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Solidarity among creditors and debtors in Emoji

On Wednesday Emojis discussed the special cases in which several people are involved. The main lawyer could say long time nothing his occupational colleagues. That's why he took an old law book of the former kingdom Emoji which was valid before the rule of the First Horror Clowns. Then the lawyer found the first sentences in his brain: Today I present to you the following case: 3333 days ago got Emojis from a rich alien from the Uranus a loan for the construction of the spinach factory. At that time Emojis received 666,666 Bitcoins of the Circus Union from the alien from the Uranus.
All together these were 333 Emojis who got the loan of the alien from the Uranus. After 1111 days the spinach factory was built in Heart Eyes Emoji completely. Every Emoji owed to the alien from the Uranus 2002 Bitcoins. According to contract between Emojis and the Uranus alien every single Emoji was responsibly for the repayment of his portion. Thus originated the concept of the joint and several liability. That is the fact that several debtors have one single creditor. In this case Emojis had to pay in each case individually their portion.
What can a creditor require in this case from a single Emoji?
A curious Emoji asked this by his microphone. A lawyer answered this:
The creditor can require in such cases from a person only his or her portion. Other debtors are liable for the rest of the debt in solidarity.
Thereon an alien from the Jupiter ran in the room of the gathered lawyers and asked: Can I require in spite of several debtors only from a debtor the repayment?
Thereon said a notary public: With several debtors everybody must repay its portion. Legally a debtor may pay for several other Emojis. However, he does not have.
Suddenly there rang the phone. The main lawyer answered the phone. This time an alien from the Saturn wanted to ask a question: In my case I lent ten Emojis in a contract 10000 Bitcoins.
Four Emojis were diligent and punctual enough. They paid their amount. Other six Emojis were and still are too lazy for the repayment of the debt. I tried to threaten them and to kidnap to Saturn. In spite of my attempts these Emojis paid nothing. Can I blackmail as a credit grantor the diligent Emojis in this case and oblige to the payment?
Thereon said a retired judge: By no means diligent Emojis may be forced to the other payments. In this case the lazy Emojis should be obliged judicially to the payment. The conversation ended with it between the lawyer and the alien from the Saturn.
By this second aliens from the Jupiter felt extremely unwell. They required that the diligent Emojis should pay the debt of the lazy debtors. Here the wish of the Jupiter found no majority with the lawyers.
Can a debtor hinder other codebtors in the achievement?
An alien from Mars asked this. He works in Emoji as a renter for the purpose of own enrichment. In his case he rents several flats in Emojis and Clowns. In a flat four Emojis live. Three Emojis hinder the other Emoji in the payment of the rent. Thereon said a former defender:
These three Emojis may hinder the other Emoji not in the payment of the rent. Other lawyers agreed to him. However, they wanted to know exact reasons of the opposition. For data protection reasons the alien from Mars might provide no information.
How is the common debt repaid among the Emojis?
This was the next question of the main lawyer to his occupational colleagues.
In addition the oldest judge said in the room: Once were sued in court five Emojis by an alien from the Saturn. The credit grantor distributed the Emojis a total of 5558 Bitcoins for the cultivation of a forbidden plant. Thereon a conservationist shouted among the lawyers: No plant is forbidden in the kingdom Emoji!!!

Yes, yes, replied the old judge. The mainly responsible Emoji received 2558 Bitcoins. His deputy received 1500 Bitcoins. Other three Emojis received in each case 500 Bitcoins. At the end these Emojis denied themselves their loan to the alien from the Saturn to repay.
A lawyer shouted: I urgently need a verified mathematician for this case.
Thereon the old judge replied: The first Emoji quite simply had to repay his portion of 2558 Bitcoins. The other Emojis were condemned to the repayment of their debt. What should be complicated here like that?
Thereon the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ Every debtor must repay his or her portion with common debt. Besides, he can also take over because of solidarity the debts of the other debtors. This is valid above all when the principal debtor profited mostly from all of the loan. In this case the debtor can be also condemned to the takeover of the debts of his codebtors.
What happens if in the contract several debtors are mentioned, but no clear distribution was defined?
This wanted to know an Emoji. He lent twelve Emojis in each case 48 Bitcoins for the repair of the buses. Besides, a contract was concluded between him and the Emojis.
On the repayment no Emoji knows, how much he should repay. Also the credit grantor did not know exactly. That's why Emoji wanted to ask the gathered lawyers by this discussion. Thereon lawyers wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ If several debtors have a contract with a creditor, but in the contract no exact amounts per debtor were fixed. In this case the following formula must be applied: Whole debt of every single codebtor = Joint and several liability / number of the debtors. With this formula the debt should be distributed in solidarity among the debtors.
Can this also happen vice versa?
In this case an alien from the Jupiter wanted to know how the debtor of several creditors may proceed. In this case answered a lawyer: Up to now there can be in Emoji such cases that a debtor to several creditors owes money. That's why the repayment can be distributed in solidarity to creditors. In future a debtor may not get into debt in the kingdom Emoji any more with many creditors.
After this statement applauded misers from the Jupiter quite deferentially to the lawyers.
Can a contract be bound to some preconditions?
This wanted to know an Emoji. Once an alien from the Saturn required that this Emoji should steal first a pizza for him. Only then the alien from the Saturn wanted to grant a loan to the Emoji.
In addition a lawyer expressed himself: Forbidden preconditions are unauthorised expressly already at the times of the Second Horror Clown in Emoji. Only adequate legal preconditions can be accepted.
Can a condition on the fulfilment of a contract be left bequeath?
At this point a former assigned counsel remembered a case:
Shortly before the death of an alien from the Venus he owed one more mortgage of the bank of a miser from the Jupiter. Also the wife of the alien from Venus died on the same day. Their children left bequeath the flat and also the debts of the parents. With that it was clear to all Emojis that a condition on the fulfilment of the contract is inheritable.
By this second a retired lawyer remembered a similar case: My customer was an Emoji who left bequeath involuntarily a flat of his parents. Thereby he also left bequeath their mortgage. At that time this Emoji consulted me what he could make in this case. In this case I quite simply recommended him to sell the flat. He did this. From the sales proceed he paid the rest of the mortgage.
This time the main lawyer was impatient and wanted to write quite urgently the next law. Thus the following sentence originated in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Inadmissible conditions or preconditions for the fulfilment of a contract are valid in the kingdom Emoji as trifling. Forbidden actions or other offence against the good customs belong to it.
Most Emojis, Acrobats and aliens from different planets were agreed with this law.
At this time somebody knocked at the door. The main lawyer took a pocket calculator for his protection and opened the door.
Before him stood several Emojis and handed over bills for the tax payments. Then they said goodbye. Before an Emoji said to the lawyer: You already know what you can make with the pocket calculator now?
Then these Emojis disappeared to Poop Emoji. Thereon said the main lawyer: Now we make break at our work. Thus all lawyers were called on for taking their magnifying glasses. With it they exactly had to check the bills of the putative tax authority. A young lawyer discovered the wrong number of the bank account. He said the other Emojis that the bill had many irregularities.
Really his colleagues also noticed that here was a little bit wrong. That's why they alarmed the local police. The policemen had to go to Poop Emoji urgently. There a group of criminal Emojis was arrested in a subterranean bunker of the mighty tax authority. They occupied some rooms of the tax authority at this time. Thus Emojis could legally send their bills. With it rest returned to the lawyers.

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