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Contractually agreed punishment because of resignation of the contract in Emoji

On Thursday the main lawyer on the chalkboard wrote the following question:
Can a punishment be agreed in the kingdom Emoji in the contract for a possible resignation by the contract?
Suddenly several aliens from the Jupiter knocked at the door of the gathered Emojis during at least 111 seconds incessantly. Because of fear of criminal Emojis and aliens a lawyer took a mask of aluminium and opened the door. Aliens from the Jupiter said: We are interested very strongly in the topical question. Finally, we want to get rich at the expenses of the Emojis.
We hope for your understanding for our stinginess.
Thereon said a former defender: Such punishments must be written quite fat in the contract. Moreover, both parties compared with each other must pay a punishment. For example: In a case an Emoji worked with a stingy employer from the Jupiter. One day the miser experienced a very growing stinginess in himself. Thus he did not pay the month wage for the expired month to the Emoji. Thereon the employee tried to ask decently his boss for the payment of the wage. Thus it lasted during at least 20 days. For Emoji the situation was slowly intolerable.
He had outstanding bills. In particular the punishment (Demotivation tax) for employees the Emoji could not pay.
In the employment contract stood expressly only that the employee might fear a punishment like deduction from wages with discontent of the stingy employer. But the boss undertook under no circumstances with his unfulfilled duty like punctual payment to pay a punishment. So the Emoji ran to a service "Protection of the Emojis against stingy abuse". I got this Emojis assigned. This is why I had to defend him against the stinginess of the Jupiter's alien.
This lawsuit reached even the ruling Third Horror Clown in his office of the capital of the Circus Union. So the stingy alien from the Jupiter was condemned to payments of the not paid-up wage judicially. Moreover, the employer also had to pay the punishment of the Emojis.
After aliens from the Jupiter listened carefully this story, they regretted their big interest in this subject. This time aliens from the Jupiter wanted to leave the room of the lawyers. In the meantime, a delegation aliens from Pluto came to the town. They absolutely wanted to inform the aliens from the Jupiter about a future event in Emoji.
Exceptionally aliens from the Jupiter put aside their stinginess. Thereon explained an alien from Pluto: In less than 8760 days the planet earth will have reached its aim in Jupiter. At this time a spy from the planet earth will reach Jupiter. In addition a miser from the Jupiter asked: Who are these spies? Is this the tax authority of the planet earth?
In addition said an alien from Pluto: No. This is "Nationwide Aeronautics and Space Administration" Shortened: NASA
Thereon an alien from the Jupiter asked: Who is this NASA and what she wants in Jupiter?
Thereon several Emojis strongly started to laugh. The alien from Pluto: NASA will send a space probe called Juno for the investigation of the Jupiter. Aliens from the Jupiter reacted shattered: Want earthlings to begin a war against us?
No. In addition they are too underdeveloped. Aliens from Pluto said this together. Emojis reacted with laughing faces to this announcement. Then aliens from the Jupiter decided to leave the kingdom Emoji at once. They wanted to protect themselves against bacteria of the planet earth. According to this information Emojis wanted to hear other laws from their lawyers. But lawyers sank into the events of the future.
At this time aliens from Mars were interested in punishments with the resignation of the contract. Finally, they acted actively in the insurance branch. Emojis often wanted to withdraw from the contract. However, the insurers thereby wanted to gain a least profit. That's why they wanted to exert pressure on lawyers in this area. However, for lawyers was clear that all contracting parties were punishable by the non-fulfilment of a duty. Also the assurance which does not want to fulfil its job. Moreover, must be pointed out by the completion of the contract to possible punishments immediately and unsolicited. Thus all surprises must be excluded in advance. Emojis and other partners agreed with it basically.
Can contracting parties in Emoji determine by contract a penalty?
An alien from the Neptune wanted to know this. He planned to sign a contract between Emojis and a group of aliens from the Neptune. A former lawyer answered this: Both sides must be simply informed by completion of the contract about a penalty. So that later no misunderstandings originate, communicate all articles of the contract in detail together.
All the other lawyers agreed with this demand. Then the alien from the Neptune thanked. Then a judge asked what he should write in the law book of the Emojis. Thereon said the main lawyer:
§ Contract penalties and similar punishments must be expressly agreed in the contract. Moreover, all contracting parties must be informed about it in detail.
All lawyers agreed with this formulation completely.
What may contract penalties be in the kingdom Emoji?
This wanted to know at the same time seven Emojis. Thereon said a lawyer:
This punishment may cover at most the compensation. Unwarranted enrichment must be automatically excluded. At this time a judge remembered a dispute in the court: At that time aliens from the Saturn wanted that Emojis pay a contract penalty by the amount of nearly 40 percent. At that time Emojis owed money for building material. The court checked this case very exactly. In the end the court argued thus its decision: If a building is built, originates above all costs. Moneymaking is possible only after the successful construction end. This sometimes lasts very long time. That's why the complaint of the aliens from the Saturn was sent to the waste bag.
In another case the court had to reduce the contract penalty massively. Thereon protested misers from the Jupiter. At the end they received on this way only their compensation. They also wanted to gain a profit by the contract penalty. This prohibited the court of Emojis expressly.
After this story there remained in the room of the gathered lawyers long time quiet, until an Emoji knocked at the door. Then the main lawyer opened the door. The Emoji started to speak in Japanese. Most Emojis understood no Japanese. Only one lawyer from Japanese Emoji could understand him. Then he translated the question:
Must the contract be at least bilingual in the kingdom Emoji?
An experienced judge answered this: The contract language must understand all contracting parties.
Then there came several Emojis from Emoji for PC and pelted some lawyers because of joy with old gloves. They did this over the windows. By this second got misers from the Jupiter to know who lived in the area Emojis that inhabitants of a town threw free gloves to the lawyers.
So they sat down on their vehicles and went as fast as possible to the lawyers. Some lawyers asked themselves for what they needed just now gloves.
Can a creditor resign his demand to another?
An alien from the Saturn wanted to know this. Finally, he wanted to sell as a credit grantor his enterprise to nine Emojis. Thereon a retired notary public got a dusty book with his work experiences from his bag. Then he spoke: This is possible anyway. One calls this: Sales of the contract because of missing interest or missing patience. Thereon the alien from the Saturn thanked orally nearly twelve times.
Thereon shouted a judge: Such cessions must be finished anyway in writing. So that they are valid in Emoji, they must also be uploaded on the server of the uppermost court of Emojis. Only after the fulfilment of these conditions the cession is juridical valid.
Can the court in the kingdom Emoji determine a crossing on third?
A young lawyer asked this. In addition said a judge: This can determine a court. In this case it needs only written form, so that this is valid.
Suddenly somebody knocked especially strongly at the door. A young lawyer opened the door. Before him a craftsman stood with a ladder. Thereon the lawyer asked him what he wanted to make here. The Emoji answered that he should check the lamps of the room for their quality. Finally, lawyers in the evening should not have to write in the darkness new laws. Then the craftsman was admitted to the check of the lamps. By this second several aliens from the Jupiter knocked and required the free delivery of the gloves.
Thereon said the main lawyer: The gloves were thrown by Emojis because of gratitude for our work. In the meantime, a lamp fell on the head of an alien from the Jupiter. After this event finished misers the quarrel because of the gloves. They had to bring their local to the hospital. In the meantime, Emojis laughed at the stinginess of these aliens. After some time aliens from the Jupiter with their injured local were on the move. Outdoors they were pelted by Emojis with gloves. After a short time forgot the injured alien that he injured himself before. Misers collected in big mass of gloves. Then they went to Emoji Meaning.

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