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How should the court react with disputable Emojis?

The former lawyer who had a solicitor's office before his retirement in Saturn wanted to know this. This Emoji had to defend his customer in Saturn in court. At that time an alien from the Saturn to his land alien denied himself to pay a bribery for the rent. There every inhabitant must produce a bribery as a pre-payment before the relation of a rent thing. Thus the contracting parties had a lawsuit. By this second the lawyer was interrupted by loud Emojis: We want no pre-payments!
Thereon a lawyer replied: 🚫👉👀📷👉, ➡👉🚫. 🎨👉🕸❌👉⛏. 🏄🕸🏠👉👉🙏❌. At this time a communication of the news service from Poop Emoji reached the lawyers. There criminal aliens from Mars came as tourists. They came above all from the north of Mars. First they visited the mightiest tax authority of Emoji in this town. 🇨🇳💬☢⚡. ⭐👍☀. 💡⛏☀👑🦠🏃🔙.
Who is liable for the fulfilment of the contract by a cession in the kingdom Emoji?
A lawyer from Emoji Opinion answered this: In my work experience an alien from the Jupiter sold his contract to four Emojis. In this contract the stingy from the Jupiter lent nearly 2222 Bitcoins to an Emoji. 💡☢👑🦠💡🔨☀. ⚛⚡👑🦠🇨🇳💬. 🔍⚡🕸👉⚡➡. 🏃🚫🗑💬. 👑🦠✔👉⚡👍☢.
At the end there came a lawyer from Emoji Town and told about a good colleague from Pluto. Help from Pluto could be organized by this colleague. Aliens from Pluto required fingerprints of the disappeared Emojis for this purpose. All lawyers pointed together to the table. Fingerprints were scanned by a special device. 🇨🇳⛏👑🦠☀💡⛏🇫🇷. 🔍☀🇬🇧🔨👑🦠☢🔌🚉. Especially aliens from the Saturn were interested in these parts of the dead robots. Some Emojis thereby earned a lot of money. When the tax authority got to know about that, the envy of this authority grew up to the room of the lawyers in the capital of Emojis Emoji SMS. So lawyers interrupted their meeting. Finally, it stank in the room of the levy.
After 76 seconds grew the envy so far that its exploded. Later several chimney-sweeps from Emoji Meanings had to wipe off the remains of the envy.
Then lawyers wanted to work a little bit.
Is the former creditor liable after the cession for his contract?
Thereon said a lawyer: Only if the court predestining. Otherwise the contract on the other creditor goes over normally.
Some misers from the Jupiter reacted made easier, after they got this sentence in their ears.
The last question: Can judges decide democratically divergent decisions by a discussion by the cession?
In addition said a former judge: Yes. However, in addition all judges must express themselves independently of each other and without briberies for it. By this second Emojis and aliens from the Saturn knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. Thereon one retired notary public opened the door. These Emojis brought the main lawyer after his rest to his occupational colleagues. All lawyers loudly applauded. Then said goodbye Emojis. Aliens from the Saturn wanted to sell a speciality from their home planet to the lawyers.
Some lawyers bought the product. Other lawyers rather drank an apple juice from Middle Finger Emoji. After these events the main lawyer thanked for the support of his freeing from the hands of the robot. In this optimistic point finished lawyers their adventurous working day. Then there came several Emojis who worked as bodyguards. Every Emoji took a lawyer and accompanied him home.

Contractually agreed punishment because of resignation of the contract in Emoji

Story: Contractually agreed punishment because of resignation of the contract in Emoji

Can somebody commit itself for the takeover of the debt in Emoji?

Story: Can somebody commit itself for the takeover of the debt in Emoji?



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