers bought the product. Other lawyers rather drank an apple juice from Middle Finger Emoji. After these events the main lawyer thanked for the support of his freeing from the hands of the robot. In this optimistic point finished lawyers their adventurous working day. Then there came several Emojis who worked as bodyguards. Every Emoji took a lawyer and accompanied him home.

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